You Can Write a Novel Kit

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You Can Write a Novel Kit
By James V. Smith
Writer’s Digest Books, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-58297-526-9
$22.99 boxed kit

This must-have kit includes the You Can Write a Novel instructional book and five guided notepads designed to help you with:

  • Scene Development
  • Major Character Development
  • Minor Character Development
  • Revision
  • Progress Monitoring

Eliminate that "where to begin?" trepidation that can ruin the novel-writing process. This kit gives you all the tools you need to turn your idea into a salable novel.

Veteran novelist James V. Smith breaks down the novel-writing process into easy, manageable steps and provides you with five distinct guided notepads to help you put together a story. Plus, with the instructional book, you can refine your fiction techniques using timeless how-to advice and strategies, such as an idea-scoring system, forty cardinal writing rules, and more!

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