2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

I hope you’re having a great time poeming so far. It’s been fun for me, and speaking of fun, I just recently learned about an article on Mashable that listed me and more than 30 other “gifted poets” on Twitter. It’s a nice starter list, though there are so many others who are worth connecting with and following. Click here to read the article. And if you’re not already, you can follow me on Twitter @robertleebrewer.

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Since (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include: “Since the Last Time I Smoked,” “Since You Said Please,” and “Since When.”


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Here’s my attempt at a Since Blank poem:

“since my last selfie”

the angles have become more dramatic
& the lighting more dim i always think
the last cheeseburger is last cheeseburger
each bite severs yet another synapse

there was a time i felt comfortable
in my own skin but then again i guess
that would be a lie like this digital
shot trying to look more hot than i ought

i’ve always been prufrock before i was
prufrock & the ticking clock never mocks
as much as it marks the status updates
& bizarre diets i still need to try


Today’s guest judge is…

Vince Gotera

Vince Gotera

Vince Gotera

Vince is the author of Fighting Kite, Ghost Wars, and other poetry collections, including the forthcoming Pacific Crossing. He also published the lit-crit book Radical Visions: Poetry by Vietnam Veterans. Vince is Editor of the North American Review and also professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa.

Vince’s work has appeared in Ploughshares, Amerasia, The Kenyon Review, The Asian Pacific American Journal, Zone 3, and other magazines, as well as in anthologies like Tilting the Continent: Southeast Asian American Writing and Contemporary Fiction by Filipinos in America.

Favorite color? Any flavor of blue—aquamarine, cobalt, sky, robin’s-egg.

Learn more here: http://vincegotera.blogspot.com.


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Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems. He’s been writing poetry since he was a teenager. Learn more about him here: http://www.robertleebrewer.com/.


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877 thoughts on “2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

  1. kab3715

    “Since we Said Goodbye”

    Since we said goodbye that dreary day of July,
    many moons have passed by,
    and the sun has dance next to your side.
    Many memories have faded away
    But the snow had filled all the corners
    of my heart.

    Since we said goodbye
    I have missed you a thousand times.
    And I have been back to that day in my mind
    just to remember your words when you said
    for the last time: you are my everlasting Queen,
    You give me strength and power.
    And I’m thankful to god and the heavens
    for allowing you to be in my life.
    Goodbye for now, my love.
    I would love you into the ages.

  2. IndiFox

    Since Then

    Many days have passed
    Since our last touch
    I hold that spot
    With a heavy heart
    It burns down to my bones
    And into my soul
    The very core of my being
    Is yours

  3. Mickie Lynn

    Since I Started Writing Poetry

    I pay closer attention
    to colors, sounds, and feelings-
    that surround, that pervade
    the senses
    like the air that I breathe.

    I always have a notebook,
    to jot snippets, phrases, the gems
    that rise to the surface
    of my thoughts
    like bubbles in fresh champagne.

    I meet creative people:
    artists, musician, and such
    that show what is possible
    when the mind
    is a bird free to fly.

    I am inspired to live.

  4. ToniBee3

    “Since I Found That Hundred Dollar Bill”

    I attempted to trick my mind into
    thinking that it was nonexistent
    by hiding it in the most inaccessible
    “just in case” compartment of my
    billfold since every woman should
    always have an emergency stash
    on her just in case, you know,
    an “emergency” arises.

    Somehow or another this dead
    president ingrained in my
    conscience bellowed from its
    leather vault moving me to
    splurge on Starbucks and donuts
    and earrings and fashions…
    diminishing my Benjamin to
    only seventy-seven cents.

  5. bxpoetlover

    Since I Have Been There Before

    you had better listen. Cover up
    when boys come over. They shall not see
    the inside of your bedroom.

    When grown men approach you on the street
    look straight ahead and don’t smile,
    even if they say you should.
    If they persist, scream loud and long. Run.

    No sexual innuendos in texts, ever,
    even if he is your friend. No pouty selfies or nude pics.
    Technology makes the written word or image last forever.

    Before you kiss a boy you like
    bring him home. Let us look him in the eye
    and ask about his hopes and dreams.

    Read. Think. Keep learning new languages.
    Travel. Share much with friends and family but keep a journal.
    Women need not reveal all, to all.

    Above all, sex is best under the shelter
    of love and commitment.
    Don’t bring us any babies before you graduate–
    From graduate school.

    Girl, you better listen.
    I have been there before.

  6. ASperryConnors

    how many years has it been since Jubilee
    since your travels brought you close to me
    when sincere lashes swept the hours
    since the sun rose and set among spring flowers
    since God answered me in my trial
    he has been with me ever since
    it was assumed I was unavailable since
    i veiled my face and shyly winced
    i’ve never seen your blue-eyes since
    no signs or wonders has there been
    since moses since noah since the savior
    since there’s never been a day like that
    never before or since…

  7. TuLife

    “Since We Last Kissed (A dedication to fallen loved ones)”
    By: Tuere Aisha

    I dreamed the day
    The Late and Living reunited.
    In my dream, all hearts celebrated.
    But in reality, celebration was confiscated
    For distress had reared its vile head.
    So I mused over what to say…

    “Times changed since we last kissed.
    How I desire to share memoirs that tickle the ears!
    But I’ve had so many bad days…
    So many bad days while you were off a ways
    Resting your heads these last few years.
    Peace, please! Here’s what you missed:

    “Resentment and malice,
    Camaraderie fizzed out.
    I tried to recall what you taught me –
    That love was the key.
    But such a standard rarely held clout
    Against a world turned callous.

    “Sad people loaded with failure and guilt –
    Mirrors of each other’s state of mind.
    This passage has been no simple trek.
    So many – and parts of me – lost at shipwreck,
    Products of our own kind –
    Our people, society, and our today that we built.

    Permit me to acquaint you with our youths.
    (May God uplift our young ones…)
    The daughters you knew are little no more;
    The streets know them as Stripper and Whore.
    Our sons play them for sport. That is, when they aren’t shooting guns…
    Shooting… smoking, or guzzling booze.

    “Madly hunted for the contentment I could,
    While turmoil ran pervasive like the sea –
    Broken spirits set in flashy wiles,
    Gloomy eyes paired with plastered smiles;
    Notwithstanding my pursuit, what confronted me
    Was isolation and nothing good.

    “So, please, forgive what I’ve come to be.
    I’d hoped to sport the widest grin.
    Been meditating since our last unfortunate meet
    On how much more favorable would be our next greet.
    But I’ve been prostrated by foe, friend, and kin,
    And there, safely waited, ‘til YOU could, once more, love me.”

  8. Snow Write

    “Since there’s been something wrong with the radio”

    Be glad that
    The car runs just fine
    It’s only lived half it’s life
    As they say, still purrs like a kitten
    It has many miles to go
    And years yet to drive
    It runs fine
    Should be no complaint
    But the driver may go deaf
    From the maddening radio sounds
    Unexpectedly popping
    Blaring fizzing noise
    So intense
    Ears are shutting down
    To protect the heart that skips
    Pulsate extra beats out of surprise
    Find the button, turn it off
    Regain composure
    All quiet
    Deafening silence
    The car runs so quietly
    Face the dilemma, try it again
    Maybe the radio works
    Touch the knob gently
    Music hums

  9. bbjzmn

    day 4
    Since you insist upon being then I will let you be

    I hope you happy with you new existence

    far be it for me to stand in your way

    now go and be something kid.

  10. Anders Bylund

    Since I Met You
    Since I met you, I haven’t grown taller
    Or gotten much brighter, or loosened my collar
    I’m not twice as rich and I’m my luck didn’t double
    I’d say I’m in just ’bout the same kinds of trouble

    But you brighten my days and I want you some more
    Nevermind all the rest — I’m not keeping score!

  11. Khara House

    “since I lost my baby”

    That day I held your hand
    and felt you slip away.

    There’s no going back
    from a place like this,

    where distance sits
    breathing the same stagnant air—

    where forgiveness and love
    build no bridges.

    I remember an infant I held
    once in my arms,

    the weight of her so significant:
    never had gravity felt so substantial,

    than in the knowing
    she was pulling me down

    in the same way I held her up.
    That one day her weight

    would outgrow my own strength to carry.

    From that first moment of baby mine
    pulling away, weighing me down,

    I knew I could not hold you forever.
    How strange to come full circle,

    to hold you once again and know
    there’s no holding on—

    only letting go—only losing
    the piece of you that was always mine to own.

    1. hojawile

      Compassion for your loss, marveling at the beauty you possess, expressed in this poem of
      loving enough to let go, to feel the pain without letting it embitter you and keep you from expressing it and encouraging others that they are not alone

  12. IzzyG

    Since my Former Life Ended

    How am I?
    Fine, just fine.

    Smile, smile, smile.

    But since you asked.
    My life has become so small
    it might well disappear
    Like the dot in the center of an old television
    Don’t blink, you might miss it.

    Tiny people, tiny tasks and tiny problems
    that loom large.
    Being constantly summoned, constantly loved and constantly on call
    And consistently failing on all counts.

    Each night screaming silently into my pillow
    seconds before I can finally punch the clock
    And take a dream vacation.

    Since then, I’ve been fine.
    Just fine.


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