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Pleasing the Writer’s Ultimate Employer

As a writer, whether you believe you're working for an editor, publisher, an agent, or yourself, you're really working for the readers who pick up your writing looking for something that serves them.

What a Good Editor Will Do for You

An experienced line editor can make a subpar manuscript good and a good manuscript brilliant. Beena Kamlani offers the kind of editing you should expect when you turn your novel in to the big house.

The Write-At-Home Mom

You know the feeling: there just aren't enough hours in the day. But are you sure? Between the first bowl of cheerios and the last reading of "goodnight moon," you can squeeze in a writing career.

Reality Check

She scribbled some notes, got an agent, wrote proposals, collected rejections, landed a publishing deal and finally—finally!—put the book together. But at what point does the whole thing become real?

Literary Legends

What's old in writing advice seems new again, as one writer discovered on his trip back in time through the Writer's Digest archives.

Four Tips for Better Book Proposals

Turn your diamond-in-the-rough proposal into a real gem with help from the author of more than 20 published romance novelswho gives you the inside scoop on the four Cs editors and agents use to evaluate proposals (and find diamonds).

How to Find the Joy of Writing

Writing isn't always about publishing. For many, the pure joy of putting words and thoughts on paper is achievement enough. Here are tips on how to find—or find your way back to—the joy of writing.