2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 2

Day 2’s prompt comes from Khara House.

Here’s Khara’s prompt: Write a full moon poem. The full moon might be a character or symbol in the poem. Or the poem might address what happens during a full moon: magic, mischief, madness, etc.

Robert’s attempt at a full moon poem:


Nevermind the words they write about us
or the stuff hidden from our view. All these
beautiful people unleashed on the world
are nothing compared to you. No magic
spells can turn us into monsters, and no
transformations will ever make me hide.
In the middle of the night, when the sun’s
reflecting bright, I’ll be your satellite.


All right, get poeming! And be sure to visit Khara’s blog.

If you need a little music to get in the mood, here are some of my favorite moon songs:

Also, in case you missed it on Facebook, Poetic Asides was mentioned in the November issue of O, the Oprah Magazine for the Wednesday Poetry Prompts. Click here to read the article.


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221 thoughts on “2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 2

  1. ivywriter

    Still getting caught up. Here’s my moon poem:
    see all of my poetry at: http://marchthirtyone.wordpress.com

    moon landing

    for all you old heads

    debbie harry sang about the tide

    being high

    before she decided to move on

    but what about when a hurricane

    barreling down the street

    knocking on your door

    causing life to come to a standstill

    so that you can’t move on?

    who’s responsible

    for pleading your case

    to the man in the moon

    to keep the tide

    from getting too high?

    usually we like it when

    the sun, the moon, and the stars

    are aligned in our favor

    but when they’re

    aligned for disaster

    who will manage the clean up

    of the hearts, the souls, and the lives

    that have become debris

    along the Atlantic?

    c) Kellea Tibbs and march thirty one, 2012. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of original march thirty one material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

  2. Juanita Lewison-Snyder

    full moon
    by juanita lewison-snyder

    wondrous orb
    chasing after me down a blackened highway,
    pitching stars like pixie dust at my childhood
    to shield and protect me and my younger sister
    as we lie on our stomachs in the back of an old station wagon
    staring out the window searching for the man on the moon
    whispering “close your eyes, close your eyes.”
    were the oceans near, you would command the tides
    to simply rise and separate me, like yolk from egg whites
    saving me for the chocolate cake that i deserve in this life.
    but for now, heavy eyelids beckon
    and i drift, dreaming of orbs.

    © 2012 by Juanita Lewison-Snyder

  3. SharoninDallas

    In France

    Boudoirs and champagne, on the terrace, my Love.
    Clasping hands neath the moon above.
    Hearing the music of swans, of lakes, of love
    As clouds tear across that moon above
    The black forest below, lost in the glow. . .
    Of coming night.

  4. Paoos69

    The Full Moon that Night
    The Italian mosaic was shimmering
    In the full moon that night
    The rabbit on the moon
    As if saying, “Romance is in the air!”
    There was dancing, there was music
    And I looked on, as you stood there
    In a dark purple gown with silver sequins
    Lighting up the night along with
    The heavenly sphere in the skies
    I just looked on, daring not to come beside
    And say even a brief hello
    You were laughing and talking
    Like the whole world was yours
    Beautiful, alight
    The clouds caressed the full moon
    I, in the mind, you
    That’s the least I could do
    With you as you
    And I, a mere gazer
    Of the full moon that night.

  5. chrsye

    Moony Outside

    Moody in the hue of blue,
    Sad and angry and bubbling like brew
    I’m not happy with the day nor the night,
    I can’t stand the whiteness of the moon
    Shining in my face, in the mirror
    And in the faces of all those muther bruthers
    That say they want to give it to me, give me the moon,
    Give it to me all, give me what they don’t want to take
    What they’re mamas would never allow

    I don’t want the moon far and distant,
    I want what you have, the right to any promise,
    And actually have it happen. I want to be president.
    I’m tired of the ups and downs, tired of the mesmerizing
    Ebb and flow, the pull from the moon taking control.
    I want it still and dark, with more
    Than you can imagine
    Happening under the surface
    I want to know the moon isn’t all this world has to offer.

  6. sonja j

    Full Moon

    The whole time you’ve been sleeping,
    she’s been watching. There are stones
    and there are stones, but yours is the kind
    sitting gibbous on the skyline. You show
    your fullness in the dark parts, so she thinks
    that if she only waits a few more days, if
    she can bide, then she will see the future
    rising, pale and white and open.

  7. Meeaugraphie

    I took a bit of liberty with the “moon”, but it was where I was led.


    Harmless prank
    Muffled giggles

    Drunken dare
    Guffaws belched

    Car window or field of grass

    Back to others
    Hands yank pants
    Bare skin flashed

    Moon’s ethereal status

    Eclipsed by man

  8. po

    Moon Dust

    On the full moon
    you can see the fingerprint
    of God.

    Everywhere the near
    winter is on fire–
    over the palace, over the hut.

    Eventually the face in the moon
    turns everything to dust.
    But tonight the heron on the lake

    flashes black and white from
    the shallows and everywhere
    light reflects light.

  9. Khara House

    There are so many great responses to this prompt! Thank you so much, Robert, for using it.

    “Bad moon rising”

    The sky pops
    with a perfect
    blood orange
    the night your
    bones turn
    to copper
    and rust
    my fingers.
    You snap
    like a Kit-Kat
    my palms.
    I’ll roll you
    like a dime.

  10. bluerabbit47

    Blue Moon

    It was still summer
    and still a little
    too hot to be
    out at noon
    here in the
    high desert
    of Colorado.
    We woke early
    and drove up
    to the edge
    of the city
    just below the place
    where the valley
    evaporates against
    the sudden edge
    of the Uncompahgre
    Plateau. Over
    the blue Grand Mesa
    to our right,
    the golden sun
    was rising, while
    to our left, over
    crimson cliffs,
    the blue moon,
    proud and full,
    was going down.
    In silence, we
    stood still
    beside our little
    car and felt
    the inexorable
    of the Earth.

  11. Eleanore D. Trupkiewicz

    Full Moon

    In the timeless equation,
    one plus one equals one,
    I always lose at least half
    of myself, somehow. It
    was different with you—
    I look back and think
    that, somehow, you
    collected my essence into
    you, and I didn’t lose any
    of myself—I just gained
    all of you, somehow,
    while the full moon burned
    high above and scorched
    me into banked embers.

  12. Glory

    Lady Moon

    moon’s soft
    light, dancing
    shifting shadows
    that transform the night,
    illuminate corners
    lost to darkness in misty
    evening mellowness, as autumn
    sheds its gold and russet leaves to pile
    in velvet heaps beneath a starry sky.

  13. The Wired Journal

    It happens every month
    When the moon is shining bright
    He comes to visit and tells his tales
    Confesses his sins and begins to whale

    I try to make it clear
    His sins are in the rear
    He now walks in light
    Even in the darkness
    Of the blackness of the night

    A thousand hail mary’s
    I tell him he must say
    This will be your penitence
    For the sins confessed today

    Go now you, and sin no more
    But fore you do I must warn you
    Be always Thee aware
    For sin knocks at your door

    Bless you friend I say and I wave
    And be not thee afraid
    May he keep you and he guild you
    In his ever-loving ways

  14. CarolineD

    In search of Moonlight

    His anticipation builds
    as the moon waxes
    to that moment of assignation.

    But tonight the sky is thick
    with cloud. The street-lights
    pour sulphurous yellow light.

    He will have to wait
    another month. Dispirited
    he retires to bed.

    He wakes in blackness.
    There on the carpet
    a thin line of silver.

    The cloud has cleared.
    The moon shines towards him
    through a chink in the curtains.

  15. Nancy Posey

    Time Is out of Joint

    must have struggled to divide the days,
    to find the sun’s
    absolute zenith,
    discerning the patterns,
    invisible, recurring
    day after day.
    Lonely men
    must have memorized the whirling patterns
    of the stars, somersaulting
    across the night sky.
    Twenty-four hours,
    twice twelve,
    no two the same
    as sunrise and sunset
    the days shorter
    and shorter,
    then relaxed and stretched them out again
    like taffy.
    All the while,
    that crazy old moon,
    patron saint of lunatics,
    sometimes stayed over
    into the sunbright sky,
    a sly silver eye
    wide open,
    eavesdropping on the day.

  16. Natalija


    In thine light it’s revealed
    all that’s concealed
    lying here before thee
    as time so long ago

    Crazy as it might seem
    the light from your beam
    draws me closer to seeing
    what I thought was no more

    How could he not know
    those feelings would grow
    despite decades apart
    would come to haunt me tonight

    In thine light I now see
    all that could not be
    just as your light fades
    as night turns to day.

  17. shann

    A Modern Love Poem

    does not depend on proper nouns,
    a full moon-boon companion blend,
    nor big band sound authority
    make-it-real inculcation begs.

    No, current trends insist we take
    our curiosities outside
    for air, bare our skins in public
    until we stand invisible.

    The shadow cast by nothing is
    a moth’s breath, the footstep of fish.
    Words can be infinitely moved
    meaning nothing, garbled nonsense.

    Tell everyone this poem is yours,
    how I handpicked each turn of phrase.

  18. joann555


    shadows of memories forever linger in my mind
    as a full moon shines in a black sky
    your image illuminates my life forever

    little one, you were a brilliant sunlight in my eye
    casting your own radiance and joy on my face
    your sweet image illuminates my life forever

    living, loving, hoping with an energy so huge
    seeking, searching hoping to find your own
    your beautiful image illuminates my life forever

    beloved, you are still my splendid constant
    how you’ve grown so wonderfully, my baby
    your lovely image illuminates my life forever

    shadows of memories forever linger in my mind
    reminiscing you brings such joy and warmth
    your image illuminates my life forever

  19. seingraham

    Of Luna’s Healing Ways

    She sits cross-legged in the teepee, summonsing:
    Quietude, strength and Luna –
    Her meditative stance belies her location, placed in front of one
    of the busiest hospitals in the metropolis,
    She has sought sanctuary in this temporary home of her people,
    needing to get in touch with her roots, and her moon

    At the top of the conic structure, where the supports meet
    There is a hole which would normally allow smoke to escape
    But tonight she needs no fire and instead, views the night sky
    And eventually the brilliance of a full moon she feels
    She has called down herself to bring her peace and energy

    In silence she studies the beauteous orb, feels the tug
    In her bloodstream – the age-old pull she knows the tides
    Receive nightly from Luna as well – as misty clouds
    Scud quickly in front of her face, obscuring Luna’s perfection
    Momentarily, they manage to cloud her mind too

    It makes her wonder whether her beloved Luna is indeed
    Also responsible for her craziness – lunacy, is the word after all
    She casts back to the ancients, to the House of Moon Madness
    Remembering how Socrates believed the deities spoke only to those
    Who were manic, or melancholic, shared creativity with them alone
    Not for the first time, she finds herself agreeing, it might not be a bad bargain.

  20. Mike

    A few moon poems, full, of course.

    Why do you follow me
    down this empty street —
    full August moon?


    tree frogs
    raise their voices
    to the full moon


    Jupiter rising
    in the east
    racing through
    the night past
    the full moon.

  21. tunesmiff

    (c) 2012 – G. Smith (BMI)
    Full moon and water,
    Full moon and sand;
    Full moon and you,
    Holding my hand.

    Full moon and magic,
    Full moon and stars;
    Full moon and you,
    Wherever we are.

    Full moon and dogwood,
    Full moon and snow;
    Full moon and you,
    Wherever I go.

    Full moon and fireworks,
    Full moon and frost;
    Full moon and you,
    And I’ll never be lost.

    Full moon and music,
    Full moon and dreams;
    Full moon and you,
    More than it seems.

    Full moon and laughter,
    Full moon and tears;
    Full moon and you,
    Through all of these years.

    Full moon at sunset,
    Full moon at dawn;
    Full moon and you,
    Somehow I’ll go on.

  22. Bagladylauren

    Snuggled up knees and toes,
    little children embrace the heavens
    in a trusting sleep.
    Talking dinosaurs, rescue adventures
    in the jungle, the sweet sticky
    of your favorite candy —
    The dreams of a generation
    where Dora the explorer is their
    best friend, no matter her race,
    glide along moonbeams
    into the mouth of a hungry moon.

    Inside the moon these dreams
    gestate and as the children grow,
    the moon watches where each child
    dreamer sets their gaze.
    When their necks weigh so heavy,
    bent and crackling like a bendy straw down,
    the moon, full, sends their forgotten dreams,
    now developed, shooting
    into the heavens to capture
    imaginations, spark the wild,
    and call the grown
    to again embrace the possibilities.

  23. Walt Wojtanik


    I watch the moon
    and I am phased by its brilliance.
    It starts its lunar dance
    keeping time with the music of night.
    Its face is bright, a right glowing
    globe hung on a sky-hook,
    looking down on me as I watch.
    The moon is full, sated
    by the darkness that feeds it.
    Shadows play upon the surface
    of great light; a beauty of a sight to see.
    And me? I watch the moon.
    My imagination exploring what I
    had been ignoring for years.
    A soothing light on starlit nights,
    burning bright since my first sight.
    It hasn’t changed in all this time.
    I can see it in my mind, long after
    daylight rises. There are no surprises.
    I watch the moon.

  24. PKP

    Thanks to Khara for the timely prompt –

    Alas I must echo others sentiments in terms of the frustrations of our shared server.
    Writers Digest – Does not our RLB deserve his own designated posting vehicle after appearing in O Magazine.
    C’Mon guys we’ve been patient for a looong time now….


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