2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 23

Today’s prompt is from Amanda Fall.

Here’s Amanda’s prompt: Write a deep poem. The deep end of the pool. Six feet deep. Archaeology. Whatever you write, just dig deep.

Robert’s attempt at a Deep Poem:

“Off the deep end”

Black Friday begins on Thursday evening,
and I’m running short on spare change. My buddy
says the deals can’t be beat, so I ask if anyone’s tried,
and he just rolls his eyes over the river and through
the wood to grandfather’s house, empty because
grandma has him out hunting for bargain basement
tablets and flat screen televisions. It’s no longer
turkey season. We’ve run out of gravy for the mashed
potatoes. I don’t know which carol to sing first,
and then it hits me like a bell ringing in the night:
it’s the perfect time to cut down an evergreen.


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77 thoughts on “2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 23

  1. IrisD

    Deep Calls To Deep

    Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls;
    All Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.*
    Your majesty exceeds my extravagant imagination
    Your infinite wisdom surpasses man’s corporate dreams.
    One snap of your finger brings mountains to their knees,
    While we struggle to move its boulders.
    We have absence of war and name it peace,
    You are clothed in light that calms even storms at sea.
    Man considers a century as longevity,
    While you always existed and hold keys to eternity.

    *Psalm 42:7 New American Standard Bible 1985

  2. JRSimmang

    he laughted until his sides split.
    At what, he couldn’t tell… or wouldn’t tell.
    He had been staring at the same hole for the
    past three hours,
    balancing on the edge,
    wavering and weaving,
    shovel in hand,
    sweat on brow,
    and blisters on his slick palms.
    The hole, he knew, would be around forever.
    He dug it that way.
    He stared, long and deep,
    until the bottom was no longer clear.
    The shadows enveloped him whole,
    and he slipped,
    until his head found the soft comfort of the
    bottom of the hole.

  3. J_Hemmestad

    In my depth of heart there is an ocean –
    A place of shadows and deep mystery,
    Far from witness, without sun’s rays golden,
    Wisdom comes to a place far from balmy.

    In the depth of heart where shadows linger,
    And tranquil breezes tie hope into knots,
    Fortitude rises by sinking deeper,
    Amidst the dark, unknown, limitless rocks.

    Grace lavishes the bravest of brave hearts –
    When on the edge, breathing truest wishes;
    Deepest of longings, uncovering arts –
    Deep understanding, sifting gray ashes.

    In the waters of life where deep worlds churn,
    Great witnesses of love, whisk flames to burn.

  4. po

    Digging Deep

    Dad would dig deep when he would lay straight rows with his hand
    plow for our garden. My job was to space seeds evenly apart so he

    could cover the seeds with a blanket of soil. When it came to planting
    tomatoes you would take a tender seedling and shore up the soil to hold

    the plant steady. Then crumble the earth and worms so rain would go to
    the roots, not run off in the rows. Then they would grow down deep

    in the soil, not upwards to be burned by the sun. A strong earth smell
    would stay with you even when the stars came out and supper was over.

  5. PSC in CT

    Prescribed Burn

    It’s there (still), but (buried deep
    beneath day-to-day detritus, frag-
    ments, debris, meaning-
    less details;) you
    need to

    (hold golden oxygen
    deep inside thirsty lungs,
    flood sun- starved pulmonaria,
    purge weeds, preparing soil
    for better seeds)
    dig deep

    (anger, frustration, imp-
    atience – deep into ozone to be
    banished, ignited, consumed –
    a controlled burn, making space
    for new growth; seek sprouts)
    dig deeper

  6. chryssa123

    Deep in my heart
    there’s a traitor
    a man who betrayed my love
    a man who opens himself
    to everyone else except me
    a man who once
    became my paradise
    the water of my deepest source
    my deepest need
    Whenever I look
    into his eyes’s depths
    I see myself in chains
    in their prison
    together with their silent sorrow
    and their muted desperation
    I never could bear
    Deep in my soul
    I am his soulmate
    forever bound
    forever lost
    forever alone
    I always liked
    to swim in the deep
    feeling a certain fear
    something or someone
    would pull me in the depths
    I would suffocate
    deep on the sea bottom
    if you were there with me
    It suffices me to perish
    in the depths of your arms…


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