2009 Article Index

All feature articles and columns published in Writer’s Digest during 2009 are indexed by topic. Abbreviations for regular columns: Ask the Pro (ATP), The Conference Scene (CS), InkWell (IW), First Impressions (FI), Nonfiction (NF), Postscript (PS), Questions & Quandaries (QQ), MFA Insider (MFA), The Conference Scene (CS), Writer’s Workbook (WW), Your Story (YS). Back issues may be ordered at The Writer’s Digest Shop.

"Authorized vs. Unauthorized Biographies," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 52
"Tracking Book Sales," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sept, p. 50
"Can I Write a Sequel to a Classic?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Nov/Dec, p. 56
"Should I Call My Writing a Business for Tax Purposes?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, May/June, p. 62
"How Do I Secure Copyright?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, May/June, p. 62
"Can I Borrow Characters From History?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, July/Aug, p. 64
"Can I Copyright My Idea?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar/Apr, p. 56

"Write on the Sound," CS, Linda Formichelli, Sept, p. 64
"Scribblers’ Retreat Writers’ Conference: Novels, Short Stories, Etc.," CS, Linda Formichelli, Oct, p. 64
"Solve the Mystery of Getting Published," CS, Linda Formichelli, Nov/Dec, p. 72
"The San Francisco Writers Conference," CS, Linda Fomichelli, Feb, p. 64
"Wesleyan Writers Conference," CS, Linda Formichelli, May/June, p. 78
"The Lesley University Writers’ Conference," CS, Linda Formichelli, July/Aug, p. 78
"Northern Colorado Writers Conference," CS, Linda Formichelli, Mar/Apr, p. 70
"How Even a Bad Conference Can Make You a Better Writer," Elizabeth Sims, Oct, p. 38

"Sugar-Free," YS, Katherine Hollien, Sept, p. 52
"Ice Cream for Breakfast," YS, Tina Rivera, Nov/Dec, p. 58
"Best Writers’ Websites 2009," Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 50
"Vincent D’Onofrio Loves Me," YS, Mary Rudy, Feb, p. 52
"The Truth," YS, Dayle James Arceneaux, May/June, p. 64
"The Perfect Perfect American Form," Zachary Petit, May/June, p. 60
"The Purple Elephant in the Room," Melissa Hill, July/Aug, p. 58
"Annual Poetry Contest: ‘The Undertaker’s Wife,’" IW, Jacqueline Henry, July/Aug, p. 16
"The Key," YS, Larry Peterson, July/Aug, p. 66
"$52 Inside," YS, Carol Jones, Mar/Apr, p. 58

"Map Your Novel With a Reverse Outline," WW, N.M. Kelby, Oct, p. 56
"Write Well-Crafted Scenes to Support Your Story," WW, James Scott Bell, Oct, p. 58
"Take a (Loving) Narrative Stance," WW, Steve Almond, Oct, p. 60
"Manly Romance?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Nov/Dec, p. 56
"Master the Art of Balancing Description and Summary," WW, Ron Rozelle, Nov/Dec, p. 60
"Create a Setting That Complements Your Story," WW, Lisa Lenard-Cook, Nov/Dec, p. 63
"Your Novel Blueprint," Karen S. Wiesner, Feb, p. 22
"Rough It Up," Elizabeth Sims, Feb, p. 30
"Write Like Poe," Mort Castle, Feb, p. 36
"Fiction: The Great Plot Test," WW, Steve Almond, Feb, p. 55
"Writing Compelling Dialogue," IW, Jasoon Roeder, May/June, p. 12
"Draw Characters from the Strongest Sources," WW, Nancy Kress, May/June, p. 66
"Weave in Backstory to Reveal Characters," WW, Rachel Ballon, May/June, p. 68
"Create the (Im)perfect Heroic Couple," Leigh Michaels, May/June, p. 70
"The Facts on Fiction Collaboration," J.A. Konrath, July/Aug, p. 60
"Hook Reader With a Strong Beginning," WW, Les Edgerton, July/Aug, p. 68
"Use Braiding to Layer Your Story Line," WW, Heather Sellers, July/Aug, p. 71
"Keep Your Story Moving At the Right Pace," WW, Jessica Page Morrell, July/Aug, p. 73
"Follow the Rules for Stronger Writing," WW, Nancy Lamb, Mar/Apr, p. 60
"Put Your Fiction to the Plausibility Test," WW, Steve Almond, Mar/Apr, p. 62
"Strengthen Your Scenes With 5 Easy Tips," WW, James Scott Bell, Mar/Apr, p. 64
"Rescue Your Story From Plot Pitfalls," WW, Laura Whitcomb, Mar/Apr, p. 66

"Dos And Don’ts," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sept, p. 50
"Biannual vs. Biennial," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sept, p. 50
"Who vs. Whom," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sept, p. 50
"Is It ‘Compliment’ or ‘Complement’?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, July/Aug, p. 64
"Semicolon Specifics," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 50

"The Art of Entitlement," IW, Jacob M. Appel, Sept, p. 8
"Your Goal: Become a Better Writer," MFA, Joshua Henkin, Sept, p. 18
"The Passion in Prose," IW, Donald Maass, Oct, p. 8
"Breaking Up With That Unfinished Novel," IW, Bob Woodiwiss, Oct, p. 10
"Being Geniuses Together," MFA, Michael Martone, Oct, p. 18
"Good Company: Lee Child," Lee Child, Oct, p. 24
"Good Company: Jennifer Crusie," Jennifer Crusie, Oct, p. 25
"Good Company: Steve Berry," Steve Berry, Oct, p. 26
"Good Company: Lin Oliver," Lin Oliver, Oct, p. 27
"Good Company: Jerry B. Jenkins," Jerry B. Jenkins, Oct, p. 28
"Good Company: Elizabeth Moon," Elizabeth Moon, Oct, p. 29
"Join the Crowd," Jessica Strawser, Oct, p. 30
"Make the Most of Writers’ Forums," Linda Formichelli, Oct, p. 35
"Regret the Error?" IW, Craig Silverman, Nov/Dec, p. 8
"Great Gifts for Writers," IW, WD editors, Nov/Dec, p. 12
"Masters of the Two-Sentence Bio," IW, Bob Woodiwiss, Nov/Dec, p. 10
"Is Happiness Possible in a Creative Writing Program?" MFA, Randall Albers, Nov/Dec, p. 18
"Write Personal Without Hurting Your Relationships," WW, Kim Schworm Acosta, Sept, p. 60
"Getting Back to Nature," Scott Francis, Nov/Dec, p. 52
"The Four Types of Plagiarists," IW, Jason Roeder, Feb, p. 12
"Anxiety Levels for Writers," IW, WC Vasquez, Feb, p. 14
"Incubate Your Story," IW, Anton Chekhov, Feb, p. 15
"Jumpstart Your Fiction Writing," IW, Margaret Russo, Feb, p. 16
"Selling Out Swann," PS, Charles Salzberg, Feb, p. 72
"Sweet Surrender," IW, Charles J. Shields, May/June, p. 10
"John Updike: March 18, 1932- Jan. 27, 2009," IW, Zachary Petit, May/June, p. 18
"On Learning to Be a Writer," MFA, Lin Enger, May/June, p. 24
"Is Full Time the Key to the Big Time?" Jeff Yeager, May/June, p. 42
"(Over)Exposing Yourself," IW, M.J. Rose, Mar/Apr, p. 14
"You Can Write a Humor Book!" IW, Jason Roeder, Mar/Apr, p. 16
"Michael Crichton’s Top 5 Writing Lessons," IW, Karen Dionne, Mar/Apr, p. 18
"101 Best Websites for Writers," Brian A. Klems, May/June, p. 54
"How Should I Deal With Writer’s Block?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, May/June, p. 62
"Confessions of a Plot Junkie," IW, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, July/Aug, p. 12
"Critiquing Critique Clubs," IW, Gigi Rosenberg, Mar/Apr, p. 12
"A Boot Camp for Creative Writing," MFA, Charles Johnson, Mar/Apr, p. 26
"MFA vs. Ph.D." MFA, Brock Clarke, July/Aug, p. 26

"Ask the Pro: Ted Weinstein," ATP, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Sept, p. 15
"The American Dream," FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Sept, p. 16
"Revolutionary Road: Cory Doctorow," Christina Katz, Sept, p. 46
"From Podcast to Book Deal: Lars Brownworth," FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Oct, p. 16
"Ask the Pro: Jessica Faust," ATP, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Oct, p. 21
"Telling Stories: Mitch Albom," Melissa Hill, Oct, p. 42
"Wicked Magic: Gregory Maguire," Lauren Mosko, Oct, p. 46
"Ask the Pro: Joanna Stampfel-Volpe," ATP, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Nov/Dec, p. 13
"Light Bulb Moments: Janice Hardy," FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Nov/Dec, p. 16
"Fired Up for Kids’ Books: Michael Stearns," ATP, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Feb, p. 54
"Artistic Liberties: Audrey Niffenegger," Jessica Strawser, Nov/Dec, p. 48
"The Big Switch: A.S. King," FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Feb, p. 20
"Creating the Next Holden Caulfield: Megan McCafferty," Lauren Mosko, Feb, p. 40
"Cinderella Story," Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Feb, p. 46
"Ask the Pro: Barbara Poelle," ATP, Kara Gebhart Uhl, May/June, p. 20
"Metafiction for Reluctant Readers: Tanya Egan Gibson," FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, May/June, p. 22
"Springboards to Success: Steve Berry," Jessica Strawser, May/June, p. 45
"Writing Rapture: Stephen King & Jerry B. Jenkins," Jessica Strawser, May/June, p. 48
"Luck and Method: Matthew Dicks," FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, July/Aug, p. 24
"Ask the Pro: Cheryl Klein," ATP, Kara Gebhart Uhl, July/Aug, p. 22
"The Accidental Tourist: Anne Tyler," Jessica Strawser, July/Aug, p. 50
"Keep on Writing: Rick Steves," Zachary Petit, July/Aug, p. 54
"Romance Gets Real: Deborah Brody," ATP, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Mar/Apr, p. 22
"Debut at 62, Ira Rosofsky," FI, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Mar/Apr, p. 24
"Bewitched: Brunonia Barry," Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Mar/Apr, p. 50
"Trademark Success: James Patterson," Diana Page Jordan, Mar/Apr, p. 52

"Literary Agents Speak Out On What They Really Want," IW, Bob Woodiwiss, Sept, p. 10
"Secret Agents 2009," Chuck Sambuchino, Sept, p. 22
"Real Queries That Worked," Jessica Strawser, Sept, p. 30
"Life After Almost: The Next Best Thing to a Book Deal: An Encouraging Rejection," Scott Hoffman & Rachel Estrada Ryan, Sept, p. 36
"Agency Contracts Declassified," Howard Zaharoff, Sept, p. 40
"Stake Out Your Publishing Contract," Paul S. Levine, Sept, p. 42
"The Future Role of Agents," Jane Friedman, Sept, p. 44
"Diversify Your Writing Portfolio," Matt Villano, Nov/Dec, p. 30
"Anthologies Cover to Cover," Victoria Zackheim, Nov/Dec, p. 44
"Agent Cred," IW, Scott Hoffman, Feb, p. 10
"Search Inside the Book (For Agents)," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 50
"Seasonal Submissions," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 51
"Marketing: Touring," WW, M.J. Rose, Feb, p. 61
"Build Your Power Platform," Christina Katz, May/June, p. 30
"The Must-Have Online Marketing Plan," M.J. Rose, May/June, p. 36
"A Writer’s Guide to Social Networking," Writer’s Digest Staff, May/June, p. 40
"Going Out on (the Way to the) Top," IW, Jason Roeder, July/Aug, p. 20
"Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Publishing Process," Jerry D. Simmons, July/Aug, p. 32
"What Not to Expect When You’re Expecting," Elizabeth Sims, July/Aug, p. 38
"Your Publishing Survival Guide," Patricia Holt, July/Aug, p. 42
"Hindsight’s 20/20," WD Readers, July/Aug, p. 47
"How Do I Introduce a Manuscript Submission?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, July/Aug, p. 64
"Everything You Need to Know About Self-Publishing," the Writer’s Digest Staff, Mar/Apr, p. 32 "Straight Expectations," Jane Friedman, Mar/Apr, p. 36
"The Stark Reality of Self-Publishing: An Agent’s Perspective," Andrea Hurst, Mar/Apr, p. 38
"The Changing Landscape of Self-Publishing: An Insiders Perspective," Joe Wikert, Mar/Apr, p. 40
"Judging a Book by Its Cover," the Writer’s Digest Staff, Mar/Apr, p. 42
"A Writer’s Market," Zachary Petit, Mar/Apr, p. 44
"Readers Sound Off on Self-Publishing," Mar/Apr, p. 48
"What Style Should I Use?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar/Apr, p. 56
"A Sign to Self-Publish?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar/Apr, p. 57
"9 Steps to Standing Out," NF, Susan Shapiro, Mar/Apr, p. 68

"12 Literary Journals Your Future Agent Is Reading," Zachary Petit, Nov/Dec, p. 24
"Content Aggregators Or Aggravators?" Michelle V. Rafter, Nov/Dec, p. 34
"5 Reasons Writing Small Can Help You Make It Big," Tom Hallman Jr., Nov/Dec, p. 38

"iGoogle Yourself," IW, Zachary Petit, Sept, p. 12

"Memoir Writing," WW, Steve Zousmer, Sept, p. 54
"Master the Memoir Basics: 5 Essentials," WW, Jenna Glatzer, Sept, p. 56
"Enhance Your Story’s Authenticity," WW, Peter Bricklebank, Sept, p. 58
"7 Secrets to Service Pieces," NF, Susan Shapiro, Sept, p. 62
"How to Write (and Sell) Funny," NF, Susan Shapiro, Oct, p. 62
"10 Personal Essays to Try," Dinty W. Moore, Nov/Dec, p. 40
"Break in to Major Magazines," NF, Susan Shapiro, Nov/Dec, p. 68
"Nonfiction: Don’t Pitch—Write," WW, Susan Shapiro, Feb, p. 57
"The Freelance Dance," IW, Art Spikol, May/June, p. 14
"Crafting True-to-Life Nonfiction Characters," Bill Roorbach & Kristen Keckler, May/June, p. 72
"10 Rules for Op-Eds," NF, Susan Shapiro, May/June, p. 76
"10 Tips for Profiling the Pros," NF, Susan Shapiro, July/Aug, p. 76

"Poetic Asides," IW, Robert Lee Brewer, Oct, p. 12
"Poetic Asides," IW, Robert Lee Brewer, Nov/Dec, p. 11
"Poetry: Writing From a Lived Life," WW, Dorianne Laux, Feb, p. 59

"International Script Formatting," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 52
"From Scrip Screed to Screen," IW, Chuck Sambuchino, July/Aug, p. 14

"New Beginnings," IW, Judy Budnitz, Sept, p. 10
"Rip It, Worship It, Mend It," IW, Jill Dearman, Oct, p. 14
"Fire Up Your Fiction: Four Techniques," WW, Donald Maass, Oct, p. 54
"Refine Your Setting Skill Set," WW, Brian Kiteley, Nov/Dec, p. 66
"Family Fodder Poetry," IW, Sage Cohen, July/Aug, p. 19
"The Coma," IW, Brian Kiteley, Mar/Apr, p. 13

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