2006 Article Index

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"Copyfight," IW, Howard Zaharoff and Robin M. Hampton, Jan, p. 8

"An Agent Far, Far Away," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jan, p. 21

"What”s the Deal?" MYB, Tom Connor, Jan, p. 54

"Don”t Starve," MYB, Pamela White, Feb, p. 53

"Paying Money for Interviews," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 55

"On Your Best Behavior," MYB, Debby Mayne, Mar, p. 56

"Well-worn Words," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar, p. 59

"Tax Relief," MYB, Sue Fagalde Lick, Apr, p. 61

"Mi Character, Su Character?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 63

"More Bang for Your Buck," Kim Campbell, May, p. 46

"Paying Your Agent," QQ, Brian A. Klems, May, p. 60

"Testing the Agent Waters," Jenna Glatzer with Daniel Steven, Jun, p. 36

"Auctioning Your Book," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 58

"Did That Editor Steal My Idea?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 59

"Upping the Ante," MYB, Judy Mandell, Jun, p. 60

"The 2006 WD Guide to Writing Software," Jack Clemens, Aug, p. 34

"Are Two Names Better Than One?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 90

"The 20-city Book Tour (and Other Myths)", MYB, Tom Connor, Aug, p. 92

"Talkin” Trash," Amy Cook, Dec, p. 70

"Can I Use Your Name?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 89

"Legal Liabilities," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 89


"Up, Up and Away," Chuck Sambuchino, Mar, p. 38

"A Matter of Pride," Chuck Sambuchino, Jun, p. 32

"Good Grace," Chuck Sambuchino, Aug, p. 42

"The Truth About Writing Contests," Amy Cook, Aug, p. 54

"A Fire Inside," Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 52


"Pick Up the Pace," FE, Nancy Kress, Jan, p. 24

"12 Random (but Useful) Thoughts About Dialogue," Michael Levin, Jan, p. 34

"Grit, Wit and ”It,” " FE, James Scott Bell, Feb, p. 18

"Thrill Me," Simon Wood, Feb, p. 30

"The Dynamo Next Door: Carol Shields," LW, Jack Clemens, Feb, p. 72

"Better Left Unsaid," FE, Nancy Kress, Mar, p. 20

"To Make a Long Story Short …" Brenda Scott Royce, Mar, p. 28

"Exquisite Dread," WC, Paul Bagdon, Mar, p. 52

"Future Tense: George Orwell," LW, Jack Clemens, Mar, p. 80

"Putting Dialogue to Work," FE, James Scott Bell, Apr, p. 20

"The Intruder," Kristen Johnson Ingram, Apr, p. 48

"On With the Story: John Barth," LW, Jack Clemens, Apr, p. 80

"When Do I Start?" FE, Nancy Kress, May, p. 20

"Branching Out," LeAnn Keenan, May, p. 39

"The Seduction of Subtlety," Jessica Morrell, May, p. 42

"Too Many Voices," WC, G. Miki Hayden, May, p. 54

"Here”s the Catch: Joseph Heller," LW, Jack Clemens, May, p. 80

"Weaving Your Research," FE, James Scott Bell, Jun, p. 18

"Piece by Piece," Paola Corso, Jun, p. 28

"From Zero to Hero," Dawn Wilson, Jun, p. 46

"No Child”s Play," WC, Elizabeth Dearl, Jun, p. 54

"Finding Faulkner: William Faulkner," LW, Jack Clemens, Jun, p. 80

"Prose Primer," FE, Nancy Kress, Aug, p. 24

"Beyond Basic Blunders," Jerry B. Jenkins, Aug, p. 46

"Killer Personalities," Charles Atkins, Aug, p. 62

"Just Add Writer," Tim Waggoner, Aug, p. 66

"What”s My Line?" Michael J. Vaughn, Aug, p. 70

"Singularly Modern: Virginia Woolf," LW, Jack Clemens, Aug, p. 112

"A Waking Nightmare," Mort Castle, Oct, p. 72

"Fiction: Draft Better Dialogue," WW, Oct, p. 95

"The Novelist”s Survival Kit," Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Dec, p. 36

"All Mapped Out," Daniel Steven, Dec, p. 46

"Are You Ever Really Going to Finish That Novel?" Kevin Alexander, Dec, p. 50

"Found in Translation," Joy E. Stocke, Dec, p. 62

"Fiction: Strengthen Your Scenes," WW, Dec, p. 91

"Writing for Kids: Create Believable Characters," WW, Dec, p. 97


"I and Me," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jan, p. 21

"Space Issues," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jan, p. 21

"Voice and Style," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 55

"Hey, Did I Miss Something?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 55

"The Perfect Pause," Noah Lukeman, Apr, p. 44

"Allude vs. Elude," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 63

"Dashes or Dots?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, May, p. 60

"Farther vs. Further," QQ, Brian A. Klems, May, p. 60

"Agreeable Verbs," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 58

"Master the Nitty-Gritty," FW, David A. Fryxell, Aug, p. 26

"Make a Date to Hyphenate," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 90

"Agreeable Verbs, Part II," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 89

"Then vs. Than," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 89


"Getting the Joke," Jeffrey Cohen, Mar, p. 32


"Join the Club!" BB, Maria Schneider, Jan, p. 18

"Going Postal," WL, Kevin Alexander, Jan, p. 23

"Read Like a Writer," Linda Busby Parker, Jan, p. 44

"Another Round," BB, Maria Schneider, Feb, p. 16

"Getting a Grip," WL, Kevin Alexander, Feb, p. 22

"Write Now," Dawn Simonds and Maria Schneider, Feb, p. 24

"Jumping Genres," Lee Tobin McClain, Feb, p. 34

"Reality Check," Caitlin Kelly, Feb, p. 38

"Survival of the Fittest," Kevin Alexander, Feb, p. 40

"Longing for Short," BB, Maria Schneider, Mar, p. 18

"Humor Me," WL, Kevin Alexander, Mar, p. 23

"Truth or Dare?" Kirsten Lobe, Mar, p. 26

"Can”t Get No Respect," IW, Monique Cuvelier, Apr, p. 10

"Class Act?" BB, Maria Schneider, Apr, p. 16

"Me, Myself and—Oh, Yeah—You," WL, Kevin Alexander, Apr, p. 24

"A Guiding Hand," Kara Gebhart Uhl, Apr, p. 26

"Take a Walk on the Wild Side," BB, Maria Schneider, May, p. 18

"Groping for Quotes," WL, Kevin Alexander, May, p. 26

"101 Best Web Sites for Writers," Robin M. Hampton, May, p. 28

"Are You an Ethical Writer?" Donna G. Albrecht, May, p. 48

"How to Succeed at a Conference," MYB, Chris Eboch, May, p. 58

"Chasing Art," BB, Maria Schneider, Jun, p. 16

"Playing the Odds," WL, Kevin Alexander, Jun, p. 22

"Venetian Splendor," BB, Maria Schneider, Aug, p. 22

"My Better Halves," WL, Kevin Alexander, Aug, p. 28

"Supercharge Your Creativity," Joe Ortiz, Aug, p. 30

"Inspiration Points," Jeannie Greeley, Aug, p. 60

"Kids Teach the Darndest Things," I.J. Schecter, Aug, p. 74

"Matched Set," BB, Jessa Crispin, Oct, p. 20

"Novel Thinking," WL, Kevin Alexander, Oct, p. 22

"On the Road Again," WL, Jodi Picoult, Oct, p. 24

"Famous Writers Confess!" Kara Gebhart Uhl, Oct, p. 48

"Bliss Out," Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Oct, p. 66

"A Stormy Conscience," PS, Oct, p. 112

"History Mystery," BB, Jessa Crispin, Dec, p. 30

"Reality Bites," WL, Kevin Alexander, Dec, p. 32

"Literary Lust vs. Commercial Cash," WL, Jodi Picoult, Dec, p. 34

"Start Me Up," Elizabeth Sims, Dec, p. 40

"Creative Lollygagging," Michael J. Vaughn, Dec, p. 44

"Answering Agatha," PS, Charles J. Shields, Dec, p. 112


"Sherry Halperin; Rebecca Lemov," FI, Jan, p. 17

"Jane”s Addiction: Jane Smiley," WDI, Maria Schneider, Jan, p. 40

"Uzodinma Iweala; Judith Lindbergh," FI, Feb, p. 15

"In Jen”s Shoes: Jennifer Weiner," WDI, Maria Schneider, Feb, p. 42

"Alice Greenway; Marjorie Kowalski Cole; Josh Kilmer-Purcell," FI, Mar, p. 17

"Modern Myth Maker: Alice Hoffman," WDI, Maria Schneider, Mar, p. 48

"Justin Tussing; Jen Lancaster," FI, Apr, p. 15

"Ted Kooser Talks to Himself," WDI, Apr, p. 54

"Frank Portman; Katharine Noel," FI, May, p. 17

"Digging Deeper: Louis Sachar," WDI, Robin M. Hampton, May, p. 50

"Catherine Goldhammer; Paul Haven," FI, Jun, p. 15

"The Tao of Po: Po Bronson," WDI, Maria Schneider, Jun, p. 49

"Rebecca Johns; Paul Malmont," FI, Aug, p. 20

"A Match Made in Maui: Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer," Kristin D. Godsey, Aug, p. 56

"City Scribe: Jay McInerney," WDI, Maria Schneider, Aug, p. 76

"A Writer of Uncommon Character: Gay Talese," WDI, Maria Schneider, Aug, p. 80

"Diane Mapes; Adena Halpern; David Eisenbach; Y. Euny Hong," FI, Michael J. Vaughn, Oct, p. 18

"Balancing Act: Anna Quindlen," WDI, Maria Schneider, Oct, p. 76

"Aury Wallington; Jennifer Gilmore; Traci L. Jones; Kevin Moffett," FI, Maria Schneider, Dec, p. 28

"In the Danger Zone: Sebastian Junger," WDI, Maria Schneider, Dec, p. 74


"Writing to the Right Length," FW, David A. Fryxell, Jan, p. 26

"I Couldn”t Put it Down!" Susan DeLay, Jan, p. 30

"Waiting to Excel," Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Jan, p. 46

"Follow Your Market," WC, G. Miki Hayden, Jan, p. 50

"When Good Freelancers Go Bad," M, Lauren Baier Kim, Jan, p. 56

"10 Dumb Mistakes Even Smart Writers Make," Kelly James-Enger, Feb, p. 46

"Birth of a Series," Betsy Mitchell and Naomi Novik, Mar, p. 34

"A Dozen Don”ts," Rick Frishman and Robyn Freedman Spizman, Mar, p. 44

"Word Count, Freelancer Edition," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar, p. 59

"Ditch the Dilettante Approach," M, Sandra Dark, Mar, p. 64

"Thou Shalt Steal," FW, Linda Formichelli, Apr, p. 22

"Have Agent, Will Publish," Lisa Wurster, Apr, p. 36

"A Tale of Four Agents," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 63

"The Old College Try," M, Josh Earl, Apr, p. 64

"The Well-fed Ghost," M, Carl Friesen, May, p. 61

"Commence Into Print," Chuck Sambuchino, Jun, p. 42

"Big-league Expectations," M, Kelly L. Stone, Jun, p. 62

"Break Out of Your Comfort Zone," M, Sharon McDonnell, Aug, p. 95

"Setting Your Sites," Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Oct, p. 54

"A Query Conundrum," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 89

"Dogged by Details," BA, Kristin D. Godsey, Dec, p. 80


"Break Into True Crime," Fred Rosen, Jan, p. 38

"Jonathan Karp, publisher and editor, Warner Twelve," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Jan, p. 58

"Activist Mags," BI, Leah Samuel, Jan, p. 61

"Try Trivia," M, David Ansel Weiss, Feb, p. 56

"Neal Pollack, editor at large, Cracked magazine," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Feb, p. 58

"Men”s Tech Mags," BI, Damon Brown, Feb, p. 59

"Claiborne Hancock, publisher and editor in chief, Pegasus Books," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Mar, p. 66

"Teen Mags," BI, Lee Tobin McClain, Mar, p. 68

"Wined and Dined and on Deadline," Juli I. Huss, Apr, p. 32

"Legal Publications," BI, Leslie A. Gordon, Apr, p. 68

"Adrienne Avila, associate editor, Solana Books," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Apr, p. 70

"Answering the Call," G. Miki Hayden, May, p. 34

"Arnie Kotler, founder, Koa Books" 5Q, Jack Clemens, May, p. 65

"State Tourism Mags," BI, Sandra Dark, May, p. 67

"Christopher White, president and editor in chief, Rager Media," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Jun, p. 65

"Video Game Markets," BI, Rafael Chandler, Jun, p. 67

"Your Passport to Travel Writing," Tom Connor, Aug, p. 48

"Karen Zarker, senior columns editor and operations manager, PopMatters," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Aug, p. 97

"Advertorials," BI, Mark J. Drozdowski, Aug, p. 99

"Larry Kirshbaum, founder, LJK Literary Management," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Oct, p. 14

"Hip-Hop Lit Is Hot," OTE, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Oct, p. 85

"Rebekah Whitlock, editor, Naked Ink," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Dec, p. 21

"So Long, Superman," OTE, Kara Gebhart Uhl, Dec, p. 86


"The State of the Industry," Tom Connor, Jan, p. 28

"Setting a Standard," IW, Kristin D. Godsey, Feb, p. 8

"Eh, You Write Like a Girl," IW, Jennifer Armstrong, Mar, p. 8

"A Million Little Lawsuits," IW, Jack Clemens, May, p. 10

"The Hazards of Self-Googling," IW, Jenna Glatzer, Jun, p. 10

"The State of the Story," Tom Connor, Jun, p. 24

"Do Men Read?" IW, Maria Schneider, Aug, p. 14

"Does This Book Jacket Make Me Look Fat?" IW, Ron Hogan, Oct, p. 12

"The Age of Embellishment," Tom Connor, Oct, p. 26

"The Nonfiction Report," Maria Schneider, Oct, p. 30

"Will Intern For … Free?" IW, Anya Kamenetz, Dec, p. 16


"Rude Awakening: David Sedaris," LW, Jack Clemens, Jan, p. 72

"Getting the Goods," FW, Linda Formichelli, Feb, p. 20

"Look Sharp," WC, Gloria Kempton, Feb, p. 50

"Cut to the Chase," FW, David A. Fryxell, Mar, p. 22

"Rhythm and Muse," FW, David A. Fryxell, May, p. 23

"What”s Your Writing Personality?" FW, Linda Formichelli, Jun, p. 20

"Spilling Secrets," Sandra Hurtes, Aug, p. 40

"Making a Point," WC, Gloria Kempton, Aug, p. 86

"The Kid Stays in the Story," Tom Connor, Oct, p. 34

"The Real Deal," David Vann, Oct, p. 40

"View From the Frontlines," David Axe, Oct, p. 44

"The Bare Essentials," BA, Kristin D. Godsey, Oct, p. 80

"Nonfiction: Writing a Lead," WW, Oct, p. 91

"Nonfiction: Voice," WW, Dec, p. 93


"Falling Into Place," Paola Corso, Apr, p. 50

"Poetry With a Kick," WC, Miriam Sagan, Apr, p. 58

"Poetry: The Pastoral Poem," WW, Oct, p. 93

"Poetry as Body Armor," Michael J. Vaughn, Dec, p. 68

"Poetry: Meter," WW, Dec, p. 95


"Hollywood Hotshots," Brian A. Klems and Chuck Sambuchino, Oct, p. 58


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