2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 15

The April PAD (Poem-A-Day) Challenge is designed to help poets do one thing and one thing only: Write more poems! The process of revision may go on for weeks, months, and years later, but this challenge is all about getting that first draft. Please poem along with us–either in the comments below or silently at home.

For today’s prompt, write an infested poem. There are many different infestations–from physical infestations to infestations of the heart and soul.

Here’s my attempt at an infested poem:

“the ants”

she watches the ants emerge
from behind her mirror and
descend upon the counter,
march around the bathroom sink,
disappear into a drawer
and re-emerge from a crack
along the floor single file
walking the perimeter
of her bathtub and into
a tiny hole in her wall


Workshop Your Poetry!

Writing poetry is exciting, but the hard work of poeming is working through the revision process. The best way to work through this process is to workshop the poems with other poets, and that can be done with the Writer’s Digest 6-week course, Advanced Poetry Writing.


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Quick note on commenting: Please always save a copy on your computer. There have been moments in the past in which comments have disappeared, and I don’t want anyone to lose their work. Heck, I’ve lost some of my work here in the past, and it’s not a great feeling. That said, commenting here is a lot of fun, especially in April. If you’re completely new to the site, you’ll be asked to register (don’t worry, it’s free), and your comments might not appear initially until I manually accept them. However, after that initial phase, your comments should appear without my help.

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183 thoughts on “2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 15

  1. cstewart

    In-Festive Creation

    She was full up with the images of her life.
    There had been intense fuchsias and violets,
    That kept her busy for years. Then that
    Was overtaken by ivory and flat shapes,
    Flamingo pinks of design on paper only.

    At times, there were so many ideas that
    It was impossible to catalogue them all.
    They fell by the wayside as she worked
    On her day job. The black tornado wind
    from which she pulled herself.

    The mark of the tide of impulses and
    Creative urges pushed her forward as
    She delved into the ocean of possibilities
    That pursued her through the tides of
    Obsessive production.

  2. dextrousdigits

    I’m infested with being obsessive
    this has its pay offs
    and its difficulties.

    While making a cupboard spotless
    the rest of the house may look like
    only teen boys live here.
    When writing a poem or story
    looking for the right word
    can stop the construction cold.
    When knitting a scarf, it may have
    many of the stitches taken out
    because of a flaw only I can see.

    Yet, if I were building your house,
    teaching you a skill
    or treating your child you would cherish
    the attention to detail.

  3. Nadienne

    To Mrs. Calhapy,

    queen of under-reachers, underachievers,
    of those who do not dare too much—
    in this cold, cold world, this scary, cold world,
    boys and men fold themselves into
    your caring arms. How do you
    shield them from their doubts?
    Soothing protector, your gentle habits breed
    an infestation of hesitation.

  4. Yolee

    The Swarm

    My mind is crawling
    with words leftover
    from my cousin’s funeral
    on Tuesday, and my sister’s
    wedding on Sunday. Expressions
    are packed in box
    marked: five days in April.

  5. finallyhereiam

    The Breaking Free of a Fear-Infested Soul

    Chained to it, he crawled in pain,
    Chained he was, did courage feign.
    His words did often him betray,
    He let them hold their sway,
    For all that while, but now he knew,
    That Fear infested souls do too,
    Need to break the chain of pain.
    And so he thought, so did practise,
    With every day, with more chastise,
    He dared the Fear away.
    Then back it sprung, from depths so rare,
    They yanked him back, and did him scare.
    Then one fine day, he did resolve,
    To let not that Dark Beast evolve.
    With every might, he fought his plight,
    And to his utter delight,
    That fiend began to bite the dust,
    And he began to gain in Trust.
    With every passing day, it fled,
    An inch first, and then a cinch it led,
    To his victory over that ungainly beast,
    That fled and was now begone,
    To leave him woe-free, those chains undone.


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