2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 21

The April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge is designed to help poets do one thing and one thing only: Write more poems! The process of revision may go on for weeks, months, and years later, but this challenge is all about getting that first draft. Please poem along with us–either in the comments below or silently at home.

For today’s prompt, write a senryu. A senryu is like a haiku with less restrictions and different subject matter. It’s a 3-line poem with a traditional 5/7/5 syllable (or sound) pattern, and the poem typically deals with the human condition. But that’s about all. No cutting words, seasonal words, or focus on nature. In fact, many people who claim to write haiku are already writing senryu. Have at it.

Here’s my attempt:


she wakes in a sweat
because her A/C unit
abandoned her too


Workshop Your Poetry!

Writing poetry is exciting, but the revision process can be too, especially when you’re revising with a group of dedicated poets and an experienced mentor. As luck would have it, that can be accomplished with the Writer’s Digest online course, Advanced Poetry Writing.


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Quick note on commenting: Please always save a copy on your computer. There have been moments in the past in which comments have disappeared, and I don’t want anyone to lose their work. Heck, I’ve lost some of my work here in the past, and it’s not a great feeling. That said, commenting here is a lot of fun, especially in April. If you’re completely new to the site, you’ll be asked to register (don’t worry, it’s free), and your comments might not appear initially until I manually accept them. However, after that initial phase, your comments should appear without my help.

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229 thoughts on “2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 21

  1. Yolee

    He used to share plums.
    Now I only get the pits.
    At home prodigal.


    My big little man
    says only small things to me:
    teenage angst and all.

  2. tunesmiff

    I’m afraid my OCD got the better hand:
    The first Sunday was a seven line poetic form;
    The second Sunday was a fourteen line poetic form;
    Anticipating a twenty-one line form, I was slightly disappointed…

    until I realized 3 goes into 21 seven times~!!!

    So herewith is a 7 SENRYU cycle… more or less

    : )


    He pours his coffee,
    Makes his lunch, wakes her up, then
    Pours her coffee, too.

    Sitting in traffic,
    it suddenly dawns on him:
    He’s going nowhere.

    Flashing lights ahead
    on the right side of the road.
    Everybody looks.

    Not a day goes by
    that she doesn’t make the turn
    and think about not.

    “The thing is,” she says,
    “I don’t like being crowded.”
    Then she turns away.

    He tells stories now
    from his early navy days.
    That’s all he recalls.

    I write and wonder:
    Why does this form lend itself
    to unhappiness?

    (Okay, so maybe it’s not quite a “cycle” – but the OCD has to stop SOMEWHERE~!!!)


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