2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 27

This month’s final two-for-Tuesday prompt comes from Paula Wanken.

Here are Paula’s prompts:

  1. Write a hero poem.
  2. Write a villain poem.


Robert’s attempt at a Hero and Villain Poem:

Heroes and Villains

Always a favorite Beach Boys song,
because of the harmony, of course,
but also the shifts throughout, and
anyway it’s about good guys, bad guys,
and la-la-la-la, do-do-do-do.


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73 thoughts on “2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 27

  1. JRSimmang

    Here we are again, my old foe.
    My, my, my, how time passes.
    It seems like just yesterday that
    you were sitting all alone in your little cell,
    scrawling the years on you walls.

    Since the day you broke free,
    you have been a royal pain in my rear.
    You started off small, I can understand,
    not wanted to draw too much attention to yourself,
    snatching purses, hitting banks.
    But then, then came the silent threat.
    Your little stunts at the football games,
    in the harbor,
    at the top of the Statue of Liberty.
    You kept me sweating for 6 long years.
    But now,
    you sit in that chair, tied like a pig,
    about to face your sentence.
    How could you do it?
    How could you play so many people
    like that fiddle of yours,
    and not think that one day, you’d be here,
    pleading for your life,
    whining like a girl,
    weeping like the child you are?
    Your death will be plastered
    on the walls,
    cast in bronze,
    and I will bathe in your blood.
    It looks like you have outlived your usefulness.

  2. PSC in CT

    Dishwasher Stud Muffins & Parenting Faeries

    Superheroes surround us.
    There’s no readily apparent superpower,
    no mask or special suit, no cape to give them away.
    You need pay heed, or you’ll never guess how
    their (whispered) actions speak louder
    than [shouted!] words to reveal their true identities.
    (Note: Appearances may be deceiving.)
    Though they seem exhausted – beaten up (& down)
    by all manner of evil foes & villains,
    most still manage (somehow)
    when all is said and done (against all ap-
    parent odds) to foster truth and inspire integrity
    while still maintaining patience (mostly);
    to muster a tired smile, hang on to hope (by both hands),
    and come back to do it all again

  3. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 27
    Prompt: Heroes and/or Villains

    Who is a villain? Who is a hero?

    lie in wait for innocents
    seek their own way at cost of anyone else
    care not who gets hurt nor what chaos is left in their wake.

    risk all to save another
    act with courage while quaking in fear
    consider others lives as valuable as their own if not more.

  4. Sally Jadlow

    Hero or Villain?

    Some days, a hero when
    I responded to the request,
    “Mom make me a new dress for prom.”

    Other days, the villain when
    “Be home by midnight,”
    fell from my lips.

    Hopefully, when it’s all faded
    into distant memory
    I’ll be tagged, “hero.”

  5. Nancy Posey

    Late again.


    Just a small amendment to my prayer:
    I know I asked for a hero, but perhaps
    I should have been more specific.
    I have no need of an epic hero,
    riding off toward Troy for fame
    and glory, returning twenty years
    too late, smelling faintly of swine
    and Calypso, leaving me at home
    fighting off brutish suitors, raising
    his son. Nor do I wish for a knight
    in armor—shining or otherwise—
    off chasing some grail, his resume
    lacking the proper criteria—perfection,
    purity. Spare me the tragic hero,
    at the top of his game, discontented,
    overreaching, falling to pieces
    over a simple handkerchief, trusting
    his fate to witches, leaving me
    walking the floor, wringing my hands.
    Grant me instead the everyday hero,
    willing to rush into the flames
    to save a kitten, lifting the car
    off the child pinned beneath,
    the hero who finds satisfaction
    reflected in my grateful eyes.

  6. Marjory MT

    VILLAIN Triolet

    A man at odds with me
    who’s in the driver’s seat,
    can pick where I will be.
    A man at odds with me
    can jail or set me free
    glories in my defeat.
    A man at odds with me
    who’s in the driver’s seat.

  7. Michelle Hed

    My Hero(Harrisham Rhyme Poem)

    The man who helps ladies with car trouble,
    entertains small children and have them learn
    something at the same time, now that’s doing double!
    Giving his time, money, whatever good turn
    greatly needed at the moment, that man with the stubble,
    yep, right there, he’s mine, bye-bye, don’t return.

  8. Michelle Hed

    Maleficent (Harrisham Rhyme Poem)

    She was a witch!
    Elegant it’s true,
    takes a bit of style to be that cold but switch
    spots with me and see her with my eyes, I knew
    she would find away, she’s dark as pitch
    especially with the prince, did you see it when she flew?

  9. po

    My Heroes

    slide across the room
    with ease and ceremony—
    navigate between speed
    and pomp. Stretch
    in the here-and-now
    like there’s no tomorrow.
    Can curl up in a ball
    and sleep through bad
    weather or serenade
    you with a gusty yowl.
    Best of all, on a snowy
    day, they curl up on your
    lap and purr.


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