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2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 5

Today’s prompt comes from Amanda Laughtland.

Here’s Amanda’s prompt: Write a text message poem. Compose a poem in several short sections inspired by the compression of text messages. The poem might have one speaker or many speakers.

Robert’s attempt at a text message poem:

“Don’t text and drive”

I’m here. Where are you?

By here, I mean Taco Bell.


I’m ordering. Without you.

Seriously. Where are you?

It’s been like 5 minutes, man. C’mon.

Oh wait. I see you pulling up.


Thank you, Amanda, for the prompt! Click here to learn more about Amanda Laughtland.


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154 thoughts on “2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 5

  1. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    txt pom
    by jls

    slw dwn
    ur pstn 2 fst
    cell cnt kep up wth ur mdrn day qill

    © 2012 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    (literal translation: text poem / by juanita lewison-snyder / slow down / you’re posting 2 fast / cell can’t keep up / with your modern day quill / rolling on the floor laughing my ass off / peace out)

  2. ivywriter

    I love this challenge. There are so many things about text messages that can be turned into poetry. I couldn’t just write one! See all of my poetry at http://marchthirtyone.wordpress.com

    Poem #1: celebrity text haiku

    celebrities die

    we send a text to update

    do the same for life

    Poem #2: texting while meeting

    its become

    common practice

    to keep phones on tables

    during meetings

    no longer

    deemed as rude

    we treat every moment as urgent

    so that we can’t even

    sit through meetings

    or other routines of our day

    without checking for messages

    so that just in case we miss something

    we can’t use the excuse

    that “I was in a meeting”

    Poem #3: Bill Collector Text

    “this is a friendly reminder that your bill is past due”

    “I don’t have a payment for you this month – other unexpected expenses”

    “we will need a payment today”

    “well, do what you have to do – today is not happening”

    c) Kellea Tibbs and march thirty one, 2012. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of original march thirty one material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

  3. po


    U R crazy
    On top of my
    cellphone clapping
    Get off phone
    Made me
    buy a phone
    for this … poem
    U R crazy
    On cellphone
    Stop No
    dancing OMG you
    ruin fun
    U R crazy
    Cellphone in
    pond LOL

  4. cstewart



    Are you off the ship yet?
    Did they find your big suitcase?

    Where did you get new instruments?
    Which country kept the synthesizer?

    How corrupt and lame can they be?
    Did you have to pay to get them back?

    I’m sorry.

  5. PowerUnit

    Stop at the grocery
    And pick up some soup

    I don’t have
    a spoon

    Stop being so literal
    You silly buffoon

    Say that again
    Like you mean it
    And I will buy some milk

    Are you at the pub again
    Or is autocorrect
    Slurring your texts?

    I mean automatically
    You are correct

    Just come home
    well go to
    buggering your mother

    Who were you texting
    about buggering
    my mother?

    Juest come home
    We’ll talk over and out
    WIth a nice roasted duck.

    I love you
    And that’s no lie
    Down with her tonight.

    Jesus be praised
    Did you just confess
    Your sinister intentions?

    My battery is dying
    to meet you.

  6. sonja j


    * did u call ben?

    No not yet i will

    * did u go 2 drycleaners?

    Not yet going to

    * did u do laundry?

    No on 2 do list

    * did u make dr appt?

    Not yet

    * did u schedule painter?


    * did u pay bills?


    * did you do anything?

    No well wrote a poem

  7. PKP

    visit me at http://drpkp.com for version with different fonts etc.

    Mother and Son Nonunion

    Heard the weather – supposed to be bad

    Wtchng gm

    Please come home. I’m getting nervous.

    OMG! u r nuts

    The wind is blowing
    the big tree in the front of the house

    u r fine – chill – 2min wrng
    I hear something weird creaking – the waves look really high on the boardwalk

    Maaaaaa!!!! Will b hm – I am 15!!! Srf lks rad – tkng lk


  8. foodpoet

    Metro Muddles

    I am still on platform.
    Delays again on orange line.
    Third train to arrive full.
    Here I stand poetryless again.

    Now 4 – still on platform.

    On train.

    Hello are you there?


    Now at claredon see you in 45.
    Where you want to eat.


    Open back but no spicy

    K SEE YOU 6:30



    He he – open?

  9. foodpoet

    In search of a place

    Chkd out room near metro. Ugh.
    The house.
    The Room.
    The stench.
    Text me if you can.

    Ugh back hope you hve btter luck.
    What areas should I check?

    Near work.

    Don’t sweat small things.
    Take deep breath.
    (keep all poetry)
    All else can be replaced.

  10. Glory

    IM – Instant Message
    (Day 5)

    You sent me a text
    asking, ‘how are you?
    and I replied with the usual
    ‘I’m good too.’

    ‘Sorry I lied but it’s
    ‘easy to do,
    when you can’t see me,
    and I can’t see you.’

    ‘Maybe, one day we
    will find the time,
    to meet somewhere close
    and perhaps we will find.’

    ‘It’s great to be texting
    but nothing compares
    to finding you near me
    longing to share –

    HAK – hugs and kisses’
    they work you see
    please no more texting
    for you or me/.

  11. Andy Brackett

    Sorry I’m late, this one was tough for me.

    A Txt 4 U

    A txt 4 u, 2 say ilu.
    Where u r, 404.
    Ne-wayz, t@yl


    Translates to:

    A text for you, to say I love you.
    Where you are, I haven’t a clue.
    Anyways, talk at you later,
    Good night, sweet dreams,

    Your Loving Husband,
    For ever and ever.

  12. Natalija

    Not That I Text

    Not that I text
    but if I did
    I’d use whole words
    spelled in English
    not jibberish

    Not that I understand
    the symbols so cryptic
    as if a language so vague
    was real to begin with

    Sure it’s a language
    all it’s own
    but one I prefer
    not to hone

    Perhaps it’s because
    I went to school
    before most teens today
    even entered the world

    Or maybe it’s due
    to the fact of attention
    to details of spelling,
    grammar, and intention.

  13. Bruce Niedt


    I don’t text a lot
    and take a dim view
    of those who do .

    Many times I’ve had
    to honk at the driver
    in front of me
    at the red light
    who’s too busy texting
    to notice it’s changed
    to green.

    My teacher friends
    tell me kids are starting
    to turn in their papers
    written In text-speak.
    Whatever happened
    to spelling, grammar,
    and punctuation?

    It’s an epidemic
    everywhere I go –
    the office, the store,
    the doctor’s office –
    everyone’s thumbs
    working furiously,
    oblivious to everything
    around them.

    And yet it has
    a saving grace –
    like after the last storm,
    one of the worst ever,
    sweeping away homes,
    disrupting millions
    of lives.

    In the aftermath,
    few things have been
    more valuable than
    those two texted words –
    I’m OK.

    1. MeenaRose

      grrr…. it messed up the formatting…

      Digital Love
      By: Meena Rose

      I <3 u, bay-b

      hey luv, <3 u2

      4ever nd ever?

      longer dan ever :*

      wanna no bout Lyf?

      tell mii

      Lyf iz gud wid u

      cu@8 GTG boss iz here

  14. tunesmiff

    G. Smith
    What r u doing?
    – – – – –
    Heading home-need me to stop?
    – – – – – – –
    Please – get milk & bread.
    – – – – –
    Milk & bread- anything elsel?
    – – – – – – –
    Drive safe-stop txting-love u.
    – – – – – – -

    1. tunesmiff

      Sorry… looks like the Spell Czech wasn’t Czecking my spelling…

      G. Smith
      What r u doing?
      – – – – –
      Heading home-need me to stop?
      – – – – – – –
      Please – get milk & bread.
      – – – – – –
      Milk & bread- anything else?
      – – – – – – –
      Drive safe-stop txting-love u.
      – – – – – – -

  15. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 5
    Prompt: Text poem

    Texting My Daughter

    I can’t believe it.
    It’s a girl?!
    How can they tell from this pic?
    I’m so excited that I’m gonna
    be a grandma. And now we know
    it’s a girl.
    I can start buying tiny girly things.
    Tell him, he’ll get over it.
    She’ll have him wrapped around
    her little heart.
    You’ll be a great mom.

  16. mapoet

    Alphabet Soup



    I tried to understand text lingo, but all I came up with was alphabet soup.
    There were some phrases in which the same letter meant three different things.
    I guess that means you can make this say anything you want.
    Talk to you tomorrow.

  17. Linda Rhinehart Neas


    My students asks if I text –
    With some shame, I explain-
    texting is like another language!
    They laugh – LOL
    RUK? they say.
    No…honest I don’t get it!

    Like winners of a lottery,
    they smile :-)
    A small triumph over
    their teacher!
    WK! They could be
    the teacher, too.

  18. rustydude

    Each morning my wife & I were apart, as she cared for her elderly parents, I would send her a text early in the morning to wake her, just before I left for work. Due to the two time-zone distance between us, I would text instead of call, so we would not wake her parents. I copied several into a journal and this is a sample of one;

    Good morning my sleeping beauty
    To be next to you would be bliss
    Soon very soon may I wake you with a kiss
    And whisper in your ear and tell you this
    I love you more
    now than before

  19. posmic


    but i was not there.
    were u? (My phone
    in my pocket,
    scrolling, scrolling,
    telling lies
    I couldn’t tell yet.)
    couldnt tell anything
    couldnt see anything
    didnt hear u bc
    of 2 many circuits,
    all coming 2 life,
    all at same time.
    where were u
    when i was not,
    or were u?

  20. aviseuss

    Me: Otwh, wut4din?
    Sis: Idk, not in kchn
    Me: go ?
    Sis: ugh, brb
    Me: …
    Me: hi mom wut4din?
    Mom: Hi corn feet rashh
    Me: lol huh?
    Mom: omg, corn beef hash!
    Me: ha! my fav k sys — x12
    Me: oops snt M twt
    Sis: IKS! Dins dun. Btw ur in trbl! ha! BYTM

    1. aviseuss

      oops..didn’t post right


      Me: Otwh, wut4din?
      Sis: Idk, not in kchn
      Me: go ?
      Sis: ugh, brb
      Me: …
      Me: hi mom wut4din?
      Mom: Hi corn feet rashh
      Me: lol huh?
      Mom: omg, corn beef hash!
      Me: ha! my fav k sys — x12
      Me: oops snt M twt
      Sis: IKS! Dins dun. Btw ur in trbl! ha! BYTM

  21. Ber


    Hey what ya mean?
    ur the best man i eva cene
    let me know
    wha you tink uf me?
    quick oh quick
    let ih b

    Wish i told ya
    all da time
    would i b writing dis rhyme?
    mayb ye ur so fine

    Lol wha am i ta do?
    wishing ih was me nd u
    starry eyed
    blushing cheeks
    lol i melt when ya speaks

    Lol oh how
    u turn me on
    leaving my heart
    oh so warm lol

  22. ely the eel


    Hearing from you,
    no matter the item,
    way better for me
    than LQTM.
    Whatever your thoughts,
    share them with me,
    in person, by text,
    Can’t say it in person,
    I beg you, be mine,
    too hard to say it
    out loud, but 459.
    We’ll share our plans,
    see what we’ll see,
    maybe some fun,
    perhaps BTD.
    I’m signing off now,
    lest I get sappy,
    but keep it in mind,

  23. claudsy

    If only some were easier for those with hardwired brains to decode. I’m with those who use real words and not code. Even vanity plates are beyond me most days. Txt msg are just another form of speed writing that took flight in ’70’s. Coming around again with another generation. I text rarely when absolutely needed, so this is like to be how it went that first few times.

    Ready? It’s not so scary. Really.

    i know nothing
    i feel stupid and old
    i dont know where punct marks are

    At sentence nd.

    dont be smart
    on phone idiot

    Did you read instr?

    none with phone

    Play w/it or ask ur son.
    It’s easy.

    i hate this next thing you
    know well be wearing
    these on our wrists

    Um, some peeps do now.

    thats it I wont do this

  24. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    Middle-aged woman walks down the street.
    Strangers run into her, heads down, texting away.
    “Excuse you! Can’t you look where you’re going???”
    Blank stares meet her glare.
    Mutters to herself: “Why can’t folks use the phone or write a letter anymore?”
    Bumps into something on the ground… trips…
    “Dangit! Another brain…”

  25. JRSimmang

    Answer me.

    Pick up the phone.


    (1/2) I wish I didn’t have to say this
    this way. I am confined.
    I am nailed within this box,
    a real Schodinger,
    wondering if the air I breathe

    (2/2) is really the air around my head.

    I learned a new word today:

    Is this still your number?

  26. seingraham

    @TEOTD (at the end of the day)


    texts translated become slightly creepy

    At the End of the Day

    One to one
    I wonder
    Will you go
    Tomorrow morning?
    What do you think?
    To be honest
    Big crush on you…
    At your own risk
    As early as possible

  27. julie e.

    Dcided i was 2 literal……………….. redo below.


    wtr we hvg?
    b rt there!
    –it’s really meatloaf
    nt hungry 8 b4.

    Want to go to dinner?
    sure y not
    What sounds good?
    gd with wtever
    How about Chinese?
    no nt rly
    What about Mexican?
    had 4 lunch
    to much grease
    then what DO you want???
    told u gd with wtever


    Send me a pic of your
    homecoming dress!
    (incoming photo)
    Your dad’s okay with that?
    dad sez I look pretty!
    Um, pretty NAKED…..
    Look how long those legs are….
    i mean, you’re BEAUTiful, but SO grown UP. Where’s that
    little GRANDgirl? And there will be boys’ eyes all over
    your bare skin….HORNY young boys with raging
    hormones and the self-control of a squirrel…..
    OH. Well, I guess you were bound to grow
    up sometime….be careful……
    I will.
    I <3 u too, gma. :-)

  28. PSC in CT

    TMI – Not!

    So, hey – how was school today?
    That’s not good, I fear. How’d that math test go, dear?
    But how could that be? You said you would study! Didn’t you do it? I knew it! I knew it!
    So, where should I go? What went wrong? Do you know?
    Gosh darn! Holy cow! You’ll talk to me NOW! Put down the phone, will you? It sure wouldn’t kill you. It’s perfectly clear – I’m sitting right here!

  29. Poet Ariel


    Tangled in the tapestry of our text messages
    lies two subtexts not communicating;
    a need for distance balanced against
    an invitation of immediate contact.

    The only way I know how to communicate
    is to fly on wings of sound distilled into letters
    and then brevity, a message you can quickly glance
    down at and then away, like ducks taking
    a break from seeking warmer climates.

    I am enough … I tweet
    and, really, I believe that
    but there’s that gratification
    need to be more.
    I’m hoping to convince
    you to stay longer
    before you take off,
    before I take off.
    The water’s fine. I am warm.

    But brevity …
    how to say this in less than 140 characters?
    “Get some rest. I‘m headed to bed.”


  30. DanielAri

    “How it began”


    “Olga,” said Olga

    Olag laughed. “Olag.”


    “Olag, Olga.”

    Then Olga laughed.

    They clinked,



    & grinned.

  31. Leo

    Where are you?
    Nearly home
    What’s taking you so long?
    Walking back
    Why can’t you take the bus?
    Want to walk
    Why suddenly walking?
    Losing weight
    But you’re becoming late
    Not by a lot.
    Guests here. You forgot?
    Oh yeah. (Oh let them rot.)
    Walk faster. They’ll go soon.
    Will do. Will do. Bye.
    Getting irritated, are you?
    What was your first clue?!!

  32. julie e.

    What fun reading today! Super fun prompt. :-)


    me: dinner!

    son: wtr we hvg?

    me: pizza

    son: b rt there!

    me: it’s really meatloaf

    son: nt hungry 8 b4.

    me: want to go out for dinner
    when u get home?

    hubby: sure

    me: what sounds good to u?

    hubby: gd with whtever

    me: how about Chinese?

    hubby: no

    me: Mexican?

    hubby: no. lunch

    me: hamburgers???

    hubby: no to greasy

    me: THEN WHAT DO U WANT???

    hubby: told u gd with whtever

    me: *SIGH*

    me: Send me a pic of your
    homecoming dress!

    (granddaughter sends photo)

    me: ….UM…..

    granddaughter: ?

    me: WOW.

    granddaughter: ??

    me: Um, your dad and mom r
    ok with that?

    granddaughter: Yes! they really
    like it. dad sez I look pretty!

    me: pretty NAKED…..

    granddaughter: oh

    me: look at those long legs!

    granddaughter: lol

    me: i mean, you look GREAT,
    but TOO GROWN UP. i mean,
    you’re my GRANDdaughter!
    And there are gonna be boys’
    eyes all over that bare skin….
    HORNY young boys with
    raging hormones

    granddaughter: GRANDMA!

    me: …….OH. i guess u were
    gonna grow up sometime……..

    me: *SIGH* Have fun.

    me: but be CAREFUL!

    granddaughter: I will. :-)

    me: MAKE GOOD CHOICES! i love u!

    granddaughter: I <3 u too, gma. :-)

  33. taylor graham


    behind main st
    cut in bedrock by goldrush miners
    monday morning early
    no one here
    but me & dog 2 crows on tin roof
    mailbox stone steps going nowhere up
    tree of heaven roots in cracks & drainpipes
    overgrows no parking sign
    holds fascinating scents for dog
    takes over the backside
    w/ ivy & periwinkle
    doesn’t quite hide adit dug in cutbank
    what’s left of mining
    tunnel doesn’t go far
    dog shows me black cushion
    exciting to dog
    someone slept here
    slick stone trail
    to cliffdweller level
    thought they rounded up the homeless
    sent them somewhere else
    propane tank w/ cat crouched atop
    padlocked back door
    dog gets spooky – haunted?
    old town
    lots of ghosts

  34. jared davidavich

    tragedy of conversation

    new phne, can txt now
    i c, cool
    can talk in class now
    very cool
    hungry…need eat soon
    yea, def
    wanna grab launch? noon?
    where u at?
    the room
    huh?me to, where at?
    no way, im right her
    i no, be quite, sleeping
    that crazy…

  35. Walt Wojtanik


    Save the self-pity for someone with a shittier life that you.
    So your mother made you clean your room.
    Dad said you can’t use the car until you learn
    that dreaded “R” word. You heard “Jammer” got
    the new iPhone, iPad, iWished ihad that latest gadget too,
    and your entry level job actually expects you
    to work for that paltry paycheck. Yeah kid, you have it bad.
    FYL and FU2. Wait until you “grow up”!

  36. Domino

    Mom’s Eye View

    At your brother’s Army Graduation.

    Wow, band is really loud.

    Too bad you aren’t here, cute girl at 11:00.

    Hold on, there they are!!!!!!!

    They are so…

    Crying my eyes out.

    Very proud. This is awesome.

    Going to meet them now. Byeeee!

    Okay, big crowd=slow going.

    Looking…I see him! He looks very grown up.

    He looks just like you.

    Diana Terrill Clark

  37. Dan Collins

    Love U Sis

    *I know it was hard,
    but you really did
    the right thing
    * What? … I guess …
    but It wasn’t much.
    *Don’t be humble! You want to meet Friday?
    I could use that adapter for Italy
    *What?!! Um, ok … but who is this?
    *Your Brother -I Love you, and I’m
    so proud of you
    *I love you too … Jeff?
    *Oh, Sorry
    wrong number
    *Aw, and I was feeling
    pretty good about myself
    *well …. I’m sure you’ve done
    something I’d be proud of
    *will you take me to Italy

  38. Yolee

    Tuna on white, all the
    veggies except hot peppers
    very little mayo just a

    I’m staying home. Jessie is
    bringing the girls home. I
    think it is a polar express

    don’t forget your cough


    did you know that Porter Rico (Voice messaging transferred to text.)
    is voting for the or their
    future. Tomorrow. they’re
    going on stage theater
    independence are having a
    status quo. I didn’t know they
    were doing that this is the
    fourth time in forty years today
    buddy for that. We could have
    a 51st state.

    I think I understand what
    You’re voice text was trying
    To say. Go Puerto Rico.

  39. De Jackson

    Autocorrect FTW

    hey, dude. cu@lisa’s?
                            yup. there in a sex.

                            sec! there in a second. damn autocorrect!



  40. De Jackson

    the 411

    hi, qt. hwyd?
                           ok. u?
    good. cu@brian’s?
    btw: ily. <3



  41. Andrea Heiberg


    Harold won’t be there this evening.
    Harold B… hubby
    Harold who?
    No, Harold’s sick.
    I know no Harold.
    No English class this evening?
    Sure, English class every Wednesday.
    Harold is sick and can’t be there.
    Never knew of anybody Harold in my class.

  42. Nimue

    how far,
    always near , like you say.
    door is open,
    Oh darling, I know the way.
    pick some food ?
    Lets cook.
    and some drinks ?
    from your lips ?
    that’s naughty my love,
    am here already you know.
    oh, the texts are so much fun !

  43. Michael Grove

    What’s Up?

    Whatever happened
    to talking on the phone?
    I want to speak to you
    and to hear your voice
    so I give you a call.
    Your voice mail picks
    up instead and I leave you
    a message. “ I love you,
    please give me a call.”
    My phone buzzes but
    does not ring.
    I look at the screen
    to read the message
    from you. “What’s up?”

    By Michael Grove

  44. Miss R.

    Sick, Bro!

    Hey, whazzup?
    Not much, u?
    Down with the flu.
    Aw, that stinks.
    Ya think?
    Been sick long?
    Ya, I dunno what’s wrong.
    Gross, man.
    Stop by if you can.
    Um, I gtg.
    Fine. Thx a lot, bro.
    No problem.
    Sigh. Ure dumb.

  45. RJ Clarken

    Damn You Autocorrect!

    “Yay! At last I found my GSPOT!
    Crap! I meant my GPS! Not –
    oh forget it! Know what I mean?
    I can’t believe what’s on my screen!”

    “How was your date? Dude – did u score?”
    “Well, man, I killed her at her door.
    Yikes! I meant KISSED! Know what I mean?
    I can’t believe what’s on my screen!”

    “Guess what? I am defecating!
    Dang! I meant I’m decorating!
    Christmas tinsel. Know what I mean?
    I can’t believe what’s on my screen!”

    “Good news, son. You were adopted.”
    “What?!” “Damn phone has been co-opted!
    Accepted! Yale! Know what I mean?
    I can’t believe what’s on my screen!”


  46. elishevasmom


    I am still being dragged
    kicking and screaming
    into the 21st century!

    My first computer was
    a used laptop needed
    when I finally went

    to college back in’99.
    But now, I can’t
    hardly write without it.

    It is so much easier
    to corral my
    muse—to reign in her

    energy before she clears
    the fence
    and is off again.

    My first cellphone,
    right from the get go
    became a mutation,

    an appendage grafted
    on to mind and body
    that I feel naked without.

    But back then
    nobody said anything
    about texting.

    are like bullets. I
    have always preferred

    doing preventive
    rather than cleaning

    up a crime scene
    caused by words chopped
    and morphed,

    with me standing there
    holding the smoking

    Ellen Knight

  47. Andrew Kreider

    If teenagers ran Verizon Wireless

    Introducing our new limited access plan
    aimed specifically at teenagers,
    the One-Way Deal,
    in which all incoming calls are ignored,
    but outgoing calls can be made
    whenever the need arises.

  48. JWLaviguer

    Sorry, Wrong Number
    (Note from the author: I couldn’t find an English to text-ese on line translater, so just use your imagination)

    Where are you?
    Who is this?
    I’ve got her
    Got who?
    Right, right; keep it on the down-low
    No really
    Who is this?
    She put up a fight
    Yeah but we cleaned
    up the mess
    Is this some sort of joke?
    No, dead serious
    sorry for the pun
    Stop texting me!
    Okay I’m coming over
    with her now
    What? No!

  49. Michelle Hed

    To Text or Not To Text

    Writers love words,
    not abbreviations.
    What time will you be home?
    In my stubbornness,
    my text would be long hand.
    I love you.
    Until I didn’t want to be bothered,
    then short hand had appeal.
    I c u!
    I have teenagers.
    Need I say more?
    Where r u?

  50. DAHutchison


    –Sry late, accidnt on interstate,

    –Ok, just meet us at st. judes,

    –Not my crash, some other dudes,

    –No… UR wife’s in labor now,

    –How dis happen, holy cow!

    –U don’t kno? who knocked her up?

    –Oh crap, UR last txt just popped up.

  51. shellaysm

    “B ‘tween Talk”

    In text, omit all that’s unneeded
    Full sentences? Time & energy have ceded
    Read ‘tween the lines
    Under code, follow these signs

    Letters R words; #’s 4 letters
    Stay up with the trend setters.
    Across a screen, Let fingers swing
    Remember: just keep LOL’ing!

    Ignore proper spelling and punctuation’s former pause
    Xcept 2 Xpress their modern cause:
    Emotions via sideways faces
    Punctuate, instead, in CAPS or bold in places

    Guess I’ll C
    U L8r,
    Ur curator

    Best wishes
    XOXO ;)

  52. Nancy Posey


    My message drafts
    develop slowly,
    my clumsy thumbs lacking
    the agility they might have had
    at nineteen, given the challenge
    and the technology.
    Instead I practiced
    on a manual Smith Corona
    and an upright Wurlitzer,
    fingers flying.

    Not only do I lack fluency
    in textspeak,
    not my native language
    but I feel compelled to stop,
    backspace, erase,
    putting in apostrophes,
    changing your to you’re,
    switching inadvertent
    uppercase to lowercase,
    revising, editing, proofreading,
    aware after all these years
    that every word,
    every letter,
    every character

      1. Marie Elena

        Nope, not at all! I know “lol” and a few others. I had to google to come up with this short little bit! lol! ;) Here’s the translation:

        To be honest,
        I am not an expert
        on text message

        High five Google!

        Kisses and hugs,

    1. Walt Wojtanik

      TEXT ME?

      Words less expressive in an abbreviated form,
      it is not my norm of saying what I mean.
      Conversation is a lost art, and if you start
      to text me repeatedly, you’ve lost me for sure.
      We never have time to speak our mind
      anymore. Technology has set that back.

      Besides, you never text me back.
      You throw out your blurb, but in bad form
      you leave me hanging for your reply. Would you mind
      pushing the little phone thingy and let it ringy? I mean,
      the time it takes you to text me, our station is assured,
      my every word is heard even before your thumbs start.

      Right from the start
      I knew this text crap would send us back
      to beating on logs. Smoke signals were less sure
      when the wind blew, but you use fewer characters to form
      your contention, and I mean,
      you’re truly driving me out of my mind!

      I know what I want to say, and my mind
      has it straight. I say what I mean, but when a text starts
      my thumbs give it no inflection. All caps can get mean,
      but emphasis is NOT ANGER! The danger is, it comes back
      To bite you. They’ll fight you because they’ve formed
      misconceived notions, you can be sure.

      Amended: Conversation is NOT lost. It is dead!!!! Surely,
      with texting, and IM and tweets by twits our minds
      shrink from not thinking of the right word because we’ve transformed
      them to the minimum. Don’t get me started!
      Dumb down a heart-to-heart and we’re back
      to not speaking again. My silence does not mean

      I’m mad either! It’s just that I’d rather SAY what I mean
      and then you’ll be sure
      of my intent. Bring the ability to converse back!
      You may think it cool to be so “hip”, but my mind
      doesn’t get it. That’s why I quit it before your thumbs get started.
      I’m not hard-hearted, I’ve just been transformed.

      This “new” form to communicate means
      I have to start to learn a new “language” that’s for sure!
      Would you mind giving me a call back so I can hear you LOL!

  53. Jerry Walraven

    “Why, yes, I use full sentences and punctuation when I text, why do you ask?”

    This distance
    created in the small space
    between finger and screen
    is amplified
    over distance,
    for hurtful things
    you were taught to never say
    to flow
    as repercussions
    out of view.

    1. Marie Elena

      Oh, I cannot “AMEN” this enough. Faceless, instant reactions make for hurtful communication (and sometimes miscommunication) that may be too hard to remedy. And “repercussions happen out of view” hits the proverbial nail on the head.

      You and I would get along quite well, Chev. But, I already knew that.

    2. Domino

      So do I, Jerry. And if my kids text me, they know I will ignore them if they don’t as well. Point of pride. ^_^

      And what an excellent comment on society. “Repercussions happen out of view.”

    3. julie e.

      SO good, so true! That “faceless” thing allows too much to easily be said.

      And my daughter the English major is the one person i spell everything out to on text as she has no patience for texting shorthand. ;-)

  54. The Wired Journal

    Where you at my little brat
    Can’t believe I’ve fallen in this trap
    Texting my son in order to chat
    When I was young I called my dad
    Sometimes we’d have a nice long chat

    Your funny dad you make me laugh
    Sorry I’m late had to stay after class
    Be coming through real real soon
    Is dinner ready I’m famished too
    Be there in ten walking home with Jen.

  55. Mariya Koleva

    Hey, hey, some nice text messages already :-) Here is mine:

    “On the meeting point. U?”
    “Caught in traffic. 2 min. OK?”
    “Sure. Waiting.”

    “Where R U? Been here 1 hour. ”
    “Taxi crashed. Hospital.
    I not injured. Driver. Police talk. Wait.”
    “U want me 2 come there?”
    “No. I’ll text U.”

    “No bother, but worried. Where R U?”
    “Don’t worry. U may go.
    And don’t bother 2 call.
    Will not text/call back.”

      1. viv

        Even this silly old bat know GTG = got to go. Presumably nogo means brother has no money to lend me.
        These are all hilarious,

        don’t do txt.
        Prefer words
        and I don’t have a phone
        to txt on.

        1. Marjory MT

          don’t do txt.
          Prefer words
          and I don’t have a phone
          to txt on….”

          ViV – I am sooooo with you are that.
          I’m headed back to do real words on NaNo!

  56. uneven steven

    hey :-)

    miss u

    in d’s class
    so frickin boring!!

    whatcha doin?


    oooh :-0 send me a pic


    cum on

    guys stole my phone that time!

    that hurts :-( cmon yur
    so friggin hot!! so what if the guys see u ;-)


    no I said yur mom was Lebanese

    it wuz a joke!!!
    no no we never did it all we did was text!
    did u here me?

    you still t whore?

    there ????

    that wasn’t me
    damn auto erect

    *ok that was my quick first attempt – will try sumthin a little different later :-)