Writer’s Digest Books Submissions Guidelines

Writer’s Digest Books is the premiere source for instructional books on writing and publishing for an audience of aspirational writers.

Our instructional books stress results and how to achieve them. All books should be well-researched, yet lively and readable. We do not want to see books telling readers how to crack specific nonfiction markets: Writing for the Computer Market or Writing for Trade Publications, for instance. We are most in need of fiction-technique books written by published authors.

Most queries we receive are either too broad (how to write fiction) or too niche (how to write erotic horror), and don’t reflect a knowledge of our large list of backtitles. We rarely publish new books on journalism, freelancing, magazine article writing, or marketing/promotion unless it has a unique hook and the author has a strong platform. We are actively seeking fiction and nonfiction writing technique books with fresh perspectives, interactive and visual writing instruction books, and general reference works that appeal to an audience beyond writers.

Be prepared to explain how the proposed book differs from existing books on the subject.

Typical manuscripts are 70–80,000 words. Query amy.jones@fwmedia.com with the words “Writer’s Digest Books Query” in the subject line. Please paste your query in the body of the email. No attachments. Will respond in 1–2 months.

If interested, we will ask for a full proposal. In a full proposal, we expect to see: an overview of the topic, where this book fits into the marketplace, how it’s different from similar books, a list of comparable and competitive titles, the author’s bio and platform, a TOC, and 2–3 sample chapters.

NOTE: Any submissions that are not nonfiction writing reference will be deleted without response.