Don’t Write a Book Without a Buyer

(The following is a guest post by Rob Eagar) During the recent housing crash that devastated our economy, a lot of builders built homes based on speculation called “spec homes.”  In these situations, a house was planned, designed, and built before a prospective buyer was confirmed.  Building spec homes offers the...

Challenge Assumptions to Sell More Books

Guest post by Rob Eagar Every author wants a lot of people to buy their books. But, people won’t buy a book unless they feel a reason to read – regardless if it’s fiction or non-fiction. People want to know up-front if your book will help solve a problem, inspire them...

Tips to Make Selling Your Fiction a Reality

Guest Post by Rob Eagar Earlier this year, I heard a publishing executive say, “The best way to market your fiction is to write more fiction.” I disagree with this idea, because it insinuates that you can ignore marketing your original book. Writing more stories does not a marketing plan make....

The Skinny on Social Networking

Guest post by Rob Eagar Marketing books via blogs, Twitter, and Facebook has become an extremely confusing topic for many authors. Some people herald social media as the saviour of marketing. Others complain that their online efforts rarely produce tangible results. As an expert who has coached over 400 authors on...

Cool Tools to Track Author Platform Growth

Guest blog by Rob Eagar Most authors want to build a larger platform and sell more books. But, how do you track the success of your marketing and platform-growth efforts? There are several obvious factors you can use, such as increased book sales, speaking engagements, Twitter followers, or newsletter subscribers. However,...

How to Keep Some Privacy When Using Social Media

In an age when both working and aspiring writers are expected to be “out there” more than ever before, privacy has become a luxury unaffordable to those of us not named Stephen King or Dan Brown. Sure, writers have always had to be visible at book signings and the like, but...

How to Build a Marketing Platform

Here are 10 simple steps that will take your visibility from zero to standout in a short time, while also giving you ample opportunities to flex your expertise, carve out your niche topic and connect with your audience.

by Christina Katz

Is Blogging Right for You?

These days one of the answers to the question “What should I do to market my book?” is all too often “Go forth and blog.” But blogging isn’t right for every author.

by M.J. Rose

Why All Authors Need a Platform

Before you are in a position to land a book deal, you need to construct a platform that will build your future book's readership, project your professionalism, and attract the interest of editors and agents.