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Business and Legal Matters
“4 Writing Goals for the New Year,” Linda Wasmer Andrews, Jan, p. 20
“O Pioneers!,” B, Jan, p. 47
“Give Credit Where It”s Due,” Julie Duffy, Feb, p. 32
“Unauthorized Writings,” AL, Feb, p. 58
“First Rights and Script Copyrights,” AE, Mar, p. 11
“When a Working Relationship Ends,” AL, Apr, p. 58
“Affordable Low-Frills Technology for the Home Office,” B, May, p. 60
“Web Watch,” AL, Jun, p. 52
“10 Ways to a Six-Figure Income,” Robert W. Bly, Jul, p. 26
“What Rights Do I Have?” AL, Aug, p. 54
“Inspiring or Infringing,” AL, Oct, p. 52
“Reality Bites,” Amy Cook, Nov, p. 26
“Who Owns Rights to an Adaptation?” AL, Dec, p. 52

“Winning & Losing: Writing Contest Life,” Kim Campbell, Apr, p. 38
“When at First You Do Succeed,” Gabriella Herkert, Apr, p. 39
“A Reader”s Delight,” Jane Friedman, Jun, p. 43
“A Winning Tragedy,” Jane Friedman, Aug, p. 30
“And the Winner Is ,” Christine Mersch, Sep, p. 44
“Star This Site,” Christine Mersch, Oct, p. 44
“Scorned No More,” Christine Mersch, Nov, p. 32

Electronic Writing and Publishing
“To E or Not to E,” Michael Bugeja, Apr, p. 32
“Is Electronic Publishing for You?” Todd Stone, Dec, p. 41

Fiction-Writing Technique
“Doing More With Less,” F, Jan, p. 14
“The 10 Commandments of Fiction Writing,” Raymond Obstfeld, Jan, p. 30
“Weave Fact Into Fiction,” Ridley Pearson, Jan, p. 33
“Build Descriptive Fantasy Worlds That Entertain,” CL, Jan, p. 42
“Create a Solid Fiction Foundation,” F, Feb, p. 13
“Creative Starts,” Jack Heffron, Feb, p. 25
“Need to Kick It Up a Notch?” Tim Waggoner, Feb, p. 29
“Structure a Novel”s World in Its Opening Pages,” CL, Feb, p. 46
“Write What You Know,” F, Mar, p. 14
“Your 6-Step Storytelling Workout,” Steven James, Mar, p. 38
“Maximize the Effect of Your Story”s Point of View,” CL, Mar, p. 48
“Get Hip to Your Scenes,” F, Apr, p. 14
“10 Tips for a Stellar Revision,” Laurie Rosin, Apr, p. 24
“Bad as He Wants to Be,” Earl Murray, Apr, p. 28
“Pick Your Story”s Focus and Stick With It Until the End,” CL, Apr, p. 50
“A Stitch in Time,” F, May, p. 13
“Craft a Title that Beckons,” Jan Epton Seale, May, p. 31
“Creating Suspense,” Ridley Pearson, May, p. 40
“Ripped from Life,” Michael Orlofsky, May, p. 41
“Even Character-Driven Tales Need Action and Suspense,” CL, May, p. 54
“Creating Active Dialogue,” F, Jun, p. 16
“Recognize Those Rules That Should Not Be Broken,” CL, Jun, p. 46
“Watch Your Tone!” F, Jul, p. 16
“Build the Thrill,” April Henry, Jul, p. 31
“Breathe Life into Your Story with Details,” CL, Jul, p. 46
“Stretching the Tension,” F, Aug, p. 18
“Make ”Em Think,” Nancy Kress, Aug, p. 38
“Fight for Those Arguments,” F, Sep, p. 16
“Where Do You Fit?” G. Miki Hayden, Sep, p. 34
“Inhabiting the Past,” CL, Sep, p. 46
“Structure Secrets,” F, Oct, p. 17
“Keep It Movin”, ” Thomas B. Sawyer, Oct, p. 28
“Get Your Perspective In Gear,” Jerry B. Jenkins, Oct, p. 31
“Choose a Name Wisely,” F, Nov, p. 16
“The Heights of Suspense,” Noah Lukeman, Nov, p.22
“Speaking of Dialogue,” Jerry Cleaver, Nov, p. 28
“Keep in Mind the Focus of Your WorkWith Every Keystroke,” CL, Nov, p. 46
“Raising the Stakes,” F, Dec, p. 17
“Rescue a Stalled Story,” WilliamMcCranor Henderson, Dec, p. 38
“Set up an overlying theme in the first scene, then provide details,” CL, Dec, p. 48

Grammar Issues
“Grammar and Style and Usage, Oh My!” NB, Feb, p. 12
“Be a Pronoun Pro!” Ashley Grayson, Feb, p. 37
“The Evolution of Grammar and Style,” NB, Apr, p. 10
“No Ifs, Ands or Buts?” NB, Jun, p. 14
“Writing In Style,” Wendy Hart Beckman, Sep, p. 38
“Do Verbs Make You Tense?” NB, Oct, p. 16
“All”s Well and Good,” NB, Dec, p. 24

Inspiration and Advice
“Add a Writing Mentor to Your Life,” Lauren Kessler, Jan, p. 18
“5 Tips: How to Survive the Problem Editor!” Wayne Hoffman, Jan, p. 26
“Yes, You Can!” Judy Winter, Jan, p. 38
“A Writer”s Nightmare,” C, Feb, p. 8
“Engage in Wordplay!” Linda Formichelli, Feb, p. 20
“Fuel Your Creative Energy,” Dawn Simonds, Feb, p. 22
“Taming the Ego Within,” C, Mar, p. 8
“10 Industry Insights,” Michael Larsen, Mar, p. 36
“Stay Motivated in Good Times and Bad,” Greg Daugherty, Mar, p. 42
“A Formula for Success,” Karen Asp, Mar, p. 44
“Getting Past Second,” Hallie Ephron, Apr, p. 35
“Write Like Jazz,” C, May, p. 10
“Better Off Dead,” C, Jun, p. 10
“Accept with Finesse,” Melanie Rigney, Jun, p. 38
“A Writer by Any Other Name,” Howard Zaharoff, Jun, p. 40
“Addicted,” C, Jul, p. 15
“The Game of Wordplay,” C, Aug, p. 14
“If You Give a Writer ,” C, Sep, p. 14
“Why Selling Isn”t Selling Out,” Donald Maass, Sep, p. 28
“Writing Colorblind,” C, Oct, p. 15
“Know When It”s Time to Fire Your Agent,” Cecil Murphey, Oct, p. 42
“If You Ask Me ,” Susan Perry, Oct, p. 45
“The Story I Cannot Let Go,” C, Nov, p. 14
“Welcome to the Tribe,” C, Dec, p. 16
“366 Writing Prompts,” Christine Mersch, Dec, p. 25
“Bounce Back,” Candy Arrington, Dec, p. 44

“Paula Tiara,” WD, Jan, p. 40
“Thomas Steinbeck,” FS, Jan, p. 48
“Emma D. Dryden,” MSI, Jan, p. 60
“Richard Russo,” WD, Feb, p. 44
“Ann Purmell,” FS, Feb, p. 52
“MacAddict”s Rik Mylewski,” MSI, Feb, p. 60
“Julia Cameron,” WD, Mar, p. 46
“Brent Hartinger,” FS, Mar, p. 54
“Yankee”s Michael Carlton,” MSI, Mar, p. 60
“Jeffrey Eugenides,” WD, Apr, p. 46
“Dorothy Allison,” WD, May, p. 51
“Jane Juska,” FS, May, p. 63
“Parenting Press”s Elizabeth Crary,” MSI, May, p. 69
“Stephen Coonts,” WD, Jun, p. 45
“M. William Phelps,” FS, Jun, p. 54
“Daniel Greenberg,” MSI, Jun, p. 61
“John Rowell,” FS, Jul, p. 50
“Tara Gavin,” MSI, Jul, p. 61
“Janet Evanovich,” WD, Aug, p. 36
“Quinn Dalton,” FS, Aug, p. 55
“Jane Dystel,” MSI, Aug, p. 62
“Steve Berry,” FS, Sep, p. 56
“Melody Guy,” MSI, Sep, p. 60
“Mary Higgins Clark,” WD, Oct, p. 48
“Jim Black,” FS, Oct, p. 58
“Marcy Posner,” MSI, Oct, p. 61
“Dave Barry,” WD, Nov, p. 42
“Dave Cutler,” FS, Nov, p. 58
“Lifetime Magazine”s Pam O”Brien,” MSI, Nov, p. 61
“Bruce Wilkinson,” WD, Dec, p. 46
“Smith Alumnae Quarterly Editor JohnMacMillan,” MSI, Dec, p. 58

Marketing/Submitting Advice
“Submissions and Contracts,” AE, Jan, p. 7
“Getting Hooked On Buzz,” MK, Jan, p. 46
“Essentials Get Lost in the Shuffle of Publicity,” Ann Beattie, Feb, p. 40
“Query Questions Answered,” NF, Mar, p. 18
“3-Part Recipe for Perfect Agent Queries,” Rachel Vater, Mar, p. 32
“Strong Plan, Strong Sales,” MK, Mar, p. 52
“Should You Write for Free? Terry Burns and Angela Hoy, May, p. 28
“What Fiction Editors Want,” David Wilson, May, p. 34
“How to Pass the 7-Second Test,” Heidi Hess Saxton, May, p. 38
“You”ve Got to Have Friends,” MK, May, p. 58
“101 Tips to Get Published,” WD staff, Jul, p. 39
“Pitch Books With Grace,” MK, Jul, p. 52
“No Agent? No Problem!” A.C. Crispin and Victoria Strauss, Aug, p. 42
“Open the Door to Your Book”s Publication With a Strong Query,” CL, Aug, p. 50
“Should You Query First?” Jennifer Nelson and Patricia Lorenz, Sep, p. 32
“The Facts of Nonfiction,” Judy Mandell, Sep, p. 40
“Your 100-Mile Circle,” MK, Sep, p. 50
“How Agents Work,” David Wilson, Oct, p. 38
“Page-by-Page Children”s Proposals that Sell,” Christopher P.N. Maselli, Nov, p. 38
“Join the Club!” MK, Nov, p. 50

“Scrapbook Markets,” MS, Jan, p. 58
“Hunting Markets,” MS, Feb, p. 59
“Top 25 Agencies Looking for New Talent,” Jane Friedman, Mar, p. 24
“Tabloid Markets,” MS, Mar, p. 59
“Home-school Markets,” MS, Apr, p. 60
“Romance and Confession Markets,” MS, May, p. 68
“Get Inside the Top 30 Short Story Markets,” Maria Witte, Jun, p. 28
“History Markets,” MS, Jun, p. 60
“Spotlight: Car Mags,” MS, Jul, p. 58
“Your Ticket to Travel Writing,” Eileen Ogintz, Aug, p. 47
“Spotlight: Bird Mags,” MS, Aug, p. 58
“Spotlight: Boating Mags,” MS, Sep, p. 58
“Writing to Fit: The Anthology Game,” Tim Waggoner, Oct, p. 34
“Spotlight: Animal Mags,” MS, Oct, p. 59
“Spotlight: Traveler” Mags,” MS, Nov, p. 59
“Spotlight: Parenting Mags,” MS, Dec, p. 56

Nonfiction Writing Technique
“When Words Play, You Win!” NF, Jan, p. 16
“10 Tabloid Tips to Better Writing,” Peter Reilly, Jan, p. 36
“Unlock Writer”s Block,” NF, Feb, p. 17
“Clear Your Writer”s Throat,” NF, Apr, p. 18
“Bionotes Denote Your Freelance Chances,” NF, May, p. 17
“The Right Hook,” NF, Jun, p. 22
“Faster than a Speeding Bullet,” John N. Frank, Jun, p. 34
“Go Back in Time,” NF, Jul, p. 20
“Live Your Freelance Dream,” NF, Aug, p. 22
“Heartfelt Personal Essays,” NF, Sep, p. 20
“Organize Your Writing!” NF, Oct, p. 20
“Fact-Gathering Triage,” NF, Nov, p. 20
“Make Em Laugh,” Deb Di Sandro, Nov, p. 36
“Living with Deadlines,” NF, Dec, p. 20

Opportunities for Writers
“Selling to the Sisters,” Linda Formichelli, Jan, p. 22
“Consider the Alternatives,” Felix Winternitz, Jan, p. 28
“Turn Your Interests Into Profits,” Michael Polak, Feb, p. 38

Personal Essays and Poetry
“Write Poems That Get Published!” P, Apr, p. 21
“5 Ways to Share Poetry With the World,” Viv Griffith, Apr, p. 42
“Poetry Decks and Sestinas,” P, Jul, p. 23
“A Chain of Poets,” P, Oct, p. 26

“Renee Sedliar, Associate Editor,” WC, Jan, p. 50
“Archie Satterfield,” FL, Jan, p. 52
“Rich Talarico, Mad TV Staff Writer,” WC, Feb, p. 54
“Emma Hitt,” FL, Feb, p. 56
“Marvin Bell,” WC, Mar, p. 55
“David Haskel,” FL, Mar, p. 58
“Hazel Dixon-Cooper,” FS, Apr, p. 55
“James Wallace, Specialized Reporter,” WC, Apr, p. 56
“Patricia R. Eisemann, Director of Publicity,” WC, May, p. 64
“Chris Morris,” FL, May, p. 67
“Jeffrey M. Kleinman, Literary Agent,” WC, Jun, p. 55
“Sharon Naylor,” FL, Jun, p. 58
“Gone Grouping: Tuesday Night Writers,” IW, Jul, p. 6
“First Impressions: Amy Hassinger; Daniel Stolar; Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez,” IW, Jul, p. 9
“Michael Vlismas,” FL, Jul, p. 54
“Gone Grouping: Christian Writers Group of the Greater San Antonio Area,” IW, Aug, p. 8
“First Impressions: Kavita Daswani; John Dearie; Mary Blye Howe,” IW, Aug, p. 11
“Tamra Orr,” FL, Aug, p. 56
“Gone Grouping: Publish Or Else writers” group,” IW, Sep, p. 10
“First Impressions: Darrious D. Hilmon; Jacqueline Sheehan; Rani Manicka,” IW, Sep, p. 11
“Chicago Tribune Editor Elizabeth Taylor,” WC, Sep, p. 52
“Jimmy Langman,” FL, Sep, p. 54
“Gone Grouping: Olympia Writers Workshop,” IW, Oct, p. 10
“First Impressions: Dr. David W. Cox and Candy Neely Arrington; Holly Kennedy; Brett M. Nunn,” IW, Oct, p. 13
“Magazine Editor John Wolfe,” WC, Oct, p. 54
“Robert Bruce Woodcox,” FL, Oct, p. 56
“Gone Grouping: The Mighty Girl Writers,” IW, Nov, p. 9
“First Impressions: David Greenberg; Lindsay Faith Rech; Andrew Mishkin,” IW, Nov, p. 11
“University Press Editorial Director Eric Zinner,” WC, Nov, p. 53
“Dominic Hamilton,” FL, Nov, p. 55
“Gone Grouping: The Write RightCritique Group,” IW, Dec, p. 8
“First Impressions: Jody Rosen; JanBlensdorf; Laura Smith,” IW, Dec, p. 12

“One Work, Multiple Editions,” SP, Feb, p. 50
“Publication Dates Explained,” SP, Apr, p. 54
“Change Your Title, Change Your Sales,” SP, Jun, p. 50
“Got Money? Get Published!” Dawn Simonds, Aug, p. 26
“When the Price Is Right,” SP, Aug, p. 53
“Everything Old Is New Again,” SP, Oct, p. 51

Writers” FYI
“Tools: Gateway”s Profile 4; Sony”s SDM-V72W; Macintosh”s iSync and iCal,” T, Jan, p. 12
“Tools: Logitech”s MX700; Sony”s PCV-W10; APC Back-UPS CS 500,” T, Feb, p. 11
“Find the Right Online Critique Group For You!” Kate Reynolds, Feb, p. 34
“Tools: AlphaSmart”s Dana; Lapvantage Dome; Griffin iCurve; Oyster Dock; Wireless Optical Desktop for Bluetooth; Icon Poet,” T, Mar, p. 12
“All the Comforts of Home Offices,” B, Mar, p. 56
“Tools: Apple”s PowerBook; Palm Zire; Dell”s Axim; Storybase,” T, Apr, p. 12
“Tools: Apple”s PowerBook G4 Options; Random House Word Menu; LightWedge,” T, May, p. 12
“101 Best Web Sites for Writers,” Jane Friedman, May, p. 20
“4 Things to Know Before You Go,” Marita Littauer, May, p. 46
“Don”t Slack When You Get Back,” Chatten Hayes, May, p. 47
“InkWell Product Reviews: Bloomba e-mail; Logitech”s Io electronic pen; LapWorks” Laptop Desk,” IW, Jul, p. 7
“The WD Guide to Writing Software,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Jul, p. 35
“InkWell Product Reviews: OneNote organizing software; InkSaver inkjet regulation software; Tablet PC,” IW, Aug, p. 9, 10
“InkWell Product Reviews: Mozilla Mail; Sony”s VAIO Z1; Timbuk2 messenger bags,” IW, Sep, p. 8, 9
“Perfect-Format Software,” S, Sep, p. 24
“InkWell Product Reviews: Palm Zire 71; Now Up-To-Date & Contact; KidzMouse,” IW, Oct, p. 10, 11, 12
“InkWell Product Reviews: SwivlPad; Kensington Saddlebag; IPodSync,” IW, Nov, p. 8, 9, 10
“Holiday Gifts for the Writer,” B, Nov, p. 51
“InkWell Product Reviews: Stowaway XT,”IW, Dec, p. 11

Writing Scripts
“How to Pitch Your Script,” S, Mar, p. 20
“Acting Out,” S, Jun, p. 25
“Is Hollywood Calling?” S, Dec, p. 22 t

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