2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12

Today’s prompt comes from Jane Shlensky.

Here is Jane’s prompt: Write about a piece of technology or engineering that does not exist but that should.  It could be a tribute to something that came to be because of a writer’s imagination, like a helicopter or a submarine or a filtration system that makes urine potable.  Or it could be the original imagination that may one day lead to a new piece of technology, like cloud movers, flood distributors, skyhooks, or levitation chairs.

Robert’s attempt at a New Technology poem:

“Teleportation Device”

And no, I’m not talking about books, though
they are a good substitute. Lo, I want
to travel straight from Duluth to Dayton
in a moment–without it mattering
from which Duluth to which Dayton. I want
a teleportation device–something
to beam me up, or a black hole I can
enter in Duluth and then exit, yes,
in Dayton. Think of the wear and tear saved
on I-75 (for instance) or
the gas reduced. Think of my aching back!


Thank you, Jane, for the tech-savvy prompt!

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157 thoughts on “2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12

  1. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 12
    Prompt: Write about a technology or device that doesn’t yet exist but should.

    O Laundry Folder, Where Art Thou?

    Never adept, even after 44 or so years,
    I lack patience or skill
    to make neat creases
    and stacks.
    Someone please invent a laundry folder
    before I’m too old to learn how to use it.

  2. tunesmiff

    (c) 2012 – G. Smith
    Edison tinkered in his shop,
    Until he saw the light.
    Orville and Wilbur flew back and forth,
    Until they got it right.
    Henry Ford assembled a line,
    That built the Model T.
    I need someone to find a way,
    To build a new heart for me.

    I need a heart,
    That can’t be broken;
    I need a heart,
    That won’t feel pain.
    I need a heart,
    That when I give it,
    Won’t be given away in vain.

  3. Andy Brackett

    Write ,Click and Tap

    We’ve come a long way
    From simple rock and spear.
    We’ve sliced our bread
    And perfected beer.
    We’ve touched the moon,
    And explored the sea
    All this done with technology.
    Smartphones replaced
    Our rotary dial
    And electric motors
    Drive us for miles.
    From records to tapes and then cd’s
    Music now comes from Mp3
    The wonders of technology
    Computers too, once filled whole rooms.
    So small now they fit in your lap,
    Writings so easy now
    Just write, click and tap.
    You’re posting comments too quickly,
    Slow down, aww gee…
    The magic of technology

  4. po

    Sonic Dreams

    For so long I have dreamed
    of the day when I can step
    in a sonic shower fully
    clothed and feel the

    barely visible virtual
    soft rain on my face.
    It cleans me and cleans and
    presses my suit. Step out,

    hang up my work
    clothes for the next day
    and step in my sonic-
    cleaned bed. Oh yes, they

    come in a hover
    capacity, clean drapes,
    bed, and carpets,
    your whole world.

  5. Miss R.

    Someday Somehow

    Maybe someday
    They’ll find a way
    That we can walk
    Among the clouds,
    Climbing cotton
    And frolicking
    In fluffy fields.
    Perhaps we’ll live
    Our childhood
    Dreams of dancing
    Across the sky
    On the clouds
    Maybe someday.

  6. PSC in CT

    “Time Travel”

    ’T were possible I might
    hop a train to tomorrow,
    wander next week, or perhaps
    peruse further into the future
    (to bide for a bit), to try to spy
    what might be coming down the pike; or
    maybe strike out for the past (just for fun)
    to find out how some things
    were done (before this
    technology or that); but
    while I might tour (wide and far)
    I’d (always) return to when-
    ever you are

  7. Rorybore

    Some great imaginative inventions! I am certain there are more than a few I could use.

    “Byte Me”

    years of memories
    fountains of words
    mountains of secrets
    each song I have heard

    all that made me smile
    that which made me cry
    every question ever asked
    each hello, each good-bye

    that first year of “firsts”
    watching your baby grow
    smiles, steps, foods and words
    so much you didn’t know

    the years stretch on
    so much more must go in
    passwords for this, PINs for that
    those lucky numbers so you can win

    so much info is stored
    until it all becomes a blur
    how it doesn’t all leak out
    I’m really not sure

    And still, I am young-ish
    so it doesn’t seem right
    with so much still to learn
    How can I get more Brain Memory Bytes?

  8. uneven steven

    Technology is greatly overrated.
    By how much is a matter
    of great consternation
    depending upon user, use
    and overall confabulation.
    Thus is recommended
    the patent pending
    uniquely useful
    high tech rating
    oscillator –
    an increasing green to red
    not cost benefit analysis
    but the more realistic
    cash in your pocket
    blood of your enemies
    See that reading there?
    A perfect score,
    most excellent.

  9. rustydude

    Nov 12 New Tech

    I need more time, to procrastinate,
    More room, in my hourly estate;

    No excuses, for things undone,
    Ample time, for everything fun;

    To-do list dwindles, all on its own,
    Projects raised, from simple seeds sewn;

    Never too many irons, in proverbial fire,
    Each tarries its own, down to the wire;

    If this all was possible, and could be true,
    So many, many things, I still wouldn’t do;

    I best stop pondering and get the monsters fed,
    Flip the switch, say a prayer, and off to bed.

  10. sonja j

    Storm Birds

    What we really need are houses that
    can walk. Through long summers they
    shake themselves and settle in to nest
    between the dunes, people living lightly
    in the cages of their hollow bones. When
    the storms come, they raise up like
    tri-coloured herons, like snowy egrets,
    balanced on long golden legs and ebony
    feet. With great care, they pick their way,
    step by step, back to the safe rookeries
    of parks, golf courses, any empty green
    space. Waves flog the barrier beaches,
    drown the marshes, but this is where
    they will wait out storm, hunched down,
    clapboards rippling like feathers.

    For island dwellers, we will have houses
    like petrels, like greater shearwaters, sailing
    up on the salt breezes, and migrating to
    safer winter grounds.

  11. shellaysm

    J.T.V. Balloon (a Luc Bat poem)

    Jetsons’ Transport Device
    Covers here to there twice as quick
    Space travel at a click
    Retro-futuristic in one
    This flying bubble’s fun
    Destination: the sun or moon
    The J.T.D. Balloon
    Too far past or too soon to tell?

  12. Bruce Niedt

    I Want a Robot

    I want a robot
    who does manuscript submission
    and all author’s drudgery
    while I go out fishin’.

    I want a robot
    who puts books on my shelf
    and shreds those rejections
    that I can’t do myself.

    I want a robot
    who will provide inspiration
    for my first best-seller,
    the talk of the nation.

    I want a robot who
    will – no, forget it,
    for if I get published,
    he might get the credit.

  13. Eleanore D. Trupkiewicz

    Science Fiction Technology

    Invisibility just begs to be
    mastered by one of those
    keen-eyed, witty engineers
    who stand around and
    dream about the millions
    and billions of things that
    could be designed for any
    purpose at all. If some
    piece of technology or a
    clever device could render
    me invisible, think of what
    I could accomplish: the
    chance to be a proverbial
    “fly on the wall” during a
    conversation—maybe even
    one about myself!—or to
    dodge an adversary on an
    empty street without having
    to pretend that I can still
    squeeze myself, in the event
    of an emergency, behind
    a telephone pole or stop sign.

  14. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    True Love’s Beeper

    Invent a beeper he can carry
    so I can find a man to marry…
    True Love’s Beeper!

    A device that helps my sister
    find an awesome kind of mister…
    True Love’s Beeper!

    A million pagers so my cousins
    can find suitors by the dozen…
    True Love’s Beeper!

    Something that won’t make us wait.
    Make it now, before it’s too late…
    True Love’s Beeper!

  15. posmic


    If I ever made a waffle iron
    that could render any image
    crisped in golden batter,

    I would make sure it had
    a battery pack and a strap;
    then I’d sling it over my

    shoulder and hit the road.
    I’d stand on bridges in the
    cold, gray morning, call out

    to people who seemed to
    most need waffle portraits.
    This I would do for free,

    and I’d turn down offers
    from Bisquick, Hungry Jack.
    The local media would

    get wind; I’d make waffles
    of weathermen and anchors,
    on-the-scene reporters,

    all displayed over the last
    notes of the theme song
    that brings the morning

    news to a close. It would
    go downhill from there.
    I would be accused of

    making someone’s wife
    look “too doughy,” and
    IHOP would post notices

    in all its prefab chalets
    saying I was a threat
    and possibly insane.

    Eventually, I would write
    my goodbye in a waffle,
    leave it for the pigeons,

    melt away just as the sun
    slides over the earth’s
    heavy, broken edge.

  16. Michael Grove

    Magic Little Pill

    The ill will one day have their way.
    It still will happen one fine day.
    Yes, one day they surely will
    invent a magic little pill
    and all the world will be ok.

    By Michael Grove

  17. zevd2001

    Once upon a time Alice traipsed about
    a garden inside a looking glass where she
    discovered herself, how it was possible to be
    big or small, whatever would give you clout
    that filled a page with black letters onto white
    inside a book . . . a Cheshire cat reclined
    smoking a hookah pipe as she opined
    in clouds that spoke the sentences, all right

    for good ol’ Lewis Carroll. Nowadays
    there’s no need for imagination, to read a book
    the publishers of the stuff they have a hook
    into the market, a new approach that plays
    the game of reading generations far ahead
    of E-books, I-pods, all that hand held gear,
    it’s ink that flows up off the pad, forms clear
    images of what you have written spread

    across the air space so effortlessly
    nothing to do except to go with the flow
    dreaming the meanings visualizing so
    there is no need to draw a picture, we
    simply sit and watch the time pass by
    whatever hits the surface the ink floats
    because its programmed, I read the notes
    that come along with package. Don’t know why

    but I’ll let you onto a secret, please don’t tell
    even though the texting disappears
    and everything that’s recorded tells my ears
    what appears in a dark ectoplasm, a spell
    that works every time. I put the box away
    on a shelf in its original package as it was
    when I bought the contraption. I’m at a loss
    to say it, these days I read books a stack a day.

    Zev Davis


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