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2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 18

Mondays feel so much better when we’re poeming. Well, I feel that way anyway, and I hope at least a few others do too.

For today’s prompt, write a “forget what I said earlier” poem. This poem could be a response to a poem you wrote earlier in the challenge (or just earlier in general). Or it could cover one of those moments–I have them all the time–when you say something that ends up proving wrong or that you wish you’d taken back.

Here’s my attempt at a “forget what I said earlier” poem:


I take it all back. I’ll buy you some smokes.
Just don’t take my van, or I’ll be tempted

to call the cops, and if you don’t stop, they’ll
use deadly force. They’ve got guns to use them.

So stop, please stop. A pack of cigarettes
ain’t worth getting killed over, not today.


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Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor of the Writer’s Digest Writing Community and can’t imagine having such a tragic thing happen as losing a son while trying to teach him a lesson. At the same time, it’s easy to see from video footage that the son handled the lesson about poorly as possible (view footage). Robert is the author of Solving the World’s Problems, which deals with topics of love, loss, and forgiveness. He’s married to the poet Tammy Foster Brewer, who helps him keep track of their five little poets (four boys and one girl). Follow him on Twitter @robertleebrewer.


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163 thoughts on “2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 18

  1. hohlwein

    Forget what I said earlier.
    I’m a damn liar.

    I can use a shotgun.
    I keep a holster under my dress.

    I have no particular fondness
    for the clink of a tea cup

    or for the sound of boots up the back steps.
    I don’t see things like you do.

    And I don’t care about that.
    Or about you much.

    We’re blood.
    That’s all.

    I bequeath you my wrists
    their quickness.

    Don’t believe the stories. Go.
    Give me back to my time.

  2. Yolee

    Forget What I Said Earlier

    Let’s take Luke
    to the tomorrow instead.
    Your father says
    they close the doggie
    park after sunset- plus
    we all to have issues
    with darkness.

  3. Lori P


    we know more as the world keeps turning
    showing us new things
    invalidating some old beliefs
    upholding others
    much to our surprise

    I taught you the sun orbits us
    time is constant
    only stress causes ulcers
    Pluto is a planet
    only because it’s the best
    I knew at the time

    just because nothing is certain
    doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try
    hypothesize, test, reevaluate, retest
    there is never an end to learning
    there are more things in heaven and earth

  4. seingraham

    This is an older one and should probably be renamed to fit the prompt but…it came to mind as soon as I saw the prompt…so I’m going with it…

    Beware the Wielding of Words

    “Be careful of words… They are doves falling out of the ceiling… Once broken they are impossible things to repair” (Anne Sexton’s lines from her poem “Words”: in The Awful Rowing Toward God)

    Into the darkness after hearing
    The poetess weave her dark magic
    The listeners stumbled blindly

    Ducking as if for cover, dodging
    Perceived in-coming explosives
    Trying not to cower, or pray, or weep

    To a one, they had been damaged
    As truly as if, like any unsuspecting
    And innocent, ordinary audience

    While they sat quietly, in anticipation
    Of something knowable, if not predictable
    They had instead received grenades

    Grenades lobbed so casually but with
    Such unerring accuracy and deadly aim
    They remained frozen in place as if dead

    Even as the shards disguised as words
    Blew every façade of normalcy to splinters
    Leaving the most banal thoughts

    Tattered as dying crows, or used motel towels
    Too complexly difficult to reassemble
    Anywhere within breathing distance of the one

    The perpetrator; she who reeked
    Of things rotting or near-dead,
    Not poetry, not nicely crafted verse, no

    Such work as this defied easy explanation
    Or any, come to that, might take many days
    Before any could mull it over, risk another thought

    The poetess sat slumped in the gathering night
    Alone with her words shattered to dust in the room
    As always after a reading, she felt nothing.

  5. bjholmes

    Forget What I said Earlier…What’s Right

    Do not be deceived
    by what the world tends
    to believe
    God doesn’t like
    to be mocked.
    Words of encouragement
    of friendhsip
    of love
    on these our solid Rock.
    Speak on with
    great confidence
    be not silent or afraid,
    for God is always with us,
    a guide to light our way.
    Speak on with
    love and mercy
    of the grace bestowed
    for us.
    Christ died to give us
    and on this we can
    fully trust.

  6. BezBawni

    In Vino Veritas

    The words I said… I did
    …I didn’t mean
    …I mean I didn’t,
    if I did, I’m sorry…
    sorry if I did…
    I say…I want to say forget,
    say you forgot,
    you won’t remember
    what I said…I said
    what I had never meant
    to say or ever meant
    to want you to remember…

  7. Rita Ackerman

    Forget What I Said Earlier

    Forget What I Said Earlier
    It doesn’t matter anyway.
    Tomorrow it will be forgotten
    and you’ll move on your way.

    Then I’ll be a memory,
    for a short time, at least.
    Then I’ll say “I love you” again
    And he’ll pretend he didn’t hear.

  8. bartonsmock


    his mother sleeps with her mouth open. I have seen him tip an empty beer can above it. when he has a crush on a girl, he takes me by the shirt and gets in my face as if he could spit me into being. summer, we get our bird legs (he says, he says) to tiptoe on the tongue of god.

    he writes stories under any tree on its way to lightning. the stories come from a lake surrounded by gravestones. if bored with the reader, their text disappears.

  9. Benjamin Thomas


    Forget what I said
    Forget what I did
    Forget what happened
    Back in the day
    Forget the laughs
    Rainbows and tears
    I don’t know how
    To mend this moment
    For you to prize the now
    I guess it doesn’t really matter though
    You’ll forget what I’m about say…

  10. Jezzie

    Regretted Words

    I wish I could forget what I said.
    I should not have said
    “Let’s get wed.”
    We were great
    before that,
    you and I.
    But I have to own
    I should have known
    that you can’t cage a butterfly.

    I wish I could forget what I said.
    Many tears I cried
    after you lied.
    You’d ripped my heart
    completely apart,
    but my words so curt
    were designed to hurt.
    I should have known
    I could not bear that look in your eye.

  11. Mywordwall


    Her words escaped like steam
    rushing out of a boiling cauldron
    they hit their mark, scalded and burned
    one she claims to love.
    She bent her knees,
    begged forgiveness
    kissed the wounds, called back her words –
    “I did not mean them,” she said.
    yet even though she was forgiven
    and everything seemed all fine
    the scar that had been caused
    bleeds once in every while.
    Ah..if only stemming once words
    could be as easy as spewing bile
    then the latter’s momentary relief
    will yield to silence’s wisdom.

  12. Sara McNulty

    Call it Age

    Oh no! I can see you
    are angry with me.
    Did I say something
    this morning before
    leaving the house,
    that upset you?
    I cannot remember
    last night’s dinner,
    so it is not a sizable
    stretch for me to say,
    I do not recall
    what I said earlier.
    How about this?
    If I said something
    that offended you,
    I am sorry, so why
    not forget whatever
    it was that I said.
    Obviously, I have.

  13. jenreyneri


    Here : http://wordtraveling.com/2013/11/18/broken/

    I should’ve never said “yes”

    every ounce of me knew

    but i was tired-

    trying to find

    and hide

    and hope for true

    in the tiny pieces

    of my splitting,

    shattered, seedling soul.

    Drowning in pride.

    Details and dresses and drama and daddy’s dimes

    over my head-

    too young to be good

    on my weighted shoulders.

    Everyone knew-

    no one would speak.


    without voices-

    a muted “no”


    everywhere, and

    shattered years and tears.

    I silenced its haunting refrain

    with a hollow yes.

  14. Cin5456

    Today is Different

    Forget what I said about
    a clean sheet of paper.
    This page stares back in disdain.
    Let me work on something else.
    The topic grates on my cranium,
    though I order the words to obey.
    It hurts to be poetic about tragedy.
    Poets should feel cathartic
    after spilling pain onto paper,
    but today I feel no relief.
    The words became jumbled,
    tangled with the voice of my pen.
    My pencil was not content with its duty,
    and an eraser could not change the past.

  15. bjzeimer


    Forget what I said earlier
    about how the lawn doesn’t
    need mowed in the fall

    how you’re just wasting time and
    gas and wearing out the
    lawnmower. I know you like

    to ride your Craftsman up
    and down that embankment
    where for years I tried

    to grow wildflowers.
    A early winter storm has
    flattened out your landscape

    scheme and has blown
    away all the leaves, you were
    planning to mulch

    but just forget what I said earlier–
    here’s a couple of bucks
    for gas.

  16. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Forget What I Said Earlier

    Forget what I said,
    it was only a joke.
    Don’t snigger and point;
    forget I spoke.

    Don’t be mean, don’t be nasty,
    don’t be rude and don’t be bad!
    Put it out of your mind:
    just ignore what I said.

    If fairies seem scary,
    I can pretend
    they never existed,
    and still be your friend.

    So forget what I said,
    forget what you thought.
    I’ll say what you want
    and I’ll act as I ought.

    But deep in my heart
    I know how I feel.
    I know what I saw
    and I know what is real.

    The fairies can be
    my secret. I tried,
    but you just aren’t ready,
    so the fairies will hide.

    And you’ll never see them
    flash in the sun
    sparkling like rainbows —
    not even one.

  17. Julieann


    After it was all over
    I wish I hadn’t acted that way
    Or said the things I said
    There really had been something
    Special between my beau and I

    I’d like to chalk my actions up
    To cold feet or something
    Prosaic like that
    But stupidity seems to be the
    Only truthful reason

    I sent a letter (back in the days
    One wrote a letter) saying how sorry
    I was and what he meant to me
    I asked if he could forget what I’d
    Said earlier, if he could forgive

    I sealed that letter up
    And sent it off with a prayer in my heart
    Days passed, no answer in sight
    Until the night he drove up
    And welcomed me into his loving arms

  18. noni

    Forget what I said earlier about my daughter
    Lately her attitude is sweet as fresh water.
    The monster has chilled out
    Doesn’t stop to pout
    An anger drought
    Something to write about.
    Responsible, well she’s on her way
    Taking on more each and every day.
    My pep talk, did it do the trick?
    Gave her mojo a swift kick
    Doing things without being asked
    Yeah, this mom merely stares aghast
    Seems she is evolving, suitable young dame
    Making that teenage monster tame.

  19. taylor graham


    It was a sunny day, the lake flat blue
    with only the wakes of pleasure boats.
    Forget what I said.

    Water swallowed wakes without a trace,
    and laughter of children onshore.
    Forget what I said,

    couples sipping wine at sidewalk cafes,
    fragrance of garlic sizzling in a pan.
    Forget what I said

    rippling it with red-tile reflections, a cry
    I couldn’t grasp. A foreign language
    forgets what I said,

    as if someone drifting in a boat slipped
    away, a stranger surfacing once, twice.
    Forget what I said –

    a cry for help? It was probably just wind
    on water, its long memory of cries.
    Forget what I said.

  20. randinha

    Tentatively called


    My lips parted
    and the word formed
    from my tongue as a bubble
    that conceived
    and swelled with silence.
    The skin of the word
    enclosed its meaning
    in slippery iridescence
    and departed to float on a breath
    toward your hair, toward your
    but no, no, that’s a lie,
    for if this word had formed
    as a bubble, pregnant with silence
    and floating toward your ear,
    then I could snatch it from the air—
    but we both have heard
    the bursting of this word
    and our silence, once birthed,
    gains a name
    and remains.

  21. rosross


    Forget what I said for it is just words revealed,
    and revealing that which must be denied,
    for there is no place for such whisperings,
    or truths, in the shadowed hauntings of time,
    where who you are and where I am describe,
    deep and abiding divisions;placements which
    will not allow connection or perhaps, relationship….
    forget what I said, for it was just willful, wistful,
    wanderings of a mind, disconnected, from reality –
    torn loose from reason; dissected neatly from
    the flesh of hope; cast adrift on salted grief.

  22. bethwk

    Forget what I said before, about the round orange moon,
    but remember the one about your heart being the fire of the sun.
    Forget what I said before, about the wind in the tree,
    but remember the one about your voice being the healing breeze.
    Forget what I said before, about the dream of finding scattered gold,
    but remember the one about your sparkling eyes at noon.
    Forget what I said before, about the soft feathers of a contented hen,
    but remember the one about how the light shimmers in your hair.

  23. cbwentworth

    What of regrets,
    I told you so’s?
    Nothing salvaged,
    little to gain
    Confess your wrongs
    to make amends
    Forgive yourself,
    and those you love
    No one’s perfect,
    leave it at that
    Or spend your life
    wrapped up in woe

  24. Missy McEwen

    The Last Thing

    The last thing I need is a man
    all up under me shaking
    me awake, telling me to get
    up and cook
    him breakfast, like he
    don’t got two legs
    and two hands of his own
    to take his own ass
    downstairs and make
    his own goddamn toast and eggs.

    Yes I’m talking
    to you. I want to do
    what I want to do
    when I want to
    do it. If I want to
    run at 6 AM
    instead of making
    you breakfast
    before you go to work
    that’s what I’m gonna do.
    Don’t pull me back
    into bed, kissing on me,
    acting like
    you’re in the mood
    just to keep me
    just to roll over when it’s all over
    to say I’m hungry.
    What you got in there to cook?
    And when I say Nothing
    you make a fuss
    about all the money
    you don’ spent
    on groceries, but we
    buy the same old thing
    every week: sausage, eggs,
    grits, and bread. You talking
    ’bout you want
    gourmet, well you
    gotta buy gourmet
    things, but do it look
    like we make gourmet money?

    I can’t make something
    out of nothing
    and that’s what this
    whole thing is—nothing.
    I know I said I loved
    to cook. I know I made
    a big fuss
    about you
    buying me a ring
    and marrying
    me and everything,
    but I no longer care
    about having
    a ring.
    It’s cheap
    and turning
    my finger
    green anyway.

  25. Bruce Niedt

    Rewrote verse 4 to keep the rhyme scheme:


    Forget those things I said about
    the home runs that you’ve hit,
    how you never are an easy out,
    that you’re muscular and fit.

    Forget about the time I said
    you’re a wizard with the glove,
    you chase balls like a thoroughbred
    with a hustle that we love.

    Forget the times that I was pleased
    you won all those awards,
    World Series rings and MVP’s
    and tricked-out custom Fords.

    Forget all that, it’s all erased;
    those drugs, your hangman’s rope.
    So why, if you’re the one disgraced,
    do I feel like the dope?

  26. Bruce Niedt


    Forget those things I said about
    the home runs that you’ve hit,
    how you never are an easy out,
    that you’re muscular and fit.

    Forget about the time I said
    you’re a wizard with the glove,
    you chase balls like a thoroughbred
    with a hustle that we love.

    Forget the times that I was pleased
    you won all those awards,
    World Series rings and MVP’s
    and tricked-out custom Fords.

    Forget all that, you’re in disgrace;
    you’ve made your hangman’s rope.
    So why, if you’re the one who drugged,
    do I feel like the dope?

  27. JRSimmang


    You have to know that
    for me to admit I am
    is to admit that I lied
    to you.

    Love is a game.
    you must choose your piece carefully,
    for that will be how the other players
    judge you.
    Roll those dice with care,
    because sometimes you will land
    and lose
    it all. And if, if that happens,
    remember never to give up.
    Keep rolling those dice
    because one day
    those dice
    will not
    to you.
    You have to walk the line like
    a gentle soul, taking lessons
    from every
    block you land on.

    Winning doesn’t happen in love.
    You have to continue to play
    love like the sun plays the moon,
    chasing it,
    embracing it,
    reflecting off it.
    And when you think you finally
    hold the cards,

    don’t let them go.
    Sometimes, it’s okay to bluff,
    only because you don’t want
    your lover
    to truly know how deep your
    love goes
    because to do so
    would render you completely

    Love is a game.

    and your oil should be changed
    every 3000 miles,
    if the beef stinks, don’t eat it,
    I will always love you.

    -JR Simmang
    (The last stanza is a tad tongue-in-cheek.)

    1. PressOn

      For me, the in-and-out appearance of this poem suggests the back-and-forth of emotions of love. The ending stanza feels like a relief valve. Marvelous writing.

  28. PKP

    Forget what I said earlier about being back to read and comment

    I had all the best intentions early this morning
    when I woke and I spoke about coming on back
    but then I drifted my brain was a burning
    and then finally back to NaNo attention was turning
    Don’t even know why I’m doing that by the way
    Have two unedited-need-revision-novels waiting in sway
    But of course got caught in the sprint of words on the page
    “Writing more” – is the ultimate procrastination self-diagnosed with nary a sage
    But back to the forget what I said earlier this day
    I truly thought I would get here – but now realize “No Way”
    Please forgive me gentle writers and those of harder stuff
    I sincerely want to read and to comment but 25K beckons
    I am I’ve discovered – only human – and enough must be enough

    Happy poeming and sincerest apologies to all
    I miss reading here today and perhaps later this evening I will be able to return – It is a real dilemma having these two challenges (and somewhat of a life) coinciding.

  29. Kimiko Martinez


    we would
    be laughing now
    rolling on the floor
    like the children we are

    we would
    be holding each
    other’s hands as we
    journeyed into old age together

    we would
    be bouncing babies
    on our arthritic knees
    remember our own little ones

    you could
    forget the words
    that drove you away
    and remember this life instead

    1. PressOn

      I think this is superb. The almost rigid order of the stanzas exudes a mechanical feel that enhances the suspense of all those “maybes.” Or so it seems to me.

  30. DWong

    Change of Mind

    We said we would grow
    you and I
    each other we’d know
    we would try
    no matter what came
    we would win
    each other a flame
    we’d begin
    learn about you and
    learn about I and
    learn about where
    but for now goodbye

    and now I say no
    strangers we
    that’s not how to grow
    not to be
    don’t wait til the end
    you and I
    each other befriend
    ‘fore we die
    learn about you and
    learn about I and
    learn about love
    our hearts closely tied.

  31. MichelleMcEwen

    Never Mind

    Forget what I said
    when I said

    we wouldn’t work

    I was just thinkin
    since you were Puerto Rican

    you wanted some
    one more like you

    someone drinkin

    someone lovin
    you like how your abuela loves

    your abuelito

    Was just thinkin
    since you were such a mama’s


    you would obey
    her wishes for you

    to stay away
    from black girls

    Forget what I said
    when I said

    to forget me

    cause I would most def
    miss how you kiss

    would miss
    your girlish

    skinniness and how
    your sweaters fit

    wouldn’t be able to forget
    how you call me Chiclet

    and the way you tell me to
    keep it warm for you

    as though I am
    a plate of food.

  32. Broofee

    Neil Young in Italy

    Forget what I said earlier
    About us being incompatible
    Even though your family
    Probably hates my guts.

    Forget what I said
    About us
    Being too far away
    Distance isn’t something to stop me,
    I think you know that by now.

    Forget what I said
    And just focus
    On that day.

    You know which one,
    The one we travelled together
    To see Neil Young
    And his band.

    Forget about everything
    And just remember
    How lost I felt
    Waiting for you on that bust terminal
    Thinking that you agreed with me
    And that I’ll never
    Ever get a chance
    To spend time with you

  33. DanielAri

    “The For Shame 500”

    These are the men who grab more than their share.
    Tenacity. Ambition. Avarice.
    Someone needs to hug them help ensure
    they share enough to drop off the greed list
    before it brings more public scorn next year.

    The number one offender’s press release
    announced he had joined a monastery,
    given his insane fortune to Greenpeace,
    and took a vow to live in poverty.
    “I’m so relieved. It’s more than I deserve

    after my awful addiction,” he said.
    “But today I humbly give it over
    to a group working to heal the very
    wounds my sins of greed caused around the world.
    To the others on the list, I’ll say this:

    You must exorcise the demon that tears
    away your humanity with dollars.”


  34. LeAnneM

    Shark Tank

    Watching them go by
    A bamboo shark
    A blacktip reef, a zebra
    And a cownose ray

    It doesn’t seem right
    My friend is so afraid

    True, they love the sandy flats
    But they eat fish and crabs and
    Little things

    And they’re so lovely
    Swimming round the tank

    Then a Bull shark lumbers by
    And with that famous profile

    Never mind

  35. Jerry Walraven

    “meanwhile on bizarro world”

    I think of said things,
    should have been


    never spoken. except
    into the aether

    hoping for a connection

    (the type that existed
    before we understood
    they couldn’t exist)

    forget them.

    I never meant
    to imagine it
    that way.

  36. Rosemarie Keenan

    1:17 a.m.

    That wish
    I had? The one
    where you’d take off and leave
    me be? Forget I said
    (well, OK, screamed) it.

    These nights,
    dark as the black
    behind the cable box’s time,
    quiet but for the refrigerator’s hum,
    kill me.

  37. Susan Schoeffield


    Forget I said your sense of direction
    was severely lacking. My inflection
    in tone may have wrongly implied
    I wasn’t engrossed by a late night ride
    through unlit streets of this history town
    or endlessly circling round and round.
    But all of this driving clearly has not
    gotten us close to the parking lot.

    Forget I expressed my own frustration
    not finding the way to our destination.
    When I foolishly said we might need a map,
    I never expected to cause such a flap.
    I know that remark deflated your pride
    but it wasn’t said to be mean or snide.
    For me, it was merely a way to advise
    that I wanted my dinner before sunrise.

    © Susan Schoeffield

  38. uneven steven

    Posting my poem at my blog as it may be considered offensive to some – here is the non offensive beginning and ending – you can use your imagination to fill in the middle or check out what I am ranting about here

    Forget what I said.
    A window is
    a looking glass
    and it is not alright to believe ….

    … A window is
    a looking glass
    and the last thing I want to see
    when I look out
    at the world
    at the end
    of the night
    is to see you
    as myself.

  39. Margie Fuston

    Lost Time

    I wish I could take back
    the time I said I was too busy
    to stay
    an extra hour,
    the time we didn’t speak
    for a week
    for reasons that never
    all the time
    that could have been counted
    as our time,
    but wasn’t.

    Now that you’re gone,
    I sit at my bedroom window
    counting time
    in the leaves that fall,
    in the movement of shadows,
    the color of grass.

    I try to calculate
    the minutes we lost,
    but the number seems to grow
    each time I try.

    And as I sit here,
    I ignore the time creeping
    from my own pores.

  40. priyajane

    Forget What I Said

    Forget what I said
    About Santa
    He lives in the every days of life
    Forget what I said
    About the bunny
    His footprints are all over the ground
    Forget that I laughed
    at your fairies’ tales
    I can see them, floating with the clouds
    Forget that I said
    Do not wander
    The jungle can exist, anywhere
    So forget what I said–
    Just remember
    To freely breathe in
    wonders of your share—

  41. taylor graham


    Forget what I said, once a-time,
    about trail-dust and the hard climb.
    You turn a rhyme, a switchback
    and there’s a meadow lying green
    and blooming. Look, a peregrine!
    And nights between, starry black.

  42. Misky


    Forget what I said
    about weak at the knees.
    Galahad, oh pretty please,
    forget about damsels
    in distress, Rapunzel’s
    braided silken tress.
    Just give me a knight
    with armour that’s mirror
    bright, so I can powder
    my nose and dance away
    this all too tedious night.

  43. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 18
    Prompt: Write a “forget what I said earlier” poem.


    Someone else taunted me into it,
    to say, “Ooh. Beverly!” when we got back
    from fourth grade lunch.
    I still can’t erase the hurt on her face.
    I wasn’t a popular kid,
    though I had my own friends and wasn’t ostracized.
    Should have known a little about how it felt not to be
    in the inner circle.
    I’m sorry, Beverly, wherever you are,
    from my fourth grade self to yours.
    I’m sorry, other classmates I left out, ignored, or personified
    with the word, “Ooh.”

  44. barbara_y

    I take it back
    the whole shebang
    my own opinions aren’t just mine
    but I don’t blame culture
    heredity, or nurture, I was pre-determined
    Making resolutions is a really great idea
    Lists really can be poems
    Equality is just for equals
    Elvis was better than Pat Boone.
    Dragons do like maidens better
    Cats are rotten pets
    It IS about free speech, not hate
    but that’s okay: free speech should be outlawed anyway
    Mayonnaise tastes yummy
    Designer logos should be prominently displayed
    White is the presence of all colors and so is black
    Sestinas are a snap
    Forrest Gump is a work of genius
    If it’s not in King James, it’s wrong
    Yes: Jonah’s fish was a whale
    Incandescent light’s unflattering
    We aren’t products of our names
    Evil’s real and out to get you
    Everything evens out
    Genetic modification, hybridization, and selective breeding
    are all exactly the same
    I will never be a poet, good thing
    that I quit in my twenties
    Jesus saved that dog
    All government conspires against me
    All government is good
    Tweet literature
    Sex is over-rated
    I never did like cigarettes

  45. Domino

    Forget What I Said Earlier

    I know I said I trusted you,
    admired you, was stuck on you.
    (and when I did, disgusted you)
    and so I wish you’d simply

    forget what I said earlier
    forget what I said to you
    forget my heart,
    forget my sleeve
    forget me if you please

    I know I said I lived for you,
    adored you and was mad for you,
    (your cruelty I relived for you)
    and now I wish you’d simply

    forget what I said earlier
    forget what I said to you
    forget my heart,
    forget my sleeve
    forget me if you please

    I know I said you exalted me,
    inspired me, excited me,
    (and then just how you faulted me)
    and so I wish you’d simply

    forget what I said earlier
    forget what I said to you
    forget my heart,
    forget my sleeve
    forget me if you please

  46. Michele Brenton

    The course of true love.
    Once upon a time
    there was a princess and a prince
    and the princess was trapped in a tower.

    The prince came along
    and she let down her hair
    and they both were set free by its power.

    And they plighted their troths
    long long ago
    for it seemed it was all they could do

    though you and I know
    the way real life goes
    Happily ever after never comes true.

    There is always a spanner
    to snarl up the works
    there is always a trial by fire
    and our heroes pushed on
    to attempt to win through
    Good for them and the Lord loves a trier.

    But at long last sense won
    and their new lives began
    and they shook hands
    and each bade farewell
    to adventures apart
    and new homes for their hearts
    and new stories for poets to tell.

    And magicians proclaimed
    after many years passed
    that the vows once expressed should be scratched
    from the records, annulled;
    For true love never dulls
    so the two youngsters
    should not have been matched.

    The magicians convened
    and new magic was read:
    Disregard this pair’s past plights and forget what they said.

    For the course of true love always runs true
    and if it doesn’t then we wipe it out
    and start again as new.

    Michele Brenton

  47. gl86


    Why do scars raise, remain
    unsightly puckered painful thoughts?
    Traces of how we fought
    over everything, fraught with the
    stifling weight of us.
    Year’s on, the weight’s an unseen scar
    on a reel of memoirs
    that play in my mind. Our regrets
    fester, we can’t forget
    the scarring words the other said.

  48. MLundstedt

    “Poisoned Brine”

    I cast the words in your direction,
    On barbed hooks, with vile bait.
    I waited at the water’s edge,
    And I learned a bit too late—
    That all I had intended was to
    Catch and throw you back,
    But the words had been so hateful
    That the waters had turned black,
    And you were dying in the deep,
    While I stood with rod and line
    Wishing I could reel back
    Words that poisoned brine.

  49. laurie kolp


    Your room a morgue, I didn’t mean to say,
    although it’s freezing in here.
    I layer my clothes, yet I’m cold each day,
    your room a morgue. I didn’t mean to say
    that, between teeth chattering away–
    I’ll likely survive another year.
    Your room a morgue, I didn’t mean to say,
    although it’s freezing in here.

  50. De Jackson

    Taking it Back

    I hate to renege,
    but when I handed
    you that living, breathing
    bloody pulpy mess you’ve
    got there in your grasp, I
    made certain assumptions
    about how you would treat
    it. Perhaps I was not clear,
    but when I said “I’m yours,”
    that didn’t make me your
    property, or prostitute,
    or pet. And when I gave
    you my heart, it didn’t
    mean you were free to
    toss it about like a
    football, leave it un
    -fed in a box for several
    days straight, or squish
    and reshape it to suit
    your needs. Believe it
    or not, it bleeds and
    mourns just like yours.
    And make no mistake: I’m
    no donor. I know you hate
    to be alone, but this was a loan
    -er, so be a man


    1. PressOn

      Spot on! Best way to say “You’re history” that I’ve ever read. I love one phrase in particular: “I know you hate / to be alone, but this was a loan.”

  51. Nancy Posey

    Forget What I Said

    Those vows we made, that others made before–
    in sickness and in health, ’ til death us part–
    had no more import than a closing prayer,
    Star Spangled Banner, Pledge of Allegiance
    that day. Concerned more with my dress, our rings
    the color of the punch, the best man’s plans
    to find our car and make a mess, the song
    we chose for our first dance, my mother’s tears.
    How could I even think of sickness, death,
    of loss or separation? We were young,
    in love, and full of life. We had no need
    for exit clauses. Now as we grow old,
    I’ve learned, and not a single minute late,
    that nothing, even death, can separate.

  52. Jane Shlensky


    He makes his face look sad
    and shakes his head
    dislodging thoughts.
    He looks at me all weepy,
    strokes my hair,
    and says, “I can never
    forget you”, oh, so sad.
    Should that be “will”?
    “Can” suggests an inability
    that’s coupled with desire.
    He’s angling for pity sex,
    I’ve seen this scene
    so many times
    I can play all the parts.
    I’d point this out
    if he could hear,
    but suddenly I’m gone
    entire. I see the process
    has begun for wiping me
    from memory.
    I’m standing here
    before him now
    while he works on
    erasing me,
    and I must say
    I feel so free
    and glad. My manacles
    have been unlocked,
    I run two laps around
    his brain, then dive
    through his brown eyes
    into the light.
    Dear God,
    it’s good to move
    and dance,
    whirling wordless,
    nothing said
    to be forgotten.

    1. PressOn

      This is a powerful piece, loaded with starting images from phrases such as “I’m standing here
      before him now / while he works on / erasing me”; it’s not quite storytelling, in my view, but has the impact of a story. It’s another example of your extensive and impressive skill.

  53. Earl Parsons

    Unintended Offensiveness

    Please, pardon me for my
    Unintended offensiveness
    My words were out of concern
    My words were out of love
    My words were meant to help
    You with your misconceptions

    Nothing offensive intended
    And nothing offensive said
    Just words of love and hope
    Directed at your eternal soul
    You may have misconstrued
    Or completely misunderstood
    The intent of our conversation

    I’ve said what I must say
    I’ll not say anything else
    Unless you wish to continue and
    In case you have any questions
    I’d be happy to try and answer
    I’d be happy to point the way
    I’d be happy to pray with you
    But now, it’s all up to you

    Please, pardon me for my
    Unintended offensiveness
    I did it out of love
    For you

  54. Linda Goin

    The Owner Regrets His New Purchase,
    His New Purchase of an Old House

    I thought, when I bought this house,
    that I could do anything I wanted.
    I wanted a place where no one could hide,
    so I removed trees and roots.
    I removed trees and roots, and I thought
    the past was gone, but I was wrong.
    I was wrong about the lawn jockeys, too.
    That decision will haunt us.

    What else haunts us? A woman in black,
    a woman in blue, all women.
    All women who lived in this house, it seems,
    hate our choices, leave their noise.
    They throw the kids’ toys all over the lawn,
    they play pianos, they bake.
    They bake biscuits, and the smell is wrong.
    They’ve stayed too long in the oven.

    The oven is broken, the fridge breaks down,
    and I’m sorry for thinking. I’m sorry
    for thinking, or for not thinking,
    that a house is alive. This house
    is alive with too many things,
    too many people, all gone.

  55. Jane Shlensky


    She knew somewhat how words like birds
    can come to roost upon her head.
    She hears her kids recite her laughing
    at some thought too quickly said.
    Still, mothers have some sound advice
    and children—even good ones—stray,
    So now she prefaces each thought with
    “Listen to what I mean, not what I say”.

  56. Dare

    Please Remember

    (A Memory Lost)

    Please remember what I said
    It wasn’t important but
    It means everything

    Please remember what we did
    Rare treasures discovered
    (Their value was our finding them together)
    Secrets shared
    (You always kept them safe)
    Lessons taught and learned
    (I was often a reluctant student)
    Timeless moments that made it all worthwhile
    (Remember when we….)

    Please remember who you are
    Life-giver, nurturer, friend
    My Mother

    Please remember who I am

  57. writinglife16

    Forget what I said

    Baby? I said I was a good cook and
    you agreed, right? Well, forget that.

    I don’t cook at all.
    My doctors said that I use
    food in a passive-aggressive way.

    The last time I cooked I was charged with
    putting poison in the food. I can’t get over
    that compulsion, so I let others cook and
    I just serve it.

    You believe me baby, right?
    You haven’t gotten sick or died.

  58. Clae

    Forget What I Said Before

    When I told you that lizard
    Was a baby alligator
    When I told you marshmallows
    Grew on bushes in farmer’s groves
    When I told you I might be
    Someone of secret importance
    I kind of might have lied

  59. Michelle Hed

    Please Forget

    when I insert
    not just my foot
    but yours as well,
    into my mouth…
    oh yes, without thought
    those words come tumbling out
    and those feet go tumbling in
    and I don’t realize how bad it sounds
    until after the words have been let out
    and I just want to run around
    with a lasso and wrangle those words to the ground
    to quiet them and then herd them back inside
    and pretend they never escaped.

    With my hat low over my brow,
    my cheeks flaming
    and my boots shuffling in the dust,
    I hang my head and slink back
    to the dog house
    where I’m sure I should stay…
    probably forever.

    1. PressOn


      of all kinds
      come from the bushes,
      but there is a mockingbird.

      (Sigh) Forget what I posted; this is what I should’ve posted.

  60. whatevertheyaint

    Look, forget what I said earlier
    that night
    yeah, you know the one
    when I had too much rum
    I don’t really like you like that
    Those were just words,
    not fact
    Wish I could take them back
    What difference would it make
    to put true feelings at stake
    when we’re just friends, right
    And now it has come back to bite
    me in the rear
    You weren’t supposed to hear
    those things anyway,
    So just erase all that from your memory, okay
    Yeah, just forget what I said earlier,
    that night
    You know the one
    when I had too much rum

  61. annell

    Forget What I Said Earlier
    Yes I answered your question
    With a funny response
    Instead I should have said
    “In significance nothingness”

    For what else could it be
    If it is not true
    If it is not authentic
    If there is no blood
    At the scene
    And no heart
    In the creation
    We can’t call it art
    It is…..
    “In significance nothingness”

    1. annell

      Oh heck I used the wrong word. I meant in significant instead of in significance….could that be more appropriate for the challenge? It’s not easy to be a writer when you can’t spell…or your fingers refuse to hit the right keys.

  62. PKP

    Forget What I Said – Remember What I’ve Done

    forget the blowsy poemy letters
    filled with tearful joyous images
    of y’all trotting in the shining sun
    forget the way your teeth ache
    with sugared words sprinkled
    over a birthday, graduation, birth
    or whatever adventure you’ve begun
    forget the “to the end of never”
    to my one special special lovey one
    forget all the well intentioned
    inadequate words and
    Remember what I’ve done

    1. PKP

      Thank you all :) Busy day – hope to get back to read and comment….

      I had added a line… before the end something like .. ….

      remember me for who I am and what I meant and please
      Remember me for what I’ve done…

  63. Walt Wojtanik


    I said things, a lot of thing that I regret,
    a lot of thinks I shouldn’t have thought.
    I ought to be ashamed of myself and
    I am. I stand contrite every night exposed,
    the words I chose never should have been said.
    I fled… out of fear I would screw things up… again,
    taking the truest friend and turning her inside out.
    I doubt I even considered her feelings when I turned tail
    and sailed into the sunset. Things I regret.
    …For fear that I would fall totally and deeply, keeping
    a heart so full of love from a heart so in need of it.
    Her, the gracious, gorgeously giving girl full of a
    tremendous capacity, me the friend in need indeed.
    I ceded on the side of that need, but a bird in the hand
    will only shit in your hand eventually, while the potentially
    marvelous woman, is relegated to a lady in waiting.
    …Things said out of anger, and the danger it entailed,
    failed to provide the emotions I’d hide. Chided and ridiculed,
    ruled a loser, lazy and no-account and not-to-amount
    to anything worth while. But, I remember that smile.
    The warming glow I have come to know so well.
    An escape from a living hell in a way. But, how to say
    I’m sorry? I always come back because, she’s never left me.
    Forgive what I said, but do not forget; never let me
    forget it either. Neither of us will grow if we ever let go.

  64. Linda Rhinehart Neas


    Words that hurt come tumbling out
    when our brains aren’t engaged.
    “That was stupid.”
    “You’re wrong.”
    The list goes on and on –
    each one burrowing deep
    into the young mind leaving poison
    until, eventually, it is believed.

    Take it back – all of it – quickly!
    Explain adult angst –
    Explain frustration and tiredness.
    Hold little hands, little faces,
    wiping tears away, kissing in hope
    that the venom of words will not linger –
    that the message of love will
    leave its mark, instead.

  65. Connie Peters

    A Nice Place to Visit

    Forget what I said about Ketchikan.
    With mountains, forests, sea, it’s beautiful,
    but rain pours nearly every day, and the sky
    turns into a cranky old grandpa, gray and growly.
    If your temper reflects the weather…

  66. bxpoetlover

    And This Morning

    I take it all back, all those times I crossed
    my fingers during the news reports on brewing
    storms hoping for deep enough snow or strong enough
    winds to warrant the closing of schools.

    Yes, there are rolling eyes, sucking teeth, profanity,
    the Common Core, standardized tests
    and the parents who throw up their hands.
    Look for the small victories–
    Kevin went to the library to read “Central Park Five”
    after our school assembly.
    Elaine drops by to peruse my bookshelves and reads a book a week.
    Giovanna wrote a three page poem about “A Thousand Splendid Suns”.

    Eighty tornadoes in the Midwest.

    Watching people stepping over and around
    the splintered remains of their homes
    hoping for rescues rather than recoveries
    remembering how Red Hook and our subways flooded last year
    recalling the fires that ripped through Breezy Point
    reading about people eating roots and berries and little else
    so they don’t become one of the starving millions
    makes my earns burn.