2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 23

The April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge is designed to help poets do one thing and one thing only: Write more poems! The process of revision may go on for weeks, months, and years later, but this challenge is all about getting that first draft. Please poem along with us–either in the comments below or silently at home.

Today is a Two-for-Tuesday prompt. In fact, this is one I include with every challenge. Here are your options:

  • Write a love poem.
  • Write an anti-love poem.

Here’s my attempt:

“love poem”

more today than ever before i feel
i love you spreading through me
as a disease infects a body

without worry or thought of consequences
for hours i stare at paper
trying to draw your face your hands

i want to paste them on billboards
distribute them in fliers
graffiti the entire city with your name

i want to say i love you & lay quiet
in bed listening to cars pass outside
too busy to bother us

more today than i ever before i feel
the impulse & the need
& the overwhelming want

on this gentle morning
love is a squirrel
& i am a hawk


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206 thoughts on “2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 23

  1. stepstep


    Won’t discuss nor compromise
    Sated to shut everyone out
    Of the realm to where fate may leave
    Void, null, empty, possibly alone.

    No matter the situation
    It is inevitable to all parties
    To suffer without restitution
    Love no longer resides here.


  2. vsbryant1

    Love Is

    Love is a four-letter word
    Love is a state of mind
    Love is dancing in the wind
    Love is holding hands
    Love is kissing and hugs

    Love is your smile
    Love is your strength
    Love is your devotion
    Love is your commitment

    Love is everything that is you and I and our family
    Love is simple moments together
    Love is board games and bubbles
    Love is every moment spent

  3. finallyhereiam

    Anti Love (of laziness)

    Arise, Awake, the Sun’s shining bright
    With all its might, it pleads, be a sprite
    For the world, and for your sake too
    Don’t give in to lethargy, oh no, that is not what you are meant to do!
    So stand up, and run, and listen and talk,
    Ride you o! the waves, till you flock
    With like-minded souls, who know not laziness
    With open hearts, who aim to spread happiness

  4. lionmother


    Give me that
    feeling when
    all you want to
    do is smile
    wide as a moon
    and dance around
    the room like a loon
    Where emotions burst
    forth spewing like errant
    fireworks helter skelter
    all happiness and all
    glitter and
    I want to wrap my
    arms around all
    human beings to
    show them how happy
    I am

    So intense is this feeling
    it brings tears when I
    think of my loved one
    joy and passion mix
    together when I dwell
    on his arms around mine
    and never letting go.

    Anti – love

    Is this the same person
    who years before swore
    his allegiance to me?
    Whose arms opened
    wide providing a safe
    haven for my weary head
    and I rested there content
    in that space carving a
    niche for myself where
    I could return when needed

    Is this the same person who
    tenderly held me and kissed
    me with passion fueled by
    his fire to consume me
    and I trembled with the
    same fire slipping effortlessly
    as our bodies fit together
    a roar only we could hear
    and wanting you all the time
    was the only way we felt

    That person has withered
    and been replaced by a half-man
    who has forgotten the joy and
    the passion
    who no longer feels the ache
    we once had for each other
    and now has locked his heart
    in a freezer.

  5. Michelle Hed

    One Petal at a Time
    (She loves me, she loves me not…)

    My muse and I were on a roll
    we wrote humorous, we wrote droll.
    But then my muse disappeared.
    She left so long, I could have grown a beard.

    The words wouldn’t come,
    not even a crumb…
    hell, I even tried sucking my thumb –
    didn’t take long to realized that was dumb.

    I pondered life,
    I pondered strife,
    I took a hike,
    I even talked to Mike (he’s vile).

    I was dry, like a dried up prune
    found myself staring at the moon
    and that’s when I saw her, my laughing muse
    ending my pondering of taking up booze.

    We’re back together, two peas in a pod
    and even though our relationship is flawed,
    I wouldn’t discard her for another muse
    for I quite like her poetic views.

  6. Deri

    Trigger Effect

    He taps the wheel
    to the tune
    on the car radio
    turned up
    much too loud
    to drown out
    the nagging ticking
    that is coming
    from somewhere
    he can’t think about.
    The stop lights
    frustrate him
    slowing him down
    as the ticking
    grows louder
    until, as he turns
    into the parking lot
    of a seedy motel
    on the side of town
    she never goes,
    he realizes the ticking
    means he has
    only minutes
    to diffuse the bomb.

  7. Yolee

    Ordinary People

    “Love took my breath and held it in the ether
    until it saw the whites of my eyes like flags
    surrendering to its essence.”

    I fold the page of the day and wonder
    If you made arrangements to get the garage
    door looked at, and if the mortgage co. budged
    at all. Sometimes we pretend as if losses
    don’t matter, as if we press hard enough into
    faith we won’t feel the numbness that follows
    the sting. As if the soul outweighs the body,
    people like us, the ordinary kind, fall hard
    on the ground like the leaf pushed by the wind.
    We bond with pain. But at some nearly round
    point, love springs from the mud of thought,
    finds a gate in the heart and runs in like a bulletin
    to the silent waves of a story we co-wrote many
    years ago when love was a teenager.

  8. Linda Voit

    Marriage Problems Are Not Viral

    But, as you let me know our friends
    are having a hard time, I find comfort
    in your differentiating
    how we disagree and let it go
    how our money is together
    because we are. I can push aside
    the fact there is no immunization
    if you just keep saying we and us.

  9. bahmed22

    Now I turn my back on you,
    Now I take revenge,
    Now my love has turned to hatred,
    No more can I pretend

    I will take you down,
    Before I self-destruct
    Now is my time,
    Now is my day,
    I will take you down to hell,

    Endure the burning, the pain,
    And enjoy,
    Eternity will be your only friend,
    The pain and the misery,
    There will be no end
    Enjoy !!!

    Now I am what I never was,
    Now I am what I always wanted to be,
    I am the devil and I am taking you down,
    To the deepest circles of hell,

    Now you will know the pain that you never knew,
    Rot in there forever,
    And enjoy
    Eternity will be your only friend
    The pain and the misery,
    There will be no end,
    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
    Burn! Burn! Burn!

    I am the devil,
    I am the demon,
    I am the nightmare,
    I am the evil,
    I have traded all my feelings,
    For the one I need the most,
    I am full of hatred now,
    And would love to see you roast,
    In the deepest circles of hell
    Eternity will be your only friend,
    The pain, the misery,
    There will be no end,
    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

    I am the one,
    Who will stand with you till the end,
    I am the one,
    Who will relish your pain till the end,
    I am the one,
    Who will revel in your misery till the end,

    I am here to help you,
    Go through all the agony,
    Suffer all the pain,
    That you once give me,
    With scorn and disdain

    Burn in the deepest circles of hell,
    Eternity will be your only friend,
    The pain, the misery,
    There will be no end,
    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  10. Margot Suydam

    Triolet to Love

    Love it can tear your insides up
    one’s always cracked and never clean
    curdled milk, burnt soup fills your cup
    Love it can tear your insides up
    stained with leftover red this cup
    took back kindness, replaced with mean
    Love it can tear your insides up
    one’s always cracked and never clean.

  11. foodpoet

    Words are poison intoxication
    A willing addiction
    A love affair with no ending
    No divorce no separation

    A willing addiction
    We are bound by words
    No divorce no settlement
    Entrapped in verse

    We are bound by words
    Pens our shackles
    Entrapped by verse
    Lured by poetry

    Lured by poetry
    A love affair with no ending
    Pens our shackles
    Words are poisonous intoxication

  12. EbenAt

    Diptych: Love and Not

    Back when, an Ex said
    “Would you rather be happy
    or comfortable?”
    Like there was
    no in between.

    Not sure when
    I got the clue,
    but it’s far better
    to need decades
    to figure it out,
    than to never have gotten there
    at all.

    Thank you.

    Ah, all the things
    love’s not;


    Them southern rockers
    said it just right.
    Hold on loosely.

  13. taylor graham


    Your daughter has painted a moon
    above the house – the same
    house she’s painted every day
    since he left, a gray house with deep
    blue shutters. Your house.
    Sometimes she blobs dark clouds
    across the sun, or splatters
    charcoal-gray like rain. But today
    it’s a moon. A silver sliver-
    moon that landed on the roof
    and sits perched there – no,
    it’s drilling in, splitting the roof
    in two. Your daughter
    says it’s such a small house,
    and it’s a Spring moon. Tomorrow
    it will be fuller, and crack
    the house open like an egg. It will
    make room for more than two
    inside. Sometimes you hate
    the wishes your daughter paints.

  14. Tracy Davidson

    Is This Love?

    that nervous flutter
    I feel inside whenever
    you enter the room…
    or is it dread, not knowing
    what kind of mood you’ll be in

    will that loving man
    I once knew walk through the door
    with a smile and kiss
    or will the other man come,
    the grim-faced one who hurts me

    you say you love me
    but what kind of love is this
    where one lives in fear
    and the other deals it out
    with his fists and feet and belt

    this is not the love
    I read about as a child
    in fairy stories
    nor is it the kind of love
    my mother and father shared

    why can’t you love me
    that way, like you used to do –
    tender and loving –
    before the drinking began
    before the beatings began

    if I found the strength
    to leave you would you follow
    beg me to come back
    would it make you change your ways…
    I pack up my bags and hope

  15. foodpoet

    Loving Hating Words

    love for words is fickle
    the muse is often mute
    to my please leaving me in a poetic pickle

    words, glorious words are the root
    of my poetic woes
    they come out all too cute

    not hammer strong blows
    undermining readers minds
    and away into oblivion words and verse goes

  16. bxpoetlover

    A love poem

    The word of the day was
    to embrace your sexy

    since I strive not be cliche
    I started with my toes
    hugged each one while I
    applied a splash of brassy red polish
    blew air on them to dry
    dabbed a drop of sandalwood behind each knee
    slid each slender leg into sheer hose
    shimmied into my jade green dress
    slid a bracelet around each wrist
    a necklace around my neck
    two hoop earrings into each ear
    and fluffed my hair into a halo.
    Ready for the night

  17. drwasy


    These fickle summer days
    pass, inconsequential and
    wan as gruel, the same
    but not the same.

    Each day a delicate rose
    plucked with deliberate care:

    He loves me
    He loves me not.

    The air swelters,
    thrums cicada song,
    low in the morning
    burning at night.

    At the hoarfrost, the song melts.
    The garden yellows
    and petals wither:

    I love him
    I love him naught

    Cicadas burrow deep
    their husks cleave to tree trunks.

  18. omavi

    “My Elixir”

    Words can never really describe
    But this is something i must try to do
    Because of the worth of you
    I must make do with these feeble vowels
    To explain myself to you

    So many things can be said but
    Tongue gets tied so quickly
    Throat parched like a desert
    Only strange sounds escape
    This from just thinking of you

    Hands involuntarily tremble
    A pain so deep, so over-powering
    I know only your soothing kiss
    Can heal this battered wraith
    My soul becomes
    Without you

  19. julie e.


    I never liked roses (too pompous)
    till I understood how much they’re like us.
    Some slender and lean
    like a beauty queen
    Others rounded and spreading (the rest of us.)

      1. julie e.

        i should also say, this one is somewhat my theme song, having spent a childhood trying to be acceptable/loveable/good enough for my parents, turns out i didn’t have to do any of that for God. Huh!

  20. P.A. Beyer

    Who’s a Good Boy

    I thought my life was practice – a forty year rehearsal
    For a performance more grandeur and sweet
    By the time I figure out I’ve started life’s reversal
    The network cancels all the good ol’ repeats

    So I sing karaoke, to lighten up my mood
    A song meant to inspire – a ballad of heartbreak and heat
    Though the crowd clears the room when they hear my first tune
    I carry on without missing a beat

    The fire in my drunken eyes, still burns deep into the night
    They may not be an everlasting furnace, but they can warm a seat
    So this Friday night, I lay down by your side, my paws up in plain sight
    And what I want, like all good dogs, is a belly rub, a bone and a treat

  21. Alphabet Architect

    Your Hands Speak Love

    Your hands speak love
    In words not made of sounds
    But heard with heart, not ears,
    where love abounds

    They nimbly pluck
    My heart’s eternal strings
    evoking songs as sweet
    as warblers sing

    Work roughened hands
    Create, they toil and wear;
    Then capably enfold,
    Caress, and care;

    And capture this,
    My longing and design:
    My hands with yours shall
    Ever be entwined.

  22. Alpha1

    Suicide Note

    By the time you
    read this I
    oughta be dead
    I just shot a
    bullet right through
    my head
    in case you should wonder
    why i chose to die
    I wrote this note
    to tell you why
    I never imagined
    us comin to an end
    after all this time
    after all we’ve been
    to each other
    not us not never
    I thought this love
    would last forever
    So I hope you understand
    my pledge
    if I have to live
    without your love
    I’d rather be dead

  23. Sara McNulty

    Small Points Of Love

    My yard has awakened
    as Snow White’s eyes
    after a soft sweet kiss.

    Overnight, azaleas popped pink,
    white heads of candy tuft spread
    out to catch a warmer sun.

    For over a year, a wooden
    birdhouse has hung untenanted
    from thick maple branch.

    A rustling of tail feathers caught
    my ear. Eyes tracked sound
    to a black and white striped bird,

    poking her head in and out
    of her newly decorated home,
    and I smiled, swelling with love.


    No More (A fibonacci)

    Love sucks,
    I get burned.
    No longer trusting
    men’s pretense, I love hating love.

    Poetic Asides
    April Challenge – Day 23
    Write a love/anti-love poem

    1. PressOn

      These are interesting: the former takes a bit of time to swell; the latter is short and to the point. Fits the two sentiments, I think. These are good; thanks for sharing.

  24. Jane Shlensky

    Sorry I’m tardy to this party, especially today. Too busy to talk of love 😉 Maybe a haiku or two will serve until tomorrow.

    All I Know

    When everyone else
    said goodbyes, only you mourned,
    said please, stay–don’t go.

    Of course, it came too
    late to change my course, but I
    remember your face.

  25. carolecole66

    If Not Love, Then What?

    Some days the words don’t speak to me. The language
    almost obscene, a hulking black rock on my tongue,
    like the rocks in the garden where I tried to grow
    corn and strawberries, where I tried to live
    the natural life pretending the dirt was a dark rich
    earth. The sentences won’t twist themselves
    into a rope of meaning any more than the house
    I tried to reclaim would straighten its spine,
    uncurl its shingles, and shelter me. It would not promise
    eternal love though I was bewitched. I pledged my life.
    But adjectives fail me. I think enchantment.
    I think music. I scrubbed the floor, painted
    flaking walls, planted the garden patch and breathed
    cut grass. But verbs are murderous, not acts of love.
    I wrestle the words, choke the ramshackle beast
    and force it to submit.

  26. missjoyce

    Prompt: Two-for-Tuesday
    A love/anti-love poem.

    Love consumes you.
    It wraps itself around
    every inch of your skin until
    your every action
    is moved
    by love.

    Love consumes you.
    It leaks itself through
    every coil of your mind until
    your every thought
    is created
    by love.

    Love consumes you.
    It builds itself around
    every corner of your eyes until
    your every sight
    is painted
    by love.

    Love consumes you.
    It makes its way to
    every bud in your tongue until
    your every taste
    is seasoned
    by love.

    Love consumes you.
    It sweeps itself through
    every expansion of your lungs until
    your every breath
    is taken
    by love.

  27. De Jackson

    Mirror, Mirror

    On the wall
    or off,
    she hates them,
    has never loved
    this skin, these trembled
    bones. Sticks and stones
    pale and fall, when worst
    of all, that shined slate
    doesn’t slant just right.

    She’s weary of the fight
    and the warpaint
    and the cold restraint
    of wild
    and free.

    She wonders
    what the others
    knowing only
    a world without
    would be fairest
    of them


  28. Angie5804

    Whew! Finally finished! Worked on this in snatches all day in between my 3 part-time jobs, carefully jotting words at red lights and such. I like sestinas!

    So many words articulate love,
    in whispers as the breeze is gentle.
    They come in shades of blue,
    quickening the beat of hearts,
    throwing back the curtain of morning,
    singing the ageless song.

    On, listen closely to the jubilant song,
    rising through the fog on notes of love,
    dancing on the sunbeams of the morning,
    flowing as the breeze, this melody gentle.
    In harmony, it wraps the lover’s heart;
    a symphony, soft and blue.

    A tender touch, feathery blue,
    caresses like a moonbeam song,
    smoothing the covers of the heart,
    soothing the fevered brow of love.
    It wipes away tears, ever gentle,
    until the early light of morning.

    Each day brings joy in the morning.
    Transformed into a beryl blue,
    longsuffering remains so sweet and gentle.
    Wrapped in a warm, quilted song,
    a pure bleached, cotton love,
    is gingerly woven by a faithful heart.

    A strange thing sometimes, the heart.
    What’s old becomes new each morning.
    Time is an honest friend of love,
    like clouds in skies of brilliant blue.
    Hours and minutes are the song.
    Age is a hand still finely gentle.

    It is found in the springtime gentle.
    It can mend the broken heart,
    in lullaby and choir song.
    Lifted up as wings of the morning,
    It breaks forth out of the blue,
    this wondrous thing called love.

    Oh, to wake in the gentle blush of morning,
    to feel the heart and see the glorious blue;
    this would be a song of everlasting love.

  29. Bruce Niedt

    NaPoWriMo’s prompt today is to wrote a triolet. Another good fit with Robert’s:


    We’ve kept this up for forty years;
    we must be doing something, right?
    We’ve breezed through laughter, slogged through tears,
    and kept it up for forty years.
    Another lap, we pass to cheers,
    we’ve run the race, we’ve fought the fight
    and kept it up. For forty years,
    we must be doing something right.

  30. HandHeldWriter

    smelling fresh cut grass
    speaking in front of a class
    mint chocolate chip ice cream
    creating a public scene
    telling funny jokes
    the smell of cigarette smoke

    quiet places
    intimate embraces
    putting smiles on faces
    failed marriages
    hearing about miscarriages
    remarks that are disparaging

    music on vinyl
    no’s that are final
    hitting SNOOZE
    watching the news
    sleeping late on Sundays
    waking up on Mondays

    loving squeezes
    walks on beaches
    cool ocean breezes
    adults that whine
    heights of great design
    snakes of any kind

    classic movies
    daytime tv
    Pandora radio
    talk radio
    reading books
    snobbish looks

    beautiful eyes
    pretty smile
    great personality
    deceitful lies
    snotty style
    better-than-you mentality

    drinking coffee
    people that are bossy
    eating fried chicken
    being nausea stricken
    running, when I’m finished
    running, while I’m still in it

    writing poetry
    creating a story
    a friend’s loyalty
    house that’s a mess
    job-induced stress
    feeling depressed

    hopeless romance
    one night stands
    playful flirting
    feelings hurting
    women in high heels
    my fetishes revealed
    (oh my… TMI?)

    seeing an attractive woman, by herself, standing in line

    not having the guts to ask her if she’d like to go out sometime

  31. BDP

    “Thumbs Down”

    Three weeks away, you’ve shaved your beard,
    a stranger to me at the airport
    and when we wake this morning. Weird:
    three weeks away, you’ve shaved. Your beard
    filled out your Berlin face. But sheared?
    Too smooth. I like an honest consort.
    Three weeks away, you’ve shaved your beard,
    a stranger, to me, at the airport.

    B Peters

  32. Arash

    I guess this poem can be both love and anti-love at the same time, I don’t know.

    Timing Belt

    by Arash

    morgue me woman wine love
    well I sort of
    need to start from the timing belt snapped
    sheer floral lace trimmed hiphugger black underwear
    cause of death pending investigation
    was her father
    heart disease she cried to guilty stranger
    with bandaged head sitting on the lower steps
    in the disconnected man in me
    a whole bottle of Oeil de perdrix
    with carrot salad and chicken hold
    the chicken she said
    and threw up
    in the middle of sex at the funeral
    she wore a hat with a snow-white veil
    that came down to her lips
    and whispered MAYBE from the distance
    as she got into a different car that’s what
    I told myself anyways limping there with a cheap
    new timing belt knee deep
    in the shadow of the lovely church.

  33. Genevieve Fitzgerald

    love / anti-love

    Love does not always
    Look familiar
    Or human

    I lovingly take
    My shears to
    The hedge

    Perhaps it’s with love
    You refuse me
    An answer

    But I cannot
    React like
    A hedge

  34. ValerieO


    Without question
    It feels right
    A rainbow after thunderstorm
    Love encapsulates
    Immeasurable emotions that bring
    Encourages smiles despite troubles
    In life
    The best gift to another
    It’s constant

  35. Julieann

    God’s Love

    Doctor’s prognosis
    A child I would not bear

    Devastation, lots of prayer
    Blessing from above
    A precious gem is mine

    Years pass, more prayers
    A miracle of Biblical proportions
    A true pearl God has bestowed

    A perfect pair, boy and girl,

    Doctor’s wrong
    God’s love never fails

  36. PoM

    A love poem draft

    He showed his love by going to the Cross
    But somehow the message was twisted and lost
    It was not about washing away sins of the lost
    He rose to show no matter the cost
    The truly faithful will not be cast off
    To the outer darkness forever lost

    An anti love

    There is blackness and darkness in every heart
    With pride and arrogance it oozes out
    With evil they attempt to cast evil out
    Someday soon they will all find out
    Just how wicked they were without a doubt

  37. ewdupler

    I Love You, Son

    My love for you was born before
              You ever saw the light,
    And to this day you can be sure,
              Our bond formed at first sight.

    On one September, sunny day,
              So many years ago,
    You crept into my heart to stay,
              The son I’d come to know.

    And through the years you grew so fast,
              I raised you best I knew.
    You know, my growl, it didn’t last,
              Besides, you made it through.

    You’ve reached the point, you are a man.
              Of you, I am so proud.
    And though you’re leaving I still can,
              Hug you – for I’m allowed

  38. Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    A Love Poem

    I might write a love poem of sorts to either or both of my cats –
    except that so often, in so many ways, I’ve already done that.

    I might write one about chocolate, surely my grandest passion.
    But rhapsodising on food? Scoffing it’s more my fashion.

    The love of books and reading – that might make more sense.
    But the poem would be far too long and the number of books immense.

    What of my passion for poetry? Appropriate subject for verse.
    Poetry’s the love of my life! That says it all, but how terse.

    So I’ll just have to come back to you yet again, my lovely man
    and keeping writing love poems to you as long as ever I can!

    This, then, is a love poem to Andrew, although he’s no longer alive.
    I know that wherever he is, he’s wishing for me to thrive.

    Let’s call his new home by an old name, let’s say he’s in Heaven Above,
    a feisty, funny angel who can read this expression of love.

    I miss you, you silly bugger! Why did you go and get dead?
    I wish you were here beside me, in the marriage bed.

    Many will tell me you are, but it’s hard to cuddle a ghost.
    At my time of life it’s not sex but cuddles I miss the most.

    For cuddles I have the cats, for sensual pleasure chocolate.
    With the reading and writing, of course, I escape or sublimate.

    So I’m doing just fine without you and I almost never cry.
    You don’t have to worry about me…. Love you till I die

    (This is also intended as an anti-love poem, in that it is deliberately not romantic.)

  39. tonijoell

    Love Song for Sunrise

    Even in this perpetual darkness
    I remember a long ago sometime
    when I turned my face to the sky and
    the pink-orange fire of dawn
    still came for me.

  40. De Jackson

    Tryin’ to Throw Your Arms Around It

    Anyone can slay a dragon…but try waking up every morning
    and loving the world all over again.
    – Brian Andreas

    I hate you.
    – E.E. Cummings

    It’s easy
    to adore the ocean
    and the forest and the gentle
    sifting sand and the subtle
    shifting sway of amber wave.

    Simple, perhaps
    to ignore
    the darkness.

    to look pure
    evil in the face
    and grasp grace
    with all you have
    left, find a place where
    forgiveness can breathe.

    In lieu of grieve
    or stone
    cold groan,
    we stand
    and try our true,
    forever making poems
    in the lap of death.



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