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2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12

Today’s prompt comes from Jane Shlensky.

Here is Jane’s prompt: Write about a piece of technology or engineering that does not exist but that should.  It could be a tribute to something that came to be because of a writer’s imagination, like a helicopter or a submarine or a filtration system that makes urine potable.  Or it could be the original imagination that may one day lead to a new piece of technology, like cloud movers, flood distributors, skyhooks, or levitation chairs.

Robert’s attempt at a New Technology poem:

“Teleportation Device”

And no, I’m not talking about books, though
they are a good substitute. Lo, I want
to travel straight from Duluth to Dayton
in a moment–without it mattering
from which Duluth to which Dayton. I want
a teleportation device–something
to beam me up, or a black hole I can
enter in Duluth and then exit, yes,
in Dayton. Think of the wear and tear saved
on I-75 (for instance) or
the gas reduced. Think of my aching back!


Thank you, Jane, for the tech-savvy prompt!

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157 thoughts on “2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 12

  1. Karen H. Phillips

    Day 12
    Prompt: Write about a technology or device that doesn’t yet exist but should.

    O Laundry Folder, Where Art Thou?

    Never adept, even after 44 or so years,
    I lack patience or skill
    to make neat creases
    and stacks.
    Someone please invent a laundry folder
    before I’m too old to learn how to use it.

  2. tunesmiff

    (c) 2012 – G. Smith
    Edison tinkered in his shop,
    Until he saw the light.
    Orville and Wilbur flew back and forth,
    Until they got it right.
    Henry Ford assembled a line,
    That built the Model T.
    I need someone to find a way,
    To build a new heart for me.

    I need a heart,
    That can’t be broken;
    I need a heart,
    That won’t feel pain.
    I need a heart,
    That when I give it,
    Won’t be given away in vain.

  3. Andy Brackett

    Write ,Click and Tap

    We’ve come a long way
    From simple rock and spear.
    We’ve sliced our bread
    And perfected beer.
    We’ve touched the moon,
    And explored the sea
    All this done with technology.
    Smartphones replaced
    Our rotary dial
    And electric motors
    Drive us for miles.
    From records to tapes and then cd’s
    Music now comes from Mp3
    The wonders of technology
    Computers too, once filled whole rooms.
    So small now they fit in your lap,
    Writings so easy now
    Just write, click and tap.
    You’re posting comments too quickly,
    Slow down, aww gee…
    The magic of technology

  4. po

    Sonic Dreams

    For so long I have dreamed
    of the day when I can step
    in a sonic shower fully
    clothed and feel the

    barely visible virtual
    soft rain on my face.
    It cleans me and cleans and
    presses my suit. Step out,

    hang up my work
    clothes for the next day
    and step in my sonic-
    cleaned bed. Oh yes, they

    come in a hover
    capacity, clean drapes,
    bed, and carpets,
    your whole world.

  5. Miss R.

    Someday Somehow

    Maybe someday
    They’ll find a way
    That we can walk
    Among the clouds,
    Climbing cotton
    And frolicking
    In fluffy fields.
    Perhaps we’ll live
    Our childhood
    Dreams of dancing
    Across the sky
    On the clouds
    Maybe someday.

  6. PSC in CT

    “Time Travel”

    ’T were possible I might
    hop a train to tomorrow,
    wander next week, or perhaps
    peruse further into the future
    (to bide for a bit), to try to spy
    what might be coming down the pike; or
    maybe strike out for the past (just for fun)
    to find out how some things
    were done (before this
    technology or that); but
    while I might tour (wide and far)
    I’d (always) return to when-
    ever you are

  7. Rorybore

    Some great imaginative inventions! I am certain there are more than a few I could use.

    “Byte Me”

    years of memories
    fountains of words
    mountains of secrets
    each song I have heard

    all that made me smile
    that which made me cry
    every question ever asked
    each hello, each good-bye

    that first year of “firsts”
    watching your baby grow
    smiles, steps, foods and words
    so much you didn’t know

    the years stretch on
    so much more must go in
    passwords for this, PINs for that
    those lucky numbers so you can win

    so much info is stored
    until it all becomes a blur
    how it doesn’t all leak out
    I’m really not sure

    And still, I am young-ish
    so it doesn’t seem right
    with so much still to learn
    How can I get more Brain Memory Bytes?

  8. uneven steven

    Technology is greatly overrated.
    By how much is a matter
    of great consternation
    depending upon user, use
    and overall confabulation.
    Thus is recommended
    the patent pending
    uniquely useful
    high tech rating
    oscillator –
    an increasing green to red
    not cost benefit analysis
    but the more realistic
    cash in your pocket
    blood of your enemies
    See that reading there?
    A perfect score,
    most excellent.

  9. rustydude

    Nov 12 New Tech

    I need more time, to procrastinate,
    More room, in my hourly estate;

    No excuses, for things undone,
    Ample time, for everything fun;

    To-do list dwindles, all on its own,
    Projects raised, from simple seeds sewn;

    Never too many irons, in proverbial fire,
    Each tarries its own, down to the wire;

    If this all was possible, and could be true,
    So many, many things, I still wouldn’t do;

    I best stop pondering and get the monsters fed,
    Flip the switch, say a prayer, and off to bed.

  10. sonja j

    Storm Birds

    What we really need are houses that
    can walk. Through long summers they
    shake themselves and settle in to nest
    between the dunes, people living lightly
    in the cages of their hollow bones. When
    the storms come, they raise up like
    tri-coloured herons, like snowy egrets,
    balanced on long golden legs and ebony
    feet. With great care, they pick their way,
    step by step, back to the safe rookeries
    of parks, golf courses, any empty green
    space. Waves flog the barrier beaches,
    drown the marshes, but this is where
    they will wait out storm, hunched down,
    clapboards rippling like feathers.

    For island dwellers, we will have houses
    like petrels, like greater shearwaters, sailing
    up on the salt breezes, and migrating to
    safer winter grounds.

  11. shellaysm

    J.T.V. Balloon (a Luc Bat poem)

    Jetsons’ Transport Device
    Covers here to there twice as quick
    Space travel at a click
    Retro-futuristic in one
    This flying bubble’s fun
    Destination: the sun or moon
    The J.T.D. Balloon
    Too far past or too soon to tell?

  12. Bruce Niedt

    I Want a Robot

    I want a robot
    who does manuscript submission
    and all author’s drudgery
    while I go out fishin’.

    I want a robot
    who puts books on my shelf
    and shreds those rejections
    that I can’t do myself.

    I want a robot
    who will provide inspiration
    for my first best-seller,
    the talk of the nation.

    I want a robot who
    will – no, forget it,
    for if I get published,
    he might get the credit.

  13. Eleanore D. Trupkiewicz

    Science Fiction Technology

    Invisibility just begs to be
    mastered by one of those
    keen-eyed, witty engineers
    who stand around and
    dream about the millions
    and billions of things that
    could be designed for any
    purpose at all. If some
    piece of technology or a
    clever device could render
    me invisible, think of what
    I could accomplish: the
    chance to be a proverbial
    “fly on the wall” during a
    conversation—maybe even
    one about myself!—or to
    dodge an adversary on an
    empty street without having
    to pretend that I can still
    squeeze myself, in the event
    of an emergency, behind
    a telephone pole or stop sign.

  14. Jacqueline Hallenbeck

    True Love’s Beeper

    Invent a beeper he can carry
    so I can find a man to marry…
    True Love’s Beeper!

    A device that helps my sister
    find an awesome kind of mister…
    True Love’s Beeper!

    A million pagers so my cousins
    can find suitors by the dozen…
    True Love’s Beeper!

    Something that won’t make us wait.
    Make it now, before it’s too late…
    True Love’s Beeper!

  15. posmic


    If I ever made a waffle iron
    that could render any image
    crisped in golden batter,

    I would make sure it had
    a battery pack and a strap;
    then I’d sling it over my

    shoulder and hit the road.
    I’d stand on bridges in the
    cold, gray morning, call out

    to people who seemed to
    most need waffle portraits.
    This I would do for free,

    and I’d turn down offers
    from Bisquick, Hungry Jack.
    The local media would

    get wind; I’d make waffles
    of weathermen and anchors,
    on-the-scene reporters,

    all displayed over the last
    notes of the theme song
    that brings the morning

    news to a close. It would
    go downhill from there.
    I would be accused of

    making someone’s wife
    look “too doughy,” and
    IHOP would post notices

    in all its prefab chalets
    saying I was a threat
    and possibly insane.

    Eventually, I would write
    my goodbye in a waffle,
    leave it for the pigeons,

    melt away just as the sun
    slides over the earth’s
    heavy, broken edge.

  16. Michael Grove

    Magic Little Pill

    The ill will one day have their way.
    It still will happen one fine day.
    Yes, one day they surely will
    invent a magic little pill
    and all the world will be ok.

    By Michael Grove

  17. zevd2001

    Once upon a time Alice traipsed about
    a garden inside a looking glass where she
    discovered herself, how it was possible to be
    big or small, whatever would give you clout
    that filled a page with black letters onto white
    inside a book . . . a Cheshire cat reclined
    smoking a hookah pipe as she opined
    in clouds that spoke the sentences, all right

    for good ol’ Lewis Carroll. Nowadays
    there’s no need for imagination, to read a book
    the publishers of the stuff they have a hook
    into the market, a new approach that plays
    the game of reading generations far ahead
    of E-books, I-pods, all that hand held gear,
    it’s ink that flows up off the pad, forms clear
    images of what you have written spread

    across the air space so effortlessly
    nothing to do except to go with the flow
    dreaming the meanings visualizing so
    there is no need to draw a picture, we
    simply sit and watch the time pass by
    whatever hits the surface the ink floats
    because its programmed, I read the notes
    that come along with package. Don’t know why

    but I’ll let you onto a secret, please don’t tell
    even though the texting disappears
    and everything that’s recorded tells my ears
    what appears in a dark ectoplasm, a spell
    that works every time. I put the box away
    on a shelf in its original package as it was
    when I bought the contraption. I’m at a loss
    to say it, these days I read books a stack a day.

    Zev Davis

  18. RJ Clarken

    Push a Button

    I’m tired. I don’t want to cook.
    I’d rather sit and read a book.
    So here’s my wish: a Jetson’s dream…
    just push a button: mmmm…ice cream.

    I like to cook; don’t get me wrong.
    It’s just at times stuff comes along –
    yeah, stuff which I would rather do.
    Just push a button: mmmm…beef stew.

    And don’t forget that busy night.
    I’m doing work and want a bite.
    Future news flash! Here’s the story:
    push, and mmmm, mmmm…cacciatore.

    Hopefully this great invention
    in the future is convention.
    Contemplating a bit more ease?
    Just push, and mmmm…soufflé of cheese.


  19. The Wired Journal

    A High Tech gadget for Societal Control

    If I were a poet in the realm of inventions
    In this modern day and age
    I would need to reach an Edison
    Though they’ll never be another
    I bet somewhere out there
    There is one somewhere you know

    I could reach them with my lines
    Pretty little stanza’s
    All lined up in a row
    Each and every one
    Touching there very soul
    Opening their minds
    So the creativity flows

    Why he could be inspired
    And change the world you know

    Perhaps in implant of a high tech type
    A microchip of sorts
    to control the human brain

    They did just finish mapping it you know
    Those Psychologist’s and researchers
    They’ve mapped the brain
    So I’ve been told

    Why we could even eliminate
    The penal code
    and rid the world of criminals
    Because if we know
    what they think
    And use a mind control microchip
    We’ll stop the crime before it’s sown

    No crooked politicians
    Cause everyone would know
    And stop them rightly so

    So who among you readers
    Will create this societal behavior
    Implant control device
    And rid the world of evil
    The human race owns

  20. RJ Clarken

    Encyclopedia of Youth

    I wish there was a manual
    with updates semi-annual
    that gives some hints on what to do
    re teens and tweens. Well, wouldn’t you?

    A picture guide anthology
    which touches on technology,
    tattoos and piercings. Hormones, too,
    re teens and tweens. Well, wouldn’t you.

    I think this book could give me hope
    ‘cause as a mom, I’m such a dope!
    I’d like to nail the point of view
    re teens and tweens. Well, wouldn’t you?

    It would be nice: a reference point
    for keeping noses out of joint.
    Alas, no tome exists. No clue
    re teens and tweens. I wish I knew!


  21. JRSimmang


    You’ve been in my head before,
    finishing my sentences,
    grabbing me a mug of coffee when I desperately needed it.
    All these little things, the icing on the cake,
    were nice.
    I say nice.
    I mean
    not creepy.
    Now, with that little bug on the inside
    of your eye,
    attached ever so slightly to your
    prefrontal cortex,
    and snaking elegantly into your
    corpus collosum,
    and nestling as two lovebirds
    in your cerebellum,
    all these things you hear aren’t just
    little voices in your head.
    Now, they are my thoughts,
    combined with yours,
    in a way only science could.
    Love me forever,
    read my thoughts tonight.

  22. Yolee

    Interactive Real Life Ad

    In a commercial on television, a woman in the aspirin
    aisle is wearing jeans and a white buttoned blouse.
    Faith (viewing the commercial) notices she owns
    the exact pair of jeans. The blouse is a replica
    of the one she took out of the dryer minutes
    ago to hang in her closet.

    Faith sees a tight shot of that back of the actress’s
    familiar head and shoulders as she moves her neck
    up and down in search of something. A pharmacist
    walks in, asks can he help her find something.
    The lady turns. Faith realizes she is in the ad!

    She is watching herself on tv even though
    she never made a commercial. The actress
    smiles and says she heard cancer killing
    pills can now be purchased over-the-counter.

    Faith picks up the remote control and puts the ad on pause.

    She looks over at the island where she set the doctor’s
    orders down next to a dark blue bowl full of lemons.

  23. Domino

    So. Many. Books.

    I though I would hate you,
    my little e-reader,
    I thought I would never
    get over the fact
    that you don’t have
    actual paper
    and covers
    and that smell,
    that old book smell.

    But then
    I discovered something

    Once I was used to the way
    the pages turned
    (at the press of a button,
    and not the flip of a page),
    I realized that I could hold
    my entire
    in just one hand.

    I have everything from
    Patrick Rothfuss
    and Agatha Christie
    to Williams Shakespeare.
    From H.G. Wells
    and E.A. Poe
    and Arthur Conan Doyle
    to Janet Evanovich,
    J.D. Robb, and
    Isaac Asimov.

    Asimov and Heinlein and
    Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury
    would all be thrilled to learn
    that the idea of having a computer
    full of books for use on
    long space missions
    came far earlier
    and easier
    than they imagined in their books
    (that I also have safely stored away).

    Now, I can carry my library
    in my handbag.

    I can sit at the doctor’s office
    and read that 600 page novel
    without tiring my wrists at all.

    I can plug in my headphones and listen
    to audio book, or to any music
    I care to download to my e-reader.

    I can read my favorite magazines
    in color
    without contributing to any landfill

    I can switch books on an airplane
    without digging through my luggage,
    and can get the next volume
    in a series from the car seat
    in the middle of nowhere.

    We live in the future,
    and I am a happy resident

    Diana Terrill Clark

  24. Nancy Posey

    Time Machine Mini

    I don’t long to retreat to the Old West,
    sidling up to cowpokes or bellying up
    to the bar in the only saloon in town,
    sawdust on the floors, bullet holes
    in the walls, in the shadow of hills
    awash in gold nugget strewn streams.

    Not for me, those days in Paris
    drinking with fellow expatriates
    in street corner cafes, each one
    the next great one, rumors of war,
    the shocking thrill of bullfights,
    someone else picking up the tab.

    Nor would I venture forward
    into a future, not even a Jetson pad,
    every need anticipated, flying
    through the Milky Way, one plant
    at a time in my silver space suit.

    Ah, but I do dream of some device
    able to transport me back in time
    a minute, maybe two—just far enough
    that I could unsay those words I said,
    early enough to bite my tongue,
    to swallow those words I never
    meant to say, but can’t take back.

  25. Sara McNulty

    Poetic Asides November Challenge – Day 12
    Write a piece of technology or engineering that does not exist, but that should.

    Air Chair, All Aboard

    I must agree with Robert here
    Let’s strap ourselves to flight chairs, where
    we’d be so cozy, minds so clear.
    There’d be no airport seats in rear
    with knees scrunched up, and seat mate near
    to speak about his flying fear,
    that voice quavering in your ear.
    Let engineers perfect such gear,
    and I will be the first to cheer.

  26. elishevasmom

    The Muse Monitor

    While waiting for the bus
    someone says
    something catchy, perfect,
    cogently suited to
    a poem.
    So sure are you that
    you won’t forget,
    that you don’t take
    out your notebook to jot
    it down, because the
    bus has arrived
    and you barely get on as it is,
    with so many people.
    And even as you are
    jostled in this electric sardine
    can, you remember
    that tidy tidbit.
    But now you’ve been standing
    on your bum knee, not realizing
    that the thought theft
    (the muse’s evil twin) has
    snatched your bit of inspiration.
    But you don’t notice its
    absence right away when
    you get home—caring for that
    bum knee—then who knows
    how much later, you finally sit down
    at the computer to
    write. Too late to 911 the
    thought police. They will only tell
    you what you already know,
    that the trail has
    grown cold.
    You need to move on,
    setting a new muse catcher,
    baited with nonchalance,
    and the second
    she bites, slap a
    muse monitor on her.
    That way if she tries that
    runaway routine again,
    you can track her.

    Ellen Knight

  27. Sally Jadlow

    Tekky Dreamin’

    I’d like to have a computer
    in my watch.

    I could dictate a communication
    and it would appear printed
    in perfect format at its destination.

    When I wanted to see a screen,
    it would project on a wall.

    To make a call,
    I’d think of the person
    and the device would ring them up.

    To cook dinner,
    I’d order a menu to be in the oven
    when I arrived at home.

    While I was out, the watch
    would monitor the children,
    even into adulthood.

    I could command the vacuum sweeper
    to do the floors and toilet brushes
    to do a quick run-through the commodes.

    Until all that’s ancient history,
    I guess I’ll have to continue
    my duties as usual.

  28. Jane Shlensky

    Thanks for using my prompt, Robert. Love what you did with it. I’ll be back to read everyone later today.

    Sky Hook

    Elementary school was a marketplace
    of ideas, services, and products,
    older kids selling them with straight faces
    to younger kids naïve and hopeful.

    Smoke grinders, ghost stitchers, luck savers,
    foil pouches to preserve good ideas,
    the occasional mood ring. One joker’s junk
    or prank became some dimwit’s treasure.

    Although we grew up on a farm and milked cows
    twice a day, one cute prankster
    convinced my sister that black cows
    gave chocolate milk, red cows, strawberry.

    I saved my money for the sky hooks,
    somewhat fishy, sure, but with big jobs
    to do, flung upward with a line to tether me
    to sky doings, teaching me that foolishness

    is almost always visionary. Humans need
    skyhooks, (now redesigned and available to you).
    Launch an idea into the sky, winged hope,
    dream wagon, clear blue resurrection, then

    hold on and believe. Feel that tug, that lift?
    That’s the sky hook at work, lifting you
    from the mess and boredom of life as usual,
    raising you unfurled right up into possibility–

    hooked on better, snagged by wonder,
    the lightness of what if’s and why not’s
    floating like clouds, flashing like lightning.
    Some training may be required.

  29. claudsy

    I have to admit that this one makes a person think about what they’ve imagined over the years and which would bring them a thrill to see brought to reality. So many wonderful thoughts and dreams already. And it’s attached to verses that take the reader so many places, with the need to think, enjoy, and wish for more.

    For me, I’ll have one of these.

    “Holo Theater Presents”

    Enterprise had all the neat gadgets,
    Some made real and brought to us,
    But if there could be a holo deck
    Brought to a city near me
    Where all who wanted could go inside
    And play as new cast members
    Within the “holo” experience,
    I would find a way to build my
    World with fantastical creatures
    And adventures galore, to work
    Out my plots with action hailing
    From within imagination–
    Unleashed, made real.

  30. Mike Bayles

    Edit in Time

    I wish for a machine
    where I can go back in time
    and undo the mistakes I did.
    I could call for an edit
    of a wrong word
    said in the wrong place,
    and delete it
    or put it somewhere else
    where it might belong.
    A mistake I made,
    I could redo
    like another take
    to get a scene for a movie
    just right.
    Like an incarnation
    I’d live other lives
    again and again
    with no regret
    while I sit,
    replay scenes
    and listen to echoes of my mind.

  31. DanielAri

    “Engineered furnishings”

    In case the poetry thing doesn’t work out
    for me, you’ll be relieved to know I have skills.
    I build bookshelves, dressers, closets, cabinets,
    and other furniture from Ikea’s shelves.
    I am a craftsman of only the finest

    particle boards and composites. I have tools—
    the complete set. A hammer, and not one but
    two screwdrivers. I’ve also amassed some screws
    and several allen wrenches that are kept
    behind the dryer. (If I need them, I’ll get

    a magnet and a string from The Home Despot.
    (Did I say that?)) I can construct a brand new
    bookshelf in fewer than four goddamn-fuck-its
    and often in the space of an afternoon
    (so long as the wife has stocked the fridge with beers).

    Engineered furniture: it’s a train that smooth
    and useful. And I’m the engineer. Choo-choo!

      1. DanielAri

        So good to bond over this. I mean, the furniture is pretty amazing how it’s engineered for a layman like me, but at moments, all gratitude gets overwhelmed by frustration in process.

  32. bluerabbit47


    There is too much
    in the summer,
    blazing, baking, drying
    everything out
    There is too little
    in winter
    freezing, killing, wetting
    the world down
    Why not store
    it up in an absorbent
    layer somewhere
    deep underground
    and feed it out
    like drawing
    on an account?

  33. De Jackson


    I want to rock
    that sweet girl
    to sleep again,
    watch those lashes
    (sans sass)
    fall fast against your
    perfect cheek. I
    want to hear you
    say “lipskip” and
    “bluther” and
    “po-po cup” and
    giggle like there’s
    no tomorrow.

    But it’s
    with today’s eyes
    that I want to see.

    I guess what I want
    is a time machine.
    But I only want to
    put you in it,
    not me.


  34. Glory

    Making Time

    I can do without most things
    but time, elusive and evading
    all through the day, regardless of how I seek
    but never find.

    If only I could grasp, hold tight
    make time my own, move at a
    slower pace, oh how often do I seek
    but never find.

    Yet it’s there, the one thing in my life
    the rest I can do without, but time,
    oh to be eternally mine, no more will I say. . . time
    waits for no man – so never waits for me.’

  35. bluerabbit47


    The teacher monitors
    each twenty minutes
    the students spend
    on scheduled lessons,
    each designed to build
    on the last and all moving
    at different speeds
    like cars on a long highway
    headed for the same
    destination, and then the
    machines shut off
    and the students
    have a discussion
    about what it means
    to be human in a world
    where there is so much
    to learn and so much
    to love.

  36. bluerabbit47


    When I rise.
    before coffee,
    I breathe into the device
    and in a vast computer
    data flows.
    It compares
    It sorts
    It compiles
    It recommends
    and then it sends
    everything I need
    for perfect balance
    by express mail
    to my address.

  37. bluerabbit47


    I settle down
    under a tree
    beside a glittering
    mountain lake,
    my office for the day,
    and pull the tablet
    out of my pack,
    the one that has
    been charging
    all through my hike
    with movement,
    like a watch,
    and check in
    to put in my
    time on a project
    that needs me.
    I am a piece
    of the shade
    under this tree
    and something
    coming into
    being far away.

  38. Linda Rhinehart Neas

    Mind Readers

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful
    if I could simply think the words
    I wanted to say to you
    and our “Mind Readers”
    (Lovely little caps that would
    sit, oh so, elegantly on our
    craniums) could translate
    each sentence, perfectly
    would out one miscue!

  39. taylor graham


    We’re past the soccer field – too fast to catch a score.
    My pup, Loki – 11 months today – is fueled up,
    flying! Pulling me along, up the shortcut into woods,

    we hit the dirt-bike trail (47 humps & dips in a hundred
    yards). She never breaks stride, except to show me
    a bedroll behind a tree – human scent. Up to the rodeo

    grounds, around the horse arena – if I could bottle
    her energy, this too-quick-to-count dog-heartbeat, and
    sell it, I’d be rich. Past the little zoo, 3 wolves

    watch us through the fence; my pup doesn’t flinch,
    she’s focused on-trail. A peacock plumes – how many
    iridescent eyes? We keep on running. And here’s

    our quarry, Bree, sitting on a bench. A search-mile
    in 8 minutes. I’m out of breath; energized –
    I’m as good as rich. Loki’s elixir of life unbottled.

  40. Ber

    Day Dreamer

    Bring me an invisable cleaner
    that does it all when i’m gone

    Bring me an perfect chef
    that doesnt cook anything wrong

    Bring me a window cleaner
    so when the curtains are drawn to clear

    Bring me man in the night
    who comforts away my fear

    Bring me a warm sunshine
    that heals the cold that grasps my skin

    Bring me a magical shopping guy
    that fills my food lust thrill

    Bring me magic of all kinds
    to do the jobs that i can sometimes not do

    Bring me to my concious state
    because i clearly live in Timbucktoo

  41. Marianv

    Erasing the Oops!

    It only takes a moment
    Your brain goes out to lunch
    Your blabby mouth takes over

    You didn’t mean it THAT way
    You didn’t mean to ay that
    You didn’t think they could hear!

    Oh, if only! If you could just take back
    Those really stupid words, that expression
    Everyone is backing away in disgust, oh why! Why!

    Good news, my friend! Look around
    Those words have disappeared! The
    Magical, mystical word erasure has
    Bounded onto the stage! Whistle the
    Word erasure magic melody and
    That embarrassing moment is Gone

    Gone! Yes, forever disappeared
    from the memory of everyone
    who might have witnessed your gaffe

    You are saved, SAVED! No one will
    Know, no trace will remain of that
    Unpleasant utterance. You can
    Take it back! You can take it back
    And no one will ever remember!

    Sign here, please.

  42. JWLaviguer


    Can someone invent this one please
    the one that brings hatred to its knees
    no more cruelty, no innocents hurt
    no sons and daughter bleeding in the dirt
    bring peace and love and understand
    no borders to defend just one big land
    revamp the factories that made the bombs
    teach everyone to be good dads and moms
    technology is useful, yes that’s true
    but what it all comes down to is me and you.

  43. jared davidavich

    The Irony Of Technocracy

    with their demon breath
    and banshee screams,
    scare me-
    knowing that we gave in
    to them, to their fruit
    long ago is
    somewhat unsettling.
    Now we serve them
    coerced maybe,
    though still a daily choice,
    but soon, I fear
    our voice will be lost
    among the wails
    of windswept wastelands
    and deserted playgrounds,
    absent humanity
    and the memory of control.
    Edison said, “discontent
    is the first necessity
    of progress,”
    and though I may seem
    a hypocrite, I wish someone
    would take the initiative
    to invent a switch
    allowing us to stop
    and enjoy our lives
    while they still are

  44. Walt Wojtanik


    At last a device,
    a means of prevention,
    not to mention a method
    to not savor the flavor
    of shoe leather. Whether
    intended or no, you should go
    and buy yourself one,
    just a slip between
    cheek and gum, it’s the
    “Pedi-Impeder – meant to keep out
    your foot from your mouth”.

    *(Available in fluorescent green and “In my grill” chrome. Don’t leave home without it!)

  45. De Jackson

    Map Folder

    Never Eat Shredded Wheat
    when I’m missing you;
    only pie will do, and I
    was unfolding crust
    when I thought of something.

    I’m gonna invent a Map Folder.
    An engineering marvel,
    some tricky little magic gizmo
    to crease all those miles
    right down the center,
    just pull the ends together,
    half all those inches
    and then half them again
    bend ocean to ocean and
    tuck them in.
    Almost complete,
    one last pleat
    and I’ll be there by noon.

    Map Origami.

    You’ll fold it again, and we’ll go
                                      to the moon.


  46. DAHutchison


    Nano-robots in my brain,
    To dull the memories, kill the pain.
    There’d be one in my optic nerve,
    So I can know which way to swerve,
    Another in my inner ear,
    To amplify the things I hear,
    And if you love me less someday,
    The nanobots will make you stay,
    A timely oxytocin boost,
    You’ll look at me and be seduced,
    But if you cleave to some new guy,
    I’ll never stop to wonder why.
    The dose of robots must be weak,
    It’s not like I’m a control freak.

  47. Walt Wojtanik


    Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine?
    No, but I do it anyway because it’s sterile
    and I like the taste. ~Patches O’Houlihan in “Dodgeball”

    Even good taste can fall by the wayside,
    when expressed in bad taste. To even hint
    at bodily waste as consumable is to
    presume all hope is lost. There is no cost
    I will pay to sip at all that which is meant
    for the urinal! AND DON’T GIVE
    I will not go there, even when my grin
    suggests otherwise!

  48. J.lynn Sheridan

    Hidden Lavender Promise

    The sunset seems to loom
    a moment longer every day,
    another confusing belief,
    another lost evening,
    tales of births and deaths
    bewildering quests.

    If only for a panacea vortex
    to restore your memory
    and the light of your smile.

    —oh, fairest
    of them all—

    for you sequined in a
    hidden mirror of lavender
    and pearls,

    It’s tempting to eschew saged
    medicine when fantasy is just
    as real.

  49. Michelle Hed

    Memory Projector

    Your face is fading,
    your husky voice, just a whisper.
    Your pipe tobacco smell…
    a distant memory.

    To sing with you again,
    side by side –
    To hear you snap your fingers,
    shudder, that I could do without.

    To introduce my kids to you,
    what a treat that would be.
    For no matter what picture I paint with words,
    seeing you would bring you life again
    for them and me.

  50. Nancy Posey

    Call It a “Phone”

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful,
    would it be grand
    if there was this new invention
    and you’d hold it in your hand,

    but you wouldn’t have to type
    or try to read it while you walk?
    You’d simply call a number
    and when they answered, talk.

  51. Michelle Hed


    Three lanes of traffic
    one on top of another
    no asphalt between the lanes,
    just air.
    On the ground,
    the speedsters –
    Next, those going at a middling pace
    and finally,
    on the top –
    Those taking it slow.
    This way when the speedsters crash,
    their debris does not rain down
    on three layers of traffic.

  52. Andrew Kreider

    The Argu-tron

    Begin with the red button
    to select your topic
    then use the sliders
    to determine intensity of
    emotion and range of years
    for dragging up the past.

    Adjust the blue dial
    for comebacks that have
    nothing to do with
    the topic at hand
    and indicate the amount of
    energy you wish to expend.

    Plot your preferred outcome
    on the axes ranging
    from verbal recognition
    to extravagant gifts,
    and from sheepish apology
    to a hot roll in the sheets.

    Press enter,
    and get on with something
    more productive in the meantime.

  53. JanetRuth

    The Poems so far are fantastic!

    ( I realize my poem is not exactly technology but, it would be nice if someone invented this:) Due to mothering challenges this is the first thought that came to mind:))

    Mankind discovers countless cures
    To soothe or relieve our ill
    But I wish that somebody could invent
    A healthy patience pill

    Then, for life’s sudden grievances
    Or lack of kind good-will
    We wouldn’t fret, but simply pop
    A little patience pill

    Technology is never done
    Progress never stands still
    And I’m inclined to think someday
    They’ll make a patience pill

    For traffic jams or check-out lines
    While waiting for Jill or Bill
    Or as we wait to see the doc
    We pop a patience pill

    And wouldn’t it be lovely
    If we could get a free re-fill
    Simply by snapping our fingers
    Oops, I think we need a patience pill

    © Janet Martin

    Here is another ad for Patience Boosters:)

    In this world of texting and technology and instant everything
    the demand for patience is higher than ever before. The lack thereof has increased blood-pressure, traffic accidents, lazy attitudes, apathy, ignorance…the list is endless.

    Now we have exactly what you have been waiting for!
    …while your child throws a tantrum, or your spouse is late to dinner ….again, or your sister borrowed your favorite shoes without asking or your employees call in sick because its sunny; NO WORRIES !

    Here is your opportunity to enjoy our NEW in a thousand flavors Patience Booster. Patience Booster is available in a pill, in instant flakes, or simply pour our versatile pre-packaged mix into a blender, add water and WALLA! you have a smooth, delectable and satisfying mini-vacation while immediately forgetting what had you so intensely stressed! Did your wife forget to pay ‘that bill’? NO PROBLEM! Instant patience booster immediately dissolves any reaction of distress or rage. Are you stuck in traffic? Wonderful!. Our Patience Booster Lozenges are perfect, long-lasting and will turn your waiting time into an experience of blissful diversion. With Patience Booster you no longer need to fear sudden melt-downs or uncontrollable fits of frustration. Patience Booster is guaranteed to immediately distract and dissolve your annoyance and its negative side effects

    This is a limited time offer, so PLEASE! Have your credit card available and call 1-777-444-0000. If you call in the next 15 minutes not only will you get the full Patience Booster Variety Pack, but we will include one free sample of Forever Youth, so pick up your phone and call immediately. You cannot afford to be without this product one moment longer! Once more the # is 1-777-444-0000. an operator is waiting to take your call. If they are busy PLEASE stay on the line, your call is important to us and we will be with you shortly.In the mean-time won’t you consider doubling your order so you do not need to worry about running out?

  54. Walt Wojtanik


    Apple® presents
    it’s latest release,
    and revenge have never
    been so sweet or so easy.
    It’s a sleazy little tab
    that takes a stab at
    your enemies and
    your friends alike.
    Remember our motto:
    “Keep it between just us,
    one man’s revenge is
    another man’s justice.
    Now, there’s an app for that!
    It’s an i4-NI. Coming in 2013,
    Steve is gone, but you’re
    still getting “Jobbed”!

      1. Jane Shlensky

        Connie, Mike, Maurie, and Walt,

        I’m consolidating in hopes that something will post. Maybe we need some from your lips to poet’s ears device???

        Connie–That ending is a hoot. You kids stop your dematerializing right now! With an Oops! REcovery system option?

        Mike==you wag you. If those shoes could walk me in my sleep, now you’re talking ;)

        Walt–I both love and fear this, depending of course of which end of the app I am at any given moment. Brilliant. Trying to post on this site FEELS like vengeance at work.

        Maurie–I also want a dishwasher table. Could you get that thing to cook and serve too?

        Robert–There really needs to be an invention called an IT professional who can make posting less onerous. Have those not been invented yet? This is number 9 of trying to post this. One more?

  55. Connie Peters


    When I think of landfills
    all around the world
    cluttering up our beautiful planet,
    I wish I could make them all disappear,
    just snap my fingers and they’d be gone.

    So wouldn’t it be nice,
    instead of trash compactor
    or garbage disposal,
    we’d have a dematerializing device
    to be installed in our cabinetry?

    Just put the unwanted item in
    and zap, there no more.
    But it couldn’t be very big,
    otherwise I’d be afraid
    children would go missing.

  56. Maurie

    Not invented yet
    I thought I saw it once
    in Tomorrow Land
    though it could have been
    a dream
    In Tomorrow Land
    I, the second oldest of six
    drooled when I spied it
    A device so simple in concept
    designed to eliminate
    every child’s distain for
    that hideous chore
    doing dishes
    A dining table
    but more than that
    Flip up the center
    clean dishes appear
    serve, eat, stack them back
    push a button
    down they go
    to be washed

  57. viv


    A means of turning rain on and off
    and controlling quantity
    would be of immense benefit
    to mankind.
    An omnipotent designer-cum-inventor
    should find it easy to create.

    A third hand would be useful
    to hold things while you twiddle with the other two.
    I can see that the technology of nerve and synapse
    connections would be testing to the inventor
    but it shouldn’t be impossible to master.

    A switch to turn sleep on and off
    at need, located behind the right ear
    would be convenient,
    during long maundering sermons
    and political speeches
    and as a road safety device.

    This exercise could go on all day,
    the possibilities are endless,
    so a first priority should have been
    a time extender –
    and contractor, come to think of it,
    for waiting rooms and queues.
    Then I might think up a few more ideas.

    1. viv

      Second draft:

      A means of turning rain on and off
      and controlling quantity
      would be of immense benefit
      to mankind.
      An omnipotent designer-cum-inventor
      should find it easy to create.

      A third hand would be useful
      to hold things while you twiddle with the other two.
      I can see that the technology of nerve and synapse
      connections would be testing,
      but it shouldn’t be impossible to master.

      A switch to turn sleep on and off
      at need, located behind the right ear
      would be convenient for insomniacs
      and long distance lorry drivers,
      during long maundering sermons
      and political speeches
      and as a road safety device.

      This exercise could go on all day,
      the possibilities are endless,
      so a first priority should have been
      a time extender –
      and contractor, come to think of it,
      for waiting rooms and queues.
      Then I might think up a few more ideas.

        1. Jane Shlensky

          me too, de. some great ideas, viv. I heard a fellow once say he needed another hand to scratch with. I’ve been trying not to think about that for years.

  58. Mariya Koleva

    Here is the device I wish existed. I’m not sure if it is actually a technological one, but what else could it be? Anyway I look at it, it will be a very useful device:


    To catch my dreams
    So I can see them
    And remember
    If I want to.

    (I posted in the forum thread, too. Here it is taking its 6th attempt already)