The Lost Saranac Interviews

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The Lost Saranac Interviews: Forgotten Conversations With Famous Writers
by Joe David Bellamy and Connie Bellamy
Writer’s Digest Books, 2007
ISBN: 978-158297-481-1
$19.99 hardcover, 288p

What if you could spend an exclusive week with today’s most celebrated authors, discussing writing, literature, and how to develop your craft?

The Lost Saranac Interviews takes you back in time to one of the most stimulating and dynamic writing environments of the past thirty years. You’ll take a voyeuristic journey into an island retreat where famous writers once gathered to have deep conversations about literature and writing. From 1974-1979, distinguished writers would congregate to discuss their work and the hardships and joys of the writing life in the wooded cabins and lodges surrounding idyllic Saranac Lake in upstate New York. Invaluable transcripts and photographs have captured the essence of the time, which celebrated the importance of community and conversation between writers.

This book features interviews with authors who rarely give such in-depth and revealing interviews about themselves and their work, and some of the interview questions come not only from the interviewer but also from the audience of writers. The issues discussed at Saranac are still very much the same issues writers discuss today.

Never before have the Saranac conversations and interviews been made available. Open the covers of this book to become a part of a special exchange that will  forever change the way you live your writing life.

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