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Writing short stories is one of the most fun forms of writing, but when it comes to publishing a short story things get a little tricky. They are a tough sell to publishers, but it isn’t impossible to sell them. Getting short stories published starts with great short story writing—but writing a query letter that hooks an editor and following the right submission process can set you apart from the other stories that get tossed in the slush pile. Let us help you.

In this free download from Writer’s Digest called Short Story Submission Tips and Query Examples, you’ll get quick and simple advice on how to craft dynamite query letters for your short stories, plus you’ll learn how to properly submit them to editors for the best chance at finding publishing success. This download also includes sample query letter examples that you can use as a model for your own query letter. And the best part about this download is that it’s FREE.

Publishing Short Stories: Short Story Submission Tips and Query Examples

Submission Tips for a Short Story Writer

Learn how to turn your love of writing short stories into a career with this free eBook!

Now that your short story writing ideas are fine tuned, it’s time to turn them loose on the market and get started on publishing your short stories. Here’s a small excerpt from our Short Story Submission Tips and Query Examples free download providing you with the basic advice on how to breakdown the paragraph structure of your query letter:

Your cover letter is important for two reasons: It lets the editor know who you are and how you write. This is different than a query because you are submitting the story along with the letter. The best cover letters contain three short paragraphs, in the following order:

  • The introductory paragraph states the story’s title, then hooks the editor with a brief description of the story.
  • The biographical paragraph explains, in one or two sentences, a bit about yourself that is pertinent to the story, such as previous publishing credits, why you’re sending it to this particular publication or how a personal experience influenced your story.
  • The concluding paragraph politely closes the letter. While publication will hinge on the story itself, a strong cover letter will ensure your story will at least get a close read. Remember to keep it brief and to the point.

For additional short story publishing advice, including formatting specs, the dos and don’ts of writing a short story query letter, short story writing tips and more download Writer’s Digest’s Short Story Submission Tips and Query Examples. Do it now so you can reference it—and the three query letter examples—every time that you finish a short story. The more quickly you can your story out to editors, the more quickly you have a chance to get published and get paid for your work.

What are you waiting for? Turn your love of writing short stories into a collection of published stories with the help of this download!

Enjoy writing short stories but keep getting stuck in the publishing process? Looking for a sample query letter suited to short story publishing? If so, this free download is for you. Discover the secrets to getting your short stories published plus important submission tips and three query letter examples, all in this eBook. Plus, no matter how many short stories you write, you can keep this free download and reference it time and time again to help you get published.

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