2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 16

Before getting into the prompt today, I just wanted to take a moment to recognize what happened in Boston yesterday. I don’t have anything exceptionally new to offer, but you are all in my prayers. Sometimes, I just want to give the entire planet a big hug and hit the re-set button.

Today’s prompt is a Two-for-Tuesday prompt. Here are your options:

  • Write a possible poem.
  • Write an impossible poem.

Here’s my attempt:


she sits at her keyboard
presses one key
over & over again

presses one key
thinking how she’s been wronged
by never being wronged

she’s been cheated
by never being wronged
of that gut-wrenching feeling

she only knows heart ache
from books
she only knows heart ache

don’t feel too good
she presses her key
& waits

she presses her key
because he’s home again
& she wants to be wronged


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262 thoughts on “2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 16

  1. stepstep


    One foot steady on the pedal
    The other foot thrown across the bar.

    Several attempts at a balancing act
    A never-ending falling session.

    Yet it is definitely possible
    To learn to ride a bike
    Without training wheels.


  2. PKP

    Possible and Impossible

    PAD 16

    It is possible to understand
    How a young man’s insecurity
    Can be tapped toward malevolence
    Toward all that surrounds him
    In what is now seen as a disingenuous embrace
    A dart well placed punctures the heart

    It is impossible to understand
    How a young man’s insecurity
    And search for identity turns
    Toward limbs blown in the air
    And streets bloodied
    As a young child dies
    Amid carnage and death
    In still fresh innocence

  3. Nadienne

    I Can Wait, I Can

    savor this craving, I can lick
    ice, empty of flavor, and like
    it, I can make my mind think this
    pain of abstaining is pleasant,
    I can, I can let this absence
    linger, so long, so long as it’s
    only, only for a moment.

  4. Yolee

    What was Possible?

    Arriving two hours early for my 6am flight;
    airline’s delay before takeoff;
    rain showers in Chicago;

    words, like marbles would be flicked
    by the mind; not be moved beyond
    the ring of thought; lump in the throat;

    facing the bone of the day.


    What was Impossible?

    just how blue the sky was;
    traffic on a Tuesday afternoon;
    sound of my uncle’s grief;
    the eulogy;
    bad breath on relatives;
    an acapella rendition of Yesterday.

    The mind, heart and feet of the day ambled with a limp.

  5. finallyhereiam

    An impossible Poem

    Through day, and night,
    Through joy and plight.
    On anything plain, and topics mundane,
    And on those complex.
    Both deep and meaningless, in the same breath,
    Gibber, gabber, talk, and blabber,
    Connect, jest, stoke and ponder,
    That song this, and topic yonder.
    It knows not to remain still for long,
    So it labours nonstop, oh yes, it does, that Tongue.

  6. Glory

    I Love Hats

    I love hats, the sight of a wavy brim,
    a woollen pull on, with or without
    a bobble, a nattily brimmed trilby,
    a good old winter’s standby with
    ear-muffs, puts a smile on my face.

    So, sorry folks but my consumption
    is a habit, to be curtailed – impossible.

  7. drwasy


    Funny how we dream
    crazy dreams:
    zombies and time travel
    and flying to the sun

    we break turkey bones
    and pinky swear
    in hopes we find youth ever
    lasting and maybe god

    but we can’t grasp pipe dreams
    any more than we can slam
    a revolving door
    we need more practice

    more tangible goals:
    choose love, find forgiveness,
    eat 53 hotdogs
    in eleven minutes

  8. vsbryant1

    Possible To Love

    It is possible to love even when you’ve been hurt
    It is possible to love even when love has walked out the door
    It is possible to love even when you feel love is lost
    It is possible to love even when if only you have a piece of love in your heart.

    Impossible Not Love

    It is impossible to say goodbye, even though every day you make me cry
    It is impossible to walk away, when for so long, you have been the only way
    It is impossible to give up, when you have been my only lullaby
    It is impossible not to love you, even when I know you will never love me to.

  9. Linda Voit

    Solve That Conundrum

    Hello, and welcome back
    to Solve That Conundrum,
    the game show that dares
    participants to solve a conundrum
    with the fewest different letters!

    Just a reminder, audience, letters
    may be repeated. Now we return
    to our second round where Billy Collins
    has boasted that he can solve,
    using just 23 letters, the human conundrum
    of how to pay mothers back for their love.

    No other contestant will touch it, even
    with 26 letters! Say it with me –
    Billy, Solve That Conundrum!

    (Billy proceeds to read
    The Lanyard)

    Astounding! We have tens
    from every judge. Billy, you have Solved
    that Conundrum! What has Billy won?

    Bob, Billy has just won
    the hearts of mothers everywhere
    and a handmade lanyard.
    Congratulations, Billy!

  10. Margot Suydam

    Possible Outcome

    Hear the gunmen, the unison
    of lads without a home, lost

    on their way to school breaking
    the windows of stores unearthed

    the blur of biting words, the public:
    standing heard on the bleakest hill

    we will take our children home
    find the games they always played

    in the house less troubled
    no gunmen has trampled here

    the blur of fear swept away
    in what our children desire

    lions roar at the good of our door
    terror has left our hearts open.

  11. Marjory MT


    Today I am alone in the gym,
    No music, people to distract.
    I select a window seat,
    Focus on distant hills
    And start to peddle
    Full speed ahead
    Close my eyes
    Feel the

  12. vickiejohnstone

    The impossible made real

    He digs in
    As his heart pounds
    Sweat pouring from his brow

    Taking it in
    Roars and whistles blowing
    The constant ache fades away

    He digs in
    Passing them by, the crowd cries
    Roaring its approval, pushing

    Taking it in
    He runs the fastest lap
    His short life has ever seen

    He digs in
    As the finish meets him
    In an embrace of like minds

  13. THEGingerSass


    Three months ago
    it seemed possible that my brother–
    Broface as I call him–
    would be moving to Boston
    to further his education
    and take on adult life
    full force.

    Plans changed,
    and now he’s at home,
    getting ready to start
    his dream job
    and make his future
    his present.

    It’s impossible to imagine
    his life in Boston right now.
    I’ve never been more grateful
    for changed dreams.

  14. LCaramanna

    Endless Possibilities

    The possibilities seem
    Endless on a sunny day
    Warm breeze blowin’
    Laughter across the sky.

    The possibilities seem
    Endless on a clear night
    Moonbeams shimmerin’
    Stardust across the sky.

    When storm clouds gather
    Possibilities procrastinate
    Until the sun shines a rainbow
    After the rain.



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