2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 24

Today’s prompt comes from Beth Cato.

Here’s Beth’s prompt: Take the phrase “The Truth About (blank),” replace the blank with a new word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem.

Robert’s attempt at a The Truth About Blank Poem:

“The Truth About Poetry”

There ain’t no right way or wrong way. Self-taught
or MFA. Free verse or sonnet. Slamming an open mic
is just as good as writing about flowers in a leather-bound
journal that nothing and nobody will ever see, save your socks.
The truth is that it’s all a searching, a way to communicate, whether
with a wider audience or that voice that never turns off in our heads when
we wish it would. Whether it’s therapy or testimony, entertainment or expression,
poetry is whatever it needs to be whenever it needs to be for whoever happens to need it.


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82 thoughts on “2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 24

  1. JRSimmang

    The Truth About the End
    is never truly the truth
    because the truth can so easily bend.

    We can sit and talk
    for hours at a time
    but the truth will wind and wend.

    For what is there,
    that can truly begin

    before the beginning,
    of the end.

    We worry so,
    we fret about,
    but what we cannot pretend

    to know is
    that what awaits us
    we cannot defend

    against. And, why
    would we want to do
    that anyway. The end

    is almost always
    just a fancy way
    of saying hello.

  2. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 24
    Prompt: Entitle poem “The Truth about Blank” and write about that title.

    The Truth about the Moon Tonight

    is that it means something new, just as precious,
    as when I gazed at it last night
    or last month.

    The moon has changed in some ways,
    and so have I.
    In others, we’re the same as we were.

    The moon keeps spinning round the earth,
    the earth around the sun,
    and I live the cycle of my days,
    constant, yet constantly evolving.

    One day, when I see the Maker of the Moon,
    I’ll be transformed.
    I’ll see Him as He is,
    and I’ll be like Him in a way I’ve never been.
    Full circle, complete,
    the way the moon is tonight.

  3. Linda Hatton

    The Truth About Blank

    The truth about
    blank is that it
    can be anything
    you want, no risk
    of rejection when
    options are unlimited,
    no risk for failure
    when you set the limits.
    Blank is fresh, ready
    to fill with anything
    you desire. Blank can be
    clear or confused,
    you choose.

  4. foodpoet

    The truth about lies

    Truth is a lie
    Holding a smile
    Even when it hurts

    Truth is a lie
    Reclaiming a life fallacy.
    Under clouds faking light.
    Truth is a lie.
    Hands more hands holding out

    Another day
    Building the lie of nothing wrong.
    Only it no longer works.
    Under memory loss,
    Truth is a lie.

    Lies, we are fine,
    I say
    Every evening walking again into
    Shadow thought.

  5. PSC in CT

    The Truth About the Truth

    You can bend it, stretch it, wring it,
    twist it, state it, swear it, shout it out
    but, the truth is: the truth is (still & all)
    a matter of perception. Sure as shootin’,
    there’s a tiny lie in every sooth
    (and vice versa).
    Lines become idioms
    become clichés (because there’s
    more truth than un- inside ‘em). But
    (no matter what) you may rest assured:
    what you sow (& what you reap) is all
    (in the end) nothing (more nor less)
    than a twinkle in the eye
    of the beholder.

  6. po

    The Truth About Cats

    Cats are funny
but they have their serious side.

    They don’t care
for the rain unless they are being
little furry philosophers 

    from their inside window seats.

    Don’t worry
    the house doesn’t belong to you.

    You are only
    allowed to pay for it and keep
    it up to 
their superb kitty standards.

    The truth about
    cats is they have learned to tolerate

    you and your

    bizarre human ways. But don’t
    expect their
    gratitude because they are,
    after all,

    superior and in charge.


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