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Up Close & Personal

Working as writers’ assistants gave these aspiring scribes a behind-the-scenes view of being a celebrity author—and a rare glimpse at what the writing life is really like. 

by Anya Kamenetz

Don’t Be a Writing Diva

Nobody likes dealing with a high-maintenance author, especially agents and editors. Here are 18 tips that will endear you to those who can help you publish or perish.

by Mary E. Demuth

Pennwriters 2008

Improve your craft and learn about the industry at this year's Pennwriters conference (in Lancaster, PA). Writer's Digest editors and authors will be in attendance, and Joyce Carol Oates will deliver the keynote address.

Living With the M-Word

The M-Word: Marketing
For many writers, marketing is a dirty word—an ugly truth that must be dealt with. Do you want to know what marketing really means? Then read this blog by the beloved marketing manager for Writer's Digest Books, Scott Francis. It's all about marketing your writing without selling out.

Reality Check

She scribbled some notes, got an agent, wrote proposals, collected rejections, landed a publishing deal and finally—finally!—put the book together. But at what point does the whole thing become real?

I’d Rather Be Writing

Living the writing life isn't easy. Marcia Golub understands all the joys and frustrations that make up a writer's life, and in her book, I'd Rather Be Writing, she offers both inspirational words and realistic advice on ways to overcome your day-to-day obstacles and make it as a writer. Here are a few of...

How to Find the Joy of Writing

Writing isn't always about publishing. For many, the pure joy of putting words and thoughts on paper is achievement enough. Here are tips on how to find—or find your way back to—the joy of writing.

Pleasing the Writer’s Ultimate Employer

As a writer, whether you believe you're working for an editor, publisher, an agent, or yourself, you're really working for the readers who pick up your writing looking for something that serves them.