2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

The April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge is designed to help poets do one thing and one thing only: Write more poems! The process of revision may go on for weeks, months, and years later, but this challenge is all about getting that first draft. Please poem along with us–either in the comments below or silently at home.

For today’s prompt, write a beyond poem. The poem could be beyond human comprehension. It could be from the great beyond. It could be from beyond–another city, country, planet, solar system, dimension, etc. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond with it.

Here’s my attempt at a beyond poem:

“beyond imagination”

the ants are preparing a ball tonight
for the return of their prince. the queen ant
has sent the king ahead to welcome him.

the prince ant left in search of a princess,
but all he found were queens and their armies.
no matter. at the dance, he’ll fall in love

with a peasant ant. she’ll be protected
by a spell from her fairy godmother
ant. everyone will celebrate, save

the queen, who’ll be left alone with her king.


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220 thoughts on “2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 20

  1. foodpoet

    Beyond the team
    Lies the journey
    Toward a new resolution

    We walk apart
    Taking stock and moving forward
    Beyond the team

    Choices are made
    Some are kept
    On the journey

    We may falter
    But can fall back on each other
    Toward a new resolution

  2. Nadienne

    [another sci-fi poem]

    Beyond the Rose-Colored Sky

    When the coals of the banked fire glow red with the coming darkness
    And the time for practical chores is ending,
    Before the night’s shadows learn how to leap, how to grow,
    How to stalk the treasures tucked away in their caches,
    Flasks of the strong stuff get passed around
    And the Restless Folk settle in against the log bench-backs,
    Stretching out their legs in the soft pine duff.
    Only now does Legend and Prophecy,
    The Off-World Savior,
    Seem real enough for words:
    This hope in the smoke
    Who will swoop down and end all their troubles.

  3. alana sherman

    A while to get this one. It’s an idea taken from a NaPoWrMo prompt (#26) an erasure poem. Original by Matthea Harvey

    Beyond The Sea

    The mermaid is fine
    with letting it all hang out—
    the bits of fat at her belly
    her scaly tale.
    Her lover loves it
    she’s an open book.
    He makes her gasp,
    studies her to see if she’s lying.
    No need for sad stories,
    he just watches. Before long
    she starts to sense her lover
    is restless. She shows him
    her collection of keys
    to convey a sense of openness.
    She even reads aloud entries
    from her diary. But he’s convinced
    she’s hiding things and she is—
    her long black hair, her perfect skin.
    Her red mouth and how she secretly
    loves that there are places here
    or here, he can’t touch.

  4. PKP

    Beyond the horizon

    Over the rainbow
    And all that
    Where bluebirds
    And those thing sing
    And silver linings
    Luminously ring
    Those promises
    Made in song and
    Verse and whispers
    In the dark
    Beyond the
    Slivered horizon

  5. vsbryant1


    Beyond the pain I see the light
    Beyond the struggle I see the purpose to the fight
    Beyond what sits at the tip of my nose is a world of possibility waiting for me to be hold
    Beyond all my woes is the promise of a bright day
    Beyond doubt there is you, love unconditional, my skies of blue beautiful hues

  6. finallyhereiam

    His Master’s Love- Beyond Common Belief

    Will wag its tail, to see you home
    Will follow you, despite the chide
    All for one acknowledgement, for love.

    He will wait for you to pet his coat
    And will pounce on him who dares you so
    He unconditionally loves you, and is always,
    Believed to love you just for food

    But He writhes at this misgiving, yes
    Tis not food O! Master, tis never food
    You feed my canine soul with love, And I
    Reciprocate it, in double measure.

    For your gentle fondness of my yelp,
    My run to you when you ope that gate,
    My mischief and every play-fetch date,
    Your words to me, that you think I don’t get,
    O Master, I do, every bit.
    And that is what keeps me going,
    All your words, and all your biddings,
    Are for me, my reason to be,

    And that, my Master, is what I truly treasure.

  7. Yolee

    Letter to Self-confidence

    I know you’re doing well. Perhaps you’ve hiked
    another mountain today and looked to see if I trailed
    behind. Every now and then I put my boots on,
    the proper get-up, and fetch my climbing stick.
    But when I catch a glimpse of that girl with red
    hair in the mirror, an idea blows a fuse and she
    looks at me for a fleeting moment, then walks away.
    I know I’ve disappointed you for many years.
    I miss you. This wedge between us has gotten bitter
    like still coffee in a cold cup. Come back to me.
    I need you.

    Sincerely, Y

  8. mschied

    Beyond porridge

    Goldilocks must have been an unfed child

    Why else would she have risked
    the wrath
    of a momma grizzly over
    of porridge

    To be fair to Mssr. Southley
    no delectable details
    permeate his prose

    Little Goldy
    could be feasting on honey-drizzled
    figs within her frumenty
    or plump and juicy raisins
    shriveled by the sun

    But to chance the loss
    of life and limb
    for the unappetizing
    of lumpy mush
    seems the height of

    pardon my rant –
    I misremembered
    the part about
    anthropomorphized ursines.

  9. LouiseBilborough

    how far do I have to run
    to escape myself?

    desert plains
    mountain roads
    the edge of the sea
    the farthest horizon

    which chemicals do I have to swallow
    to escape myself?

    the bottom of this bottle
    the end of that joint
    the powder in my nose
    the pill in my pocket

    whose love do I need
    to escape myself?

    mum and dad
    my little sister
    the guy in the bar
    the stranger in my bed


    what will take me
    beyond myself?

  10. Deri

    The Things We Hide

    Beyond the obvious
    and solid walls
    the sun moves
    to peek in windows,
    jailhouse shadows
    crawling from wall
    to wall in time
    to the rhythm
    of a day going
    too slow.

    The cat follows to
    lie between the lines.
    Squint eyed, he watches
    you, tail flicking.
    Shudder to think
    what he would say
    if he could but speak.

  11. burrhead


    It started
    At the old house
    The one we lived in
    Where horses and motorcycles mixed

    I began to feel alone
    Not we, but me
    Outside looking
    Watching myself move about the world

    I went from not knowing I knew nothing
    To knowing there wasn’t anything I knew
    My family and the neighbor kids
    Went about their days without me

    Didn’t matter if I was with them or not
    I was alone either way
    Not much has changed
    I still feel lost and unattended

    My mother who I wished one day
    I could get close to
    Has been dead for a while now
    I realize but do not dwell on
    Where I belonged
    Is now and always was so far away
    In time and space and feeling

    Since we lived in that old house
    Where the garage next door was on fire
    And all the neighbors came with garden hoses
    To put it out

    Around then
    I went beyond
    I can’t get back
    Where kids played baseball on the lawn

    Where cows and hens kept us
    My thoughts and Mothers were the same thoughts
    Were connected
    Beyond that now

  12. Lindy

    The Great Beyond

    Beyond the black and white,
    beyond all that’s wrong and right,
    beyond the day, beyond the night,
    beyond the prayers for peace and light;

    beyond a blind man’s sight,
    beyond the tears in silent flight,
    beyond the life that died in fight,
    beyond the storm in all it’s might;

    beyond the paisley words I write
    hides a world in modern fright
    of love and it’s impending bite –
    afraid the sun will shine too bright.

  13. tunesmiff


    Beyond the bright horizon,
    Beyond the setting sun,
    Beyond the new tomorrow,
    Is where my heart will run.

    Past gray of everday,
    Beyond the rain of now,
    From the darkness of regret,
    I struggle on, but how?

    Outside the bounds of my strength,
    Despite what others know,
    Weakness is my starting place,
    And shows me where to go.

    Beyond the bright horizon,
    Beyond the setting sun,
    Beyon the new tomorrow,
    Is where my heart will run.

  14. PuffofSmokePoems


    At that age, I wondered about
    God’s last name
    and why swinging high
    made your stomach drop
    and why that felt so good.
    And about the edge of the universe.
    If everything has an edge, I reasoned,
    Then out there, beyond the moon,
    beyond the galaxies,
    there must be plywood joists,
    propping up the scenery
    at the edge of everything.
    Beyond that backdrop,
    the scent of fresh-cut wood,
    plain floor littered with
    sawdust and crumpled gum wrappers
    and beyond that—
    This was how I learned my mind
    could feel like swinging high.

  15. WayneLMurphy


    Beyond my last moment
    I soared higher than
    you could hear

    I ascended beyond the clouds
    up where the wind
    blows all alone

    I was greeted by warmth
    and a smiling face
    in my great beyond

    Someday you’ll join me
    yonder, ’til then I’ll wait
    patiently for you

    Wayne L Murphy 4/21/13

  16. EbenAt

    To Boldly Go

    In ’68
    I built
    The Pan Am Orion III
    and dreamed of
    the moon

    Over the years
    horizons expanded
    Moon to
    Solar System
    to galaxy
    to universe
    and then

    Came string theory
    Universes wasn’t so crazy…

    Now as I write
    I ponder
    the 12 others
    or not,
    In all those

  17. vickiejohnstone

    I’m playing catch-up, so here’s my attempt for yesterday. My excuse was that I was on a plane. 🙂


    Beyond the day
    Afore the mentioned
    Skimming the waves
    Bridging the fjord
    Footsteps in the snow
    Melting the roses
    Spilt like blood, red
    Casting brilliance
    In a white blanketed

    Beyond the moon
    Where the stars dance
    In the darkest heavens
    Enjoying their wealth
    Their courage foreseen
    Casting silver dust
    They float suspended
    Darting across the skies
    Swept up in a draft of

  18. Domino

    Beyond the Ramparts

    If I look beyond the ramparts
    and down into the valley,
    beyond all my father’s vanguards,
    the place we go to dally.

    I know father would be so angry
    if he knew where I sometimes go
    but I find myself longing and hungry
    for what father does not know.

    So I get my basket for flowers,
    my cloak and sturdiest shoes,
    and go wander the valley for hours
    looking for flowers and you.

    And sometimes, if so fortune favors
    we will find each other there.
    We kiss, as the friendliest neighbors,
    and you pull the pins from my hair.

    And oh, how the time swiftly hurries
    as over the hillsides we roam
    We often forget all our worries,
    until it is time to go home.

    My father is getting suspicious.
    He’s starting to have me watched.
    The thing is, he’s also ambitious,
    and the last match he made is all botched.

    If your folks would have a discussion
    with father, maybe he’ll deal.
    If he learns of the repercussion,
    my pregnancy, our love’s seal,

    Then perhaps he will reconsider
    his senseless antipathy,
    selling me to the highest bidder.
    Perhaps he will give you to me.

  19. happys

    ~Beyond My Control~

    Life is full of surprises
    Sun in a drizzling spring day
    Good news from afar the other day
    A windfall received from e-bay
    Extreme happiness today
    Suddenly, tears falling but keep at bay
    Tears falling beyond my control
    Yes, they are tears but tears of joy

  20. BDP

    “Beyond Measurement”

    A scooter, river muskrat, paddling fast
    and making headway. I’m no match on shore.
    The current shoves him, mud impedes my path.

    Straight through the water, steady, then he veers
    ninety degrees … ripples, no longer there!
    Some farmers vow—or hope—these herbivores

    foretell the depth of winter by how far
    they burrow in a bank. A simple key:
    feet to den, feet of snow. Seems hogwash, pure

    and plain. I’d like to check the mystery,
    find his home, poke around, this city gal
    who wants to validate despite no need,

    who loves the hours of watching magic fall,
    each one different from the other crystal.

    B Peters

  21. Margot Suydam

    Beyond upwind

    There is a hint of clove, a scent
    hidden amidst this mountain

    dust and pine, as if owls could
    abscond spice to build new nests

    spend it late in the nocturnal hour
    then sail upwind in celebratory glee

    taking calm beyond the moonlit
    darkness, no one dare squander.

  22. Melanie

    Beyond Worship

    She came with a bottle of perfume
    And stood by the feet of her Lord
    Broken by sin and by sorrow
    Upon him her silent tears poured

    Hair soft and fragrant fell gently
    To soak up the tears on His feet
    She emptied the bottle releasing
    An aroma both heavy and sweet

    Nothing remained in the bottle
    All was surrendered to Him
    Lavish, extravagant giving
    Her action no impulse or whim

    Some watched her with frank disapproval
    Her action so striking and bold
    Her waste was beyond comprehension
    From a harlot if truth to be told

    Jesus approved of her worship
    Her actions spoke louder than words
    She rouses me from my weighed offerings
    Exuberance in me she stirs

  23. drwasy


    Beyond the words
    slithering like water
    silky satin
    behind the lips
    too many silly
    syllables and no
    white space
    before the hands
    dance their crazy
    dance of defense
    lies a lie
    treasure hidden
    deep enough
    almost but for
    your eyes
    corners tainted
    with treachery

  24. Alpha1


    4 walls closin in
    1 empty weddin bed
    2 nite
    bitterness rooted in
    like a cancer
    gone wild
    eatin at the heart
    suckin out
    the soul of life
    blowin smoke
    rings in the air

  25. PressOn


    When Harpo chased blondes in the parks
    and Chico placed bets with the sharks
    and Groucho was hissing
    and Zeppo was missing,
    no Marxes were there to toe marks.

  26. De Jackson

    Beyond Words

    Brush some color between
    these black and white smudges,
    these tight little budges of be
    and you just might see why
    space is no final
    frontier. There’s no comfort
    here in lead
    -ing and kerning
    and tracking those stars
    across this bright white
    sky. Why not allow them
    their tiny square
    ebony thrones. Some
    -times you’ve got to let them be,
    yonder their way home.


  27. uneven steven

    the sweating and
    over performing leading
    lady and man
    in the too bright spotlight
    of the 8th grade production
    of once upon a mattress
    future starlets and leading men
    shift uneasily
    stage left, stage right,
    in the wings,
    singing in the chorus,
    moving props at change of scene
    wondering and worrying
    if their chance at glory
    will ever come
    each spending half their
    lives learning
    they’ve already been lead
    actor in this all star cast of
    a play called
    each of us only perfecting
    that one big
    flourishing bow
    for when the final
    curtain falls

  28. P.A. Beyer

    Beyond the Arc

    Beyond the arc where thoughts and dreams fall
    Beyond the realm of love, hope and courage entwined
    Beyond the circle of a child’s smile on a merry-go-round
    Beyond the amber clouds and kaleidoscope sunshine

    Hides the gift of wisdom awaiting a soul
    Brave enough to believe that happiness is not a mirage

  29. Benjamin Thomas


    Sometime its hard to see
    beyond the moment it seems.
    Just can’t grasp far fetched misty dreams.
    Too stuck in the now situations of daily adhesion.
    With no long range visionary consideration.
    Just need to branch out and cover more ground.

  30. shethra77


    Over there behind the wall…
    Look quick! It’s made the pepper fall.
    Crack and thump, the shaker rolled
    under the fridge. It’s getting bold
    to pull this crap in broad daylight
    to bother me. It’s just not right.
    If I had ways to make it stop
    I’d chant the words—yeah, make it hop
    up to the light or over the pond
    or wherever they fly in the great beyond.

  31. Benjamin Thomas


    Just beyond the page
    is a poet.

    And a poet is just beyond
    the pen.

    Just beyond the pen
    is a will to write, then, now and again.

    Just beyond their word
    a heart is transferred.

    Some goes without saying
    and some unanswered.

    Just beyond the heart,
    is every man unheard.

  32. mich

    Beyond this moment may be possibility
    this moment is a certainty
    Beyond this laugh may be tears
    this laugh bubbled up and sloshed over
    Beyond this love may be heartbreak
    this love makes me feel complete

  33. Benjamin Thomas


    Just beyond the gate
    is the other side.

    You’ll only recognize it
    when it comes upon you.

    Yet you must swim
    within a plethora of choice,
    in a sea of many sides.

    So many waves, so many sides
    Yet from whence do they arise?

    But fate, is not
    determined by
    the other side.

    Its only
    determined by you.

    Just keep your
    head up and
    your eyes open.

  34. carolecole66

    Beyond My Wildest Dreams

    I got beyond myself, refused to play my role
    and found myself spiraling out into infinite time
    and space. It was that purple blouse you made me wear
    or the boxy oxfords so I couldn’t blend into the airless
    rooms of public school. When I dreamed
    it seemed my reach was farther than my grasp.
    It was hard to see beyond the chicken yard, the
    canning jars, the desperate gasp for breath created
    by the dress you chose for me. Bile rose in your throat
    every time you looked at what you’d bred.
    It punched you in the chest. Now
    I’m living past the borders of the mad,
    beyond the colors of the sky, hues so vivid
    so insane that every time you look for ribbons
    to weave into your hair you say that everything,
    every thing, you ever thought you knew has slipped
    beyond your comprehension.

  35. Benjamin Thomas


    Tune your perception,
    and skillfully subject the eye
    over the unraveling horizon.

    For just beyond the still clouds
    there lies a certain destiny
    overlaid with hope.

    The way is insufferable;
    But a course of action must be taken.
    And not without inevitable challenge.

    If your will is resolute,
    then your journey is success.

    The only failure, is not to begin.

    The prize will be determined…


    1. Julieann

      What a most beautiful analogy of life. The quote “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” is most elegantly played out here. I am ready.

  36. Julieann

    Beyond and Back

    I crawl to the screen door
    Sit down and stare at what is beyond my grasp

    Older, I play in the yard
    Running full tilt into the fence, looking through
    The slats at what is beyond my vision

    A chain-link fence surrounds the old schoolyard
    I try to climb to the top
    To reach what is on the other side

    College, jobs, family, what lies beyond
    The sunset, beyond the horizon
    I do not know, I want to know

    I am retired, I live alone
    I rarely go beyond the front fence
    I’ve lost my curiosity, my dreams are dead

    I wheel my chair up to the screen door
    And stare out at what is, at what once was


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