Your Family’s Life Depends on It

Your best friend knocks on your door one afternoon. You open it and he or she is dressed in a strange costume. Before you can say anything, your friend hands you a sword and says, “I need your help. Your family’s life depends on it.” Just then, your friend opens what looks to be a porthole to another dimension, grabs your hand and jumps through.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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334 thoughts on “Your Family’s Life Depends on It

  1. ArronP

    There was an overly obnoxious knock at the door; the kind of knock that indicates an emergency or an overly ambitious door-to-door salesman.

    “Coming!” I called out, clearly annoyed. Whatever was going on surely didn’t require bashing down my front door.

    As the door swung open I was greeted by Lauren. We had been friends for probably ten years or better and I thought I knew her pretty well, but judging by her attire I had obviously missed out on the part of her life that included living in middle-earth.

    “Am I late for the Renaissance Fair?” I asked jokingly. She was typically my number one fan when it came to humor, but today was different. Her face was stern… almost worn looking, like a third world version of her old self. She held my gaze for an uncomfortable amount of time before she spoke.

    “I need your help,” she said. “Your family’s life depends on it.” Her tone was even, like she had rehearsed this for hours before hopping in her car and driving across town to find herself on my front step dressed like a cast member from Les Misérables, but there was still a sense of urgency behind her eyes that I couldn’t shake. I didn’t know how to respond. She took a sudden step toward me, reaching for my arm. I instinctively pulled back.
    “What the hell is wrong with you, Lauren?” I demanded. “And what do you mean ‘your family’s life depends on it’? Depends on what?” Whatever joke she was trying to pull over on me wasn’t funny and I wasn’t having any of it. I always considered myself as having a pretty good sense of humor, but I draw the line when it involves the well-being of people I care about. She reached into the folds of her costume and pulled out a small metal box. It had a sort of sheen to it, almost like a glow. She pressed a side of the box and it started unfolding in front of me like a map. I tried to look at it but as its seals broke and the sides started to swing open it emitted a light so bright that even in the afternoon sun it was nearly blinding. I looked up at her, mouth open and wearing what I can only imagine was the most ridiculous expression of confused awe. She put her hand on my shoulder. I heard a loud pop and suddenly everything started to blur and swirl around me. It was sensory overload. My brain simply couldn’t process what was happening. Before I could even draw a breath to ask her what in the world was going on it was over. It felt like the entire universe had shifted around me, like standing in the ocean and being tossed by waves. I felt nauseous.

  2. rainlight

    Your Family’s Life Depends On It
    RE: Writing Prompt
    Writer: Kristi Hancock

    “Crystal! Crystal!” somebody shouts from outside, “Open the door!”

    I rub my eyes and look out of the window. Standing there is my best friend, Bree, dressed up in a skimpy blue chainmail dress that barely covers her. I sigh, open the door, and glare. “Bree, the anime convention isn’t for another week!!” I say with a yawn.

    Bree pouts and quickly replies, “This is not for any ‘anime convention’, girl. Now look, your family is in imminent danger. You need to help them, now!”

    I pause, look her straight in the eye, and start to close the door.

    “Oh hell no, that is not how this works!” She pushes on the door and grabs my arm with her left hand, forcing me outside. Before I can say anything, she reaches into her belt with her right hand and pulls out a perfume bottle, and sprays me right in the face.

    “What are you –” I start coughing really hard and crumple to the floor. Suddenly I am engulfed in a shiny pink light, and my pajamas become a small, equally skimpy pink-and-black metal half-shirt and shorts with skulls and hearts all over, with a pink cape. “What –?”

    “Look, we don’t have a lot of time. Just follow me,” she sprays the perfume into the air, and all of a sudden, a tennis racket with sharp blades sticking out as the netting, appears. She hands it to me, and pulls out her own weapon, which is also on her belt. Hers is a small knife, with blood dripping from it.

    “B-bree, did you stab someone?” I am still overwhelmed by the magical transformation, let alone my best friend carrying a weapon soaked in blood.

    “Just a couple monsters.”


    “Uh-huh,” she outlines an invisible circle with her fingers, and suddenly there is another light, and a portal appears in front of us. “There’s a lot more where we are going.”

    My eyes widen. “I am not going in there!”

    “Yes. Yes, you are,” she sidesteps quickly, and pushes me inside the portal.

    I scream, “Ahhhhh!”, falling into the other world. It’s a long drop, and when I reach the bottom, I hear a thud – the sound of my body crashing into the grass. Bree, on the other hand, lands gracefully on her feet. “How did you do that?”

    “It gets easy to land gracefully, after a while. You’ll get the hang of it,” she nods. “Now look,” she points.

    Tied up to a tree with glistening blue leaves, are my mother and father. Next to them is a half-human looking creature – a man with two snail antennae sticking out of his head, and a large snail shell on his back. He blows into an recorder that makes a loud, “Cree!” and starts laughing. “What delicious meals we have today! All for Mumtaz, Mumtaz me!” He blows into the recorder again, and suddenly fire appears at the base of the tree.

    I gasp as I see my parents cry out for their lives. “Spare us!” “Please let us go!” “I do you no harm!” and fear becomes a lump in my throat.

    Bree taps me on the shoulder. “He is the first you have to kill, Crystal.”

    I nod. My eyes are in pain from the thick smoke, but I hold on to the racket. She grips her knife tighter, and we charge.

    “More for Mumtaz?!” the snail man bellows. He blows into the recorder again, this time much louder, and we fall back because a wave of sound hits us with immense strength. “Dinner for Mumtaz. Mumtaz like.”

    “Mumtaz could lighten up on the humans!” I yell, and suddenly my hand that isn’t holding the racket, feels heavy. In it is a metal-coated tennis ball. I throw it in the air, and hit it with the racket, aiming at his head. The ball makes a “whoosh” sound as it collides with his forehead, and blood runs down his face.

  3. Mya

    I should have known my friend was a crazy ax murderer. She cut through demons as if she’s done this countless times before. While Maria was busy slashing through a field of unnatural’s I looked up to the flames in the sky. The dark purple sky changed to darker colors every now and then but would eventually change back; it seems I’ve been looking up at the sky for days now. I let out a sigh, if it wasn’t for the fact that my family could be in the midst of all this chaos I wouldn’t have let Maria drag me through that ominous portal. I tilted my head to the left a bit to avoid the remainders of a fireball.

    Finishing off the last of the undead, Maria’s armor clanged together as she tied her cloak back to cover herself. I leaned on the great sword and eyed her suspiciously. “What? I though you enjoyed watching brainless fighting.” Maria spoke with disbelief; I shook my head, “Only in video games young one.” We continued walking towards a gloomy medieval castle with dragons flying around the tops of it. “Explain to me why this is like a corny movie?” I ask this question once more, for no reason at all. “I can’t tell you the answer to something I don’t know.” “Then answer me this, why are we walking to, let me guess, the demon lords castle?” Maria turned around and walked backwards, “You guessed it,” flinging her hands in the air and using an exaggerated tone, “we’re off to kill the demon lord who has kidnapped your family in order to draw you there so they can watch me suffer as they torture you-and your family- while I watch, incapable of doing anything.” I gulped, “Sounds like you do this every day.” “Eh, I know him well enough.” She turned back to leading, her back facing me. I’m going to be honest; I couldn’t make out half of what she said.

    Carcasses lie scattered by our feet; we still haven’t finished walking through the massacre that unfolded only seconds before. Dead tree’s loom over us, leading us to a dense forest. Branches cut my skin, I’m finally making use of this sword Maria gave me; I kept whacking at the oncoming branches so they don’t get to me. The sound of our feet crunching against branches let out the cry of ravens. I stopped dead in my tracks; Maria looked over at me with one eyebrow up. “Whya’ stop?” I felt the color drain from my face, “Those aren’t our footsteps.”

    Black flames swiftly moved around us, encircling us as we out our backs together, raising our swords. A tall and broad shouldered figure dashed at me. I put all my strength into my sword as I defended against his blow. He was wearing a white mask and a cloak similar to Maria’s. Maria snuck up behind him and made a clean hit across his back. The figure turned to puffs. “What was that?” I looked at Maria desperately, “That’s what we call a shadow man, shadows that left their being and became separate; they’re also incredibly stupid without their master.” She looked shocked and her brows furrowed, sweat trickled down from her red bangs. I heard rustling of branches and turned my head in that direction, shadow men lined up side by side, black fire at their feet. Maria wasn’t looking too good, was she injured? Muttering, “This is going to be a long ride.” I began hacking away at the rushing shadow men.

  4. rokkierabbit

    There was a man waiting outside a home, dressed in a Victorian style suit. His outfit consisted of mainly black garments, but hints of red and white were still apparent in the smaller articles of clothing he chose to wear. Pale skin, white hair, and red eyes made him seem even stranger, but no one was outside at the ungodly hour of 3 in the morning to make any comments about him.

    Shifting from foot to foot impatiently, the strange man rapped on the door once more. He then moved away from the door to resume his former position, straight back and posture, hands behind his back as he waited for the occupant of he house to welcome him.

    Surprisingly enough, it only took another try before the door was opened by a pretty young woman of European descent. Her appearance suggested that she was around 20 years of age, and she was very pretty with her blonde hair and clear blue eyes.

    “Peter?” The name hung in the air for a moment, the first words to bespoken on the street that morning as the woman watched the man take out a pocket watch.

    He interrupted her before she could vocalize any questions that were only now showing up from behind the haze of sleepiness. “Alice, now is not the time to speak. The queen has ordered you be brought to court and tried before the Jury yesterday, so we musn’t dilly dally. If you don’t obey, the Queen has ordered your family be put to death for your disobedience. ”

    “Alice” listened to him speak, her emotions changing between shock and anger and disbelief with every passing sentence. “Peter, what are you saying? You’re acting weird, and what are you doing here at-” She turned her head to look at the nearby clock on the wall before turning back to him, confusion and disbelief heavily colouring her tone, “Three in the morning?! And you know my name’s Mary, we’ve been friends since childhood!” Within a few minutes of getting up, Maty wad completely awake, and it was only then that she noticed his unusually coloured hair and eyes.

    The only response she received was a scowl on her friend’s usually bright face. He yanked a pocket watch by it’s thin chain, dangling it in the air above him s he checked the time. “Much too late,” Peter murmured, pressing a button on the watch and releasing the top hitch, letting the lid fall open. Refusing to allow Mary to speak another word, her shocked and tired body doing a darned well job of shutting her up already, the White Rabbit grabbed ahold of her hand as the gears of the watch began to turn and glow.

    “Alice, Welcome to Wonderland. Mind your clothes and your hair, mind your manners, and be sure to visit the queen at the end of your stay to be tried for your crimes both from the past and future.”

    With a muffled scream and a sudden opening beneath their feet, the white Rabbit began the journey that hundreds of Alices have experienced before, and thousands more will follow to their deaths.

    1. rokkierabbit

      Midnight Ramblings of a fifteen year old at midnight. Unedited due to really bad mobile, but I hope you all enjoy?

      It’s probably way over the word limit I am so sorry


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