2005 Article Index

All feature articles and columns published in Writer”s Digest during 2005 are indexed by topic. Abbreviations for regular columns: Fiction Essentials (FE), Freelancer”s Workshop (FW), Inkwell (IW), Inkwell: First Impressions (FI), The Last Word (LW), Markets (M), Markets: Breaking In (BI), Markets: 5 Questions (5Q), Niches (N), Questions & Quandaries (QQ), The Six-Figure Writer (SFW), This Writer”s Life (WL), Writing Clinic (WC), WD Interview (WDI). For back issues, send $8/issue ($10 Canada; $12 other foreign), which includes postage and handling, to Writer”s Digest/F+W Publications Products, 700 E. State St., Iola WI 54990; or call (800)258-0929. Specify publication, month and year. Back issues may also be ordered at www.writersdigest.com.


"Give Yourself Some Credit: Author Bios," IW, Elizabeth Bartlett, Jan, p. 8

"Can an Editor Do That?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jan, p. 27

"Word-count Wonders," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jan, p. 27

"Face Time," Robert Bittner, Jan, p. 38

"Government Gold Mine," Amy Cook, Jan, p. 49

"The Kill Fee," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 24

"Memoir vs. Autobiography," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 24

"Understanding the ISBN," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar, p. 20

"Publishing Letters," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar, p. 20

"20 Career-killing Mistakes," Robin M. Hampton, Mar, p. 22

"Extra Credit," Loriann Hoff Oberlin, Mar, p. 28

"The Five W”s: Writing Groups," IW, B.J. Taylor, Apr, p. 8

"Stolen Specs," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 20

"Second (Editor”s) Rights," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 20

"You Make the Call: Freelance Tips," IW, Meagan Francis, May, p. 8

"Syndicate Me," QQ, Brian A. Klems, May, p. 20

"Free Money!" C. Hope Clark, May, p. 50

"Giving a Client the Boot," Linda Formichelli, May, p. 54

"Get Agents to Buy Your Bio," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 20

"Conflict of Interest?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jul, p. 22

"Stolen Goods," Cassandra Hemenway Brush, Jul, p. 50

"Lost in Cyberspace: Computer Savvy," IW, Brian Slemming, Aug, p. 10

"Blogging Away Rights?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 23

"Blurb Me," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 23

"Your Guide to Self-publishing Today," Aug, 24-page insert

"Clip Consolidation," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sep, p. 24

"What Editors Won”t Tell You (But We Will)," Jenna Glatzer, Sep, p. 26

"Costly Mistakes," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Oct, p. 22

"Counting Your Words," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 24

"Understanding Experimental Fiction," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Nov, p. 24

"Outline vs. Synopsis," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Nov, p. 24

"Your Biggest Writing Questions Answered," Brian A. Klems, Nov, p. 26

"Legal Guide for Writers: Your Legal Questions Answered," Brian A. Klems, Nov, p. 44

"Legal Guide for Writers: Hitting the Mark," Lisa Wurster, Nov, p. 46

"Legal Guide for Writers: Know Your Copyrights," Howard G. Zaharoff, Nov, p. 47

"Penetrating PR," IW, Ami Neiberger- Miller, Dec, p. 8

"Earn More, Do Less," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Dec, p. 20

"Is Writer”s Insurance Necessary?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 21

"Byline vs. Bio Note," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 21


"Michele Takes Manhattan," Michele R. Bardsley, Feb, p. 30

"This Side of Reality," Maria Schneider, Jun, p. 42

"Rise to the Top," Heather Sellers, Aug, p. 30

"Taking His Humor Career Seriously," Chuck Sambuchino, Oct, p. 32

"A Blossoming Career," Chuck Sambuchino, Nov, p. 30


"Your Opening Quest," FE, Nancy Kress, Jan, p. 20

"The Gift of Gab," Gloria Kempton, Jan, p. 34

"Protagonists Need Goals," WC, G. Miki Hayden, Jan, p. 52

"Three Secrets of Suspense," FE, James Scott Bell, Feb, p. 20

"Anatomy of a Bestseller," Michael J. Vaughn, Feb, p. 26

"Leveling With Us: Judy Blume," LW, Jack Clemens, Feb, p. 72

"The Inner Voice," FE, Nancy Kress, Mar, p. 14

"Race to the Finish," WC, Bonnie Hearn Hill, Mar, p. 46

"Women Rule: Romance," N, Michele R. Bardsley, Mar, p. 52

"Big Talk: John Kennedy Toole," LW, Jack Clemens, Mar, p. 72

"The Little Things," FE, James Scott Bell, Apr, p. 16

"Fiction Genres Explained," Peter Rubie, Apr, p. 43

"Self-improvement," WC, Gloria Kempton, Apr, p. 52

"A Great Multiplicity: Thomas Pynchon," LW, Jack Clemens, Apr, p. 80

"Telling, Not Showing," FE, Nancy Kress, May, p. 21

"The Right Look," I.J. Schecter, May, p. 38

"Women”s Fiction Forecast," G. Miki Hayden, May, p. 42

"Second to None," FE, James Scott Bell, Jun, p. 16

"The Hollywood Touch," Chris Eboch, Jun, p. 29

"Mining Your Novel for Gold," William Barton, Jun, p. 32

"First-person Finesse," Marnie Engel Hayutin, Jun, p. 38

"Cut Ruthlessly," WC, G. Miki Hayden, Jun, p. 51

"Tending the Flock: Christian Fiction," N, Debby Mayne, Jun, p. 54

"Once More, From the Top," FE, Nancy Kress, Jul, p. 18

"The Logic of Emotion," Eric M. Witchey, Jul, p. 28

"An Eye for the Exact: Michael Chabon," LW, Jack Clemens, Jul, p. 72

"It”s Good to Be Bad," FE, James Scott Bell, Aug, p. 20

"Oh, the Horror!" Mark McLaughlin, Aug, p. 33

"Life After Death," Sandra Dark, Aug, p. 43

"Balance the Burden," WC, Paul Bagdon, Aug, p. 48

"The Fellowship of the Word: J.R.R. Tolkien," LW, Jack Clemens, Aug, p. 64

"From Idea to Story," FE, Nancy Kress, Sep, p. 20

"In the Now," Michael J. Vaughn, Sep, p. 42

"A Series of Details," April Henry, Sep, p. 50

"Throwing Voices: Steven Millhauser," LW, Jack Clemens, Sep, p. 80

"Stretch Your Comfort Zone," FE, James Scott Bell, Oct, p. 20

"Pull It Together," James Scott Bell, Oct, p. 27

"Be Here Now," WC, Gloria Kempton, Oct, p. 52

"Kidding Around: Writing for Kids," N, Kathryn Lay, Oct, p. 56

"The View From Here, Here and Here: Barbara Kingsolver," LW, Jack Clemens, Oct, p. 72

"Who Said That?" FE, Nancy Kress, Nov, p. 20

"Flash Fiction," Gina Ochsner, Nov, p. 38

"Talkin” Teen: Teen Fiction," N, Liesa Abrams, Nov, p. 56

"Anything but Simple: Ernest Hemingway," LW, Jack Clemens, Nov, p. 72

"Leave Them With Hope," FE, James Scott Bell, Dec, p. 18

"The Power of Now: Don DeLillo," LW, Jack Clemens, Dec, p. 72


"Ensure vs. Insure," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jan, p. 27

"Which or That?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Mar, p. 20

"Who Cares?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Apr, p. 20

"Where”s the Indent?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, May, p. 20

"You”ve Got E-mail," QQ, Brian A. Klems, May, p. 20

"Because, Because, Because," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 20

"The Role of a Prologue," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jul, p. 22

"All Right vs. Alright," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Aug, p. 23

"Perplexing Possessives," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sep, p. 24

"?That” vs. ?Who,”" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Sep, p. 24

"In God We Capitalize," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 24

"Is it ?People” or ?Persons?”" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Oct, p. 24

"Title Me This, Entitle Me That," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Dec, p. 21 humor writing

"Writing the Well-spun Spoof," Tom Connor, Jan, p. 44

"The Pacing Game: Humor Writing," N, Tim Bete, Jan, p. 56

"How to Write Funny," Tim Bete, Feb, p. 35

"Humor Me," WC, Paul Bagdon, Feb, p. 52

"Word Play: Humor Writing," N, Tim Bete, Dec, p. 52


"Comic Relief: Inspiration," IW, Mark Juddery, Feb, p. 10

"Double Identity," Laurie Fox, Feb, p. 38

"The Road to Syndication," Tad Bartimus, Feb, p. 44

"Your Grand Finale," Sandra Dark, Mar, p. 40

"The Temporary Expert," Linda J. Gilden, Mar, p. 43

"The Perfect Fit," Maria Schneider, Apr, p. 34

"Welcome to my World," WL, Kevin Alexander, May, p. 18

"101 Best Web Sites for Writers," Robin M. Hampton, May, p. 26

"The Work Habits of Highly Successful Writers," Robert Scott, May, p. 33

"The Ebb and Flow of Confidence," WL, Kevin Alexander, Jun, p. 14

"Who”s Your Buddy?" Jennifer Lawler and Bev Bachel, Jun, p. 45

"Do You Have What it Takes?" IW, Tom Connor, Jul, p. 8

"Enforced Labor," WL, Kevin Alexander, Jul, p. 16

"The 2005 WD Guide to Writing Software," Kate Harrigan, Jul, p. 32

"Caution: Parent at Work," Susan Barnson- Hayward, Jul, p. 40

"Nice Work?Just Change Everything," Jenna Glatzer, Jul, p. 42

"A Modest Proposal," WL, Kevin Alexander, Aug, p. 18

"Writing in Style," Tom Connor, Aug, p. 25

"Idol Advice," Dallas Nicole Woodburn, Aug, p. 40

"At What Cost?: Controversy," IW, James Grippando, Sep, p. 8

"The Big Brush-off," WL, Kevin Alexander, Sep, p. 18

"So You Want to Be a Writer," John Warner, Sep, p. 35

"Get Connected," Anthony Head, Sep, p. 38

"After the Book Comes Out," J.A. Konrath, Sep, p. 44

"The Future Is Now: Devil”s Advocate," IW, Kevin Smokler, Oct, p. 10

"Beat the Clock," WL, Kevin Alexander, Oct, p. 18

"Making the Grade," WL, Kevin Alexander, Nov, p. 18

"Squelch Your Inner Censor," Jacquelyn B. Fletcher, Nov, p. 36

"The Buddy System," WL, Kevin Alexander, Dec, p. 16

"Breaking All the Rules," Debra Garfinkle, Dec, p. 32

"Class Act," Teri Brown, Dec, p. 40 interviews/profiles

"Jed Horne; Patti Hill; Brad Embree and Jared Shapiro," FI, Jan, p. 19

"He Said/She Said: Alexander McCall Smith," WDI, Christine Mersch, Jan, p. 41

"Carol Cadwalladr; Clive Woodall," FI, Feb, p. 19

"Word Pictures: John Irving," WDI, John Black, Feb, p. 48

"Pam Lewis; Joseph Gangemi; Carol Bundy," FI, Mar, p. 13

"Sophomore Splash: John Searles," WDI, Christine Mersch, Mar, p. 32

"Johanna Edwards; Lisa R. Delman," FI, Apr, p. 15

"The Surreal Life: Augusten Burroughs," WDI, Maria Schneider, Apr, p. 47

"Jane Guill; David Francis; Stacia Deutsch and Rhody Cohon," FI, May, p. 16

"A Special Kind of Magic: Gina Ochsner," WDI, Barbara Brooks, May, p. 46

"Martha O”Connor; Steven Church; Caroline Coleman," FI, Jun, p. 13

"The Chosen One: Mark Winegardner," WDI, Jun, p. 47

"Ginger Strand; Rana Dasgupta," FI, Jul, p. 15

"Sunny Side Up: Fannie Flagg," WDI, Maria Schneider, Jul, p. 45

"Lance Marcum; Kim Canazzi and Frolic Taylor," FI, Aug, p. 17

"Nicholas Brunelle; Nicole Ridgway," FI, Sep, p. 17

"The Simple Life: Amy Krouse Rosenthal," Marnie Engel Hayutin, Sep, p. 31

"Melanie La”Brooy; Sarah Smiley; Susan Amess," FI, Oct, p. 17

"Waiting Out a Dark Cloud: Philip Beard," Dawn Simonds, Oct, p. 38

"Two Genres, No Waiting: James Rollins," WDI, Oct, p. 48

"Victoria Vinton; Maria V. Snyder," FI, Nov, p. 17

"Chick-lit Rebel: Melissa Bank," WDI, Maria Schneider, Nov, p. 40

"Joseph Campana; Ally Carter," FI, Dec, p. 15

"Making Waves in 2005," Chuck Sambuchino, Dec, p. 23

"Criminal Mastermind: Michael Connelly," WDI, Maria Schneider, Dec, p. 42


"Query Clinic," Alex Dolan and Sabrina Moreno-Dolan, Jan, p. 29

"Your 30-second Sound Bite," Dena Harris, Jan, p. 47

"The First One”s Free," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Feb, p. 22

"Accurate Guidelines," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 24

"Staples or Paper Clips?" QQ, Brian A. Klems, Feb, p. 24

"The Virtual Meet-and-greet: Book Tours," IW, Tim Bete, Mar, p. 6

"Best Blurbs Ever!" Mark Mathis, Mar, p. 27

"Daily Doses," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Apr, p. 18

"Meet the Press," Mary Milz, Apr, p. 40

"Out With the Ode: Writing Community," IW, Michael J. Vaughn, Jun, p. 8

"The E-tease," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Jun, p. 18

"Book-signing Basics," Julie Burtinshaw, Jun, p. 35

"Holiday Submissions," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Jul, p. 22

"The Wimp”s Guide to Promoting Your Work," Jack Clemens, Jul, p. 24

"Weaving Your Web," SFW, Robert W. Bly, Aug, p. 22

"The Rock-solid Submission Package," Blythe Camenson and Marshal J. Cook, Oct, p. 42

"Forget Me Not: Marketing," IW, Simon Wood, Nov, p. 8

"To Whom It May Concern," QQ, Brian A. Klems, Nov, p. 24

"Notice Me!" Loriann Hoff Oberlin, Dec, p. 34


"The Literary Net: Fiction Opportunities," M, Michael J. Vaughn, Jan, p. 58

"Margaret Littman, executive editor, Mobil Travel Guide," 5Q, Darcy Lewis, Jan, p. 60

"Anthologies," BI, Phillip Thomas Duck, Jan, p. 62

"Parenting Profits: Regional Magazines," M, Darcy Lewis, Feb, p. 58

"Pat Walsh, senior editor, MacAdam/Cage," 5Q, Maria Schneider, Feb, p. 60

"Gadget & Personal Tech Mags," BI, Mridu Khullar, Feb, p. 62

"The Buddy System: Copywriting," M, Sonya Carmichael Jones, Mar, p. 54

"Linda Swanson-Davies, editor and co-founder, Glimmer Train," 5Q, Maria Schneider, Mar, p. 58

"Association Mags," BI, John K. Borchardt, Mar, p. 60

"Paging New Authors," Maria Witte, Apr, p. 22

"Newsflash: Newspapers," M, Sandra Hurtes, Apr, p. 60

"Katharine Sands, agent, Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency," 5Q, Maria Schneider, Apr, p. 66

"Golf Magazines," BI, Darcy Lewis, Apr, p. 68

"Profiting From Nonprofits: Copywriting," M, Mary Mihaly, May, p. 68

"P. Scott Brown, founder, Fine Books & Collections," 5Q, Darcy Lewis, May, p. 70

"Regional Mags," BI, Patricia L. Fry, May, p. 71

"Your Novel Approach," Maria Witte and Brian A. Klems, Jun, p. 21

"Business as Usual: Freelance Writing," M, Helen Gallagher, Jun, p. 56

"Sara Nelson, editor in chief, Publishers Weekly," 5Q, Tom Connor, Jun, p. 58

"RV Magazines," BI, Darcy Lewis, Jun, p. 60

"Paying Your Dues: Freelance Writing," M, G. Miki Hayden, Jul, p. 58

"Business Mags," BI, Joan Axelrod- Contrada, Jul, p. 61

"Donna Baier Stein, publisher and editor in chief, Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature," 5Q, Erika Dreifus, Jul, p. 64

"Fit Like a Glove: Freelance Tips," M, Sandra Dark, Aug, p. 52

"Charles Ardai, co-founder, Hard Case Crime," 5Q, Maria Schneider, Aug, p. 54

"International Mags," BI, Mridu Khullar, Aug, p. 56

"A Perfect Match: Freelance Savvy," M, Peter Smolens, Sep, p. 60

"Gary Luke, editorial director, Sasquatch Books," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Sep, p. 63

"Outdoor Mags," BI, Mary Ann Kerl, Sep, p. 68

"Back From the Dead: Repurposing Articles," M, Nancy W. Hall, Oct, p. 57

"John Mowbray, editor, Racing Fan, 5Q, Oct, p. 59

"Personal Essays," BI, Emily Puro, Oct, p. 61

"Send the Very Best: Market Watch," M, Kathryne Lee Tirrell, Nov, p. 58

"Peter Turner, president and executive editor, Shambhala Publications," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Nov, p. 60

"Real Estate Mags," BI, Dan Rafter, Nov, p. 63

"Open House," Tom Connor, Dec, p. 36

"Getting Around the Roadblocks: Get Published," M, Chelsea Lowe, Dec, p. 53

"Steve Wasserman, director, Kneerim & Williams," 5Q, Jack Clemens, Dec, p. 58

"Pregnancy Mags," BI, Lisa B. Samalonis, Dec, p. 59


"Lost in Transition?" FW, David A. Fryxell, Jan, p. 24

"Telling It Like It Is: David Halberstam," LW, I.J. Schecter, Jan, p. 72

"Quota on Quotes?" FW, David A. Fryxell, Mar, p. 18

"Get Your Facts Straight," Roxanne Hawn, Apr, p. 30

"Fishing for Fresh Ideas: Column Writing," N, Craig Wilson, Apr, p. 58

"Bad Wraps," FW, David A. Fryxell, May, p. 24

"The Story of Whose Life?" WC, Paul Bagdon, May, p. 60

"Write Younger: Writing for Kids," N, Liza N. Burby, May, p. 66

"A Traveler”s Tale: Tony Horwitz," LW, Jack Clemens, May, p. 80

"Dig Up Your Lead," FW, David A. Fryxell, Jul, p. 20

"Bringing Life Stories to Life," James McGrath Morris, Jul, p. 37

"Sell Yourself," WC, Gloria Kempton, Jul, p. 54

"Dropping in Your Data," FW, David A. Fryxell, Sep, p. 22

"Wish You Were Here?" WC, Elizabeth Dearl, Sep, p. 54

"Hello, Neighbor," Jenna Glatzer, Oct, p. 34

"Setting the Scene With Style," FW, David A. Fryxell, Nov, p. 22

"A Fighting Chance," WC, G. Miki Hayden, Nov, p. 52


"The Fine Art of Poetry," Miriam Sagan, Feb, p. 41

"Connecting to the Divine: Poetry," N, Miriam Sagan, Feb, p. 56

"Find Your Poetic Voice," Laurie Zupan, May, p. 57

"Mortal Words: Galway Kinnell," LW, Jack Clemens, Jun, p. 72

"Crafting a First-person Essay," Tom Bentley, Aug, p. 37

"Poetic Collage," N, Miriam Sagan, Aug, p. 46

"Too Much Information?" WC, Paul Bagdon, Dec, p. 48


"Star Bait," William McCranor Henderson, Mar, p. 38

"Beat it Out: Screenwriting," N, Aury Wallington, Jul, p. 53

"Collision Course: Playwriting" N, Christina Hamlett, Sep, p. 58


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