Author, Heal Thyself

Like an ambulance rushing to the scene, its siren wailing, its lights flashing, Fiction First Aid by Raymond Obstfeld comes to the rescue for your writing. Is the description in your fiction half-dead? Is your dialogue suffering from lockjaw? Are your metaphors overwrought with aches? This book is your fiction cure-all.

Obstfeld jumps right to identifying your writing problems, diagnosing them and offering treatment, utilizing examples from great literature from Charles Dickens to Roddy Doyle.

Here’s a little advice on the subject of theme:

Consider your favorite story using the “Three-Act” Plot Structure: Departure, Initiation and Return. Determine exactly where you think the Departure (call to adventure), initiation (road of trials), and return (back to the familiar world) begins and ends.

Now, do the same with one of your stories. If you are able to do this, you should be able to answer the critical thematic questions:

  • Why did the events in your story take place?
  • How are the characters changed by what they went through?
  • What insight into the situation does the reader gain as a result of experiencing your plot?

    Learn more about Fiction First Aid ($16.99).

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