Be a Productive Writer

Download these worksheets to accompany the instruction found in The Productive Writer by Sage Cohen:

Your Platform at a Glance

Sample Daily Time Log

Sample Weekly Schedule: Part-Time Writer

Sample Weekly Schedule: Full-Time Writer

Weekly Schedule Template

Work/Life Filing Conventions

Fear Dialogue Template

Fear Journal Template

Sample Social Media Game Plan

Motivation Master Plan Template

Productive Promotion Checklist Template

Sample Writing Success Log

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One thought on “Be a Productive Writer

  1. swcrowe

    As a longtime writer-editor trying to make the transition from employee to freelancer, my biggest struggle is trying to get organized. So when I look at someone like Sage Cohen – author, poet, teacher, mother of young children – I wonder how she does it. But, thanks to her gem of a book, “The Productive Writer,” I don’t have to wonder any more. She spells out everything in detail, with practical steps for filing, scheduling, balancing work and life, and more. She’s even made blank worksheets from her book available for free on

    I don’t like to be told that inner voices of my past are holding me back, but when Sage talks about overcoming fears her advice is palatable. I highly recommend this book for people who, like me, who have spent most of their careers in work environments where organization and deadlines were imposed on us and who now need to learn how to create order and urgency for ourselves. As for younger writers, you would be wise to learn these things now.


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