2001 Writer’s Digest Article Index

Business and Legal Matters
“Must-Know Info on Fair Use and Copyright,” Howard Zaharoff, Jan, p. 26.
“Stop Domain Name Abuse: It”s the Law,” Frank G. Long, TR, Jan, p. 47.
“How to Handle a Writing Mistake,” Lain Chroust Ehmann, Mar, p. 37.
“Organizing Info So You Can Use It,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Mar, p. 44.
“The Case for Trademarking Your Domain Name,” Kelly Talcott, TR, Mar, p. 48.
“Why You Need an Agent Now More Than Ever,” Debra Goldstein, Apr, p. 24.
“11 Questions to Ask Before You Sign,” A.C. Crispin and Victoria Strauss, Apr, p. 28.
“Lost Business Shouldn”t Scuttle Writing Ship,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Apr, p. 52.
“The ABCs of Registration,” Patty Hogan, TR, May, p. 65.
“Clips: Powerful Tools in the Writer”s Box,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Jun, p. 52.
“Negotiations 101,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Jul, p. 50.
“The Generic Problem,” Lynn M. Jordan, TR, Jul, p. 60.
“The Right to Know Your Rights,” Amy Cook, AL, Jul, p. 54.
“Growing the Client, Not the Clientele,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Aug, p. 46.
“Contracts&#151The Basics,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Sep, p. 44.
“Look Before You License,” Erin S. Hennessy, TR, Sep, p. 52.
“Free Art? Not So Fast,” Maureen A. Taylor and Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, Sep, p.30.
“Health Insurance Woes,” “Know When to Say No,” Wendy Hart Beckman, Oct, p. 40.
“Health Insurance Woes,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Oct, p. 48.
“Grave Concerns,” Amy Cook, AL, Oct, p. 57.
“Holiday Gift Guide,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Nov, p. 48.
“Domain Names and Trademarks: A Confusing Mix,” Paul D. Supnik, TR, Nov, p. 54.
“The Writer”s Guide to Tax Planning,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Dec, p. 48.
“How to Make the Most of Down Time,” Holly Quan, Dec, p. 47.

“Contests: Make the Cut,” Mark Sevi, May, p. 40.
“Meet Our Short-short Winner,” Jerry Jackson Jr., Jun, p. 30.
“Editors Pick! Best Zines,” Katie DuMont, Jul, p. 38.
“10 Best Self-Pub Books,” Katie Struckel and Joe Stollenwerk, Aug, p. 38.
“Who”s Got the Best Site,” WD Staff, Oct, p. 33.
“Who Won Our Annual Writing Contest,” Jessica Yerega, Nov, p. 32.

Electronic Writing and Publishing
“50 Top Spots to Get Published Online,” Katie Struckel, Jan, p. 22.
“So, You Want to Write About (Insert Topic Here),” Steve Outing, eP, Jan, p. 44.
“Online Journals,” Amy Gahran, eP, Feb, p. 46.
“Writing For New Forms of Digital Media,” Steve Outing, eP, Mar, p. 46.
“The Art of Writing FAQs,” Amy Gahran, eP, Apr, p. 50.
“How to Build a Writer”s Web Site,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, May, p. 28.
“Can”t Find a Writing Job? How Low Can You Go?” Steve Outing, eP, May, p. 52.
“Repurposing Content for the Web,” Amy Gahran, eP, Jun, p. 50.
“Think Locally, Write Globally,” Steve Outing, eP, Jul, p. 52.
“Online Learning: A Growing Market,” Amy Gahran, eP, Aug, p. 50.
“The Party”s ”Not” Over,” Steve Outing, eP, Sep, p. 46.
“11 Tips to an E-query That Sells,” Greg Daugherty, Sep, p. 28.
“Microcontent Matters,” Amy Gahran, eP, Oct, p. 50.
“Post Time for Writers,” John N. Frank with Isabel Viana, Nov, p. 38.
“Write to Fit the Times,” Steve Outing, eP, Nov, p. 50.
“Creative Surfing,” Amy Gahran, eP, Dec, p. 50.

Fiction-Writing Technique
“How Much Detail Is Enough?” critique by David King, ms. provided by Ruth M. McCarty, CL, Jan, p. 34.
“Wielding the Scapel,” Nancy Kress, F, Jan, p. 8.
“10 Keys to a Better Second Draft,” William Hutchinson, Feb, p. 36.
“He Said What?” Nancy Kress, F, Feb, p. 12.
“How to Write Short-Short Stories,” Geoff Fuller and Pamelyn Casto, Feb, p. 30.
“Put Your Heart Into Your Story,” James Scott Bell, Feb, p. 24.
“Who”s Shoes Are We In?” critique by Caroline Crane, ms. provided by Heather Myles, CL, Feb, p. 40.
“Four Ways to Get Your Plot Moving,” Nancy Kress, F, Mar, p. 10.
“Start Your Manuscript Right,” critique by Steven Goldsberry, ms. provided by Clair Runyan, Mar, p. 38.
“3 Ways to Keep Your Readers Hooked,” Joe Cardillo, Mar, p. 35.
“The Audience: Your Silent Partner,” Nancy Kress, F, Apr, p. 9.
“7 Tips to Finish Your Novel,” Paul Bishop, May, p. 34.
“Where Do I Start?” Nancy Kress, F, May, p. 12.
“The Hook: Opening With Gusto,” critique by David King, ms. by Jay Heininger, CL, May, p. 44.
“How to Write a Breakout Novel,” Donald Maass, Jun, p. 24.
“6 Secrets to Titles That Sell,” Christina Hamlett, Jun, p. 37.
“Perfect Your Personal Pronouns,” critique by Paul Bagdon, ms. by Elizabeth Rogers, CL, Jun, p. 42.
“Creating a Complex Character,” Nancy Kress, F, Jul, p. 11.
“Craft an Explosive Climax,” critique by Steven Goldsberry, ms. provided by Katherine Harvey, CL, Jul, p. 44.
” … And They Lived Happily Ever After,” Nancy Kress, F, Aug, p. 12.
“End on a High Note: Give ”Em One Last Laugh,” critique by Gloria Kempton, ms. provided by Kathy Walker, CL, Aug, p. 43.
“Get There Faster,” Nancy Kress, F, Sep, p. 10.
“How to Start Your Book or Article,” David A. Fryxell, Sep, p. 24.
“Exposition Overload: When Enough Is Enough,” critique by David King, ms. provided by George Onstot, CL, Sep, p. 40.
“I Didn”t Expect That!” Nancy Kress, F, Oct, p. 10.
“How to Find the Right Point of View,” Michael Orlofsky, Oct, p. 26.
“7 Secrets to Strong Chapters,” Michelle Brockway, Oct, p. 28.
“Breathe Life Into Your Story,” critique by Caroline Crane, ms. provided by Richard Douglas, CL, Oct, p. 44.
“Bringing Up the Rear,” Nancy Kress, F, Nov, p. 10.
“Make Every Word Count in Your Novel,” critique by Paul Bagdon, ms. provided by Ivonne R. Gutierrez, CL, Nov, p. 40.
“Perfection in Details,” Nancy Kress, F, Dec, p. 12.
“Spice Up Your Closing Scenes,” critique by David King, ms provided by Charles Scott, CL, Dec, p. 28.

Inspiration and Advice
“Stamp Out Fadspeak,” Richard Lederer, Jan, p. 38.
“Overcome Your Fears With Writing,” Joan Mazza, Feb, p. 28.
“The Romance of Being a Writer,” Peggy Rynk, Feb, p. 34.
“Six Steps to Make Your Story Come Alive,” Steven James, Mar, p. 32.
“Don”t Blame Me; I”m a Gemini,” John Tigges, Mar, p. 40.
“10 Pages a Day,” Stephen King, Apr, p. 32.
“What”s Keeping You From Success?” Marion Duckworth, Apr, p. 37.
“Don”t Fear What You Don”t Know,” Will Romano, May, p. 37.
“How to Make the Most of a Writer”s Conference,” Karen Ostermann and Barbara Zukowsi, May, p. 42.
“Reading Role Models,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Jun, p. 20.
“Boost Your Creativity,” Mari Messer, Jul, p. 22.
“Conquer Your Writing Dragons,” Wendy Knerr, Jul, p. 26.
“How to Break Out of a Writing Slump,” Joan Mazza, Jul, p. 28.
“50 Prompts for Joyful Writing,” Mary Busha, Jul, p. 34.
“Create a Writing Collage,” Leah Tribolo, Jul, p. 32.
“Junk Mail Treasure,” Deborah J. Myers, Aug., p. 45.
“Find the Right Writers Club,” Jennifer Crump and Joe Stollenwerk, Sep, p. 34.
“Spice Up the Research,” Karen Sweeny-Justice, Sep, p. 37.
“Survive the Sophomore Jinx,” Paul Bishop, Oct, p. 30.
“How to Find Time to Write,” Raymond Obstfeld, Nov, p. 35.
“365 Writing Prompts 2002,” WD Staff, Dec, p. 31.
“A Gift That Keeps on Reading,” Victor Paul Borg, Dec, p. 46.

“John D”Agata,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Jan, p. 51.
“Tom Clancy,” Katie Struckel, WD, Jan, p. 20.
“Joyce Carol Oates,” Katie Struckel, WD, Feb, p. 22.
“Neil Chethik,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Feb, p. 27.
“Richard Carlson,” Katie Struckel, WD, Mar, p. 28.
“Saskia Hamilton,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Mar, p. 55.
“Nell and Maud Casey,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Apr, p. 45.
“Howard Lowry, RWA President,” Kate Fitzgerald, Apr., p. 58.
“Ursula K. Le Guin,” Faith L. Justice, WD, May, p. 38.
“Colin Beavan,” Kelly Nickell, FS, May, p. 58.
“Nora Roberts,” Katie Struckel, WD, Jun, p. 28.
“David E. Meadows,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Jun, p. 63.
“Allison Gappa Bottke,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Jul, p. 36.
“James Patterson,” Katie Struckel, WD, Jul, p. 30.
“Alexandra Styron,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Aug, p. 9.
“Ridley Pearson,” Katie Struckel, WD, Aug, p. 34.
“Mitch Albom,” Katie Struckel Brogan, WD, Sep, p. 38.
“Philip Danze,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Sep, p. 55.
“Christina Schwarz,” Katie Struckel Brogan, WD, Oct, p. 34.
“David Schmahmann,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Oct, p. 52.
“Shaye Areheart, Crown Publishing,” Kate Fitzgerald, Oct, p. 59.
“Jim Brown,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Nov, p. 21.
“Judy Bloom,” Katie Struckel Brogan, WD, Nov, p. 30.
“Jane Von Merhen, Penguin Books,” Kate Fitzgerald, Nov, p. 60.
“Laura Doyle,” Katie Struckel Brogan, WD, Dec, p. 26.
“Walker Meade,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Dec, p. 57.

Marketing/Submitting Advice
“Hot Book Marketing Tips,” excerpt from Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, Jan, p. 60.
“Craft a Winning Query Letter,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Feb, p. 44.
“Write Your Marketing Plan in Seven Sentences,” excerpt from Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, Feb, p. 39.
“Speak Up for Your Writing,” Patricia L. Fry, Mar, p. 24.
“Hot Book Marketing Tips,” excerpt from Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, Mar, p. 27.
“Grant a Writing Wish,” Karin Beuerlein, Apr, p. 40.
“Bulletproof Queries,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Jul, p.16.
“Set Yourself Apart From the Pack With a Query Letter That Works,” Tony Seideman and Melanie Rigney, Aug, p. 24.
“Secrets to Writing a Great Book Query Letter,” by Sheryl Fullerton and Naomi Lucks, Aug, p. 26.
“Beyond Guidelines: Know the Magazine,” Janine Palley, Aug, p. 28.
“11 Tips to Find New Magazines,” Andrea King Collier, Aug, p. 30.
“8 Ways to Build a Buzz About Your Book,” S. Joan Popek, Oct, p. 38.
“Follow-up Queries,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Dec, p. 18.

“Doll Collectors Markets,” Pat Marcello, M, Jan, p. 54.
“The New Year Brings New Markets,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Jan, p. 14.
“Personal Essays Markets,” Kate Fitzgerald, M, Feb, p. 50.
“Alternative Sports Markets,” Jason Fargo, M, Mar, p. 56.
“Mystery Markets,” Pat Marcello, M, Apr, p. 57.
“Association Publication Markets,” Barbara Krasner-Khait, M, May, p. 67.
“50 Best Places to Publish Your Story,” Kelly Nickell, Jun, p. 32.
“Quilting Markets,” Diane Weiner, M, Jun, p.64.
“Inspirational Markets,” Sharon Sheppard, M, Jul, p. 64.
“Science Fiction Markets,” Pat Marcello, M, Aug, p. 54.
“Retirement Markets,” Kathleen Hammer, M, Sep, p. 58.
“Travel Guidebooks,” Sophia V. Schweitzer, M, Oct, p. 58.
“Health Markets,” Sandra Dark, M, Nov, p. 59.
“25 Children”s Markets and 7 Tips to Break In,” Alice Pope, Nov, p. 24.
“Relationship Markets,” Pat Marcello, M, Dec, p. 58.

Nonfiction-Writing Technique
“Writing to a T,” Eric Freedman, Jan, p. 29.
“High Concept Nonfiction,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Feb, p. 16.
“Find the Words to Make Your Work Shine,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Apr, p. 14.
“7 Stages to Stellar Tech Writing,” Becky Schmieding, May, p. 32.
“Make Every Description Count,” David A. Fryxell, NF, May, p. 16.
“How to Keep It Tight,” Michael J. Bugeja, Jul, p. 42.
“The Truth Is Out There,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Aug, p. 17
“Research-dot-com,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Sep, p. 16.
“This Old Paragraph,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Oct, p. 18.
“Don”t Say It,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Nov, p. 16.
“Writing Words to Treasure,” Linda LaMar Jewell, Dec, p. 44.

Opportunities for Writers
“Bring More Talent, Get More Value,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, Jan, p. 42.
“Find Freelance Work in Want Ads,” Karen Raugust, Jan, p. 31.
“Writer in Training,” Mary Anne Donovan-Wright, Jan, p. 39.
“Why You Can Teach a Writing Course,” Lauren Kessler, Mar, p. 20.
“Get the Word Out,” David A. Fryxell, NF, Mar, p. 14.
“101 Best Web Sites for Writers,” Dena Eben and WD Staff, May, p. 22.
“Collaboration: The Key to Tackling Opporunities,” Jeffery D. Zbar, B, May, p. 50.
“To Be Continued …” Kelly Milner Halls, Jun, p. 27.
“The Short Road to Success,” Karen Asp, Jun, p. 38.
“We Interrupt Our Regular Schedule,” Matt W. Wills, Jun, p. 40.
“5 Magic Phrases,” Jenna Glatzer, Aug, p. 37.

Personal essays “Know Where You”re Going Before You Leave,” Sheila Bender, PE, Jan, p. 18.
“Finding the Perceptions You”re Keeping Inside,” Sheila Bender, PE, Apr, p. 18.
“How to Focus Your Memoir,” critque by Gloria Kempton, ms. by Pamela Moore, CL, Apr, p. 42.
“Arguing Your Viewpoint,” Sheila Bender, PE, Jul, p. 20.
“Live Your Questions,” Sheila Bender, PE, Oct, p. 24.

“Harper Lee”s Monroeville, Ala.,” Kelly Nickell, LT, Jan, p. 49.
“Janine Stein,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, Jan, p. 46.
“Kurt Andersen, Co-chair of Inside.com,” Julianne Hill, C, Jan, p. 41.
“Kathleen Ganster,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Feb, p. 47.
“Nicholas Sparks” North Carolina,” Melanie Rigney, LT, Feb, p. 33.
“Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune Senior Writer,” Julianne Hill, C, Feb, p. 42.
“Margaret Atwood”s Toronto,” Melanie Rigney, LT, Mar, p. 36.
“Andrew G. McCann, Editor and Analyst,” Julianne Hill, C, Mar, p. 42.
“Jennifer McCay,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, Mar, p. 52.
“Sinclair Lewis” Sauk Center, Minn.,” Katie Struckel, LT, Apr, p. 22.
“Jeannie Morris, Sports Writer,” Julianne Hill, C, Apr, p. 48.
“Linda Wasmer Andrews,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Apr, p. 54.
“Kathleen Gasperini, Publisher and Editor,” Julianne Hill, C, May, p. 48.
“Gillian Baker,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, May, p. 54.
“Eileen McGinnis, EPA administrator”s chief of staff,” Julianne Hill, C, Jun, p. 46.
“Eugene O”Neill”s Provincetown, Mass.,” Joe Stollenwerk, LT, Jun, p. 48.
“Kimberly Hill,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Jun, p. 58.
“L.M. Montgomery”s Prince Edward Island,” LT, Melanie Rigney, Jul, p. 10.
“Craig Lesley, Teacher,” Julianne Hill, C, Jul, p. 48.
“Christine C. Scholtes,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, Jul, p. 58.
“Meghan O”Rourke, The New Yorker Fiction Editor,” Julianne Hill, C, Aug, p. 22.
“Paul Raymond Martin,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Aug, p. 52.
“Walter Cronkite, Journalist,” Julianne Hill, C, Sep, p. 42.
“Joshua Goodman,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, Sep, p. 48.
“Sherrie Marshall, Exec. Editor,” Julianne Hill, C, Oct, p. 46.
“Deena Knight,” Amanda Lynch, FL, Oct, p. 54.
“Lillian Hellman”s New Orleans,” Joe Stollenwerk, LT, Oct, p. 56.
“Dierdra Brown, Hallmark Writer,” Julianne Hill, C, Nov, p. 20.
“Charmaine Seitz,” Jan Jaben-Eilon, FL, Nov, p. 52.
“Mary Beth Reed, VP-creative director,” C, Dec, p. TK.
“Paul Kandarian,” FL, Dec., p. 24.

Writers” FYI
“Tools: Handspring”s VisorPhone; AvantGo”s NetDocuments; FilePool; Logitech”s MouseMan Wheel, iFeel MouseMan, iFeel Mouse,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Jan, p. 6.
“The Enemy Camp,” Judy Williams, Jan, p. 33.
“When are Cliches OK?” Richard Weiner, Jan, p. 36.
“Tools: Microsoft”s Trackballs mice, Symantec”s Firewall, Power On Software”s Rewind, Lexmark”s Z82 multi-function machine,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Feb, p. 10.
“Sleeping Double in a Freelance Bed,” Linda Formichelli, Mar, p. 30.
“Upon Further Review ” Wendy Hart Beckman, Mar, p. 34.
“Tools: ViewSonic”s VG150 ViewPanel, Apple”s Studio Display, DatViz”s Documents To Go Professional Edition, Iomega”s HipZip digital music player,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Mar, p. 8.
“She”s Your Agent, Not Your Mother,” Dennis Palumbo, Apr, p. 31.
“Write a Poem for Any Occasion,” Miriam Sagan, Apr, p. 38.
“Tools: The Missing Manual by David Pogue, Levenger”s Single-sheet Cutter, Metricom Ricochet,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, p. 8.
“Can”t Find the Right Word? Keep Looking,” Richard Lederer, May, p. 36.
“Tools: Apple”s Powerbook G4, Targus” Total Recall, Merriam-Webster”s Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus Deluxe Audio Edition,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, May, p. 10.
“The Lowdown on the Freelance Letdown,” Vivé Griffith, Jun, p. 45.
“Urban Myth vs. the Truth,” Nancy Kress, F, Jun, p. 12.
“Tools: Apple”s iMacs, Roxio”s Easy CD Creator, Agate Technology”s Q,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Jun, p. 10.
“Tools: Final Draft AV, Palm m105, DataPlay disks,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Jul, p. 8.
“Tools: Essential Gear for the Writing Life, Microsoft Office XP,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Aug, p. 10.
“Building Better Stories: Focus and Organize,” by Mark H. Massé, Aug, p. 32.
“Tools: Sony”s VAIO R505, QuarkCopyDesk SE, WordSmith,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Sep, p. 8.
“Score a Perfect 10 With Our Grammar Checklist,” Raymond Obstfeld, Sep, p. 26.
“The Comedic Crutch,” Dean M. Shapiro, Sep, p. 27.
“Tools: Apple”s iBook, FranklinCovey”s OnePlace, Mircrosoft”s Word+Entourage 2001,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Oct, p. 8.
“Tools: Windows XP, Mac OS X, Gateway”s Solo 1200, Iomega”s Peerless Drive System,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Nov, p. 8.
“Tools: Microsoft”s Office Keyboard, Iomega”s Predator, Digital Innovations” Write-Away Labels,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, T, Dec, p. 10.

Writing for Kids
“Hook Kids” Attention,” Marcia T. Jones and Debbie Dadey, K, Feb, p. 20.
“Picture-Book Perfect,” Marcia T. Jones and Debbie Dadey, K, May, p. 20.
“Mastering the ABCs,” Tracey Dils, Nov, p. 22.
“End It Right,” Nancy Lamb, Nov, p. 28.

Writing Scripts
“15 Scriptwriting FAQs,” Cynthia Whitcomb, S, Mar, p. 16.
“The Dirty Dozen,” Cynthia Whitcomb, S, Jun, p. 16.
“Screenplay Checklist,” Cynthia Whitcomb, S, Sep, p. 20.
“From Page to Stage,” Chad Gervich, Oct, p. 36.
“Write Great Endings,” Cynthia Whitcomb, S, Dec, p. 22.

Zines and E-Zines
“Ready for Takeoff?” Katie DuMont, Z, Jan, p. 50.
“An A+ Assortment of Zines,” Katie DuMont, Z, Feb, p. 49.
“From Concept to Page,” Judy Gripton, Z, Mar, p. 54.
“Out-of-sight Creations,” Katie DuMont, Z, Apr, p. 56.
“Build Your E-Dream,” Judy Gripton, Z, May, p. 56.
“Hot on the Presses,” Katie DuMont, Z, Jun, p. 56.
“Zine Reviews: Maelstrom; Mr. Peebody”s Soiled Trousers And Other Delights; Images Inscript; failbetter.com,” Katie DuMont, Z, Sep, p. 50.
“Zine Reviews: StorybytesVery Short Stories; Raw Foods News; Space Guy; Prose Ax,” Jessica Yerega, Nov, p. 44.

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