Marketing Tips from M.J. Rose and Doug Clegg

Writers and marketing gurus M.J. Rose and Doug Clegg gave many authors some quick and dirty selling advice at their Buzz your Book session. Here are a few tips from their session.

• Consider giving your novel a nonfiction hook that will put you ahead of the game when it comes to garnering media attention.

• Even before your book is due to be published, hunt down 100 blogs that cover the content you’re writing about in your book. For example, if you’re writing a book about a family, track down parenting blogs with strong followings and become an active contributor.

• Start your own blog, but don’t use it primarily as an overt selling tool for your book. Create compelling content that will draw readers to the subject matter you’re covering in your book.

• Start an e-newsletter list as soon as possible. If you can develop a substantial web presence and have a long list of newsletter subscribers who are interested in your work, this will go a long way in attracting a publisher.

• Until you have a number of books out, it’s unnecessary to have a website. Use a blog instead—it’s free and it already has a built-in community.

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