2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 is traditionally one of those make it or break it days for poets. After all, it’s easy to show up for a couple dates, but it takes real commitment to keep coming back. You’re here, so I think you’ve got what it takes. Let the poems hit the floor!

For today’s prompt, write a message poem. Messages can be delivered in a variety of ways: postcard, e-mail, text message, letter in a bottle, smoke signals, secret codes, jumbotron proposals, etc. Also, messages themselves can be simple, complicated, nice, mean, happy, sad, and so on. Get at it!


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Here’s my attempt at a message poem:


tell her that i love her
tell her i’ve been true

leave out all those kisses
that i shared with you


Today’s guest judge is…

Shaindel Beers

Shaindel Beers

Shaindel Beers

Shaindel is the author of two full-length collections of poetry, A Brief History of Time (2009) and The Children’s War and Other Poems (2013), both from Salt Publishing.

She’s also the poetry editor for Contrary Magazine (www.contrarymagazine.com).

Find her online here: www.shaindelbeers.com.


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Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and author of Solving the World’s Problems. He’s reading poetry in Austin (TX) with his wife Tammy for the next 4 days–good times. Learn more about him here: http://www.robertleebrewer.com/.


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1,039 thoughts on “2014 April PAD Challenge: Day 3

  1. Kmcdermottesq

    By Karen McDermott

    My writing goes badly.
    The words stare at themselves,
    try to be

    I look to the verse of Wang Wei.
    “Don’t try,”
    it says;

    I watch Wang Wei’s birds
    chase each other
    across bright green skies.
    Images layer themselves,
    without trying to be.

    I look up
    at the Los Angeles sky
    and see:
    layers of smog,
    dense red rust
    over chartreuse
    and grey.

    These are the birds
    my city offers.

    So I accept.

    I feel Wang Wei smile.
    And cough.

  2. IndiFox


    Your email says – I love you
    I send back – That’s sweet
    Your text says – I love you
    I send back – I know
    Then you say it in person
    And I say – I don’t

  3. Julieann

    Unknown Message

    My husband’s boss, a lady herself,
    Had a dream the other night
    She dreamed that I, the most unlikely person,
    Had tats on my shoulders
    One was finished in black and red
    The other started as an oriental
    In Cadillac blue and black

    We laughed when she described this dream
    Or maybe it was a nightmare
    Obviously there is a message there
    But what the heck it is,
    Where this dream came from and why
    Or what it means
    Defies description

  4. taylor graham


    In that painting left behind
    by your ex-wife,
    her version of a common
    woodland scene;
    in the foreground an acorn cup
    beside a mushroom –
    toadstool? as a message?
    a cup of poison?
    It’s chronic – this diagnosing,
    an ex’s unfathomable mind.

  5. bxpoetlover

    I Wish I Knew

    how to get messages to heaven.

    It is beyond cliche to say
    you have to appreciate people while they’re here–
    but Daddy

    I wish we had thrown you that 60th birthday party you
    wanted. At the time I didn’t think I could afford it
    but beyond that I think I wanted to assume we would,
    could do that for you another year.

    How I known how fast that cancer
    was going to eat away at your bones
    to shrink you from your 6’2 to 5’10
    I’d have worked two other jobs

    or borrowed from a loan shark

    so I could rent a dance hall and a DJ
    sneak into your house for your address book and
    invite all your friends and the family.

    All night long we would have done
    dance moves that even the Roseland had never seen.

  6. ASperryConnors

    A text MESSAGE sitting next to you.

    She: You smell nice.
    He: Well it hurts.
    She: It hurts because it’s true
    He: It’s true I’m allergic to nice.
    She: It’s more true, you’re allergic to me.
    He: That’s nice
    She: Well aren’t you?
    He: No. I’m allergic to mints.
    She: What kind of mints?
    He: Spear-mints, Winto-mints, Compli-mints…
    She: Ohhhh…

  7. Freefredonia

    Google Translate

    I want to have a coffee with you. I want to have a cup of tea.
    I must go.
    To the big city, the little town.
    The village, the township, the duchy.
    I need a car.
    I needed a car.
    I don’t need a car.
    pas a pas.
    What beer do you have here?
    red wine, white wine.
    His coat, her hat, the french paper
    His cigarette, her glasses.
    His daughter. Her son.
    Son, sa.
    a glass of wine.
    the old port.
    coming into view.
    Not yet.
    still. i already had a coffee. I already drank my coffee.
    I drink. I drank. I saw you. I see you. I had seen you. deja vu.
    these stubborn tenses… how does one say?
    texting on this slippery, gull-ridden dock.
    the bald sailors with their curly moustaches
    is this some type of cartoon
    Your boat now.
    the boat slipping away
    the white cliffs of dover.
    Partir. Au demain
    or whatever.
    been learning french.

  8. TuLife

    “Mixed Messages, Clear Signs”

    You had me searching high and low
    for space inside your heart.
    And every time I got too close,
    you sent me back to start.

    You told me you’d be at the school
    and waiting with a smile.
    I ran ahead to meet you,
    but you sent me back a mile.

    I heard I’d find you at the mall.
    I skipped the whole way there!
    Had hoped to fall in open arms,
    but settled for your cold stare.

    You called me on your phone
    to invite to me your home.
    For the few words that you spoke,
    I may as well had been alone.

    Went to the local grocery store,
    since you’re the head cashier.
    You said to visit you for lunch,
    but wouldn’t let me near.

    I met you at the subway
    once you claimed to be my beau.
    Then after giving me a kiss,
    you told me where to go.

    Happened to spot you last night;
    saw that you were not alone.
    It made no difference who she was.
    Fact is, I should’ve known.

    This afternoon, you came to visit –
    said without me, life’s a bore.
    Now it was my turn to stare
    and send you on back through the door.

  9. Erica

    “sealed with a Kiss”

    If I said it with my eyes,

    would it count?

    Every movement of my iris choreographed in a

    thrilling performance centered on you alone.

    Each eyelash so willing to hurl itself

    towards the unknown for the chance to make your

    wish come true.

    What about my hands?

    I could trace each letter on your flesh

    with the intent to engrave it there forever.

    I could interlace yours with mine

    and never let go.

    Or I could show you with my body.

    No ache or tremble unaware of your

    effect and desperate for it to not ware

    off. All of my organs, limbs, every layer of skin

    and the blood that rushes forth,

    exalting in the glory that is you.

    Maybe I’ll say it with my mouth.

    Quietly, rehearsed, before my heart

    rebukes me. And then loudly, alltogether

    until my poor tongue runs dry and it

    hangs in the air like a smoke signal.

    I love you in more ways than one.

    I love you forever and ever.

    -erica jeudy ©

  10. Anders Bylund

    Medium Matters
    If I say, “I love you”
    Does it matter how?

    Does my love ring true
    In an SMS or on Facebook?

    Can I say it on the phone
    And send your heart aflutter?

    Should I say it one on one
    All alone, behind closed shutters?

    Or on a stage, a public place
    Where anyone can listen?

    Does it matter how I say it
    When the love is constant anyway?

  11. stepstep


    the eyes have it.
    when we awaken
    one eye opens
    one eye blinks.
    we rub both eyes
    accompanied by a smile
    a song plays in your head
    as the eyes smile again
    shifting from side to side
    sending subtle signals,
    the eyes have it.



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