Robert’s Rules of Writing

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Robert’s Rules of Writing

101 Unconventional Lessons Every Writer Needs to Know
by Robert Masello
Writer’s Digest Books, 2005
ISBN 1-58297-326-1
$14.99 paperback, 224 pages

About the Book
You already have a million writing books. You know the principles, the lectures, the “expert” techniques. And you’ve discovered that sometimes tried-and-true just equals tired.

In Robert’s Rules of Writing, successful author Robert Masello stomps out status quo writing advice and delivers 101 uninhibited techniques to improve your writing that include:

  • Burn your journal (See Rule 1.)
  • Strip down to your briefs (See Rule 38.)
  • Spend time gossiping (See Rule 61.)
  • Buy the smoking jacket (See Rule 56.)
  • Skip the Starbucks (See Rule 7.)
  • De-claim! De-claim! (See Rule 63.)

Whether you’re a fiction writer, freelancer, memoirist, or screenwriter, Robert’s Rules of Writing gives you the unorthodox advice to transform your writing life and get published!

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