2000 Writer’s Digest Article Index

Business and Legal Matters
“6 Tips to Getting Paid,” BW, Nov. p. 46.
“All Dressed Up and Ready to Go,” Patricia B. Hogan, TR, Mar., p.57.
“Domain Name Dilemmas,” Naseem Javed, TR, June, p. 52.
“Fight for Your Rights,” BW, May, p. 48.
“Getting Paid Your Due,” BW, Feb., p. 49.
“How Three Freelance Health Plans Rate,” Jason Fargo, July, p. 33.
“How to Charge: Freelancers Speak Up,” Drew Robb, June, p. 34.
“Managing Business One (Less) Post-It at a Time,” BW, Sept., p. 40.
“Papers, Please,” GW, May, p. 58.
“Preparing for a Rainy Day,” BW, June, p. 46.
“Protecting Household Names,” John Hackett, TR, Nov., p. 52.
“Rights Away,” GW, Mar., p. 49.
“Show Me the Money,” J.A. Hitchcock, Jan., p. 38.
“The Flack Racket,” Geoff Williams, Feb., p. 38.
“To Fee or Not to Fee,” John N. Frank, Apr., p. 26.
“What”s Fair Use?” Frank G. Long, TR, Sept., p. 50.
“When Writer Becomes Collection Agency,” GW, Sept., p. 45.

“The Year”s Best Self-Published Books,” Amy Ratto, Aug., p. 26.
“WD Writing Competition Winners,” Katie Struckel, Nov., p. 32.

Electronic Writing and Publishing
“101 Best Web Sites,” Brad Crawford, May, p. 24.
“8 Secrets to Writing for the Web,” eP, June, p. 48.
“Be More Than Just a Writer,” eP, Oct., p. 48.
“E-Books: What You Must Know Today,” M.J. Rose, June, p. 24.
“Expert Web Writing Advice,” eP, Nov., p. 56.
“From the Wacky to the Wonderful,” eP, May, p. 50.
“Home Page, Sweet Home Page,” eP, Apr., p. 42.
“Internet Writer,” eP, Jan., p. 58.
“Manuscripts on the Web: Do They Sell?” A.C. Crispin and Victoria Strauss, Oct., p. 28.
“On Your Mark, Get Set …,”eP, Feb., p. 51.
“Online Publishing? Don”t Forget About E-mail,” eP, Aug., p. 38.
“Sell Your Work on the Web,” eP, July, p. 44.
“Stop e-Content Thieves,” eP, Sept., p. 42.
“Take That to the Bank,” eP, Mar., p. 47.
“Weblogs: Byte-sized Online Publishing,”eP, Dec., p. 46.

Fiction-Writing Technique
“Surprise or No Surprise?” F, Jan., p. 14.
“”… And My Whole Life Flashed Before My Eyes,”” F, Oct., p. 10.
“8 Sizzling Ways to Start Your Scene,” Raymond Obstfeld, Sept., p. 28.
“A 4-Step Plan for Revising Fiction,” Raymond Obstfeld, Apr., p. 30.
“Beware of Information Overload,” ms. by Joy V. Smith, critique by Paul Bagdon, CL, Nov., p. 40.
“Bring Your Scenes Into Focus,” ms. by Ken ReCorr, critique by Caroline Crane, CL, Oct., p. 42.
“Changing Your State of Mind,” ms. by Tony Colatruglio, critique by David King, CL, Jan., p. 50.
“Create Suspenseful Openings,” ms. by Kristi Peterson, critique by Steven Goldsberry, CL, Aug., p. 32.
“Escape Plan,” ms. by Paula Whitley, critique by Caroline Crane, CL, Feb., p. 43.
“Fiction Q&A,” F, Dec., p. 14.
“Getting to Know the Protagonist,” ms. by Jean M. Wood, Sally Lucas, CL, Apr., p. 34.
“Hark! I See a Conversation,” F, Mar., p. 13.
“How Do I Look?” F, Apr., p. 12.
“How to Create Believable Characters,” ms. by Pat Mountin, critique by David King, CL, Sept., p. 36.
“Once More From the Top,” F, Nov., p. 10.
“One … Two … Three … Push,” F, Feb., p. 13.
“Propping Up the Story,” F, Aug., p. 10.
“Psst … Buddy, Want Some Advice?” F, June, p. 12.
“Send Them Home Happy,” F, May, p. 12.
“Show and Tell,” F, July, p. 10.
“Step Up to Stronger Dialogue,” David Curran, Feb., p. 40.
“Tales of the Unexpected,” Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet, Mar., p. 38.
“Weaving the Past Into the Present, ” ms. provided by Y.D. Walker, David King, CL, June, p. 40.
“Who and How to Tell It,” F, Sept., p. 8.
“You Can Write a Great Novel,” James Scott Bell, Sept., p. 22.

Inspiration and Advice
“365 Writing Prompts for 2001,” WD Staff, Dec., p. 32.
“10 Habits of Highly Creative Writers,” Michael J. Bugeja, Feb., p. 28.
“Decorate What”s Yours,” BW, July, p. 40.
“Get Inside Oprah”s Book Club,” Kate Fitzgerald, Oct., p. 24.
“Go With the Flow,” Susan K. Perry, Feb., p. 31.
“How to Find the Joy of Writing,” Wendy Knerr, Aug., p. 20.
“How To Take a Writing Recess,” Cynthia La Ferle, Oct., p. 38.
“Jump-Start Your Brain,” Steven James, Feb., p. 34.
“Mission: Possible,” Jerri L. Ledford, Mar., p. 37.
“Surviving Literary Bootcamp,” Kevin James Kage, May, p. 38.
“The Hot 100,” WD Staff, July, p. 22.
“Writing at 20,” Rachel Stavis, Nov., p. 24.
“Writing at 40,” Naomi Lucks and Sheryl Fullerton, Nov., p. 26.
“Writing at 60,” Susan Carol Hauser, Nov., p. 28.

“bell hooks,” Brad Crawford, WL, Apr., p. 6.
“Dean Koontz,” Brad Crawford, WL, Mar., p. 10.
“J.K. Rowling,” Brad Crawford,WL, Feb., p. 10.
“Anne Rivers Siddons,” Katie Struckel, WL, Sept., p. 26.
“Avon”s Jennifer Brehl,” Ian Bessler, May, p. 53.
“Book Reviewer Claire Messud,” Brad Vice, Sept., p. 59.
“Bud Gardner,” Melanie Rigney, WL, June, p. 8.
“Celestial Arts” Veronica Randall,” Wendy Lee Bonifazi, Mar., p. 51.
“Esquire”s Adrienne Miller,” David Borcherding, Feb., p. 61.
“Gigi Levangie Grazer,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Aug., p. 34.
“Homer Hickam Jr.,” Katie Struckel, WL, Dec., p. 30.
“James Manos Jr.,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Nov., p. 59.
“Jeffery Deaver,” Katie Struckel, WL, Nov., p. 30.
“Jeffrey Allen,”Brad Crawford, FS, Jan., p. 9.
“Jennifer Lauck,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Oct., p. 41.
“Jennifer Niven,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Dec., p. 50.
“Jessica Greenbaum,” Amy Ratto, FS, June, p. 9.
“Kate Bingham,”Amy Ratto, FS, Mar., p. 11.
“Katherine Paterson,” Sonya Haskins, WL, July, p. 8.
“Literary Agent Kimberly Cameron,” Pat Marcello, Oct., p. 57.
“Margaret Atwood,” Katie Struckel, WL, Oct., p. 34.
“Marilyn Wooley,” Melanie Rigney, FS, Apr., p. 7.
“Mary Sanders Smith,” Amy Ratto, FS, May, p. 11.
“Natalie Goldberg,” Dawn Simonds Ramirez, WL, Aug., p. 24.
“Perrin Ireland,” Amy Ratto, FS, July, p. 9.
“Robert Pinsky,” Dawn Simmonds Ramirez, WL, May, p. 10.
“Sallirae Henderson,” Kelly Nickell, FS, Sept., p. 44.
“Sarah Willis,” Amy Ratto, FS, Feb., p.11.
“Tony Hillerman,” Brad Crawford, WL, Jan., p. 8.

“5 Hot Markets for the 21st Century,” Greg Daugherty, Jan., p. 36.
“14 Markets for Light Verse,” Philip R.Theibert, Sept., p. 34.
“Alumni Magazines,” Diane Weiner, M, Sept., p. 58.
“Dot.com World,” Bill Dyszel and Jim Faber, M, Jan., p. 66.
“Ethnic and Heritage Magazines,” Barbara Krasner-Khait, M, Nov., p. 58.
“Fiction 50,” Dawn Simonds Ramirez, June, p. 36.
“Food Magazine Markets,” Jason Fargo, M, Dec., p. 55.
“Gardening Magazines,” Charmain Kosek, M, June, p. 57.
“Golf Magazines,” Chris Lewis, M, Aug., p. 46.
“How to Publish Your Poetry,” Miriam Sagan, M, Apr., p. 50.
“In-flight Magazines,” Britta Waller, M, May, p. 52.
“Latin Magazines,” Jason Fargo, M, Oct., p. 54.
“Parenting Magazines,” Jerri L. Ledford, M, July, p. 52.
“Retail Custom Publications,” Jason Fargo, M, Mar., p. 50.
“Wedding Markets,” Diane F. Weiner, M, Feb., p. 60.

Marketing/Submitting Advice
“13 Sips of Marketing the Chicken Soup Way,” Jack Canfield, June, p. 28.
“A New Take on an Old Business,” BW, Aug., p. 36.
“Do Take It Personally,” Tara Neilson, Sept., p. 38.
“How to Break the Rules & Get Published,” Lori Foster, Dec., p. 24.
“Many Happy Returns,” GW, July, p. 42.
“Marketing, Branding, and Writing Success,” BW, Jan., p. 60.
“Now That I”ve Broken the Rules, What”s Next,” Michael Webb, Dec., p. 27.
“The Art of Pleasant Persistence,” Laura Kaminker, Jan., p. 44.
“The Inside Scoop,” Cynthia G. La Ferle,” Jan., p. 46.
“The Power of Spreadsheets,” Maria Anne Tolar, Mar., p. 34.

Nonfiction-Writing Technique
“5 Tips to Tight Writing,” NF, Oct., p. 17.
“8 Secrets to Stronger Newsletters,” Janet Sorrell, Nov., p. 38.
“All Aboard the Bullet Train,” NF, Nov., p. 20.
“Creating Creativity,” NF, Feb., p. 16.
“How to Help Editors Say ”Yes,”” NF, July, p. 14.
“Millenial Resolutions,” NF, Jan., p. 18.
“Nonfiction Q&A,” NF, Dec., p. 18.
“Organize Your Ideas,” NF, Aug., p. 13.
“Sending It Right Off,” NF, May, p. 16.
“Tell a Story With Your Nonfiction,” ms. by James Elmore, critique by Caroline Crane, CL, May, p. 42.
“The Click of a Button,” NF, Sept., p. 14.
“The Elements of Style,”NF, Mar., p. 17.
“Tying It All Together,” NF, Apr., p. 15.
“What to Learn from a Rewrite,” Hank Nuwer, July, p. 28.
“Writer, Interrupted,” NF, June, p. 15.

Opportunities for Writers
“5 Keys to Corporate Writing,” Barbara Krasner-Khait, Sept., p. 31.
“7 Secrets to Writing With Your Best Friend,” Deborah Elliot-Upton and Kim Campell, Oct., p. 39.
“Create Your Own Writing Retreat,” Kathy Larson, May, p. 40.
“Hail Fellow(ships)!” GW, Jan., p. 55.
“Lend Me Your Ear,” Tamara B. Orr, Nov., p. 43.
“Make a Killing: Write True Crime,” Lisa Beth Pulitzer, July, p. 30.
“Psst! How to Write for Tabloids,” Chris Rodell, Nov., p. 36.
“Trade Mag Writing: 8 Things You Must Know,” Judy Williams, Aug., p. 30.
“You”ve Got Mailing Lists,” Kim Wilson, May, p. 30.

“8 Keys to Heartful Poetry,” Sheila Bender, Aug., p. 22.
“A Feast for the Soul,” P, Nov., p. 16.
“All You Need is Love,” P, Feb., p. 22.
“Be Not Bashful, Oh Great Poet,” P, Aug., p. 16.
“Coming Full Circle,” P, Jan., p. 12.
“Correcting Flaws with Craft,” poem by Wendy DeWachter, critique by Michael J. Bugeja, CL, July, p. 34.
“Foreshadowing Empowers Poems,” poem Verna Lee Hinegardner, critique by Michael Bugeja, CL, Dec., p. 44.
“From Bad to Verse,” Michael J. Bugeja, Apr., p. 23.
“Mastering the Pantoum,” poem by Dorothy J. Stanfill, critique by Michael J. Bugeja, CL, Mar., p. 40.
“Poems with a Silver Lining,” P, June, p. 20.
“Publishing Your Poetry,” P, Dec., p. 20.
“Rediscovering Mother,” P, May, p. 20.
“Sad Showers Bring Fresh Flowers,” P, Apr., p.10.
“The Education of a Poet,” P, Sept., p. 20.
“The Pleasure and Power of Poetic Repetition,” P, July, p.18.
“There”s Been a Change in the Weather,” P, Mar., p. 20.
“Use Tricks and Treats in Your Poetry,” P, Oct., p. 20.

“10 Poets to Watch,”Chantelle Bentley, Apr., p. 20.
“50 Writers to Watch,” Brad Vice and Fran Hodgkins, Jan., p. 30.
“NPR”s Alex Chadwick,” C, Sept., p. 46.
“Anita M. Bush, Hollywood Reporter Editor,” C, Mar., p. 42.
“Bill Kurtis, Executive Producer,” C, Feb., p. 46.
“David Mamet”s Chicago,” Melanie Rigney, LT, June, p. 43.
“Dorothy Parker”s New York,” Melanie Rigney, LT, May, p. 19.
“Eurydice A. Chrones,” C, July, p. 36.
“Garrison Keillor”s Twin Cities,” David Fryxell, LT, Jan., p. 62.
“J. Andrew Cohen, Sports Book Editor,” C, Apr., p. 38.
“Larry McMurtry”s Archer City, Texas,” Brad Crawford, LT, Aug., p. 44.
“Laurie Liss, Literary Agent,” C, Dec., p. 12.
“Lee Whittlesey, Park Archivist,” C, Jan., p. 53.
“Margaret Mitchell”s Atlanta,” Melanie Rigney, LT, Nov., p. 39.
“Matt Matcuk, Exhibit Developer/Writer,” C, June, p. 44.
“Maya Angelou”s San Francisco,” Melanie Rigney, LT, Apr., p. 45.
“Moya O”Shea,” FL, Oct., p. 50.
“Patricia Cornwell”s Richmond, Va.,” Jim Faber, LT, Feb., p. 21.
“Charlotte Latvala,” FL, Apr., p. 37.
“Robert B. Parker”s Boston,” Kelly Nickell, LT, Oct., p. 16.
“Web Columnist Stephen Silverman,” C, Oct., p. 44.
“Tennessee William”s New Orleans,” Melanie Rigney, LT, Mar., p. 44.
“Therese Kauchak, Special Projects Editor,” C, May, p. 46.
“They Quit Their Day Jobs,” Amanda Lynch, Jan., p. 24.
“Thomas Wolfe”s Asheville, N.C.,” Kelly Nickell, LT, Sept., p. 39.
“SNL”s Tina Fey,” C, Aug., p. 40.
“Tom Harpole,” FL, Aug., p. 45.
“True Crime Pays for Suzy Spencer,” FL, Feb., p. 54.
“Senior VP of corporate affairs, Walter Petersen,” C, Nov., p. 44.
“William Faulkner”s Oxford, Miss.,” Melanie Rigney, LT, July, p. 38.
“Paul Brett Johnson,” FL, Dec., p. 26.
“Julie Fanselow,” FL, June, p. 31.

Writers” FYI
“12 Tips for Working with Editors,” BW, Apr., p. 40.
“Checkout Time,” Britta Waller, Jan., p. 41.
“Crossing the Line,” Linda Formichelli, June, p. 32.
“Finding Your Computer Voice,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata, May, p. 33.
“Holiday Gifts Every Writer Will Want,” BW, Dec., p. 48.
“Making Sense Amid Babel 2000,” GW, Nov., p. 48.
“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” Deborah J. Myers Post, May, p. 37.
“Speaking with Authority,” Timothy Perrin, Oct., p. 36.
“Stay Connected While You Travel,” BW, Oct., p. 46.
See also the Tools columns by Julio Ojeda-Zapata in the Jan.-Nov. 2000 issues:
Jan., p. 64.
Feb., p. 48.
Mar., p. 60.
Apr., p. 39.
May, p. 56.
June, p. 62.
July, p. 43.
Aug., p. 9.
Sept., p. 6.
Oct., p. 9.
Nov., p. 6.

Writing for Kids
“”It”s Like, You Know” Dialogue,” K, Nov., p. 22.
“Building Believable Characters,” K, May, p. 22.
“Don”t Be Such a Baby,” K, Jan., p. 22.
“How to Be a Kid Again&#151or at Least Think Like One,” K, Mar., p. 22.
“It”s a Kid”s World,” K, July, p. 20.
“Plot to Keep Kids Reading,” K, Sept., p. 18.

Writing Scripts
“10 Ways to Pick Up the Pace,” S, Aug., p. 18.
“Child”s Plays, ” Christina Hamlett, Dec., 28.
“Cure the Act 2 Blues,” S, Oct., p. 22.
“Fade In: How to Write a Great Movie Opening,” S, Feb., p. 26.
“Hero vs. Villain,” S, Dec., p. 22.
“Independents Day,” Christina Hamlett, Mar., p. 30.
“Landing a Hollywood Agent,” S, Apr., p. 18.
“Setting the Clock for Your Script,” S, June, p. 22.
“Soulful Screenwriting Secrets,” Richard Krevolin, Mar., p. 24.
“Writing the Frugal Flick,” Mark Sevi, Mar., p. 27.

Zines and E-Zines
“All Aboard for the Underground Press,” Amanda Boyd, Z, Feb., p. 53.
“Come Over to the Dark Side,” Katie DuMont, Z, Oct., p. 52.
“E-Distribution Confusion,” Katie DuMont, Z, June, p. 51.
“Don”t Get Distraught About Distribution,” Katie DuMont, Z, July, p. 46.
“E-Promotion 101,” Katie DuMont, Z, Nov., p. 50.
“Isn”t There a Book About That?” Kelly Nickell, Z, Aug., p. 42.
“Spanning Content and Continent,” Katie DuMont, Z, Sept., p. 56.
“Start Me Up,” Amanda Boyd, Z, Apr., p. 46.
“Take A Walk on the Wired Side,” Amanda Boyd, Z, Mar., p. 55.
“The Anything Goes World of Zines,” Katie DuMont, Z, May, p. 45.
“Planning Your Own?” Katie DuMont, Z, Dec., p. 52.
“We Don”t Need No Stinkin” Publishers,” David Fryxell, Z, Jan., p. 57.

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