Introducing Our New Advice Column for Writers: Funny You Should Ask!

Have you ever wished you could get advice on your writing life, your pursuit of publication, and everything in between, from an expert source would tell it to you straight, with good humor and grace?

So have we! That’s why we’re excited to announce WD’s new advice column, “Funny You Should Ask,” in which popular literary agent Barbara Poelle—known for her knack for spotting debut talent at Irene Goodman Literary Agency as well as for her approachable, refreshingly honest and sometimes irreverent style of instructing writers—will begin tackling your toughest problems and offering up her best advice for writers in the pages of Writer’s Digest magazine.

Some of you might recognize Barbara Poelle’s name from our October issue (on newsstands now), in which she courageously fielded tough questions (and I do mean tough, e.g., “Where do agents get off with a no-response-means-no submissions policy?” “Do you secretly hate in-person pitches?”) in our “Ask an Agent Anything!” feature. Her responses were equal parts informative and entertaining, and the positive feedback from our readers has been overwhelming. On Twitter, Poelle’s clients applauded the piece, saying that even they had learned a lot from it. One woman went so far as to write to us and say, “Bravo! Give this woman a column!”

Well, we were one step ahead of her, and already in talks with Poelle. I’ve known Barbara for years and find her to be one of the best in the business–and one of the most fun, too. So I’m just thrilled beyond words that she has agreed to come on board and answer questions from our readers. I have no doubt that her column is going to be a fan favorite.

But first, she needs to hear from you! No question is off limits, as long as it’s relevant to some aspect of the writing life or the publishing world. Submit your questions (anonymous aliases welcome, a la “Sleepless in Seattle”) to writersdigest [at] fwmedia [dot] com with “Funny You Should Ask” in the subject line. Select questions will be answered in Writer’s Digest magazine (and may also appear on or in other WD publications).

Jessica Strawser
Editor, Writer’s Digest Magazine

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Our New Advice Column for Writers: Funny You Should Ask!

  1. cherylraye

    I received the following rejection:
    “Thanks for your interest in our agency. Unfortunately you’ve caught me at a time when the demands of my current clients leave me with very little time to devote to exploring new talent and unfortunately in this case I have to pass on the opportunity to pursue this. I am being extremely picky so please seek many opinions since my decision may have little to do with the salability of your work.’
    i wonder if it is the wrong time of year to send out queries?

  2. Niti Chandra


    I have already published two fiction novels, the manuscript of the third book is ready and I have already started writing my fourth fiction novel. I m based in India and my publisher is not much into marketing of novels. So I have not earned even a single penny to date from my two published novels. Now I have been advised by a friend that ebooks have a greater circulation and pays well.

    Request you to please advise me the procedure of publishing an ebook and how do I earn by selling my ebooks?


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