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2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

The April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge is designed to help poets do one thing and one thing only: Write more poems! The process of revision may go on for weeks, months, and years later, but this challenge is all about getting that first draft. Please poem along with us–either in the comments below or silently at home.

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Hold That (Blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and write the poem. Possible titles include “Hold That Thought,” “Hold That Space,” “Hold That Poem,” or whatever else holds your attention.

Here’s my attempt at a Hold That poem:

“hold that door”

that broken door
that ache for more

hold it open against the night
peel back the layers of electric light

eternal slight of adoration
muttering loss of imagination

hold that door against the brain
throw open windows for the rain


Workshop Your Poetry!

Writing poetry is exciting, but the hard work of poeming is working through the revision process. The best way to work through this process is to workshop the poems with other poets, and that can be done with the Writer’s Digest 6-week course, Advanced Poetry Writing.


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Quick note on commenting: Please always save a copy on your computer. There have been moments in the past in which comments have disappeared, and I don’t want anyone to lose their work. Heck, I’ve lost some of my work here in the past, and it’s not a great feeling. That said, commenting here is a lot of fun, especially in April. If you’re completely new to the site, you’ll be asked to register (don’t worry, it’s free), and your comments might not appear initially until I manually accept them. However, after that initial phase, your comments should appear without my help.

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364 thoughts on “2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 4

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    hold that girl
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    you just gotta hold that girl
    let her cry
    shoo away frustrations like
    thirsty ponies at a bad waterhole
    twisting, shying ‘gainst the rope

    but it’s ok, it’s alright
    just what happens … when girls cry.

    feel the fists pound your chest
    steel yourself against the rest
    hold her til the heartbreak goes
    listen as her breathing slows
    wait until the last tear falls
    promise it’s for the long haul.

    but it’s ok, it’s alright
    cuz that’s what happens … when girls cry.

    © 2013 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  2. Marjory MT

    Day 4 – HOLD THAT END

    will you
    hold that end?

    cannot do
    this all alone.

    arm’s too
    short and weak.

    job’s undone
    without your help.

    can, together
    make the difference.

  3. stepstep


    Hold that mirror
    Dig deep.
    Do you see the truth?
    Nothing but the pure truth.

    Hold that mirror
    Look past the facade,
    Break down the barriers
    Which create false structures.

    Hold that mirror
    Block out the fear
    Don’t hold back,
    Release all baggage of previous years
    Buried in a lifetime of tears.


  4. bookworm0341

    “Hold That Look”

    You are my dream catcher
    all of my nightmares vanish when
    I think of you.

    From your morning hair
    to looking all handsome in
    a white dress shirt and black pants.

    My favorite part about you?
    The way you look from the inside out
    when you are thinking, pondering, learning.

    That is sexiest of all,
    so please,
    hold that look.

  5. Sally Jadlow

    Hold that Thought

    That flits through your head.
    Turn it over.
    Taste it.
    Savor its flavor.
    Feast your eyes on its depths.
    Listen for its ring of truth.
    Feel for rough places.
    Adopt the noble ones.
    Discard the others.

  6. Sharon


    Hold that happiness!
    Hard won in this chaotic world
    Filled with

    Hold that happiness!
    Joyfully attained through
    Moments infused with

    Hold that happiness!
    No one can take it unless you let them
    It is yours to

    Hold that happiness.

  7. Lynn Burton

    Hold That Door

    While I wage war
    on this cracked concrete
    of my resolve.

    Hold it open

    I’ll step in
    to gauge the distance
    before we fall.

    Hold on tight

    So that we might
    not trip over our
    own defenses.

    And these two hearts
    clinging to hinges.

  8. Mel Lewis

    I takes me three days to write a poem – PAD is a heck of a challenge. The following feels more like the start of a longer poem, but this is what I have so far.

    In the Holding of Children

    In the holding of children
    there is great pain
    that comes with the letting go.

  9. Glory

    Hold that smile, the look in your eyes
    as you bend forward, ever closer
    to my waiting lips.
    Hold that kiss, warm, sweet,
    to linger near my cheek, as I . . .anticipate
    your waiting lips.

  10. tunesmiff


    Hold that girl,
    Her heart’s broken.
    Empty words
    Can go unspoken.

    Hold that girl,
    Just hold her hand;
    Let her cry,
    She’ll understand.

    Hold that girl,
    With all your might;
    Love her through,
    Her darkest night.

    Hold that girl,
    Close to the vest;
    Give her peace,
    And let her rest.

    Hold that girl,
    Don’t let her fall;
    She’ll know she’s
    Your all in all.

    Hold that girl,
    But play it smart:
    Set her free
    To hold your heart.

  11. Margot Suydam

    Frank Exchange of Views

    Hold that tongue
    ruby red and yet
    to be pierced, yet

    to be explored
    all that we have
    not spoken

    and should have
    when the laundry
    room was burning

    the carpet stained
    with cat spray.
    We waited too

    long for solid
    food to fill us
    or maybe

    there were just
    not enough words
    to keep the putrid

    pink tinged paint
    from peeling back
    to reveal our sadness.

  12. k weber

    Hold that tongue after a breath

    Bite it. Don’t let the words
    fall through the gaps
    in your teeth. Just
    breathe and eat every
    syllable like alphabet
    soup. If you erupt
    then all that sour
    air will haunt you
    like the garbage you can
    smell but never find. Wish
    this away. Think about
    a smile or a drum or your
    face as someone’s wish. Deep
    breaths. Hold and fold
    and let the ache pass. The trees
    have branches that swim
    through the wind in winter. This
    is how we should strive to present
    ourselves; grasping at a breeze
    and tangling our wet mouths
    together as rain and leaves
    before there is a mess
    on the ground.

    – k weber

  13. drwasy


    For an instant
    do not breathe: find
    the pause at the top
    of the inhale, the trembling
    golden space
    of nothing.

    This is the moment
    that matters; not the last,
    not the next.

    This is only time you can count
    on life.

  14. Jezzie

    Hold that moment

    Hold that magic moment in your heart,
    that feeling you both felt at the start.
    Never let troubles tear you apart.
    Hold that moment through every strife,
    that time when you became man and wife.
    Hold that short moment for all your life.

  15. finallyhereiam

    Hold that Hope

    With every nay it wilts a cinch
    With every aye, it leaps sky high
    It oscillates from high to low, with every smile, frown or tilt of brow;
    Potent, weak, and mad it is,
    Flickers one moment, then nearly ceases to exist;
    Hold it high, and hold it strong
    It will keep you going for long
    It will throw in temporary bouts of doubt
    That is when you will hear yourself shout
    Fret not, and don’t let it go
    Don’t throw it, out of that window yet
    For a little good may come of it- a little bit like placing your bet

  16. Nadienne

    hold that moly
    roly poly

    ringing dingers
    filching fingers

    moribund in cumberbund
    and another boring mug

    and another flighty band
    anodized and anodee

    ratchet pleather
    comet weather

    let’s not here, not kewpie
    very sorry, prince sleepy

  17. vsbryant1

    Hold That Heart

    Hold that heart, which longs to be loved
    The one that has been broken many times before
    Hold that heart, the calls you their
    The one that took a chance, the one that took your hand
    Hold that heart, the one that is so very fragile
    The one that is still scared and frighten, but smiles because of you
    Hold that heart, the one you call your own
    The one that loves you, the one you love, the one that is now apart of you, the one you now call home.

  18. Eleanore D. Trupkiewicz

    Hold That Kiss

    Please, give me some
    credit. Don’t ever come

    home and immediately
    move to shower. See,

    I already know what
    you’ve been doing, but

    I choose to play innocent,
    even when you went

    where you said—I thought
    —you wouldn’t. I bought

    in, and I’m the fool.
    So here’s my new rule.

    Don’t ever bring me this:
    your tainted lips in a kiss.

  19. finallyhereiam

    Hold that Hope
    With every nay it wilts a cinch
    With every aye, it leaps sky high
    It oscillates from high to low, with every smile, frown or tilt of brow;
    Potent, weak, and mad it is,
    Flickers one moment, then nearly ceases to exist;
    Hold it high, and hold it strong
    It will keep you going for long
    It will throw in temporary bouts of doubt
    That is when you will hear yourself shout
    Fret not, and don’t let it go
    Don’t throw it, out of that window yet
    For a little good may come of it- a little bit like placing your bet

  20. LouiseBilborough

    Hold that thought

    You say, “hold that thought.”
    And I try, I do.

    But my mind is not as strong
    As it used to be

    It wraps around and around
    Trying to squeeze that idea, those words
    Into its fist.
    Don’t let go!

    But my thoughts are like water now
    And I could just as easily
    Hold back the tide
    As remember what it was
    I wanted to say

  21. hohlwein

    Hold that question

    Someday it will be the question;

    – Is beauty enough?

    Someday you’ll find yourself

    Looking at that porch

    Without anyone who remembers even a bit

    of what you remember

    What the ringing phone meant

    How smooth was the litho stone

    What you sound like, crying

    Someday you will find yourself without anyone

    who remembers you


    Dancing in your mother’s shoes

    Growing through versions of yourself

    Then standing by the roses

    All of your life you have said it is enough

    All of your life

    You have said it is all the proof you need

    It is all that you need

    – indivisible, inexhaustible, infinite


    But will you care

    When you are orphaned

    Under the brilliant blue sky

    And the multiverse has swallowed

    more light, more,

    And the other

    half of your heart

  22. SidraQ

    Hold that shape…

    You know the one
    where you’ve turned
    into yourself
    a barrier
    against a strong wind,
    harsh word, your own
    internal critique.

  23. burrhead

    Hold that note
    Vibrations flowing down
    Around the mossy rocks and ferns
    Soaking in like duff

    Staccato drips
    Along the verdant gantron green
    With feeling
    Expanding swelling circles of molten joy

    Highly reflective
    Hold that note
    Until pressures equalize
    Through our articulating bones

    Nerve pathways inside the spine
    Interlacing fungal mycelium
    Water rings

    Hold that note
    Deep thinking
    In this shallow pool


  24. PSC in CT

    Hold that Shit

    Note to self: If it’s negative, set it aside
    like lettuce from a sandwich. Let it molder,
    mellow, settle into something
    less toxic, more mundane: compost, fertilizer.

    Fabricate flowers, contrive a smile, then
    hold that expression – harder, stronger, longer
    & longer still – who knows…?
    Maybe Mama was right.
    Maybe, a face will freeze like that.

    1. k weber

      i love the flow of this poem. stands out in its unique language and beat. “set it aside/like lettuce from a sandwich” is so great and something people relate to… no one wants that funky iceberg or that wilted and rotten romaine on their sandwich… just like no one wants the negative mess life brings. this made me smile and think and daydream. thank you!

  25. Anders Bylund

    Hold That Against Me
    If I say we’re more than friends,
    will you hold that against me?
    If I’m moving too fast,
    will you run the other way?
    If I’m jumping to conclusions,
    will you jump into my arms
    or will you hold it all against me
    in the final reckoning?

  26. alana sherman

    Some really great approaches to this prompt. A pleasure to read and very inspiring.
    Here’s mine:

    Hold That Thought

    If only I could.
    I start out thinking
    about let’s say a dead mouse.
    Not a pretty thought
    but if I give it my all
    maybe it could turn
    from morbid to a poem

    After all, finding the body,
    all four feet in the air
    seems to mean something—
    I mean can it mean nothing?
    In an instant my mind
    is on quatrains and rhymes—
    mouse, house, grousebirdsare


  27. PuffofSmokePoems

    Hold That

    Here at the Office of Catch Phrases, Cliches, Slang (All Types) and Mixed Metaphors, we are always working,Hard at it, No rest for the wicked, Nose to the grindstone,Concocting new expressions for your pleasure and overuse.

    This week we are concentrating on new ways to say Be Patient. Wait A Minute. Don’t Rush In. You’ve used our golden oldies since God was a boy. Remember Hold The Phone, Hold Your Horses, Hold That Thought?

    Now try these,new and improved—Hold That Boulder, for the deep breath before tackling a weighty problem. Or how about: Hold That Calamari, before plunging into a situation full of strange tentacles that may wrap you up, may drown you.

    We invented Hold That Evergreen for you to use before picking up an object or idea that is sharp to the touch. This led us to many tree analogies. Such as—Hold That River Birch, for water thoughts and white memories. Or, our personal favorite, Hold That Willow, for the moment before you get lost in a daydream, the breath before you step into the cool, green shadows and stand quiet and drenched within the fall of leaves and water.

    1. PuffofSmokePoems

      Thanks so much for the kind feedback. I truly appreciate it. I’ve been writing a poem most days since last autumn. Usually, the topic is whatever wanders through my life just then. For April, to celebrate Poetry Month, I’m trying to write to Robert Brewer’s prompts. If you’d like to read more, my poems are at puffofsmokepoems.com Happy Writing to You All, too.

  28. Tracy Davidson

    Hold That Phone

    If it’s my wife
    tell her I’m in a meeting.

    If it’s my mistress
    tell her I’ll call her back.

    If it’s my accountant
    tell him I’m either
    screwing my wife
    or my mistress
    or both.

    If it’s my mother
    …you’d better put her
    straight through.

  29. Tracy Davidson

    Hold That Pen

    put your brain in gear
    apply the pen to the page
    one deep breath and…write…
    write something, write anything
    just fill the paper with words

  30. Trudy Varcianna

    Hold That Friend

    so hard to hold onto
    always slipping away
    I try in vain to hold on
    but our dreams
    they always get in the way
    I follow mine
    you follow yours
    we follow different paths
    who knows where we’ll end up
    but maybe
    someday we’ll find a way back

  31. Chimnese

    Hold that dream

    Hold onto it
    Because it is yours
    For taking.

    Hold onto your hope
    Because nobody can
    Take it from you.

    Hold onto the love
    That completes the dreams
    That is within you.

    Always remember
    Hold that dream.

  32. Sheryl

    I decided this poem sounds better without using the word please.

    Hold that Bus.

    H…h…hold that bus.
    I’m running as fast as I can.

    H…h…hold that bus.
    I ran and ran and ran.

    H…hold that bus.
    I’ll catch my breath when I can.

    Hold that bus.
    Thank you, driver, young man.

    Oh, no!
    I got the wrong bus again.

    Sheryl Kay Oder

  33. donnellyk


    So I can see it better
    that curly edged yellow photo
    where we are squinting into the sun
    grasping shoulders and fresh faced
    kicking legs over the railing

    My eyesight’s failing and
    I don’t see like I used to but
    I remember that dress and
    the way the wind blew that day
    how we laughed and it echoed around us

    See the shadow that old woman cast
    as the sun shifted I remember
    she watched for the longest time before
    insisting on snapping this photo
    she said we made her feel young again

    Come sit here look close can you feel it
    the salt spray and waves crashing
    how easy it was and so simple
    so warm
    I just loved that old woman
    hold that up to the light

    delighted with our ease and abandon

    In my mind’s eye
    I see you with crystal clarity

  34. Sheryl

    Hold that Bus.

    H…h…hold that bus, please.
    I’m running as fast as I can.

    H…h…hold that bus, please.
    I ran and ran and ran.

    H…hold that bus, please.
    I’ll catch my breath when I can.

    Hold that bus, please.
    Thank you, driver, young man.

    Oh, no!
    I got the wrong bus again.

    Sheryl Kay Oder

  35. Catherine Lee

    Hold That Pose

    In case we don’t make it,
    I want to remember
    that you were smiling
    as we stood at the edge
    of something wonderful,
    that it was your hands
    pushing our love
    out of the nest
    to see if we
    could fly.

  36. Janet Rice Carnahan

    A Welcomed Hand

    Drained, tired faces,
    Revealing shadows of doubt,
    As they finally arrival,
    Step by slow step,
    Departing the long flight,
    Barely a nod to the smiling attendants,
    Moving without pace,
    Dragging their feet,
    No apparent sign of happy anticipation,
    To loved ones on the other end.
    Avoiding their lack of luster,
    Unhurried style,
    Feeling their heavy energy,
    Sapping and zapping my strength,
    I found and inner trek,
    Closer to the windows,
    Getting up to speed,
    A quick glance through the panes,
    She was there,
    Wearing reds brighter than cranberry juice,
    Vivid orange, better than freshly squeezed juice,
    Yellow hues like the rising sun.
    Glistening long black hair,
    About five years old with a giant smile,
    Waving the Hawaiian symbol,
    Shaka for “Hang Loose”!
    Stopping in an instant,
    Returning her obvious joy,
    I froze on the spot to do the same,
    It only took seconds,
    Yet, my heart will hold that moment . . .


      1. Janet Rice Carnahan

        Thank you, Misky! This was a true story and the child’s image will always be with me. Yes, I love those moments too. They make life so juicy! :)

  37. the scribbler

    Hold That Dream

    the one that so long
    held you….as you age
    it dawns in fits and starts
    and may need trimming
    or even refitting for it
    to become you.

  38. seingraham


    These dreams I have collected are mine forever to keep
    Held close as my children all the day and all the night
    And tucked into my pocket whenever I am asleep

    I also hold them in my heart clasped way down deep
    And know how precious they are even out of sight
    These dreams I have collected are mine forever to keep

    Sometimes through the veil of darkness I can almost feel them seep
    Intruding on my thoughts as though illuminated with a light
    And still tucked into my pocket whenever I am asleep

    Reminding me again the many treasures of life I’ve come to reap
    And to hold onto them I know well, I would surely fight
    These dreams I have collected are mine forever to keep

    Memories of moments are what are sure to make my heart leap
    Stitched into my soul on threads woven through and through so bright
    And always tucked into my pocket whenever I am asleep

    Sometimes all of these things conspire to compel my soul to weep
    Sometimes if I should forget how easily the gods, it is to slight
    And that these dream I have collected are mine forever to keep
    And tucked into my pocket whenever I am asleep

  39. carolecole66

    Hold That Pose

    The camera freezes you in that moment
    as if you are fleeing down the street
    looking over your shoulder. Your mouth
    is upturned as at a joke we cannot hear,
    would never understand.
    Your eyes are not laughing.
    This is not a moment you want preserved.

    Rewind 15 years.
    Your life is perfect. You have
    photos to prove it. You have
    a job, a house, a husband.
    The child will come when planned. You
    and Michael and the golden retriever
    posed, can you believe it, before
    a white-brick fireplace,
    young and happy. You are all
    shiny-coated strong.

    How did you get to that place
    in the street? Why are you running?
    What brought you to the moment
    that your bag seemed to pack itself,
    that moment of resolve that clicked
    like your suitcase latch, quietly.
    What caused you to climb the steps
    of that Grayhound bus, clutching the rail
    like an old woman?

    In the street, (are you fleeing?)
    who is that behind the camera,
    trying still to make you hold that pose?

  40. Deri

    Hold That…

    Hold that broken thing in your hands
    that used to beat somewhere in
    the vicinity of my breasts
    that used to entice your deepest
    kisses and sweetest breath.

    Hold those broken wings
    that used to fly me high
    soaring without the doubt or fear
    that I would tumble like limp
    death when you were near.

    Hold those poison tipped words
    drawn from your near-emptying quill
    Hold that quizzical frown
    that false frozen smile
    that exists to cut me down

    Hold that lie on your tongue
    while I remember
    what I forgot.
    I forgive blindly, and so
    deserve what I got.

    Hold that door open
    wider, wider
    while I kick your garbage down
    to the street, to the curb
    to the edge of town.

  41. tonijoell


    Hold that kiss, that bliss
    that magical intention
    that fire, that mist
    that mother of invention

    Let it build, let it burn
    and blaze in our bellies
    let us want, let us yearn;
    let our knees get the jellies

    Hold that kiss, that bliss
    that wanton desire
    that mystical abyss
    that pool of white fire

    Let it build, let it burn
    and set us alight
    let our world cease to turn
    let our souls take flight

    Hold that kiss, that bliss
    that exquisite endeavor
    that first, that every
    that toe dipped in forever.

  42. Benjamin Thomas


    Hold that muse

    if you can

    lustrous in attitude

    silky in character

    ebullient in nature

    It holds like water

    in the hands

    running freely



    surmounting every barrier

    seeking a channel

    a venue

    a heart

    a worthy carrier

    Hold that muse…

    if you can

  43. Anya Padyam

    Hold that moment …

    Lest it pass away,
    Hold on to it tight,
    Veering on the edge of
    Slipping away in history,
    is that devastating instant.

    Freeze it without fail
    Once past, wont return,
    This shal be final,
    There is no deja vu
    Forever, it will gone!

    Time needn’t heal,
    And, move on, should not,
    Routines and normalcy,
    Let them hold thereon,
    Hold that moment! That moment!!

  44. TSPwords

    I get told hold that tongue
    Because when I let loose it’s just not fun
    And I don’t know who will set it off just hope you’re not the one
    Vocabulary for bullets, mouth for a gun
    And the trigger? The trigger is my tongue

    Beware of my vernacular
    It’s of a different caliber
    So don’t incite this mouthed massacre
    Although the outcome would be spectacular

    So remember before you pull your trigger
    We’ve both got guns but mine is much bigger
    It’s much bigger!


  45. Plove413

    Hold That Dressing

    Caught that sideways glance,
    the winkle of your nose,
    saw the way you seemed
    to measure the amount of
    cereal in my bowl.

    Caught you checking sizes
    in my closet and my chest of
    drawers, saw the scale
    you pushed forward this morning
    on the bathroom floor

    Guess it’s time to hold the dressing
    And the Relishing and the cheese
    And the pretense this is worth
    the price I pay to nurture
    this sick disease.

  46. Perfect Landing

    Hold that definition

    He’s never been able
    to call me
    and I’ve no right
    to call him
    But I’ve always been more
    than an aunt
    to him
    and our family
    is more
    than blood.

  47. maggzee

    Cubby Wars

    Janet hit the cubby wars
    Just as they were peaking
    16 salesmen against the wall
    14 receptionists shrieking
    HR is in the kitchenette
    Hoarding all the K cups
    Janet dodges toner bombs
    And shrapnel made from post-its
    It started over radios
    And noisy bags of snacks
    And Ricky’s kid who keeps on sending
    Menus through the fax
    Then suddenly a phone rang out
    Amidst the hurly burly
    Guess what a voice of reason cried
    They’re letting us out early
    So they pushed into the hallway
    Still enemies to the core
    But as the elevator closed in Ricky’s face
    Janet said come, I’ll hold the door

  48. BDP

    “Hold That Pose!”

    On second thought, back up a bit. That’s good.
    Perhaps another foot or two. Some more.
    Niagara Falls is lovely—don’t you think?—

    without the fences and the tourist horde.
    We’re out of bounds? No worries, breathe the air!
    Just one quick snap…. Of course, you’re near the brink.

    I need the shot. Stop going overboard.
    You’re on safe ground, not on a boat. To where?
    All right, another backdrop. “In the drink.”

    That photo caption might be understood
    as less than caring. You in rapids there,
    me saving you with lens. You say that stinks?

    It’s just a joke! You’re posing perfectly,
    my dear. Trees, cliff. Back up a foot…or three.

    B Peters

  49. Alphabet Architect

    One of my favorite things about teaching preschool is teaching children to write because, well…I hope they learn to love writing, as much as their teacher does.


    Look at the things you brought to school,
    your crayons, scissors, glue.
    Among your new supplies,
    you’ll find a pencil, too.

    Today we’ll learn to hold this tool-
    Maybe you know how.
    Try it ‘til you get it right,
    then take a little bow.

    Your thumb and pointer finger
    Should grip your pencil tight
    Pinch it just above the lead
    When you prepare to write.

    Your tall man curls up underneath
    Offering its side
    So pencil has a place to rest
    While going for a ride.

    The last two fingers also curl,
    hidden from your view.
    I’d like to see you try it-
    It’s not so hard to do.

    Keep practicing; you’ll catch on soon.
    It’s easy as can be.
    We’ll start by writing letters
    Like A and B and C.

    Once you’ve learned your letters, you can
    Form them into words,
    And words make poems and stories
    As you, no doubt, have heard.

    And stories take us anywhere
    We’ve ever dreamed to go.
    They tell our thoughts and feelings,
    Help imaginations grow.

    Pencils aren’t just useful tools;
    They soon will be your friends.
    May your love for writing
    Start today and never end.

  50. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    Hold that poem

    If it’s dull and won’t make you laugh
    Hold that poem

    or as long as the neck of a giraffe
    Hold that poem

    If it stinks and lacks good grammar
    Hold that poem

    If it’s approved only by your mama
    Hold that poem

    If it’s sheer and utter torture
    Hold that poem

    If it attacks you like a vulture
    Hold that poem

    If it’s weak in its creation
    Hold that poem

    Till it’s ready for publication
    Hold that poem

  51. Eve Brackenbury

    Oh, now this one was way too much fun to write!

    Hold That Still

    Brady was mighty taken with somebody’s darling.

    And the men snickered at the buzzard’s picking.

    “He’ll be needin’ his boots!” their old sawney skunk barked.

    “Hold that still! Aye, hold tha’ which canna be held
    wi’ greasened hands, as still as a wee sacred snootful
    overra feast o’ eels!”

    The men guffawed at the boat licker’s postulating.

    “Oh, by God, boys, not a one a ye’ll have fired a slug
    come morn lest ye hold a grave and sober pose!

    And the men, they all were quiet then;
    as stone faced as if their own ma’s had given up the ghost.

    Not a face hair twitched, and stares were fixed
    whilst the sutler’s flash and smoke arose.

  52. bxpoetlover

    Hold That Tongue

    We teachers read students’ personal essays.
    One called them “navel-gazing”.
    Never heard that term before
    and I don’t think he meant to be kind.
    I like staring at my belly button.
    It’s an innie, and
    I always thought introspection good for the soul

  53. LCaramanna

    Hold It

    Sliced turkey on wheat,
    Lettuce, tomato,
    Hold the mayo.

    Grilled burger on a bun,
    Bacon, cheese,
    Hold the pickle, please.

    Corned beef on dark rye,
    Swiss cheese, sauerkraut,
    Leave the Russian dressing out.

    French vanilla frozen yogurt,
    Hot fudge, cherry, whipped cream,
    whatever I’m eating,
    Hold the calories.


  54. omavi

    Hold That Truth

    Hold on tight and don’t ever let go
    Don’t quake or quiver or shake
    If your hands are not steady
    You may fall and falling things do break
    Lack of conviction equals lack of need
    Bad things happen every second
    But good things break the wave of loose
    Ride that wave until you reach pristine shores
    Faults and missteps are akin to always rise
    Hold on to that bucking hill
    The mountain is the goal to be reached
    Don’t let go and don’t ever close your eyes
    Ignoring the coming train only equals dying
    Don’t ever forget you are what you choose to be
    Hold unto you
    Never forget you are the anchor you need

  55. keithdozier

    Hold That Happiness
    by: Keith Dozier
    Hold that happiness,
    It’s ok– you can.
    Choose happiness and good things–
    The beach and the sand.

    Guilt be damned,
    For just feeling good,
    No need to question,
    If you’re misunderstood.

    So, you’re lucky,
    Every single day ?
    Grab two handfuls of that,
    Run, dance,
    Sing and play !

    Take your time,
    Enjoy it,
    Absorb it
    Savor it.
    Share it..
    Embrace it.

    If you are happy,
    Do not feel shame.
    I’ll bet if you share it,
    You will double the same !

    Hold that happiness,
    Hold loose or hold tight,
    The thing is to hold it,
    But also share like a light.
    Hold on….


    Day 3 –

    Did you just touch my neck now?
    Was that an intended caress?
    Are you brushing my shoulder on purpose?
    Is this tension, technique or finesse.

    Were you a little less furtive,
    Or I just a little more bold,
    Who knows what progress we’d make here
    Who knows how all this might unfold.

    But you’re going to keep your distance
    And I might as well keep mine
    We’re friends and we have been forever
    No crossing that indelible line.

  57. HandHeldWriter

    One day you will walk into a coffee shop,
    And you will see her for the very first time.
    Hold that moment…
    That’s when you believed in fate,
    And love at first sight.

    One day you will be standing at the altar,
    And you will say your vows together.
    Hold that moment…
    That’s when you knew,
    That she would be yours forever.

    One day you will be in the delivery room,
    And you will be whispering through tears, “It’s a girl.”
    Hold that moment…
    That’s when you held in your arms,
    The most precious gift in the world.

    One day you will be at her graduation,
    And you will feel as proud as can be.
    Hold that moment…
    That’s when you knew your sacrifice was worth it,
    To see her receive her doctoral degree.

    One day you will be in the waiting room,
    And you will have to let the joy bubble out.
    Hold that moment…
    That’s when you realized what
    The joy of being a grandparent was all about.

    Some days special events will occur,
    And you feel that you have a wonderful life.
    Hold that moment.
    Those are your assurances,
    That everything is going just right.

    Some days may appear ordinary,
    And you begin to take things for granted.
    Hold that moment!
    Because life is precious,
    And you may never know what may happen.

  58. Raina Masters

    Hold that ring

    in your hand, place it back
    over your finger. It now spins
    and spins with a slight flick,
    it no longer fits on your finger,
    in your world, where priorities
    change, eyes wander and broken
    hearts are just something that
    we make up to console ourselves
    over obvious boredom. We are
    weightless now, drifting to
    unknown places. Slide that ring
    back off your finger, coil your
    arm and hurl it far into the river,
    deep into the night.

  59. Rora Nyx

    Hold That Hot Dog

    Hold that hot dog
    Meat and bun
    Here comes a bear!
    You better run!

    Hold that burger
    Juicy and thick
    Oh no – a wolf!
    Get away quick!

    Hold that hot wing
    Spice and sweet
    Now there’s a fox?
    Get on your feet!

    All the creatures
    After your goods?
    Well… don’t barbeque
    Deep in the woods!

  60. Julieann

    Hold That Still

    The screw head’s over here
    Hold that still, I need to see

    The door is locked, where’s the key?
    Hold that still, I need to see

    The radiator cap is loose
    Hold that still, I need to see

    The winding path is dangerous
    Hold that still, I need to see

    What’s in the hen house?
    Hold that still, I need to see

    It’s not a fox or a cat
    Hold that still, I need to see

    The critter’s crawling towards me
    You held it still; I needed to see

  61. Tai J

    Hold That Breath

    I would breathe
    if I could but
    that would mean
    letting u go.
    So I hold a
    gala for u
    in the echoes
    of my mouth.
    As u dance across my palate
    I sapor the sweetness of u,
    giving ill regard to the
    pungent bitterness
    that dangles in
    the gallows of
    my throat.
    Light fades.
    U oblige me
    as I extend
    my hand to u
    and we slow dance
    an infinite dance
    as I exhale
    into forever
    and drift away
    with u in my arms
    and the peace
    of never having to let u go.

  62. LCaramanna

    Hold the Applause

    On this sunny morning April four,
    The birthday boy eases his way into the restaurant,
    His wife by his side,
    Sporting matching sweatshirts cheering favorite team.
    Ninety-one today,
    The birthday boy celebrates moments of life.

    The dining room choruses
    A rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to You,
    Encourages one birthday wish on
    French Toast garnished with a flaming candle.
    Handshakes, photo op,
    A wave to the breakfast crowd acknowledges congratulations.

    Dad is ninety-one today,
    Hold the applause,
    There is more life ahead.


  63. WayneLMurphy

    ‘Hold that Book’

    Please don’t put it away
    I haven’t finished yet
    The best part is coming up,
    surely I would just bet

    I’ve met the characters
    I’m involved in their lives
    One is a magician
    Only one has a wife

    They keep me entertained
    They fill my lonely night
    Sometimes they make me sad,
    but mostly I feel alright

    I want to see what happens
    to each of my new friends
    So please hold that book
    until I can reach the end

    Wayne L Murphy 4/4/13

  64. PassionateQuill

    “Hold ‘em sweetie,”

    these words, husky and sultry beneath her breath,
    fell from scarlet lips now welcoming a Gibson.

    Her voice, stature, and enameled fingernails suggested
    wisdom earned and well worth heeding.

    How then did she so often lose her hand?

    Long after the teardrop diamonds framing her perfect chignon
    were gone, her words and sweet perfume lingered on.

    In love and poker, always play your cards close to your chest.


  65. Angie5804

    Hold That

    Hold it tight
    Simple things are fleeting
    But a moment
    Just a wink
    That sweet newborn scent
    Like hummingbird wings

    Hold that
    Memory of your father’s Old Spice
    Your mother’s old jokes
    Like a sun shower

    Hold that dream
    The one on the edge
    Like the rainbow, it comes back
    Over and again

  66. catlover

    Can you please

    Can you hold that?
    It would really help a lot
    Could you hold that?
    I can’t have it in this spot
    Would you hold that?
    I really have to sneeze
    I need you to hold that!
    Achoo! I guess I forgot to say please

    (my son came up with the “please” when I asked him to finish the sentence)

  67. Bruce Niedt

    This one’s a bit darker and more misanthropic than usual for me, but what the heck. NaPoWriMo’s prompt is to write a poem with a specific title too – one of several phrases that are names of spaceships in the stories of author Iain M. Banks. So I combined both of the prompts to make one title.

    Hold That Prosthetic Conscience

    over your head and wave it
    like a plastic leg, its straps flapping
    and slapping against themselves.

    Pop out that sympathetic glass eye,
    let it roll across the table like a prized aggie –
    it doesn’t help you see better anyway.

    Grab another drink with your artificial hand –
    constrict the metals bands that substitute
    for muscles. Hug with it, but know
    it will never really feel.

    Take everything off at bedtime,
    even your altruistic teeth, and ease
    your incomplete head to your pillow,

    knowing you can dream terrible dreams
    without guilt, while your moral center
    rests on a chair in the corner.

  68. PowerUnit

    Hold That Dream

    Days fly by like mighty birds
    You lose track of the flaps
    Strong and ernest, short and trite
    Some are lazy sails on teh wind

    Life drifts in the wake
    Pulled along through the skies
    Toucjing dowm now and then
    To eat, sleep, or make love

    We sleep through it all
    Drifiting in and out of fate’s reality
    But we see the empty spaces
    That can only be filled with hope

    Hold that dream tightly
    Don’t let it fade away

  69. PhantomPhan1881

    Hold That Thought

    Hold that thought briefly in your mind
    before you dare to speak the words.
    Is what you want to say unkind?
    Hold that thought briefly in your mind.
    The only sight that’s perfect is hind,
    before doing something that can’t be cured,
    hold that thought briefly in your mind
    before you dare to speak the words.

  70. MeenaRose

    A tribute to all the Road Warriors out there.

    Hold That Love
    By: Meena Rose

    On the road again,
    Far away from you;
    I yearn for your

    Touch that starts with
    Eyes taking me in
    Whole – slow, deliberate;

    The outstretched hand
    Finding the small of
    Waist pulling me closer – graceful, delicate;

    The gentle whisper
    Catching the hollow of
    Neck causing shivers – soft, pleasant;

    The rugged lips
    Tugging at mine
    Removing boundaries – hungry, urgent;

    The space
    Disappearing between two
    Separated by distance – aching, longing.

    1. PressOn

      This reminds me of an old Irving Berlin song, Be Careful, It’s My Heart. Very different genres, and much different in tone, yet the same picture. I like this a lot.

  71. Ber

    Hold that Door

    Running for her life
    as fast as she could
    nothing could stop her
    it was in her blood

    Heels digging the ground
    pulling everything in the way
    sweat falling off her
    she is not feeling okay

    Looking at her watch
    with every step she took
    she barely made it for the bus
    in all her excitement and rush

    As the minutes rolled by so fast
    she wondered would she make it
    before her heart exploded
    before she would pass out

    Jumping off over the steps
    hold that door she shouted
    to the young man
    please help

    She ran all frazzled
    finally making it in
    only to realize
    It was the wrong building

  72. mariaphoenix

    Hold that head up just like that.
    See that moon?
    The rings around it mean it’ll rains son.
    Cup your hand around your ear like so.
    Hear that sound?
    They’re warning the others rains coming to town.
    But when you see it raining and the sun is out,
    Make the sign of the cross before you walk about
    Because that means the witches are marrying
    And you don’t want to be caught carrying on
    Sans your god.

  73. taylor graham


    lightly – a dancer with mercury
    in her veins, explorer sailing the waves,
    every sense and synapse rigged
    to catch the winds of
    information. Does she dream of diving
    into the mine, channeling
    the breath of finches, playing her self’s
    pure jazz? Learn to trust
    her step on Main Street sidewalk,
    how she weaves her way
    through the geometry of cornerstone,
    lintel, staircase. Lighten her
    line while she’s happy as blue sky.

  74. ely the eel

    just a little nonsense on a beauteous spring day, celebrating Hannah’s birthday from afar…

    Hold That Pose

    for me, if you would,
    it would be great if you could,
    though I’m not as quick as I should
    be, I just hoped you’d understood
    that there’s a reason for it all,
    why you can’t answer nature’s call,
    just keep your focus on the wall,
    the one leading to the hall,
    that place with vase and one thin rose,
    giving pleasure to the nose,
    one way the muse in me still grows,
    if you would simply hold that pose.

  75. Domino

    Hold That Moment

    A habit I’ve gotten into,
    holding a moment in my mind,
    has proven helpful in my life.
    As a child, when I felt wronged or
    tormented or blissful, even,
    I would tell myself to never
    forget that moment, nor ever
    forget the wild intensity,
    or the joy, or the anguish in
    -herent in a moment, but to keep
    each memory alive, not for
    revenge or some shallow reason,
    but so I would remember when
    I had kids of my own, just how
    something felt to me. I made it
    a mission of sorts, this learned em
    -pathy. I made it a habit,
    too, and as a teen, and later
    as an adult, the ghost of the
    memories would haunt me, not in
    a scary, bad way, but in an
    -feels” way that has stood me in good
    stead. I tell you this, not to oh
    -verly praise myself, but to oh
    -pen an idea in your mind,
    a notion that might someday make
    all the difference. Hold That Football

    I’m trusting you, here, Lucy.
    And you’ve let me down before.
    But I really think you’ll do it:
    Hold the football on the floor.

    I’m almost sure you’re honest
    and truthful when you say
    you’ll hold that football steady
    and you won’t pull it away.

    And now I’m getting ready
    to run and kick that ball.
    I’ll kick it to the moon, I will!
    I’ll kick it through the wall!

    I’ll kick that football higher
    than its ever been kicked before!
    And now I’m running at it,
    . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    And you’ve let me down once more.

    And I lay here in the gravel
    and I look up and hear you say
    that I never should have trusted you
    and then you walk away.

    “Augh!” is all I mutter as
    I lie there in my pain.
    And then I think of trusting.
    And then it starts to rain.

    And all that I can ponder
    in the grass, soaked to the bone,
    is that it’s better to be trusting
    than to have a heart of stone.

    Diana Terrill Clark

    1. Domino

      Charlie Brown (And his incredible luck) must have helped in the fumbling of this post. Let me try that again:

      Hold That Football

      I’m trusting you, here, Lucy.
      And you’ve let me down before.
      But I really think you’ll do it:
      Hold the football on the floor.

      I’m almost sure you’re honest
      and truthful when you say
      you’ll hold that football steady
      and you won’t pull it away.

      And now I’m getting ready
      to run and kick that ball.
      I’ll kick it to the moon, I will!
      I’ll kick it through the wall!

      I’ll kick that football higher
      than its ever been kicked before!
      And now I’m running at it,
      . . .
      . . .
      . . .
      And you’ve let me down once more.

      And I lay here in the gravel
      and I look up and hear you say
      that I never should have trusted you
      and then you walk away.

      “Augh!” is all I mutter as
      I lie there in my pain.
      And then I think of trusting.
      And then it starts to rain.

      And all that I can ponder
      in the grass, soaked to the bone,
      is that it’s better to be trusting
      than to have a heart of stone.

      Diana Terrill Clark

      1. PressOn

        Maybe Lucy is the webmaster.

        This is fun to read, even the ellipsises (if that’s the word) when Charlie goes sailing high in the the air. The ending sounds right for Charlie too, but good grief…

        1. Domino

          Hahaha! I could see that as Lucy’s current profession. ^_^

          I had written it without the ellipses, but it NEEDED them for the sailing through the air sound. (One can simply imagine the thud.) ^_^ This was one of those that came into my brain almost wholly formed.

  76. Feary

    Hold That Light

    Don’t look down
    Forget the steady darkness-
    It may try to consume you,
    But hold onto that light.

    It’s there,
    Just arms reach away,
    I know you can grab it if you try,
    So hold onto that light.

    The darkness may be close,
    But it won’t dominate,
    You can win,
    So hold onto that light.

    Your soul is stronger
    Than those dark words,
    So hold onto that light.

  77. deringer1


    Hold that sleeping babe, for
    the stillness of the night
    will pass away too soon.

    Hold your toddler close, for
    the day will never come again
    when she will be this age.

    Hold to your trembling heart
    that troubled teen, for
    she needs your love most now.

    Hold your adult child, for
    your child she’ll always be,
    though grown and gone.

    Hold all your memories dear, for
    in them lies the mystery of your life,
    the wherefore and the why.

  78. JRSimmang

    Hold That Which Cannot be Held

    Our hands, useful in so many ways,
    are uncontrolled stubs of nonsense,
    obsessed with superficial cleanliness,
    and paraded as evolutionary grace.

    But our hands, vulnerable they be.
    For they are feeble of mind and spirit.
    They have not the ears to hear it,
    nor the eyes for which to see.

    They grasp on to pencils and pages,
    grocery bags, and the hands of children.
    With a swipe, all can be forgiven,
    while everything else rages.

    What do we wish to hold most of all?
    Can we hold love? Hate? Can we touch
    that which we assume to be our crutch?
    Our fingers are incapable and fall

    depressingly short of being a container
    for our hearts. For our hands, while
    able to hold that which we pile
    our dreams and all manner

    of certitude, are but hands.

  79. julie e.

    i lived with my sister and her boyfriend (later husband of nearly 4 decades before she died) in Vail Colorado in the ’70s. So many wonderful memories of them as we got to know each other as “adults”, me fresh from quitting college and wondering where to go.

    (remembering Patti)

    Hold that moment
    two girls laughter
    mountain trail
    Hold that mem’ry
    toes in ice cold
    stream now
    close my eyes

    I’m there.

  80. foodpoet

    Hold that thought

    When all is broken
    hold that thought

    piece together
    The remnants of an unused

    When the day brews in the dark
    I hold on to nothing and cannot

  81. Larry

    Hold that moment hold it close, it will never come again.
    Like a kiss it is here and gone.
    Though there may be others, that moment will be no more.
    That moment is but a fleeting memory, lost forever in time.
    Hold that moment!

  82. Iain Douglas Kemp

    Dear Moosehead,
    Freakin’ half-wits! Pre-season super stars
    turned into a bunch o’ monkeys! Hold that bat the
    right way round and swing it like ya mean it, would ya?
    Man! Between your women folk crazing me (yeah, it’s
    started already) and you talking gibberish all night I have
    enough to deal with without the boys playing like little
    leaguers. Sure! Maybe they can end the series with a win
    and save some dignity but don’t hold that breath!
    Pick me up at 6 and bring plenty o’ green,
    I’m gonna need cheering up!

    Yours holding that renewal on my seat slip

    Ringo the Howler

  83. Lindy

    Hold that Memory

    Hold out that picture
    slightly up-tilted,
    my eyes want to spy
    the photographer’s jilted.
    What is going on
    outside of the frame;
    around the corners
    and beyond camera aim?
    Who else is in there
    that I cannot see?
    Who’s snapping the film
    behind the visible scene?
    What’s making them smile –
    and could it be he?
    What’s in the background
    so discolored and blurry?
    Why’s it so special
    that I want to be
    inside it awhile…

    and hold onto that memory?

  84. Iain Douglas Kemp

    Hold that stream of consciousness

    hold that pose I wanna get a picture a pitcher of beer’d be just fine or maybe a carafe of wine
    and if I just had time to hold that poesy and smell the blooms take in the beauty of the nature and the sweet aroma of the java brewing wake up and smell the Joe and give me some scrambled eggs and bacon and a short stack on the side but hold that sausage I can’t take any more so hold that kid at arm’s length would ya stinks like a week old garbage pail but pales into insignificance when you hold that phone up to my ear and all I can hear are the dogs and cats and geese and sheep going crazy down on the farm when the little red rooster ran off with the spoon whoa! hold that nursery rhyme still why don’t ya? you’re mixing your metaphors with my metabolism and making shiver down my backbone and shaking all over so hold that beat it’s kinda neat and I love to boogie on a Saturday night, it’s alright for fighting you can hold that punk, he’s so drunk and I’ll l hit him good like you knew I should hold that nail while I hit it hold it tight so I hit it right don’t shimmy don’t waddle when I say frog you jump and then hold that pose I wanna get a picture…
    …sorry what did you say?


  85. Yolee

    A Sevenling

    Hold that Child

    Remember what it was like to feel
    things greater than language
    age and capability,

    and how a dressing-down
    never covers a broken
    grin, mood and backbone

    Rise on the springtide of necessity.

  86. priyajane

    Hold that world

    There is a world inside my world
    That’s free of form and time
    Where shadows meet me silently
    Unspoken words take form
    They come and play all kinds of games
    Beyond the pure sea shores
    And hold my hand so patiently
    Mending some broken doors
    I cannot hold this world for long
    An instant swirl, and then, its gone!
    But everything is filled with song
    And I am new, reborn—

  87. JanetRuth

    Hold that wheel that gently unfurls
    Beautiful women over our little girls
    Hold that ribbon rushing like the tides
    Of spring’s turquoise river as winter subsides

    Oh, hold that ruthless rendering of truth
    Placing wisdom’s halo over locks of youth
    And though we resist it Time deploys its thrill
    Startling mortality with its adamant will

    Hold that dirge dangling somewhere aloft
    Hold that finger so cruel and soft
    Hold that moment-thread trickling from the sky
    Hold that hour leading to good-by

  88. Emmluu

    Hello: Hope this is accepted; sorry if it’s a bit aggressive…..


    Smug is not attractive
    Who are you to broadcast that thought?
    Until my maker says
    You have authority to be
    The judge and the jury
    Of my life and all pertaining
    To my private business
    Shut your contemptible mouth up

  89. J.lynn Sheridan

    “Hold that kiss”

    Let it dangle
    from your lips
    a midair misstep
    on your part only
    because you cannot
    hear the birth pangs
    of the poem
    I have been
    nurturing since you
    came home.

    Hold that kiss,
    hold that thought
    while I capture
    it forever
    in love symbols
    and ink.

  90. StephanieRosieG

    “Hold That Horse’s Mane, Girl”

    For the longest time,
    I wasn’t afraid of anything.
    (daredevil, tomboy, free spirit)
    Grandma Mary told my Mama,
    “Better knock some fear into that girl, woman,
    or I promise you’ll come to regret it.”
    This was before.
    Before I knew that things never stay whole.

    Leticia’s house.
    She was my 9-year-old partner in crime.
    A horse in the corral. Half broke.
    A dare.
    (half-wild child, half-wild beast–which is which?)
    I quietly, slowly stepped up on the wooden posts
    and breathed, watching the horse’s hide twitch,
    his sensing, his fifth sense, ears rotating
    watery eye scrutinizing

    Take a pause.
    I’m in place. Counting down with my breath
    (5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .)
    I leap. Small for my age. All legs and arms.
    Knees clasp hide as I wrap my hands
    through horse hair, twisting it around . . .
    “Hold that horses’s mane!” I hear her yell,
    but the horse is already challenging,
    whinnying, grunting, bucking until
    (5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .)
    I am tossed ass over teakettle,
    landing on my left arm,
    rolling quickly through the dirt
    until the gate safely separates hooves from my head

    The horse snorts and stomps and swishes his tail
    (in victory)
    My heart pounds. And pounds.
    For a moment I do not notice my broken arm.
    Or that Leticia is crying.
    Or even that my life was in danger.
    For a moment, everything is whole.
    I am fearless. Strong. A warrior.
    A small smile before the world falls apart.

  91. Mystical-Poet

    Hold That (________)

    Hold that train, I’m running late
    Hold that plane, don’t close that gate
    Hold that pose, you goofy guy
    Hold that prose, in my minds eye
    Hold that rope, don’t let me fall
    Hold that bet, on margin call
    Hold that thought, don’t let it slip
    Hold that smile, from cartoon strip
    Hold that pin, I’ll sink this put
    Hold that axe, No budget cut!
    Hold that nugget, from famed ore bed
    Hold that mistake, over my head
    Hold that sanding, for finish coat
    Hold that ice cream, for root beer float
    Hold that love, deep in your heart
    Hold that dream, of a fresh start

  92. Kimberlee Thompson

    Hold that Contact

    while I solder
    the detached wire
    back in place.
    I know the power
    is still live
    but every life needs
    a little spark.

  93. Marian O'Brien Paul

    The following poem combines the prompt from this website and the NaPoWriMo site (Iain M Banks names for space ships should appear in italics but I don’t know how to achieve that on this site):

    Hold that Gunboat Diplomat
    for Kim Jong Il

    Before you launch, we need
    a Frank Exchange of Views
    (as Iain M Banks would cede)
    not an Irregular Apocalypse.

    That missile you say you’ve
    aimed at US is an Unfortunate
    Conflict of Interest. Remove
    it or suffer the consequences.

    Falling Outside the Normal
    Moral Constraints is foolish
    of you. Best devise a formal
    regret, Prosthetic Conscience.

    Or an Abundance of Onslaught
    will be your reward for your
    Jaundiced Outlook. You ought
    to abort your threats at once.

  94. Domino

    Hold That Moment

    A habit I’ve gotten into,
    holding a moment in my mind,
    has proven helpful in my life.
    As a child, when I felt wronged or
    tormented or blissful, even,
    I would tell myself to never
    forget that moment, nor ever
    forget the wild intensity,
    or the joy, or the anguish in
    -herent in a moment, but to keep
    each memory alive, not for
    revenge or some shallow reason,
    but so I would remember when
    I had kids of my own, just how
    something felt to me. I made it
    a mission of sorts, this learned em
    -pathy. I made it a habit,
    too, and as a teen, and later
    as an adult, the ghost of the
    memories would haunt me, not in
    a scary, bad way, but in an
    -feels” way that has stood me in good
    stead. I tell you this, not to oh
    -verly praise myself, but to oh
    -pen an idea in your mind,
    a notion that might someday make
    all the difference.

    Diana Terrill Clark

  95. dextrousdigits

    Hold the Hormones

    Bring on menopause, wrinkles,
    sagging, swelling ankles, hot flashes…..

    Bring on multivitamins, Focus,
    aspirin, Tylenol, red rice yeast, probiotics,

    Bring on fresh veggies from the garden,
    pure clean water, salads, walnuts,
    salmon, edamame, kale, berries, apples galore .

    Bring on 30 minute walks,
    yoga, tai chi, Zumba and Pilates

    But, hold the Hormones, please.

  96. Beth Rodgers


    Unattainable blemishes
    Are reminiscent of happy accidents
    Cycling around as if in a
    Constant rhythmic motion
    Inherently erasing the notion of adequacy
    Gauging inattention
    And creating a disparate alliance
    Between uncertainty and inevitability.

  97. Sara McNulty

    Hold That Bough

    Remember formation
    of that lithe limb, blackened
    bark stripping away,
    albescent ivory heart heating
    underneath, sensual
    sturdiness smooth in hand.
    Dream yourself embowered
    eternally, sensing that lambent
    lust flowing forth from bough
    to you. Hold on tight.

    Poetic Asides April Challenge – Day 4
    Hold That _______

  98. PowerUnit

    Hold On For The Ride

    Hold the line
    His grandfather said
    Failure means you’re already dead

    Hold that book
    It has all you need to know
    All the knowledge to make you grow

    Hold your thought
    His teacher once shouted
    That he was right he never doubted

    Hold me close
    She said that first date
    Don’t let go and I’ll be your mate

    Hold this child
    The nurse said caring
    He held out his arms frightened but daring

    Hold that job
    Times are tough
    We need it now or it will be rough

    Hold that arm
    Glide down the aisle
    And please do not forget to smile

    Hold her hand
    As the little one wobbles
    Fits and Spurts and little head bobbles

    Hold him tight
    She reaches grabs hold of his fleece
    He’s finally ready to find his peace

  99. dextrousdigits

    Hold that Cloud

    When seeing a giraffe
    a dog, flower or deity floating.
    I want to lasso it capture it
    to remember the feeling
    a child,
    no demands

    Yet, the movement, reshaping,
    changes in the formation are really
    what enchants me.

    Whether snap shot or movie
    Clouds Hold my attention.

  100. Carl

    Hold That Noise

    Morning fills with the whirring
    of how I might do well today,

    and then cacophony 
    of justification, of defense,
    of false comfort, for when

    I get here, I’m lost, for-
    saken, worthless, dreaming
    of when I might do well.

  101. Nancy Posey

    Hold that poem
    fragile as a moth’s wing
    between your fingers

    Lift it to the windowpane,
    catching the sun’s last beams
    bursting into color

    bright enough to transform
    your browns and dusty greys
    into shades of apricot you can taste.

    Don’t hold too tight.
    Be prepared not to capture
    but to release.

  102. Jane Shlensky

    Hold that Line

    Hold that line within your head.
    Repeat it, lying warm in bed;
    repeat it—surely it will stay
    tucked in your dreams until the day.

    Hold that line and spin it far
    downstream where all the fishes are.
    Then angle with a flirty fly
    to lure a rainbow wandering by.

    All poets fish with various skill
    and slowly reel that line until
    the silvery soul of the sublime
    swims past us ‘til another time.

  103. PoM

    Hold that memory and cherish that day

    Was the first of my poems
    I ever did sold
    Stranded an broke
    So far from home
    Airport in Houston
    Was on the road
    O what a nightmare
    How that trip did unfold

    My salvation
    My pad even my pen
    Was never without them
    The matter where I went
    Not even a change
    Of clothes I did possess
    So much lost never again

    My airfare my ticket
    To Boston it said
    All bought and paid for
    Left in a rent a wreck
    No where could be found
    I searched again and again

    Hold it right there
    A cop he said
    Thought I a panhandler
    Looking to beg
    Sot to arrest me
    So he said

    I explained my troubles
    My woes I did told
    This be the worst nightmare
    Or trip I ever have known
    But panhandle not
    I’ll have you know
    No freebies or hand outs
    Did I seek to goal
    Just need my air fare
    so I’s can get back home
    I only solicit my poetry
    And prose to be sold

    A poetic cop
    Had a soft spot
    For poetry somewhere
    Deep in his heart
    Bought me my plane fare
    And got me home
    I suspect Twas a poet
    And liked my prose

    Was a wonderful cop
    Don’t remember his name
    But forever grateful
    This poet will stay
    Even let me keep
    The little money I made.

    It did buy me lunch
    In Logan latter that day
    Back home in Boston
    Where here I’ll forever stay

  104. vxl

    Hold That For A Moment

    Hold that for a moment.
    Let the weight sink in
    and swirl the drain.
    I want to leave you thinking
    about how people look at me, children’s toys
    groceries, tabloids,
    and stain remover.
    Just hold that for a moment.
    I am sick enough to obtain.
    To take in. Your eyes
    never blinking
    take me in.
    Not without love
    they take me in
    and hold me for a moment.

  105. lionmother

    Hold That Idea

    Hold that idea
    until I have written
    the words down on
    my screen and they
    are no longer wisps of
    thought dangling in my brain

    Wait until the words
    fly across the screen
    in ordered patterns
    my willing fingers seem to
    find as I sit here and type

    Hold until the poem appears
    a presence never seen yet
    now bursting onto the scene
    and demanding it be heard
    as my thoughts so long hidden

    emerge and find their voice
    in this sea of creative juices
    and I strive to catch the golden
    thread that we all seem to share
    in this spectacular month

    Hold until my mind has emptied
    and I have satisfied my poetic self
    the one that lies starving most of
    the year waiting for this month to
    gorge itself on the fruits of others
    and to bring its menu to the table
    for the rest of the empty ones
    partaking in this orgy of riches

  106. THEGingerSass

    Hold that Calculation

    Two million
    six hundred thirty thousand
    one hundred and eighty-six minutes
    have disappeared into the past;
    one thousand
    nine hundred
    fifty one days
    have disappeared
    since you last beamed
    over a homemade birthday cake.
    It was double vanilla, with purple gel icing
    because that’s all Grandma had in the cupboard.

    We all gathered again on the twenty-sixth
    to celebrate your second favorite holiday–
    the first, of course, being your birthday.
    You sat in your chair,
    turned your hearing aid off,
    and grew frustrated
    that you were only
    “walking speed”
    on the video game you were playing
    with the little girls
    who have now grown into young women.
    I slyly used the camcorder
    to record your silly catchphrase,
    somehow knowing in my heart
    you wouldn’t be around for another Christmas.

    Has it really been
    one thousand
    eight hundred
    twenty-six days
    since I held your hand one last time?
    I’ve never been good with math–
    my only weakness, you would say–
    so part of me hopes to believe
    that a mistake was made.
    Part of me hopes,
    once again,
    for a miracle.
    I hit “replay” on the video screen,
    and as your voice comes back to life,
    I remember:
    the only time
    I can turn back time
    is stuck in a file on my computer screen.

  107. pmwanken


    She held him
    his tired soul.
    With a sigh, he said, “Hold that
    spot, I have to go.”

    Before he
    slid from their warm bed,
    on his chest
    she rested
    her head. Hearing his heart beat,
    she said, “Hold that spot.”

  108. Amy

    Hold That Note

    When the dissonance of life
    threatens to overtake the sweet
    harmony you have created,
    hold that note and do not waver.

    Crescendo, even, in the face of
    adversity, and drown out
    discordant obstacles with the
    forte of your strong resolve.

    Hold that note and savor
    the progression of the rhythm
    as your adagio dreams come
    to rest at the cadence.

  109. DanielAri

    Hold that time

    “Meet me in St. Louis, Louis…”
    If my seven-year-old daughter
    were a U.S. year, she would be
    1947. Summer.
    While the movie’s a slog to me,

    she is transported on Garland’s
    Technicolor eyes to a time
    cradled tenderly in the arms
    of a later time that used film
    as a salve, as on opiate.

    Maybe she won’t find out how glum
    Judy became. The plot’s struggles,
    in retrospect, are quick to dim.
    When we watch the “Making of…” reel,
    it opens with clips of bombers.

    Instead we steer on Google to
    The Fair and Liza Minnelli.

  110. De Jackson

    hold that poem

    but only with a fragile finger
    or two, if you
    squeeze it in both hands, it
    may pop. let it wander, wonder
    where it’s going awhile, let it smile
    in the sunlight, moon over these
    stars. it’s not really yours, you
    know; these whispered words
    are on loan, waiting for some
    -one to follow them home.


    1. Nancy Posey

      We were on the same wavelength. I try to post and then read because so many times I seem to share a muse as I channel a poem. Funny that we both held it carefully and had the sunlight too.

  111. Penpal57

    Hold that Memory

    Hold on- don’t let it go.
    Memories of younger days
    are melting away.
    Where do they all go?
    Is there a place where old
    memories linger?
    Are they all there somewhere?
    I can’t remember…
    I think they
    are all gone!

  112. RJ Clarken

    Hold that Pose

    And… hold that pose. I’ll take the shot.
    It’s one more. Please. I just need one.
    It’s hard to not blink in bright sun
    but you look mahvelous – a lot!

    What’s that you say? You think I ought
    to take the picture, then be done?
    It’s one more. Please. I just need one.
    And… hold that pose. I’ll take the shot.

    I know you’re sweaty and you’re hot.
    But you are gawgeous, Honey-Bun,
    so let’s pretend you’re having fun.
    What’s that you say? You say I’m what???
    And… hold that pose. I’ll take the shot.


    This one was just for fun! It helps me chill – ya know? I know some of you have written some nice comments on my poems over the last couple of day. I really appreciate it. Sorry I’m not commenting back much, but I have so much school work – and math/science is not in my wheelhouse, even if it’s really interesting. Okay…back to studying! :D

  113. EbenAt

    Hold That, Baby


    Males of
    our species
    self limiting.

    Its a simple recipe;
    Two or more parts booze,
    Then add one part

    The last words
    you’ll ever hear
    us utter will be either,
    “Oh hell, I can do that!”
    “Hold that, Baby;
    hey y’all, watch this!”

  114. De Jackson

    Hold That Thought

    It’s a butterfly uncaught,
    a spinning world fraught
    with both war and wonder.
    It’s under
    -standing in the rain
    that sunshine stings
    and darker things don’t
    always hide just right.
    It’s the shadow fight of
    caged things boxed in
    and tides loosed to sin and
    sand, slate and stone.
    It’s old bones swept
    and tears unwept and
    words that won’t come
    until the moon spotlights
    their centers. It’s bent worse
    than you think, a compound
    fracture of phrase, an unholy
    fragment of a whisp
    -er of a notion, forward motion not with
    standing. It’s landing on seven
    toes, three tucked under,
    a bumbleblasted blunder of
    things deemed first. It’s the un
    -quenchable thirst for either
    or deletion
    in equal measure.
    It’s a faint-lipped treasure,
    a kite tail trailing just
    out of reach. It’s each
    of us lacing fingers,
    holding tongues and jumping
    in, ready to be
                      -lieve, begin.


  115. rubyr08

    Hold That _Feeling_

    The tongue speaks without thinking.
    The mind wanders when there is something to be done.
    The mind guides the tongue, and
    Sometimes it listens.

    There is no certainty to say that the sounds
    My tongue makes are true.
    My thoughts want to leave it all, but wait
    Hold that feeling.

    Hold onto what is left,
    Maybe there is more than meets the eye.
    The sound of silence is misguiding.
    The sound of a pause, just for a

    The mind is overpowering,
    It’s not worth it, you hear.
    The constant ringing in your ear,
    It must be true.

    Let it go.
    Hold that feeling for another day.
    Maybe a day that will never come.
    A day that already happened, hold it.
    Hold that cup of coffee, and hold the
    Tongue for another time.

  116. RJ Clarken

    Hold that Grain of Sand/In an Hour

    “To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.” ~William Blake

    To capture one moment is to
    hold a small grain of sand. That’s all.
    How many grains can you recall?
    How many grains can stay in view

    of memory’s lens? Perhaps a few?
    But time can throw a mean curve ball.
    Hold a small grain of sand. That’s all.
    To capture one moment is to

    see heaven in your hands, but you
    might find it slips away. Forestall
    it if you can. A poet’s scrawl
    is what is left, ‘though it’s in lieu:
    To capture one moment is to…


  117. cam45237

    Hold that Heartbeat

    Hold that heartbeat
    If you can
    Just for a moment
    So that you feel
    The silence that comes
    When your heart stops
    Its quite a sensation
    The utter stillness
    And the rising pressure
    And the panic mixed with power
    When you realize
    You hold your life
    And you decide
    Whether to begin the beat again

  118. Dan Collins

    Held Tightly

    The biggest lie I ever told
    was one I can’t repeat,
    to me, more fiercely does it hold

    and in the ground my body cold,
    no grass beneath my feet.
    The biggest lie I ever told,

    this darkest truth as I grow old
    will go like me to peat,
    to me, more fiercely does it hold.
    I know for this my soul is sold;
    no one my sin can eat,
    the biggest lie I ever told

    Though weight of guilt harangue and scold
    this lie is one to beat
    To me, more fiercely does it hold,

    when I am held in Satan’s fold,
    a tongue of flame and heat.
    The biggest lie I ever told,
    to me, more fiercely does it hold.

    1. Dan Collins

      Held Tightly

      The biggest lie I ever told
      was one I can’t repeat,
      to me, more fiercely does it hold

      till in the ground my body cold,
      no grass beneath my feet.
      The biggest lie I ever told,

      this darkest truth as I grow old
      will go like me to peat,
      to me, more fiercely does it hold.

      I know for this my soul is sold;
      no one my sin can eat,
      the biggest lie I ever told

      Though weight of guilt harangue and scold
      this lie is one to beat
      To me, more fiercely does it hold,

      when I am held in Satan’s fold,
      a tongue of flame and heat.
      The biggest lie I ever told,
      to me, more fiercely does it hold.

  119. Andrew Kreider

    hold that…

    over the shot from the Celebration of Excellence,
    remember, when the the TV weatherman
    spoke for far too long about a special-needs
    kid who played for the high school football team
    (we felt bad for rolling our eyes, but it was
    a train wreck if we’re honest about it);

    let’s cover it up with us at the Grand Canyon,
    hungry and bored at how nothing much
    happens there. Or better yet, the group shot
    in the lobby at Memorial, where one kid
    is out of focus, and another one is blocking
    our view of the oldest in the back. Typical.

    This eight-by-ten frame holds so many memories.
    We never throw any old photos away, just cover
    them over with the new. But like old debts, like genes,
    what has been laid down returns to us over and again
    Maybe someday we’ll get a good-looking portrait.
    But all of us will still be there, just below the surface.

  120. hcfbutton

    hold that note

    sweet sadness
    the floodgate holds
    for now.

    sense bubbles
    turns cascades whirls
    mind can’t keep track
    of the ebbs and flows.

    pressure mounts
    seeking release
    a knife
    a sledgehammer
    to fall over the edge.

    at the precipice
    the floodgate holds
    the choice remains.
    swim in turbulent waters
    jump into the unknown
    or wait for the next tide.

    also published on my blog: http://hcfitzpatrick.com/2013/04/04/hold-that-note-april-pad-challenge-day-4/

  121. katherine therese

    [u]Hold That[u]

    Poached my boyfriend
    And now you call me?
    Hold that.
    Hold that concern
    That judgment,
    That shit.
    Just hold that, ho!

    What makes you think
    I want that lying, cheating hypocrite
    You wanted him.
    You got him.
    Now you get to hold that prick

    My best revenge.

    1. PressOn

      Ouch. Sharp and concise, befitting the sentiment. It appears you meant to underline the title; if so, the tag on the end should have a slash in front of the u and be set off with marks, I think.

  122. bluerabbit47

    Hold That Pose

    You are no model
    neither am I
    which is the whole
    point of this
    particular enterprise
    as we aim long lenses
    at one another to
    document this
    afternoon of real
    warmth and silliness
    it doesn’t matter
    that our hair
    is wild and none
    would copy our
    clothes but that
    no look will
    ever be quite
    like this again
    though eons
    through space
    the planet will

  123. identity

    Hold that Child

    Hold that child while he’s still in your reach
    Wrap him tight in the arms of your love
    Bind him with ties that miles cannot break
    And security fit like a glove

  124. Jackie Casey

    “Hold That Beat!”

    Now, Pyrrhic foot: twice introduced or shown;
    a trick some poets use to gain an edge.
    Some ‘pose it , though it’s mostly unbeknown
    to them whose innocence be privileged.

    The dainty line, where Shakespeare said we must
    speak, trippingly, upon the wanton tongue.
    So now my foot is firmly, simply thrust:
    Oh, Magic! when the word’s so aptly hung.

    Once entered, please allow the tempo’s time:
    allow it, love; once in a spin you’re in.
    It’s sure, the sound of poetry’s near rhyme
    will cast you in the beat fore you begin.

    Oh, lovely is the pyrrhic foot: well-kept;
    So long as in the mouth it has not slept!

  125. Nancy Posey

    Hold That Line

    the cheerleaders chant over and over,
    inciting the fans in the stands to near riot,
    expecting boys of sixteen, seventeen,
    suited up and padded, helmets aimed
    toward the visiting team, to guard
    the scrimmage line, that shifting border
    between us and them. The taunt
    echoes like that long ago jeering chant,
    Red Rover, Red Rover! Intended
    to make them muster their courage,
    somehow it only built their dread,
    knowing the bone-jarring impact,
    like the running aimed at tender wrists
    heading for the weakest link.

  126. Rhae

    ‘Hold That Moment’

    on my way
    to console your soul
    to hold you whole,

    just a few more hours here
    to make clean a clearer slate
    for future steps a brighter days,

    be there shortly to balance more of lifes scales
    to experience in newness
    so please whatever you feel in these,

    hold that moment
    and allow me to take care of the rest.


  127. Alpha1

    Hold That Moment

    Round springtime
    virtuous soil emerges
    to be tilled
    fertile loins beg
    to be filled
    with love’s sweet-bitter rage
    chastity longs to be freed
    from confinement
    released from it’s cage
    unlock if you dare
    and embrace
    another moment to share
    the sweet scent of lilac
    in Mother Nature’s hair

  128. Nancy Posey

    Hold that thumb

    What pressure on a small boy,
    the grave responsibility to hold back the flood,
    stopping up the breach with his thumb.

    He could scurry on to school,
    arriving on time, no scolding,
    pretend to have noticed nothing.

    How would he feel, though, as water rose
    past the threshold, soaking his feet,
    forcing the children to stand on their desk?

    Will anyone notice his courage, his valor,
    his clever use of one single thumb,
    what sets him apart from the apes?

    What will he do when another gap
    appears, perhaps just out of reach,
    or worse, when the water wins?

  129. jtowns3

    Hold that View

    The world is different on days like this,
    returning home is merely geographic — it’s not the time travel
    we continually hope it be.

    The guise of a thousand previous mornings,
    just like this one in both color and scent
    breathe you in and exhale you out into the air.

    A once-feeble puppy is now a strudy, yet aging wise dog,
    a guardian for the thoughts and murmurings
    you thought nobody shared with you.

    Hold that view, the view of good times,
    good friends and even the painful memories
    for they are the best teachers.

  130. PressOn


    Hold that tiger,
    just hold him tight;
    don’t let that tigress
    begin to fight,

    or else they’ll get you
    for petting their cub
    and then they’ll trim you
    down to a stub.

    So hold them tigers
    till you turn blue,
    or better yet,
    avoid that zoo.

  131. vickiejohnstone

    Hold that thought

    “Hold that thought,” squawked the bird
    As he peered down from his cage
    “If I fly out, where would I go,
    What would I eat, do you know?”

    “Don’t be afraid,” soothed his friend,
    Who watched him from beneath.
    “I will catch you if you fall
    Though I doubt you will at all.”

    “But I’m scared,” squeaked the bird
    Bobbing his yellow head to and fro.
    “I’ve never gone beyond this cage,
    “Ever since I was the youngest age.”

    “Don’t you yearn to be free?
    To soar overhead, oh so high,
    Looking down on all of us?
    Why do you make such a fuss?”

    Canary turned his eye to the door,
    Fastened with the simplest clip.
    All this needed was to push a bit
    And really that would be it.

    Weighing up all his options,
    He cursed his yellow heart.
    Why did he tremble and shake
    Over the journey he could take?

    “Maybe another day,” he chirped
    To his four-pawed, furry friend,
    Whose whiskers suddenly drooped
    As the bird was not to be duped.

  132. vicki_whicker

    Hold That

    Beer in your hand
    while he kisses your neck
    in his dirty kitchen

    Hold on
    don’t let him lead you
    to the couch
    he just said
    “I’m moving in with her”

    Hold that beer
    it is the friend
    you need

    don’t let him kiss you again
    don’t give in to the heat
    don’t forget what he just said

    Hold that
    car door for a minute
    while the sun amends the sky
    and your dog paws the window

    Hold that
    steering wheel
    down that golden ribbon of a road
    until spring returns to the Adirondacks

  133. Brian Slusher


    That costs not in
    Coin or influence
    But in the rich
    Currency of service

    For no refund
    Exists for shared time
    Nor can you receive
    A minute for a dime

    So in the world
    When the woman with
    Ten packages
    Piled to her chin

    Struggles at your back
    In the post line
    Spend your seconds
    Wisely: step aside

    Watch her lighten
    As she glides ahead
    Her gladness purchased
    By an unknown friend

    Who smiled and gave
    A present without price:
    You who point the way
    To Paradise

    1. uneven steven

      :-) thanks for letting me ahead of you in line and not being too smug about it – sometimes though the people you let head of you are still assholes, think you’re weak and try and take advantage of you all the more

  134. Earl Parsons

    Hold That Comment

    We’ve all heard it before…..
    “Once it’s out, it can’t be taken back”
    “Once the Send Key is hit, it’s too late”
    That comment
    That criticism
    That opinion
    That belief
    And even that compliment
    Might be taken wrong

    So hold that comment
    That criticism
    That opinion
    That belief
    And even that compliment

    Edit it
    Reword it
    Rewrite it
    Or, if necessary
    Delete it

    Truth be known
    Some things just need to be said
    So say them
    Some things just need to be written
    So write them
    Some things just need to be expressed
    So express them
    And someone out there just might
    Need to hear what you have to say
    So shout it

    Just be nice

    (C) 2013 Earl Parsons

  135. Misky

    Hold That Bowl

    Like this, Grandma said, hold that bowl upside
    down over your head. Grandma illustrated
    how it should be done. Now Grandma, who
    really wasn’t our Grandma, we just called her
    that because she was old and deeply wrinkled

    like a well-worn linen shirt suffering an Atlanta
    summer day, well, she made heaven-sent pies
    with mallowed, bold-as-a-bosom, whipped
    to the height of collapse, meringue topped pies.
    Even on the most humidly drippingly muggy

    day, Grandma could beat a dozen egg whites
    into stiff-peaked glossy submission. Moisture
    and humidity, she’d say, is the true test of
    a woman … and then she’d wink and add,
    Cooking, I mean, of course, darlin’. She’d

    crack an egg, one at a time, the white slipping
    for joy between her slightly spread fingers,
    and the yolk plump as the newly risen sun sat
    in her palm like an obedient dog. She’d
    flick her wrist and the yolk summersaulted

    into a bowl where it sat patiently awaiting
    its fate. The whites, clear and trembling
    in a deep copper bowl stared up at her.
    Waiting. Waiting. A wire whisk in her hand,
    Waiting, and she began. Large circular snaps

    of her wrist, the bowl tucked under her arm,
    circles and snaps and figures of eight, circles
    and snaps thickening and figures of thickening
    eights. Faster and thicker and quicker and
    thicker and foaming to peaks. She stopped.

    Tipped the bowl, and continued to beat until
    the peaks begged in tiny little squeaks to cease.
    Like this, Grandma said, holding that bowl
    upside down over her head, and not one drop
    spilled out on her pinkish-blue-tinted hair.

    (c) ~ Misky

  136. ValerieO

    Hold that Memory

    The one that fills your heart with bliss
    Encourages a wide smile
    Calms your spirit on command
    Lifts darkness
    Keeps trouble distant
    The one that warms you in the winter
    Makes you reminisce
    It’s goodness inside a daydream
    Stills you long enough
    To hear messages, transcending from beyond
    The one in which failure
    Pales in comparison to
    A special feeling of forever
    Hold on to that memory

  137. laurie kolp

    This is pure c-r-a-p, but hopefully it will get my dried up juices flowing again:

    Hold That Tongue

    Hold that tongue of yours
    Twist up and stuff
    Those scornful words
    Down your throat
    Because every time
    You spit them out
    I hear Alanis Morissette
    Say, “Isn’t it ironic?”

  138. Connie Peters

    Hold Your Horses

    She calls for help.
    I poke my head into the bathroom
    where she’s playing in the bubbles.
    “Hold your horses,” I tell her
    as I go retrieve something.
    When I return I ask
    did you hold your horses?
    She throws a fit of giggles.
    She’s an adult
    but a child in many ways.
    She’s holding her horses.

  139. Earl Parsons

    Hold That Memory

    I carry a concealed weapon
    Which I pull out and shoot
    Whenever I see something
    That I want to hold fast
    In my box of memories

    You see, my memory
    Isn’t what it used to be
    And it doesn’t hold memories
    Like it used to
    So I pull out my weapon
    My digital camera
    And point and shoot

    Then I download
    And enjoy

  140. ClaytonsRamblings

    Hold That There

    ‘Hold that there’
    He said to me
    The man with the kind eyes
    And worn hands

    His hands didn’t shake
    Not like mine
    Mine trembled as they held the bandage
    Pressed it to my chest

    I didn’t know him
    He was a stranger
    A white knight
    Who ran to my rescue

    ‘Hold that there’
    He said to me
    His kind eyes
    Masked the fear in his head
    But they comforted me
    ‘till I was dead.

  141. missjoyce

    Hold That Dream

    It was a sunny day in June
    when we first exchanged hellos.
    And now, its just all too soon.
    I can’t believe we’re letting go.

    It truly was a good run
    we didn’t have to try.
    Those unparalled moments of fun,
    with the days we wanted to cry.

    And as days passed, I admit,
    I learned to love you for you.
    You were determined, would never quit
    even with clouds of darkened hue.

    You looked at me with hopeful eyes
    I loved seeing it everyday.
    Now letters are filled with our goodbyes,
    with hugs to show what we couldn’t say.

    So as you leave, take this with you:
    All these years, I tried to make you see,
    with pure intentions and a heart that’s true,
    you can be whatever you want to be.

    For the musician, I shed some tears,
    and for the doctor, and the beauty queen.
    You all know to conquer your fears.
    Just believe and hold that dream.

    (Just to shed some light on the context of this poem, I’m a high school teacher. ♥)

  142. ewdupler

    You Must Call Her Tink

    You must hold that hand, Of your girlfriend that’s tanned.
    No playing in the sand, If you want to see the band.

    You must call her Tink, if you want to have a drink..
    Or even if you sink, while you are skating at the rink.

    You must be a sod, if you think that she is odd.
    If any say she’s flawed, I’d suggest that you don’t nod.

    You must wipe your nose, and cover when it blows.
    No picking ‘cause she knows, even when it snows.

    You must be a lamb, and always say yes ma’am.
    This girl is not a scam, for she will cook you ham.

    You must like green eggs, they’re good for scrawny legs.
    Put your coat on pegs, but never drink from kegs.

    You must follow every rule, if you want to be her fool.
    She’ll love you when you drool, and always think you’re cool.

  143. elishevasmom

    Hold That Rhyme

    leaving the rules
    of the schools behind
    in my mind
    crawling underground
    without a sound
    spider thread—no
    walls tight—no sight
    needed or wanted
    better than falling in
    Then, just as waking
    from a dream…the
    rhyme is gone.

    Ellen Knight 4.4.13
    PAD #4 (write a ‘hold that _________ poem)

  144. uneven steven

    Hold that glass steady.
    Now, if this were a poem,
    one might infer
    that the pouring of this libation
    is like the imparting
    of valuable knowledge.
    Hold that damn thing steady,
    this stuff is expensive, you know.
    No, the burning as it goes down
    and the pleasantly
    anesthetic properties
    seems a much more poetic concept to me,
    but that’s not what I’m talking about.
    Here, hold that bottle,
    it’s your turn to pour for me;
    there are some social conventions
    we all must follow
    no matter what state you’re in.
    Hold that thought.
    Yes, liquor is liquor is liquor
    the world through,
    the great social lubricant
    making life bearable
    for blokes like us
    and without which I doubt
    we would ever get f..’ed again
    by a woman.


  145. Weedlewom


    Hold that image
    of the dancing god;

    one foot uplifted,
    eternal balance,
    the other planted firmly –
    but where?

    Does it tread
    upon the breast
    of Earth,
    trampling seed
    nourishing it
    in deep loam?

    Or is movement
    more inward,
    measured out
    within the boundary
    of the heart,
    resting in the quiet
    of a sigh?

    Susan Dean Wessells

    1. Brian Slusher

      I like the picture of the god “one foot uplifted / eternal balance / the other planted firmly.” You capture the interplay of stillness and energy that moves Creation. 100/100 skill points!

  146. Patricia A. Hawkenson

    Hold that Mercury

    Our science teacher
    encouraged us
    to smash our thermometers
    and hold the silver mercury
    to observe its properties,
    the viscosity
    and surface tension
    to behold.

    Fast forward
    thirty slippery years
    and men with silver hazmat suits
    come in to clean
    the spill.

  147. Michelle Hed

    Hold that Thought

    Elusive thoughts
    tickle the edges of your mind,
    flirting with your synaptic waves
    until with a burst of fireworks
    the thought arrives!
    Docked at the station
    with loaded suitcases,
    you scramble to remember,
    to write it down
    before the whistles blows
    and the thought boards
    an outbound train
    and you’re left with the wind
    blowing fragments of brilliance
    around your mind –
    until finally the thought disintegrates
    in a lacey wisp of mental smoke…
    just gone.

  148. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Hold That Moment

    Hold that moment in your arms tonight,
    that memory of that moment
    when you held the One in your arms
    for real, and vowed you would never let go.

    And you didn’t — so don’t let go now.
    Cling and recapture, enfold
    that moment in your full embrace.
    Hold it there. Clasp that moment.

  149. antsocial

    You do but you don’t
    you woo but you won’t
    bound by anxious constraints
    of past experience
    makes it hard to find the right
    deliverance assertion is what is needed
    which has sadly been impeaded

    Something to behold
    a story untold which is
    eternally young with wisdom
    of old surreal and serene like the
    depths of one soul something
    priceless to hold and should never
    be sold

    Just catching up guys.

  150. vicki_whicker

    Hold That

    Beer in your hand
    While he has you in his arms
    In that dark kitchen
    As he kisses you like a rental wife
    who has nowhere to go

    Hold that beer in your hand
    It’s five o’clock and you’ve accepted this invitation
    The dogs are in the car
    The sun has an hour to linger
    Your next assignment postponed

    Hold that beer in your hand
    As you push against his arms
    Lean away
    From the heat that rises between you
    Place it to the lips
    He’d kiss if he wasn’t kissing your neck

    Hold that beer in your hand
    Think about what he just said
    About May when
    He’s leaving town to move in with her

    Hold that beer in one hand
    The dogs are asleep
    Curled up and warm
    Sighing in their sleep
    Ears twitching for prey

  151. Genevieve Fitzgerald

    Hold that thought……..or perhaps not

    A man thought he might have a message
    Or perhaps not;
    Was but a messenger only,
    Or translator, maybe,
    Or sighted…

    That is, until she asked him
    What he thought he might be

    And then it was with both humility and pride
    Unwilling to let her either concur or contest
    That he dashed his foot
    Against answering

  152. JRSimmang

    Hold that Light to my Cigarette

    and watch my world become a
    puff of smoke.
    Dancing Chantilly lace
    at the edge of my nose
    and the end of vision
    tickles my toes and
    makes my fingertips buzz
    with profound anticipation, knowing that
    every breath I take is a breath
    that may make me cry.

    Don’t worry.
    I’ve done more to myself
    than to you or another
    and there’s a place in my
    heart where your smile
    had been.

    But, that don’t matter now.
    What matters now is that that
    hole fills itself with smoke.
    It don’t make me choke anymore,
    thank the Lord for that.
    Embarrassing that, having
    to choke down the dreams
    of Brando and Wayne.
    Now, it’s a cold comfort,
    like holding on to the hand
    of the one in the hospital bed
    as the last beep beeps and the
    last rise of the chest is followed by
    a steady churn in the bowels.

    So, please. Please, hold that light for me
    while I breathe in your flame and filter
    it through black tar so that it sticks
    to the inside of me.

  153. JWLaviguer

    Hold That Tongue

    Holding my tongue
    before I say too much
    offering my heart to you
    like the proverbial lamb
    for you to sacrifice
    twisting knife of your hatred
    oozing emotions
    until they dry up
    drip drip dripping
    onto the floor

  154. PressOn


    Before you fly
    clear off the course
    and dim your eye
    with deep remorse,

    take time to think
    of alternate courses.
    Avoid the brink;
    just hold your horses.

  155. just Lynne

    hold that pose

    hold that smile
    hold that look in your eye
    while you are still innocent
    too young to know
    the weighty depths
    of brokenness

    hold this memory
    remember the heady days of youth
    remember me while I am still as young
    as the daffodils in the yard
    as the breathless glances
    of the errant deer by the cherry trees
    in our backyard

    remember me before my face
    slides down into the usual pattern of wrinkles
    remember when things are still new

    remember me
    and I promise
    I’ll remember you
    you’ll be my little boy
    my buttercup

  156. IrisD

    Hold that Word

    Sliding away from my thoughts
    So close I almost catch it with my tongue
    Yet blurring as I try to savor it
    What is that nombre that I want
    I toss out a random word, and yet
    I long to capture the perfect one
    You walk away and then, voila
    The word whispers through my lips

      1. IrisD

        Thanks guys. I am verbose and yet often word I really want to say is elusive. It is often easier to write it than to say it. Love PAD to get words flowing again and all these awesome prompts and even greater poems to read. Love April!

  157. annell

    #4 Pad Challenge National Poetry Month

    “Hold that……”
    Hold that apple
    Red like blood
    Bright and shiny

    Hold that bear
    Brown and furry
    Don’t let him go

    Hold that cat
    Small and fleet

    Hold that dog
    His Mom left him
    By the stream
    She had so many children
    She didn’t know what to do

    Hold that elephant
    No easy task

    Hold that falcon
    Get him in sight
    As he rises on the thermals

    Hold that gorilla
    And he will hold you back

    Hold that turtle
    A living box
    In your hand

    Hold the world
    Tenderly as a lover

  158. Jerry Walraven

    “Hold that Thought”

    — in response to De Jackson’s “Boxing Shadows” from day 2

    This box full of darkness
    has a small hole
    in one of the corners
    where it bangs up against hope.
    And hope,
    (that little devil never gives up)
    carrying thirty times her weight in despair,
    turns the box
    from this dank corner
    so light
    can enter
    and hope
    (the little narcissist)
    can again be seen.

    1. De Jackson

      Oh, Chev. I LOVE this. I’m so glad I searched my named to double check about a typo. :)
      I haven’t had much time to read yet this month, but I am SO happy to see you here, and will be going back all four days to read your treasures.

  159. PKP

    Hold that baby

    to your breast
    inhale each milky
    curve around
    rose petal soft
    hold that ephemeral
    baby shape-shifting
    in your arms
    too soon grown
    into sweet memory

    1. ely the eel

      obviously heartfelt and real, and also well constructed…what a nice combination…Pearl, I thought of you as I finished a book today, and recommend it… “The Book Thief”…it would touch you,Iknow

          1. ely the eel

            Ely comes from a young friend, Elijah, with whom I am writing a lifelong poem, entitled Ely The Eel, though he wants it to be spelled “Eli”…Ely the Eel, he swam and he swam, he swam up the river and up to the dam….etc. We’ll probably never finish it, but the fun is in him growing and changing and giving me challenging directions for each new page.