10 Steps to Getting Published

How I Got Published by Ray White and Duane Lindsay

  1. Join a critique group.
  2. Complete your manuscript and your query letter and at least one synopsis.
  3. Edit it till it screams.
  4. Come up with a gripping title (and incredible concept).
  5. Enter writing contests (gets you meetings with agents/editors).
  6. Research literary agents and agencies (so you know what they like to represent and can personalize your query to them—and so you know what their submission guidelines are).
  7. Go to conferences (fish where the fish are biting) and make yourself known to the agents and editors so you can open your query with the line, "When I met you at the blah, blah conference, you said I should send this to you."
  8. Develop a submissions schedule and mail queries out every week; log responses. Your critique group can help you perfect your query letter and synopsis.
  9. Develop a thick skin. Remember, how you handle rejection is a matter of attitude.
  10. Never Give Up.

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