Fiction Tips You Can’t Do Without

Would you like Jane Smiley to teach you about revision? How about John Barth sharing his thoughts on plot? Do you think Richard Russo could show you a thing or two about depicting character?

Essentially that”s what you”ll get when you pick up a copy of Creating Fiction. Twenty-four esteemed and award-winning contributors from the Associated Writing Programs guide you through hundreds of exercises aimed at improving your writing.

They”ll share their expertise on other subjects like using voice, POV, humor and minor characters to make existing stories better.

Here are some tips from Charles Baxter, author of The Feast of Love about using inflection, tone and pitch:

  1. Write two scenes in which the same sentence is inflected differently so that is has one meaning in the first scene and the opposite meaning in the second scene.
  2. Write a scene with dialogue in which emphasis and repetition substitute for eloquence.
  3. Write a scene in which crucial moments of dialogue are “flipped,” that is, given an inflection that seems to go against the way they would customarily be said or spoken.

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