2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 21

We’re three weeks into this challenge! Today’s prompt comes from Bruce Niedt.

Here’s Bruce’s prompt: Take a random list of five song titles – the source could be a shuffled MP3 playlist, a CD, the next five songs on your favorite radio station, etc.  Use as many of these titles as you can in a poem.

Robert’s attempt at a Song Title Poem:

“Whatever you want”

Tell me: What’s on your mind? Because
I’ve been curious ever since you set my heart
ablaze–as if I was born to die–what you expect
from me. Liar, liar, man on fire, I’m just a lover
for your lies, especially when you invite me
to the carnival of your mind: You! Me! Dancing!

[Playlist: “Tell Me (What’s on Your Mind),” by Allah-Las; “Man on Fire,” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes; “You! Me! Dancing!,” by Los Campesinos!; “Carnival,” by Shovels & Rope; and “Born to Die,” by Lana Del Rey.]


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117 thoughts on “2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 21

  1. GeddyRee

    I just finished a poem that goes along these lines, but includes the titles of every song by my favorite band, Rush. I’m new to this, so any constructive criticism would be much appreciated…

    Dedicated to Neil Peart. Who has been my greatest inspiration.

    On a mission to find everyday glory, we cling to our beliefs.
    To protect our open secrets, we keep them under lock and key.
    Donning war paint, armor and sword; we defend our territories.
    False bravado is second nature; part of our chemistry.

    We expect something for nothing, neurotica to the extreme.
    Never daring to explore beyond our middletown dreams.
    The marathon has to stop at night, no available light to see.
    Yet as Didacts And Narpets, we hold on to this virtuality.

    Malignant Narcissism spreads like chain lightning.
    Half the world has the disease.
    We hide inside our subdivisions
    until high water makes us flee.

    Stuck in limbo in the twilight zone,
    we stare at the big wheel.
    Not knowing if we’re losing it,
    or if what we see is real.

    The Manhattan project bore a weapon
    like a mothers only son.
    The superconductor oblivious,
    to the damage he has done.

    We follow the big money
    reaching in hand over fist.
    The presentation of a Bacchus Plateau;
    too tempting to resist.

    I want to go the way the wind blows,
    watch the stars look down on me.
    If there’s a ghost of a chance I’ll take it,
    at the risk of heresy.

    I’m going on a headlong flight
    gonna fly by night.
    Will I roll the bones?
    You bet your life!

    Gonna stick it out.
    Cut to the chase.
    Regardless of the circumstances,
    I’m gonna wear my bravest face.

    I’m not getting any younger and I think I’m going bald.
    So like a modern day Tom Sawyer, it’s time to hit the road.

    I’m finding my way,
    doing the best I can.
    Making memories,
    gonna take a friend.
    I’m shedding my red lenses
    Now the future I can see.
    I’m going to meet my Hero’s when I get to YYZ

    I’m here again, and I need some love,
    won’t you be part of my epilogue
    We’ll gain some scars, and shed some tears.
    countdown our lives in dog years.
    Don’t ignore the vital signs, because entre nous,
    what you’re doing, I want to do with you.
    We can dance to the mystic rhythms of Der Trommler, paint the world the color of right.
    Play games with time and motion and bathe in the limelight.

    I’m gonna write you an Anthem, a madrigal, an answer to Broon’s Bane…
    I’ll call on the spirt of radio, to take away your pain.
    We’ll share a sweet miracle; panacea, one little victory.
    We’ll keep working them angels overtime, until the next discovery.

    We can travel at the speed of love, and yet make time stand still.
    Say a farewell to kings and follow different strings because we’re driven by freewill.

    Share good news first, and leave the rest beneath, between and behind.
    Live life outside the camera eye, forget their grand designs.

    There’s no need to handle with kid gloves you’re not between the wheels.
    So carve away the stone. You ain’t got to be nobody’s hero.

    Ceiling unlimited; now’s the time to start
    to build a peaceable kingdom, closer to the heart.

    You may call me faithless, because I hold on to my sins.
    But that’s how it is that I defy; the enemy within.

    Face up on an alien shore I watched red tide hide between sun and moon.
    Saw a ghost rider chasing a vapor trail just because he was In the mood.

    I felt the rays from Cygnus X-1 and drank from the fountain of lamneth
    I watched the necromancer cast his spell and felt the halo effect.

    I marveled at the natural science around me, the sea, the sky, the trees.
    Emotion detector on overdrive. I could feel the whole worlds needs.

    The spindrift slapped me in the face, letting me know who was the prime mover
    and presto, I knew then that I had to choose between before and after.

    O’ Baterista You’ve inspired me to come out of the dark.
    To leave la villa strangiato and take a stroll through Lakeside park.
    To spend time in the garden and fill the larger bowl.
    To take the pass to Xanadu and seek the seven cities of gold.
    To find a passage to Bangkok and reach the summit of Tai’ Shan.
    To teach my son the Analog Kid about the Digital Man.
    To ask the question (where’s my thing?) To hope, to animate.
    To tell my foes I wish them well and then to turn the page.

    Clockwork Angels watch the working man, the wreckers and the anarchist.
    While the new world man and carnies; address the main monkey business.
    This is an overture, a nocturne, and my soliloquy.
    A far cry from the things that I was brought up to believe.

    Like the anagram for “addicts and parents” in this prose,
    You can jump upon the caravan, or leave that thing alone.

    Earthshine; An afterimage of life’s lessons; a cold fire that can burn and freeze.
    A secret touch, like a distant early warning, from an Oracle: The Dream.

    I’m a Cinderella Man from Rivendell born on Bastille Day
    In the Temples of Syrinx room 2112 / Red Sector A.

    The body electric; out of the cradle, running at force ten
    I’ll keep following this dreamline, until I’m home again.
    With By-Tor and the Snow dog, my red barchetta, and my friends,
    where we can be together, for Armageddon, in the end.
    I’ll stand beside the totem, where I met Dionysus,
    and watch the grand finale; with no regrets.
    I’ll send one last test for echo; screaming “please now, show, don’t tell”
    Then I’ll follow Jacob’s ladder up to heaven? down to hell?
    The witch hunt will be over, double agent’s exposed, and we’ll find out once and for all who was right with what they know.

    Compiled by Mark Nissenbaum. Completed Jan. 5, 2013.

  2. JRSimmang

    I took a train to the nearest city,
    Abolition of Man.
    It was an island in the middle of the city
    and everyone knew it.
    They called me a Quitter,
    so I wanted to prove them wrong.
    Soon in, I found the faintest of Platform Blues,
    it’s that little inkling of a notion that
    the absolution you seek will not be where you are.
    The last time was 17 Years ago.
    Since then, I hadn’t looked back.
    But, here I am, a long time down the way,
    and I am Barely Breathing.

    Thrice- “The Abolition of Man”; Toadies- “Quitter”; Pavement- “Platform Blues”; Ratatat- “17 Years”; Duncan Shiek- “Barely Breathing”

  3. Mike Bayles

    Walk Along

    “Who wants to be lonely,”
    I say while winds blow.
    I walk the streets of love alone,
    alone too long.
    Here I go again
    when reflections dim,
    and solitude becomes loneliness.
    When shadows grow long,
    I recall someone’s kind words,
    “I’m crazy on you,”
    someone so kind,
    I let go
    a long time ago.

    Songs- Crazy On You-Heart; Here I Go Again-Whitesnake;
    Who Wants To Be Lonely-Kiss; Streets Of Love-The Rolling Stones.

  4. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 21
    Mix prompt: 5 random song titles
    Ha, used 6!

    We Can Work It Out

    Eleanor Rigby, baby, I’m amazed.
    Blackbird doesn’t fly away as quick & skittish as you do.
    Paperback writer doesn’t crank out novels as slowly as you forgive.
    Don’t buy a ticket to ride.
    Come stay by my side.

  5. RJ Clarken

    I Wanna Be a Billionaire

    If I had a million dollars
    I’d get help from finance scholars
    to learn to make more out of air
    so I could be a Billionaire.

    I’m a daydream believer? Cool!
    Who knew that twisting by the pool
    with economics might prepare
    me to become a Billionaire.

    It’s not a bad romance, you know,
    ‘cause cash is Le Jazz Hot, and so
    come on Eileen – I do forswear
    I shall become a Billionaire.

    I’m breathless dreaming of ka-ching!
    because the night can bring on bling.
    I’m not just livin’ on a prayer?
    I wanna be a Billionaire.


    1.) If I Had $1,000,000 (Bare Naked Ladies); 2.) Help! (The Beatles); 3.) Billionaire (Glee cast/Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars); 4.) Daydream Believer (The Monkees); 5.) Twisting by the Pool (Dire Straits); 6.) Bad Romance (Lady Gaga); 7.) Le Jazz Hot (Julia Andrews, Victor/Victoria); 8.) Come On, Eileen (Dexy’s Midnight Runners); 9.) Breathless (The Corrs); 10.) Because the Night (Patti Smith); 11.) Livin’ on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)

  6. bluerabbit47

    (I was shopping yesterday, so this is late.)

    Inner Voices

    be Thou my vision,
    let me see without question.
    Will the circle be unbroken?
    I am a lonely pilgrim astride
    a horse with no name.
    The sleeper has awakened.
    I cannot return.

    Inner Voices (R. Carlos Nakai)
    Be Thou My Vision (Irish hymn)
    Will the Circle Be Unbroken (hymn by Ada Ruth Habershon)
    A Horse with No Name (America, written by Dewey Bunnell)
    The Sleeper Has Awakened (Gayatri Mantra)

  7. Glory

    SONGS –

    Old Man River
    I Did it My Way
    Moonlight Becomes You
    You Keep Coming Back Like a Song

    There Goes that Song Again

    how they come and go
    like that old man river’s
    ebb and flow.

    by moonlight I hear its song
    I did it my way
    as it marches on

    becomes you, did you know
    how deep my love
    for you did grow

    kisses, a love so strong
    you keep coming back
    like a song.

  8. Yolee

    Got carried away….

    Home: Michael Buble & Phil Phillips
    I Can Only Imagine: Mercy Me
    Both Sides Now & River: Joni Mitchell
    Gravity: Sara Bareilles
    Cat’s in the Cradle: Harry Chapin
    The Dance: Garth Brooks
    Dust in the Wind: Kansas
    Hands: Jewel
    Greatest Love of All: Whitney Houston
    I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing & Dream On: Aerosmith
    If: Bread
    Let it Be: Beatles
    Hallelujah Leonard Cohen
    Sometimes when We Touch Dan hill
    (Vincent) Starry Starry Night: Don McLean
    Morning has Broken: Cat Stevens

    Let It Be

    Morning has broken
    from both sides now.
    The starry starry night
    has been captured on the canvas
    where I dream on.

    I can only imagine
    if the cat’s in the cradle
    you, shirtless and in flannel
    pants giving thanks to the
    greatest love of all.

    I want us to gather pieces
    of our being in acts of remembering
    that sometimes when we touch,
    hearts and hands affirm achingly:
    I don’t want to miss a thing.

    I will skate home to our river
    where what isn’t held by gravity,
    like the dance of baring
    hallelujahs, whispers
    through dust in the wind.

  9. pmwanken

    It took a while to find time to give to this prompt…in order to stick with my theme of “shadormas” this month…

    (a shadorma)

    I wanted
    a woman like you.
    I feel like
    a rockstar,
    with you. I’m thankful that the
    goodbyes made you mine.


    “For You” – Keith Urban
    “Wanted” – Hunter Hayes
    “A Woman Like You” – Lee Brice
    “Feel Like A Rock Star” – Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw
    “Goodbyes Made You Mine” – JT Hodges

  10. Tracy Davidson

    Short and sweet

    The phone rings…
    “What’s up?”
    “I am the walrus!”
    …I hang up.

    Hello – Lionel Richie
    Yes – Merry Clayton
    Help – The Beatles
    What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes
    I Am The Walrus – The Beatles

  11. zevd2001

    I cover the waterfront all day, all night, I see
    who comes and goes there, spending all their time
    in sleazy dives that span its length, the slime
    that walks in to congregate there. It’s not me
    yet something tells me humanity can be found
    here, too, among the hopeless wanderers that
    crawl from pub to pub to seek out what
    they lack. So they come to meet me around

    midnight, Mary and make sure nobody knows
    about the things we do. They give me all
    their loneliness. I take it in reinstall
    their self confidence leaving them happier, so it goes
    night after night returning to sleep it off
    remind myself of what I am, who it is
    that is responsible for why everything fizzles
    away, waiting for the day to strut my stuff

    out forever from this dreary Heartbreak Hotel,
    no longer wallowing on the wharf, like crates
    strewn on the boats, shipped, accept their fates.
    I want to be somewhere, in a place I can tell
    belongs to me, with the man I love he’ll be big
    and strong who’ll take me out in his canoe
    who’ll call me, and I’ll answer too
    by still waters reflect. I stretch my legs,

    gaze on a paper moon sailing in a cardboard sky,
    not make believe because you believe in me,
    get married in the chapel, clear and free
    so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful my
    love in a mountain greenery where the beans
    taste better than in a beanery, where the means
    justify the ends, just you and I.

    Zev Davis

  12. julie e.

    Wow. So this is what happens when you’re busy procrastinating having not baked the pies or done any of the prep for Thanksgiving and instead you are really really tired and writing random poetry. Decided to do another poem using my first playlist from Ross Dress For Less.


    I keep holding on,
    hopin’ you’ll come back to me
    cuz ba-ay-by
    while you’re gone
    I can’t eat or sleep
    I can’t go on,
    I’m weak cuz I’m
    bleeding emotion
    and my every teardrop
    is a waterfall of devotion….
    Damn your uncertainty,
    you gotta put me out
    of my misery,
    hurry up and choose—
    baby is it her or me?
    Come back to me!

    (add another dozen “baby”s and shake.)

    playlist: all over now–eric hutchinson
    every teardrop is a waterfall–coldplay
    keep holding on–avril lavigne
    misery–maroon 5
    hurry up and choose–mozella

  13. julie e.

    LIFE: DAY 1.

    The day that I met you,
    for the first time
    I understood what
    the noise was about.
    The day that I met you,
    for the first time
    I dared to say
    “I am yours.”
    Always I shielded
    the essence of me,
    I finally trusted
    and found I could reach
    a hesitant start and move
    toward beginning
    to let go my heart,
    to say thanks,
    to be yours,
    the day I met you
    for the first time.

    this playlist is a shuffle from the music on my iphone.
    I am yours—the afters
    to say thanks—nichole nordeman
    reach—peter furler
    for the first time—the afters
    move—mercy me

  14. Domino

    Traveling With the Beatles

    In my life
    The Beatles
    have been a part of me.

    From my earliest memories,
    Paul, John, George and Ringo
    have sung to me of places
    and things
    I never would have dreamed
    or imagined
    without them.

    Before I even knew what country
    I lived in, I sang along to Penny Lane,
    wondering if there were pennies
    there, and that’s why
    it was named that.

    Strawberry Fields, must be
    just like the fields and yard
    I played in, only with more

    I’ve been Across the Universe,
    Back in the U.S.S.R., and
    even in an Octopus’s Garden,
    (probably in my Yellow Submarine)
    all due to the
    put to music
    that they played,
    a soundtrack to my

    And what a
    Long and Winding Road
    it has been.

    Thank you, fellas.

  15. julie e.

    Well, i decided that to get 5 absolutely random songs i would take one for the team (my team) and go shopping at Ross to Shazam their playlist. Not sure that was the best use of my time on the day before i’m cooking a big part of a meal for 12….but i had fun.


    They say “life is a beach”
    and “life is a highway”
    and “life is a bitch”
    but my life’s a byway
    traveled too little,
    insignificant, small
    but my every teardrop
    is a waterfall.
    I make too much of misery
    not enough of the other
    if it was all over now
    who’d even bother
    remembering the day
    my souI left this earth,
    turned my body to ash,
    and ponder my worth?
    If I keep holding on
    can I learn how to dance
    can I learn how to live
    maybe give love a chance?
    with the years I have left
    will I open my eyes
    to maybe see beauty,
    to maybe be wise?
    there’s still time to learn
    all of life’s many hues
    I must quit wasting time,
    hurry up

    playlist: all over now–eric hutchinson
    every teardrop is a waterfall–coldplay
    keep holding on–avril lavigne
    misery–maroon 5
    hurry up and choose–mozella

    It was also interesting to see how many songs were familiar yet i had no idea what their name was. huh.

  16. sonja j


    I’m not saying I won’t stay
    with you – but I can’t live
    here forever, and you’ve
    always known that. You
    let it be me who had to
    make the changes – leave
    friends, family, work, but I
    told you it was just until I got
    that apple tree to bear fruit.
    Not everything revolves around
    your career, not even the trees
    will wait for you to say they
    can blossom. I have no fear
    of wasted time, no regrets when
    I think of the choices, our children,
    but I know my way back home.

    I’m Not Sayin’ – Gordon Lightfoot
    Let It Be Me – The Indigo Girls
    Changes – David Bowie
    Not Even the Trees – Hootie and the Blowfish
    Fear of Wasted Time – Courtyard Hounds

  17. Rorybore

    I can’t decide if I want to read all the poetry, or go listen to all the great songs! This is my best dilemma ever!

    Thoughts on Shuffle

    All I Want To Do
    is just be lazy, or
    maybe change the world?
    I don’t know.
    Don’t ask me right now.
    Just toss your wish in the well, or
    Call Me, Maybe?
    but you know, I’m so sorry:
    I might be out — somewhere
    shuffling on, because
    I Just Can’t Leave It Alone
    not hard to believe
    when it feels so darn good
    but then again,
    Everybody Got Their Something
    that makes you feel like moving,
    to get you in that groove thing
    smiling sweet time
    like Pure Soul flowing,
    and throwing down
    in the dream academy
    that sweeps away
    the daily dust of life:
    that’s all I really wanna do.

    All I Want To Do, Sugarland
    Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen
    Can’t Leave It Alone, The Monophonics
    Everybody Got Their Something, Nikka Costa (Blue Crush Soundtrack)
    Pure Soul, Elijah and the Ebonites

  18. jared davidavich

    I felt the connection
    fall away, as if severed
    in an instant
    the second I stopped
    chasing a surplus
    that only ever existed
    in this moment,
    but not the next,
    concentrating instead
    on a higher goal
    a Higher Ground
    offering a better perspective

    the people I pass by
    may still see me
    but they cannot Feel Me
    Flow gradually towards
    a greater understanding
    now that the weight
    of dependence has lifted
    i am free to pursue
    my own desires
    as a man Given To Fly
    from the confines of
    this deterministic system

    sometimes it feels
    just Like Suicide-
    worldly objects fade
    stretching out
    beneath my feet
    me rising above them
    slowly, no longer focused
    on the individual, but
    on the whole of society
    crowded around centers
    of material production
    while I observe in isolation
    suddenly realizing
    the loneliness
    that accompanies revelation,
    but At Least I’m Not As Sad
    As I Used To Be

    “Higher Ground” – Stevie Wonder
    “Feel Me Flow” – Naughty by Nature
    “Given To Fly” – Pearl Jam
    “Like Suicide” – Soundgarden
    “At Least I’m Not As Sad As I Used To Be” – fun.

  19. po


    All I get at National
    Coney Island are
    hugs from boys
    and peppermints.

    I’ll sleep alone tonight
    because that is what
    happens to a girl
    whose daddy is sheriff.


    son ambulances-“maria in motion”
    Godspeed you black emperor!-“Coney Island”
    Braid-“hugs from boys”
    commander venus-“peppermints”

    Why Don’t You Love Me?

    Reflected in the blue of the pool
    is the rising of the killing moon.
    Blue turned bitter
    with your last caress.

    I don’t mind the pain
    but I’m tired of being alive.
    I’m going down to die
    by the flowers on the wall.


    Danzig – “Tired of Being Alive”
    Danzig – “I don’t Mind the Pain”
    Danzig- “Going Down to Die”
    The Statler Brothers – “Flowers on the Wall”
    Misfits –“ Last Caress”
    Echo and the Bunnymen – “The Killing Moon”
    Donna Regina – “Blue of the Pool”
    Via Tania – “The Rising”

  20. madcapmaggie

    Nov 21: write a song titles poem — write down 5 random titles and use in poem

    Listen to the Radio

    A rollicking rock tune blasts out from my car
    but who is it singing? I don’t know who they are.
    The title as well is a deep mystery.
    If they ever announced it, was not heard by me.

    The titles I guessed at have come from first lines:
    something about loving, something about wine,
    a bit about turkey, a peaceful white dove.
    The titles were missing, and thus hard to love.

    You ask, what’s the point of my writing this down?
    You’re staring right at me, your face wears a frown.
    “And how many titles in all did you use?”
    Oh, honey, I’m singing the no-title the blues.

    Margaret Fieland

  21. jacq

    feeling you, feeling me
    hearts in overdrive
    sun shoots red and blond
    everywhere singing the blues
    me and Bobby McGee slipping away
    our souls torched, hearts beating
    like a jack hammer, gear jammer
    this wretched lava of love

    Songs: Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin; Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac; Torched – Michael Hedges; Gear Jammer – George Thorogood & the Destroyers; Feeling You, Feeling Me – Alicia Keys

  22. DanielAri

    “My digital epitaph”

    In misty air under maples
    Words appear on this glowing screen
    Winking from this block of marble.
    Daniel Ari remains serene.

    He thought it unbelievable
    Luck that woke him into being.
    He dwelled more in joy that sorrow,
    Relished the taste of tangerine,

    And loved to improvise a score
    Between awestruck and laughable.
    From abundant adoration
    He handcrafted words into poems.

    His words said much; his actions more
    Just before he returned to loam
    He prayed: May All Be Forgiven.
    He welcomes you to read of him

    While skylarks sing, here at his home.

    My random iTunes playlists were TOO random between all the audiobook chapters, so I applied a few parameters: songs only and only one-word titles:
    Tangerine—Ray Brown
    Misty—Sarah Vaughan
    Epitaph—Preacher Boy
    Skylark—Mel Torme

  23. PSC in CT

    This time
    I only need to stay,
    bide a bit, be alone,
    make my peace
    with wind and sky
    close my eyes
    breathe and be
    before I’m moving on

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    My playlist consists of 8 songs — all from one artist — Kristen Graves. You can check out her music & learn more about her at her website: http://www.kristengraves.com/kristen graves. She’s awesome!

    My Kristen Graves Playlist:

    “Time” by Kristen Graves
    “Stay” by Kristen Graves
    “Alone” by Kristen Graves
    “Peace” by Kristen Graves
    “Wind” by Kristen Graves
    “Sky” by Kristen Graves
    “Close My Eyes” by Kristen Graves
    “Moving On” by Kristen Graves


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