You See a Face Through Your Dark Window

You always look out the dark windows and wonder if something is out there. One night when you look, a small face with bright eyes appears at the window. Write about what you do, who/what it is, and why they are there.

Post your response (500 words or less) in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “You See a Face Through Your Dark Window

  1. run4urlife777

    Ellie stirred in her sleep and realized that she must have fallen asleep on her new couch. She rose up slowly because of the uncomfortable position she had been sleeping in. Her back was hurting a lot. This ache reminded her of her sister warning her not to fall asleep on the couch while watching TV the night before. Her sister must have turned the TV off, before leaving to go to her friend’s house, so that Elle could sleep better. A noise that sounded like a tree branch snapping, snapped Elle out of her thoughts. She figured it was probably just a squirrel messing with her sister’s gardening things again. She leaned over so that she could see the clock on the wall that was behind her. Suddenly her dog Moxi started barking. She shuddered at the thought of who could be in their backyard at 2:43 in the morning, she knew that Moxi only barked when she saw an unfamiliar face. She got off the couch, straightened her back and headed over to her bedroom to see what was causing Moxi to bark.
    There she saw him, outside the window. The man with the jet black hair. The man who she thought was locked away for good, a man who she thought she had escaped from forever. The man because of whom she changed her whole personality over so that she could forget him. How could he be here? His piercing blue eyes staring at her house, she would never forget those eyes. The dog’s constant barking caused her to come to her senses. She quickly ducked down, hoping that he had not seen her. She tried to get Moxi to hush, as she didn’t want to draw any attraction to where she was. She told Moxi that everything would be okay and petted it a couple times, finally calming it down. Now she had to get away from the man. She knew that he would kill her if he found her.
    So she got down on all fours and started to quietly and slowly crawl out of the room. She needed to get all the way from her bedroom downstairs to her sister’s room upstairs to get a phone and call the police. She was right next to staircase when she heard the pounding against the window. She knew he was trying to get in. Elle gently placed her left foot onto the first stair. It creaked slightly. Slowly she put more pressure onto it. Then she tried the next stair; she got onto that one easily with no sound. She got hopeful that she might make it. That’s when the sound of glass shattering bursted through her ears. She didn’t care about being quiet anymore she just had to find the phone and a place to hide fast. Hearing the thundering footsteps in the kitchen; she dashed up the stairs and into her sister’s room. His footsteps were getting louder and closer by the second, she needed to find that phone. She scanned the room, realizing what a mess her sister had left. Elle knew that it was only a matter of seconds before the man would find her. Looking for a place to hide, she spotted the closet. She ran over and pried it open with her hands, and threw herself inside the closet and shut the door. In the darkness, memories started flooding back to Elle. Memories of the man following her and breaking into her house four years ago. Memories of the man shooting her mom and causing her to go into a coma. This thought lead her to think of her sister, who was now her legal guardian. Would her sister miss her or would she not care? That’s when Elle heard the door downstairs creak open. She had been saved, or at least that’s what she thought. She knew that her sister was probably the one coming inside. Her guess was confirmed when she heard her sister’s piercing scream break the stillness. Elle knew she had to save her sister at any cost so she jumped out of the closet and tried to find the phone. Meanwhile she heard the sound of the man racing down the stairs, and she prayed that her sister would be safe until she could locate the phone and find some help. Finally Elle found the phone and called the cops. She started looking for her sister downstairs and within a matter of minutes she heard the sirens of police cars coming to her house. At last she found her sister hiding outside the house behind a bush and she saw the man on the sidewalk. The cops jumped up behind the man and handcuffed him. Elle hugged her sister and cried. A few minutes later just as the police car was starting to drive away, Elle couldn’t stop herself from looking at him one more time. When she turned around, she saw his piercing eyes staring back at her.

  2. Ratboy111

    Strange Day
    It seemed like a normal day but I had a strange feeling someone is watching me through the window. Every night I constantly looked through the window to see if someone was watching. Each time I looked, nobody was there. One day, there was a snowstorm and I decided to look out the window again. This time I saw a little girl’s small face with bright, green eyes staring at me. Briskly, I donned on a thick coat, earmuffs, and snow boots and opened the door to find her shivering in a corner. I brought her inside for a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate. “Who are you and why were you staring in my window?” I asked her. “My name is Amber, and I escaped from a dark van and decided to hide near your house.” She explained. “How’d you end up in a dark van?” I asked her with curiosity. “I was walking home from school when a bunch of guys in lab coats surrounded me. One of them pulled out a glowing diamond and I instantly felt very weak to the point of fainting. The next thing I knew, my arms and legs were fastened with zip ties and I had an IV in my arm that contained a liquid similar in effect to the diamond. I also saw some machines with strange symbols on them and more guys in lab coats.” She partly explained. “It sounds like you were being experimented on.” I told her. “There’s more. There was a lady in a lab coat named Dr. Francine Polka who explained to them they were hurting me. She was right. The men in lab coats dragged me to the dark van and drove around. Thankfully, Francine was in the van with me because she helped me escape by freeing me, pushing the door open, and telling me to run while she was right behind me. The last I saw of her was when she told me to hide. I hid and the lab coat guys grabbed her and stuck a needle in her arm. Then they carried her off. They tried to look for me but failed. I was left all alone. Then, I saw you opening the door to this house and I got curious. I decided to look through your window and see what kind of person you were.” She explained. “Do your parents know about this?” I asked her. “My parents are dead and my foster parents neglected me.” She sobbed. “It’s okay Amber. I won’t let them hurt you anymore.” I promised her. Somebody knocked at my door and I answered it only to find a woman in a lab coat with a supermodel body collapsing on my floor. “Are you alright Francine?” I asked her after cradling her in my arms and resting her on my couch. “I’m okay for now, but Amber is in danger because of her superpowers.” Francine spoke. “It’s true,” Amber confessed. “I have superpowers.”

  3. JennYes79

    I hated our new house. I hated it before I even saw it.

    For as long as I could remember, my mother was constantly moving us from town to town. She said it was because of her job, but I never believed her. It always felt like we were running from something.

    The longest we had lived anywhere was when I was ten years old. We stayed in that town for nine months. Up until then, we hadn’t stayed anywhere longer than five, so when five months came and passed, I let my guard down and allowed a girl named Nicole to befriend me. We quickly became inseparable, spending every waking moment together. When my mom unexpectedly moved us again, I was heartbroken. I vowed I would never get close to anyone again. Seven years had passed and I remained true to my vow.

    Our latest house was a tiny cape cod, set back in the country, completely isolated. The driveway itself was a half mile long, and it was five miles to the nearest town, which I wondered if you could even consider a town, considering how small it was.

    My bedroom was on the main floor, at the end of a short and narrow hallway, with two large windows overlooking our backyard and the dense woods that surrounded it.

    Mom had left a little bit ago, saying she had to go get groceries. I didn’t mind being alone. My mom and I had never been particularly close and being alone was sometimes better than the awkwardness of pretending that she and I were a normal mother and daughter.

    I had given up on unpacking. I was lying in bed with the lights out, but sleep eluded me. As I turned onto my side, I caught sight of my reflection in one of the windows. My fair skin looked even paler in contrast to the darkness that lie beyond the windows, which made my brown eyes almost looked black. I reached up and brushed a strand of my curly black hair away from my face. I had once been told what a pretty girl I was, but I brushed it off as nonsense. A pretty girl would have a normal life with a normal family and lots of friends. I had none of that.

    I looked past my reflection and into the blackness of the night. The skies were clear and the moon hung high in the sky, illuminating the outline of the dense forest. A chill ran up my spine when I thought of how isolated I was from the rest of the world at this very moment. Looking out at the treetops, I couldn’t help but wonder what might lie out there. There was no one else for miles. No one would ever hear me….

    As my eyes roamed over to the second window, I froze, my breath stuck in my throat. A small, pale face with bright eyes stared back at me from outside the window. The face was shrouded in a black hood, and as I looked on in terror, its hand reached up and tapped on the window. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. Fear had paralyzed me. As I looked on in terror, I couldn’t help but become mesmerized by those eyes. There was something oddly familiar about them….

    “Caitlyn, let me in,” the pale face said. “It’s ok. It’s me. Nicole.” The figure pulled the hood down from around its head, letting loose a mass of bright blonde curls.

    “Nicole?” The breath that I had been holding rushed out of me, and I felt a warm tear trickle down my check. Now I knew why the eyes had mesmerized me. I had only ever known one person to have such bright, piercing blue eyes – my childhood friend, Nicole. As crazy as it was, and even though I had not seen her in seven years, I knew without a doubt that it was her.

    I jumped off the bed and threw open the window. Nicole embraced me, warmth radiating from her despite the cool November air.

    “Nicole, what are you doing here?”

    “There’s no time to explain, Caitlyn. You need to leave with me now, before it’s too late.” Nicole climbed in my window, grabbed my duffle bag and began packing a few necessities.

    “What are you talking about?”

    Nicole stopped and placed her hands on my shoulders, looking me square in the eyes.

    “Listen, Caitlyn. This is going to sound crazy, but you have to believe me. Your mom – Debra – she’s not your real mother.”

    Nicole paused to let her words sink in. My mind reeled. I would’ve asked if she was joking, but her grave expression was all the answer I needed.

    “My family has been following you since you were born. It wasn’t by chance that we met seven years ago, Caitlyn. We were going to try to save you then, but we didn’t have enough time, and Debra whisked you away again before we could act.”

    “What do you mean save me?” I asked.

    “Caitlyn, you are not of this world. You’re very special, and right now, you are all that stands from an evil like you have never known from taking control of the land that you come from. There is not enough time to explain it all now. I promise I will, but we have to go now, before Debra gets back!” Nicole pleaded with me, her eyes searching mine for an understanding.

    Crazy as this all sounded, something stirred deep within me, and my heart told me that Nicole was telling the truth. For reasons that I did not yet understand, I knew that I had to leave.

    “Ok, let’s go.” I grabbed my bag and followed Nicole out the window, heading towards the woods. I took one look back over my shoulder at the small house that sat in the middle of nowhere, knowing that this would be the last time I would see any semblance of the life I had led up until now.

  4. catbr

    Sometime after my husband died of a massive stroke last year I developed the curious habit of looking out my darkened windows at night just to make sure there wasn’t any home invaders or whatever lurking around. I couldn’t stand being alone especially at night without my husbands presence in the house.

    One night I looked out and seen a small face with eyes that lit up staring right through me. Horrified, I screamed and quickly hid myself against the wall beside the window. Trying to catch my breath, still leaning against the wall I thought this was ridiculous. I gave my head a shake and figured it must be my imagination. So I took another look and the face was gone.

    That was enough excitement for one night. Time to go to bed. I need some sleep. But what in the world was that glowing head all about? It didn’t even seem human. After I get cleaned up for bed I have to take one more look out my bedroom window. Standing at the window with my mouth wide open I see that thing again in the window. It looked like a ghost or something. Dear Lord in heaven help me!

    Next thing I remember is waking up in a sweat lying on my bed.

    “Gee grandma, you scared me.” It was my teenaged granddaughter.

    “I scared You! I almost had a heart atack when I seen you standing outside my window. Don’t do that to me ever again.” I reach over and give her a big thankful hug just for being there.

    “Uh, Grandma, I didn’t look in any of your windows like a some kind of a sick weirdo. I came in through your back door with the spare key you gave me, just like I always do. What are you talking about?” Gracie looked a little worried. This is not good. I was getting nervous and scared again. It was giving me the creeps.

    “Gracie, why don’t we go to your place for the night and I’ll tell you all about it in the car.” There was no way I was spending one more night alone in that house until I found out who or what that was.

  5. Wolfy

    As is necessary every evening before the lights go out, I peer through the darkest window in my home to be sure nothing is outside watching and waiting. Walking over to the window, seeing nothing in sight and sighing in relief once more, I reached over to close the curtains. Out of nowhere, the haze of a child’s face appeared ever so close to the clear glass, startling me completely. Jumping back from the window I wondered what on earth a child was doing outside at such a late hour and why of course they were standing outside the window of my living room. I pondered these thoughts for a while as I stood there, my eyes fixated on the small face peering in at me. It became an inward debate with myself whether or not I should allow the child indoors or simply call the police as I realised a face was all I could see, there was no body beneath it, but the child’s eyes were the brightest shade of blue I had ever seen.

    Entranced by the eyes and a voice that seemed to call out to me, though the child’s mouth did not open once as we both stood gazing at each other from either side of the glass, I walked toward the glass and lay my hand gently against it. Watching with worried eyes and a sense of fear, the face began to fade until there was nothing visible anymore. Sighing once again I pulled over one side of the curtain, leaving the other half of the window open until I got around to it, a shrieking noise entered my ears with such painful intent, I fell backwards and onto the solid wooden floor.

    After coming to my senses and removing my hands from over my ears, I slowly opened my eyes and standing directly in front of me was the child. Only this time, the entire body was visible, along with the bright blue eyes I had noticed before. The child extended their hand to me and taking it as they wish to help me stand again, I grabbed their hand and instantly felt a burning in the palm of my hand. Gasping in shock, I quickly pulled my hand free from their grasp and stared in horror at the mark now displayed permanently on my skin. Glancing back up at the child, what were once baby blue eyes had turned to a fire breathing red. The look on the child’s face would have been enough to startle anyone as I stared blankly at the growing grin that would suit more a man than any small child.


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