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4 Responses to Selling Your Work Online Free Download

  1. sid08orange says:

    I wish I could read the free down load about, “Selling Your Book Online. However, The hour is late, or earl,y depending on one’s point of view 1:05 CDT. I am going to call it a day. As a poor struggling writer, I appreciate free stuff

  2. Melinda Liu says:


    To download this free excerpt, after you click ‘sign in here’ (near the picture of the book), click home, then proceed with clicking your choice of free download from the list at the home page.

  3. frakack says:

    I can’t get the “Selling Your Work Online Free Download’ to download. Someone help me please. I sign in and nothing happens.

    • I am Marvin D. Schrebe, Owner/Editor of Mid-Ohio Valley Poetry Magazine. If I can get thios reply to upload I want to anoounce that we are taking submissions of haiku and short stories for our June issue. Deadline is 15 May 2013. We pay $15.00 per issue or a subscription to the magazine, which ever the author prefers. We usually respond to queries within 24 hours by e-mail but definitely within a week. We are Christians so let’s try to keep our stories kid family friendly. Thank you.

      Marvin Schrebe
      Mid-Ohio Valley Poetry Magazine http://www.marvinspoetrypage.com chaplainmarvinwv@gmail.com

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