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The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters


Discover practical advice for crafting persuasive letters that connect with editors and agents alike in The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters. Plus, check out dozens of real-life query letters and see how yours stacks up.

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My name is Kelly Nickell, and I’m the executive editor for Writer’s Digest Books. This means that, among other things, I handle new acquisitions and edit a number of writing how-to books each year.
I’ve been with the Writer’s Digest family since 2000, starting out as an assistant editor with Writer’s Digest magazine and worked my way up. It’s probably fair to say that I’ve spent most of the last decade reading about writing, talking about writing, thinking about writing, and writing about writing.
I’ve always felt thankful to be working with a subject matter I love so much. I guess that’s because, like so many of you, I plan to write a book of my own some day (soon!). So when I’m acquiring a new book or editing a project, I can’t help but approach it with the enthusiasm of someone truly eager to learn more about the craft.
This is why I’m honored and excited to offer you these weekly recommendations. From one writer to another, these are the books that will inspire and instruct as you continue to grow as an artist.