How I Got Published

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What does it take to go from unknown hopeful to published author?
Writing is a lonely occupation where rejection is the norm, and learning about the early hardships of today’s  best-selling authors can provide vital reassurance (and comic relief) to aspiring authors. These compelling stories of perseverance and publication will nurture your dreams until you succeed. Inside you’ll find:

  • How more than 80 authors launched a successful career—in their own words. Many of these stories appear in this book for the very first time, while others are famous and have been passed down as literary legend.
  • Ten "absolute" rules to follow for publishing success, gleaned from an analysis of more than fifty how-to-get-published books.
  • Inspiration and instruction that will help you realize your publishing dreams.

How I Got Published focuses on the scary and exciting time when writers are poised to jump before they discover if they can fly—the days when a writer has nothing but a manuscript and an idea or a story, and a desire to get it published.

Everybody loves a success story, and this book will leave you feeling energized and upbeat about finding your way.

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