This Is Not a Writing Manual: Teacher’s Edition

Thank you for purchasing This Is Not a Writing Manual. Our hope is that the Teacher’s Edition, available at the link below, will aid you in developing assignments and activities for your class that will encourage creative thought and foster lifelong writing skills.

In this package is a series of lesson plans that have been put in a logical progression, starting with the Think Like an Editor workshop, which coaxes students into critique mode with writing that is not their own. However, you do not have to do the lessons in the order in which they’ve been put, nor do you have to do all, or even several, of the lessons in order to give your students a valuable taste of the creative writing process. Feel free to pick your favorite lesson and just do that one. These lessons will improve the writing of any students in middle and high school, and Advanced Options have also been provided for more mature and experienced students, even at the college level, including a bonus advanced workshop about revision, called “Cut Half.”

Other writing class essentials included in the package: “Workshop Ground Rules,” a “Guide to Forming a Teen Writing Group,” and a “Reader’s Guide for This Is Not a Writing Manual.”

Download the This Is Not a Writing Manual Teacher’s Edition here.