Make a Scene

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Make a Scene: Crafting a Powerful Story One Scene at a Time

by Jordan E. Rosenfeld
Writer’s Digest Books, 2007
ISBN: 978-158297-479-8
$14.99 paperback, 256 pages

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Q & A with Jordan Rosenfeld:
Hear firsthand how Jordan Rosenfeld makes a scene.

Scenes are essential fictional units, and if a single unit falters, then an entire novel or short story can be weakened. While there is no paint-by-numbers formula for writing powerful scenes, writers can drastically improve their entire manuscripts by understanding the primary components of a given scene and how to manipulate those components to create the desired amount of drama, emotion, tension, energy, and intrigue. Make a Scene explains the fundamentals of strong scene construction and how other essential fiction-writing techniques, such as character development, pacing, description, transitions, etc., must function within the framework of individual scenes in order to provide substance and structure to the overall story.

With precise instruction, examples from bestsellers, unique exercises, and scene-writing tips from successful authors, this book shows readers how to craft each scene so that it renders a vivid emotional punch, establishes and maintains tension, and propels the reader forward.

About the Author
Jordan E. Rosenfeld is a contributing editor to Writer’s Digest magazine, and a freelance writer and author. Her articles, essays and reviews have been published in numerous publications including, The St. Petersburg Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Writer, and her book reviews are regularly featured on NPR-affiliate KQED Radio’s “The California Report.” She’s co-founder of “Write Free!” a method to help people attract a creative life, which has spawned the book, with Rebecca Lawton, Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life (Kulupi Publishing) and a monthly newsletter. Find out more about Jordan at and about Write Free at

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