2013 April PAD Challenge: Next Steps

Okay, now that we’ve poemed, I’m looking forward to the next step, which is where poets pick five of their favorite poems from the April PAD Challenge and send them in to me to read. I love this part, because I get to see all the different places poets have been with their words in April.

Click here to check out the original guidelines. Not much has changed.

If you just want the basics, here they are:

  1. Pick your 5 favorite poems from April’s poeming.
  2. Send those poems in the body of one e-mail message with the subject line: My April PAD Submission.
  3. Be sure to include your name. You’d be surprised how many don’t each year.
  4. Send e-mail to robert.brewer@fwmedia.com.
  5. Deadline: May 5 at 11:59 p.m. (Atlanta GA time).
  6. Get back to poeming or revising until I announce my top choices (shooting for the beginning of August).

By the way, we do prompt and poem here on Wednesdays during non-challenge months (including earlier today), and everyone is welcome. So if you’re new to Poetic Asides, feel free to drop in on Wednesdays.

Besides that, just have fun picking out your poems. I can’t wait to read them.


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21 thoughts on “2013 April PAD Challenge: Next Steps

  1. Yolee

    Thank you, Robert for your leadership and ongoing professionalism. I appreciate your efforts to gather a community of fine writers who inspire me and I suspect many others here as well. Cheers to you and everyone who participated.

  2. Eve Brackenbury

    I want to thank Robert for hosting this amazing community. I don’t get to spend much time reading, commenting, or even posting poems here in the forum. I did take the challenge, and I posted the prompts daily on my Facebook page. I also use this challenge for a Poetry Workshop I host. I didn’t get a chance to read most of the poems posted, or get to know most of the participants. But, I’m excited to know many of you did.

    I have a question for Robert: I viewed my ‘sent’ email submission and noticed that much of the stanza breaks did not appear as I posted them in the body of the email. You asked that we send the poems in the body of an email and not a file attachment, and somehow the email tried to read line breaks as paragraph breaks. (As a poet, I hate auto corrections!) I did not submit any concrete poems, so it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I would rather keep the stanza breaks if one of my poems is selected. My question is this – would you mind asking the poet to check the structure of the poem before posting? I know you have a lot of work ahead of you. Thanks again for this great poetry experiment!

  3. PuffofSmokePoems

    This is the first year I’ve participated, so I had no idea there was this wrap-up event. So fun–I’m excited to give it a shot, and I’d like to second the comment by dextrous digits. With barely enough time to write my poem each day, I always regret the lack of time to READ more poetry. If it’s not a huge amount of work, a page where we could link to each poet’s top 5 would be amazing—In any case, thanks for a month of interesting prompts and a place to share them.

  4. dextrousdigits

    Many of us are too busy to read all, even most of the poems each day. Yet I for one love reading
    so many different perspectives, styles, wit and depth from talented artists. I would find it fascinating
    to see which children these fine artists would submit for judging. I would not want the job of picking
    50 of the best poems, let alone 3 or 5 or 10. Is there any way those poems submitted by their creators,
    could be shared with those who have participated in this challenge, with or without the ability to comment.


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