Worst Present

What’s the worst present you’ve ever received? How did you react and what, ultimately, did you do with the gift?

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One thought on “Worst Present

  1. Kathy

    I worked for a small company where Christmas was a big deal. While a lot of offices do a secret Santa or some other kind of gift exchange, at this place, everyone gave everyone else a gift. And I’m not talking a candy bar here. They gave hats, gloves and scarf sets, restaurant certificates, homemade goodie plates, beautiful candles with holders, very nice things. However, there was one employee who, though well off, spent as little as possible. It was obvious she shopped at the dollar store. As I recall, there was one of those little 2′ by 3′ spiral notebooks and some other little item I can’t even recall. But the capper was the vase. It was one of those Grecian style porcelain like things with poorly painted gold tone accents. There were two birds at the top, and all kinds of curliques all over it, with a cheap looking clock in the center. I’ve seen much nicer things, even at the dollar store. It was cheap and extremely tacky.

    First thing the next morning, before the employee arrived, our boss strode in and asked loudly, “I want to know what everyone did with their hideous vase? Mine hit the trash as soon as I got home.”
    We all laughed, and several of them said they’d done the same. However, my office mate and I had both not done anything with ours yet, and I got an idea. My office mate and I played eucher with two other friends once a month, and I suggested we use the vases as trophies – except the losing team would get them, and would be required to take them home and display them in their living rooms! They all agreed, so we put the tackiest flowers in them we could find, and the battle NOT to get the trophy began. Over the years, my friends have done things like hide the trophy they “won” that night in another players take home bag of food, so they ended up stuck with it. Once, I ended up with both trophies! They were very tacky gifts, but we sure have managed to have fun with them!


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