How to Get Your Novel Down on Paper

A few years back, Evan Marshall laid out his strategy for success in The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing. Now he brings you his blueprint for literary triumph, The Marshall Plan Workbook. Loaded with forms, templates and charts that help you realize your novel, Marshall also offers essential advice to help you get down on paper the novel that’s been in your head for so long.

Here are some tips from Chapter 7, The Story Goal—Your Novel’s Engine:

  • The goal your lead character sets to solve the crisis must be the most logical goal she would set under the circumstances.
  • This goal must cause your lead to try to gain either possession of something (for example, a person, a thing or information) or relief from something (for example pain, suffering, fear, oppression, loneliness, domination or poverty).
  • It must be clear that if your lead fails to achieve this goal, he will suffer terrible consequences. Life without the crisis solved would be unthinkable.
  • Your lead must have a worthy motivation for pursuing this goal. It’s not enough that your lead is pursuing this goal to solve the crisis. Some worthy motivations are duty, love, honor, justice, dignity, integrity, patriotism, redemption and self-respect.
  • The goal must pit your lead against great odds. It should seem virtually impossible for the lead to achieve this goal.

    Learn more about The Marshall Plan Workbook ($19.99) and the The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing ($15.99).

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