The Dictionary of Disagreeable English, Deluxe Edition

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The Dictionary of Disagreeable English, Deluxe Edition

A Curmudgeon’s Compendium of Excruciatingly Correct Grammar
by Robert Hartwell Fiske
Writer’s Digest Books, 2006
ISBN 978-1-58297-418-7
$19.99 hardcover, 400 pages

About the Book
The Grumbling Grammarian is back with a revised and expanded edition of The Dictionary of Disagreeable English. In this second edition, Robert Hartwell Fiske has added more language blunders, additional witty commentary, and a new feature that includes frequently asked questions about language.

Fiske rails against “laxicographers and ding-a-linguists” who, with their misguided thinking, actually promote the dissolution of the English language. He also illustrates why dictionaries don’t always provide the correct meaning or usage of a word. With concise instruction and numerous examples of misused words, Fiske makes it easier than ever to learn from others’ mistakes.

About the Author

Robert Hartwell Fiske is the author of The Dictionary of Concise Writing and The Dimwit’s Dictionary, and the editor of Vocabula Bound: Outbursts, Insights, Explanations, and Oddities. He is the author of three Vocabula Books: 101 Wordy Phrases, 101 Foolish Phrases, and 101 Elegant Paragraphs. He is also the editor and publisher of The Vocabula Review (, a monthly online journal about the English language.

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