Why You Had to Break In

You are 16 years old and you and your friends have just been caught breaking into the local gas station. After your parents post your bail, you must explain why you did it, since this is not something you would usually do. What your parents—and others—don’t realize is that you did it for heroic reasons.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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104 thoughts on “Why You Had to Break In

  1. Ratboy111

    “Explain yourself Leroy!” My mother commanded me while we were leaving the police station. “I walked into the gas station the day before to buy a cappuccino when I heard some strange noises coming from the owner’s office. I thought nothing of it at first, but as I got closer, I heard a familiar voice coming from inside the office. The clerk came and asked me if I was going to pay for the cappuccino. I went to pay for my cappuccino when I noticed something very strange. Hanging on the wall behind the cash register, I saw the diamond necklace I gave my best friend, Alice, on her birthday. After I paid him the money, I left the store in a brisk manner and assembled a team of friends to help me break into the store to rescue Alice. The team consisted of myself (the leader and driver), Alexander (the muscles), Lisa (the computer genius), Max (the master of disguise), and Penelope (the actor). Penelope and Max distracted the store clerk while Alexander, Lisa, and I crept towards his office. We snuck inside and searched for something out of the ordinary. Lisa stumbled upon a secret room with an electric lock. “Don’t worry guys, this should be a piece of cake,” Lisa whispered. She decrypted the lock and opened the door to reveal a secret tunnel. We heard screaming noises echoing through the tunnel and followed the noises. Not only did we locate Alice, but we also discovered a sweatshop full of young children who went missing from the bus accident that was on the news a few months ago. “Are you kids alright?” Alexander asked. As we were freeing the kids from their shackles, the store clerk and another guy walked down the tunnel holding guns to Max’s and Penelope’s heads. “You brats thought you could save these children? Well, I’ve got news for you. You’re all going to jail for breaking into my store except for your friend Lisa. I could use a computer hacker to help me out.” He declared. He and his partner forced me, Max, Alice, Penelope, and Alexander through the tunnel and out of the gas station where all of us were arrested. Unknown to him, I took a picture of the children with my cell phone and showed the police before you posted bail.” I explained. I showed her the picture and she was surprised. By the time the police arrived at the gas station, the clerk was gone. Fortunately, I knew where they took Lisa and the kids. Alexander, Alice, Max, Penelope and I drove to where the van was at. It was at a place not too far from the gas station. Alice called the cops and Alexander and I broke into the house where Lisa and the kids were. We tackled the clerk and his accomplice to the ground and held them there until the police arrived. The kids were returned safely to their parents and we became heroes.

  2. Smileyface256

    Okay, everyone, I’m new to this site. Here is my first ever published piece of writing! Any tips or advice would be more than welcome.

    I sit in the front seat, looking out the window and feeling as if there’s a lead ball in my stomach. I’m still shaking, my palms are still sweating, even though the excitement is long passed.
    Finally my mom asks the question. “Why?”
    It’s amazing how much anger, hurt and disappointment can be heard in on word.
    I swallow the lump in my throat. “Mr. Fredrickson was having an asthma attack.”
    “He has asthma?” my mom keeps her eyes on the road.
    “Yes. He had already locked up when I saw him stumble and pull at his collar.” My words tumble out. “I pulled on the door but it was locked. Jared grabbed a trash can and smashed the glass because I wasn’t strong enough. I was giving Mr. Fredrickson a shot from the medical kit when the cops showed up. They thought I was drugging or poisoning him.” I bite my lip as I remember the sick, worried feeling I had when I saw Mr. Fredrickson gasping for air, stretching his collar with clenched fists, the moment of wondering if we would be too late and the relief when I jabbed the needle into his arm. “The cops slammed me and Jared to the ground and slapped handcuffs in us like we were crooks. They wouldn’t believe us.”
    My mom is silent for a minute. She stopped at a light and looked me straight in the eye. “Is that the truth?”
    “Yes.” I don’t even blink.
    The light turns. She drives on in silence for a minute. “You’re a brave girl.”
    There’s warmth in her voice. I look at her and she’s smiling.

  3. SkittzleFrizzleBop

    “Breaking and entering,” my mother screamed at me from the front seat of the car. “What were you thinking, Sam? You can’t just go around breaking into buildings! Do you want to get yourself thrown in prison?”
    “But Mom, I…”
    “Don’t you ‘but Mom’ me! You are in so much trouble Mr.! You’re grounded! You hear me? Forever!”
    “Mom, I was…”
    “Forever! You are never leaving the house again!”
    I stared out the window. I watched the blur of trees and sighed. My mother was staring at me but I was done trying to talk. She wouldn’t let me.
    “Don’t be ridiculous, Sharon,” my father said to break the silence. “He can’t stay inside forever.”
    My mother turned towards him and glared at him. “Do you want to be grounded too,” she asked.
    “No,” he said. “I was just saying. Besides, you haven’t even given the boy a chance to explain himself.”
    My mother continued to glare at him for a while. Then she turned to look at me again and said, “well, go on then. Explain.”
    “I was just trying to save Mr. Jenkins,” I said. “He was in danger.”
    My mother continued to stare at me. “In danger?”
    “You know that gang that hangs out down by the docks?”
    “You mean those drunken idiots who wear pirate costumes,” my mother asked.
    “Yes. Them. On my way home from school today, I overheard them talking. They said they were going to rob the gas station and then blow it up. I ran straight to the gas station to warn Mr. Jenkins. The sign said it was closed but I figured that he would still be inside taking a nap like he always does.”
    “So you broke in?”
    “Yes, Mom. I broke in. And then the police came and they wouldn’t listen to me just like you wouldn’t.”
    “What do you mean I didn’t listen,” she asked. “Of course I listened.”
    “No, Mom. You didn’t. You’ve been lecturing me for hours now and every time I tried to tell you, you would just keep talking. Dad’s the only reason I even got to talk this time.”
    She looked a little ashamed but then she asked, “why didn’t you call the police, Sam?”
    “I don’t have a phone remember? You took it last week because of my math test score.”
    “Oh, yeah. I did, didn’t I? But that’s not the point! You really expect me to believe that you broke into Mr. Jenkins’ store to save him from a pirate gang?”
    “You know what? I’m tired of always having to explain myself. You never believe me!”
    A truck behind us honked its horn and started to pass us. It was going way over the speed limit. As the truck passed by I could see that it was flying a Jolly Roger on a pole and in the bed of the truck was a cash register and a fuel pump that had been torn out of the ground.
    My mother was speechless.

  4. heybritney08

    I walked outside, as slowly as I could, trying to savor these last few seconds of freedom. I was in so much trouble. My license and the new car? Gone. I doubt I’d be seeing them any time soon. I should probably kiss the ground now because I won’t be stepping outside for a long time.
    The car idled by the curb. I stopped. There was no avoiding it. I had to get in the car sooner or later. Every fiber of my being warned me about getting in the car, but it was unavoidable. Might as well get it over with. I took a deep breath, put my hand on the handle and opened it slowly. I hesitated for a moment before climbing in. Mom sat in the passenger seat with her arms crossed. Her eyes fixated on a point somewhere in the distance, but I doubt she was seeing anything but red. Rage and disappointment hung in the air, so thick I swear I could taste it. Crap, I thought.
    Nothing was said, that scared me even more than the yelling. I waited, hoping she’d break the silence. Nothing. I looked to the police station doors and saw Dad stomping towards the car, the vein in his neck bulging. I’m so screwed! He reaches the car, yanks the door open and throws himself in the seat so hard the car moves. After that, he slams the door shut with so much force I’m surprised the glass didn’t shatter.
    “Just what the HELL were you doing?!” he screams while he moves to put the car in drive. He’s so outraged that his hands just linger halfway there.
    “You wouldn’t…” I start.
    “Don’t you dare start your argument with ‘You wouldn’t understand.’ If you know anything you will not start with that.”
    I sit there, stunned. I have never seen him so angry before, and that’s saying a lot since I’m the youngest of four boys. They had been caught doing everything that someone could get in trouble for, from toilet papering their mortal enemies to stealing a car. There was no chance I could tell him what happened, I was done for.
    His eyes are bulging out of his sockets. Mom is still sitting there, making no motion or sound.
    There was no chance I could tell him the truth. He’d think it was stupid, and it probably was but I don’t care. It was worth it to me.
    “I’m sorry, Dad, I just really wanted a soda.”
    “A SODA?!” He starts scream again but I zone out. I was only thinking of how Sandy was going to finally love me. I found her necklace; the one that Max stole just because she dumped him. I knew it meant the world to her and she was going to love me when I gave it back to her.
    It was worth it.

  5. rutlandwriter

    I’m sitting in a jail cell next to my friends who are all crying, hysterically. God, they are so annoying. It’s noisier here than I would have imagined. Police officers are laughing, inmates crying, some yelling. It’s very chaotic.

    My friend Alicia is shaking so badly that I think she might break. I try to hold her but she’s inconsolable. Kayla is curled into a ball on the floor. She’s hugging her knees and bawling. Freddy and Luke are both sobbing like babies too. Luke is covered in mud and Freddy’s arm is covered in blood. Luke keeps muttering that he won’t get the scholarship to UCON now. Freddy keeps saying his father is going to kill him.
    As for me, I don’t see what the big deal is. Sure, we got arrested but it’s all a misunderstanding and everything will be fine. No need for hysterics.

    Our parents all arrive together, as if they came in one car. I can hear my dad talking to the police officer. My father is a big man with an even bigger voice, which is now echoing off the concrete walls. Kayla stands and walks over to me.

    “We are so dead.”

    I roll my eyes. “No we aren’t. It’s going to be fine. Will you all stop being so dramatic!”

    “Easy for you to say, Siena. Your father is the best defense attorney in the state.”

    This is true, but it’s not why I know we will be fine.

    The officer walks towards the cell and begins to open the door. I tell the others to get up but they refuse.
    “My life is over if I walk out of here,” Freddy sobs.

    “Whatever,” I say as I walk over to my parents. We leave the station in silence. The doors to the car shut in unison. My dad puts the key in the ignition and the car comes to life. I think I hear my mother crying.
    “Mom, are you crying?” She doesn’t answer. As we drive away, I see the others coming out of the police station. Everyone is crying. Everyone.

    “Dad, you have to listen, it is all a mistake.”

    “Siena, you broke into a gas station and stole food and cash. I’d say you made a big mistake alright.”

    Wait, what? They think we broke in? They think we stole? How could…..“Dad, someone was shot! We went in to help! I saved the guy from dying!”

    My dad stops the car, looks at me, and then he pulls the car over to the side of the road.

    “What?” My mother is now twisted in her seat and staring at me.

    “Didn’t they tell you? We were getting gas and saw a robbery. This crazy guy was in there with a gun and he shot the clerk. When the robber left, we went ran in to help. I put pressure on the wound and gave the guy CPR. We called 911.”

    “Siena, there was no clerk.”

  6. Mspencer

    We passed by the run down structure, a faint light glittered through the broken window.
    “Did you see that?” he asked.
    I cautiously replied “yeah.”
    “Let’s check it out” he said as he spun the car around, heading back toward the hauntingly dismal structure.
    The night was clear and the moon was bright allowing for just enough visual clarity. We crept as shadows toward the gas station, holding hands. A shiver of fear and excitement went down my spine as we neared the broken window. A muffled voice carried by the breeze, brought me to a halt almost causing both of us to fall.
    “What is it?” he whispered.
    “Don’t you hear it?” I squeaked.
    He listened for a moment and heard the voice and clatter of objects. Against my never wrong gut feeling, we approached the window and plopped down silently.
    “What if they have a weapon? I am sure there is nothing in there worth stealing.” I stated.
    “There is no way they are armed” he stated reassuringly, reaching for my hand.
    I could hear nothing over the accelerated thudding of my heart. A few candles had been lit, illuminating a shrouded figure before a metal box. We watched as he opened the box with a crowbar, lifted the lid, and exposed a bright array of coins. We both sank to the floor as the six foot figure began to turn around.
    “We need to do something” he said.
    “I don’t think so, have you lost your mind?” I asked heatedly.
    “You stay here and I will go make noise to distract him. While he is distracted, go in and get the metal box. I will meet you back at the car in twenty minutes. You can so this beautiful.”
    Then he scurried around the corner leaving me speechless. I could not believe what he wanted me to do or that he had left me. Soon I heard him making noise and the figure disappeared into the front room. The window screeched as I pushed it open and slipped inside. I grabbed the box, stumbled out the window, and ran faster than I ever had before. The car materialized as the headlights came on, a beacon of hope that I would make it. As soon as the door shut, the window next to me shattered. I had not realized the six foot tall goliath had been right on my heels. Just as we rounded a corner the old red and blues were flashing behind us. Seeing the metal box in my lap he inquired about it, this lead to our arrest. I could just imagine the tiny pieces that my parents would tear me into for being so reckless. They must have been angry because they did not come to bail me until the following morning. I expected a lecture and beating as I walked toward them, and out into the bright sunshine. I had actually been a hero, saving an old man’s life savings from a thief.

  7. interiordesigner

    I opened my eyes, scanning the area to make sure no one was around. Running up to the window of the gas station, I slid my palm across the glass. Inside, I could see shadows thrust upon the walls, giving it an eerie feel. Checking my watch, I realized time was running out. Walking along the outside walls, I stopped by the back door, silent. Bombarded by the strong smell of gasoline that told me I had to act fast or else she was going to die. Running around to the front again, I took my long sleeve shirt off and wrapping it around my arm; I broke through the glass and jumped inside as the alarm sounded. I could hear muffled coughs coming from the back room as I got closer. I looked for anything to pry it open with, knowing the handle would probably be too hot to touch. A few moments passed, then I kicked the door in and had to step back as smoke filled the open room, the flames suddenly becoming thicker with the introduction of more oxygen. I whipped off my long sleeve shirt and tied it over my nose and mouth and stepped into the room, trying to locate the trapped woman. Off to my right, I caught a glimpse of brown hair reflected against the orange flames. Moving quickly, I made it to her lifeless body leaning up against a few boxes. Picking her up in my arms, I lowered my head, plowing through the flames to the main room of the gas station towards the front entrance. Busting into it with my shoulder, we were finally out in fresh air. In the distance, I could see flashing lights and hear sirens blaring. I carried her to a safe area away from the gas station, and then continued on foot. Reaching a hill that overlooked the gas station, I watched. Satisfied, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then blacked out. Waking up in the hospital bed was a pretty sweet deal. My parents weren’t very happy with me and I had managed to get them to agree to hold off dishing out punishment until I recovered. But that didn’t stop my Dad from giving me a verbal tongue lashing. “How could you do something so dumb? Are you that desperate for a good time that you resort to dangerous stunts like this?” I could see the look of disappointment on his face and I wanted to explain what had really happened; why I had broken into that gas station, but he was right. I had risked my life and had almost lost it all because I had seen my neighbor’s jealous husband lock his wife in the gas station. I knew they were disappointed and perhaps wouldn’t trust me again for a long time, but turning the TV on and seeing my neighbor being hauled off to jail in handcuffs and his wife and baby safe made it all totally worthwhile.

  8. shopgirl349

    Explaining to my parent is one thing, when I do something minor. However, tonight my thoughts were going a thousand miles a minutes, trying to figure out the best possible way to explain why I would ever do this. Breaking into things was not at all what I do and is completely out of character for me. Somehow, I needed to get that across. My parents were silently sitting up front. Dad was driving and Mom was thinking very hard about what to do in this situation. The best possible way at this point was the silence.

    We arrived to our little home, in one of the subdivision in St. Louis. It was a quant little house, two stories, older home; that had a lot of character in my opinion. Dad parked in the driveway and stopped just in front of the white two door garage. He put the car in park and started to open his door.

    “Why would you do this?” he said under his breath as he was getting out of the car, more as a statement rather than a question.

    Mom shook her head and climb out of the car, as I followed shortly thereafter. I was hesitant, knowing what was coming next. I took a deep breath and started walking down the large rock pathway that led to the front door. Inside, we all sat down in the living room.

    “I’m not sure what or how to approach this,” my Dad started, “you know better than to ever do anything like this.”

    “We trusted you, how could you let us down in this way?” replied her Mom.

    “Now, please let me explain,” I interjected.

    “Alright, go ahead,” Dad said.

    “Alright, so I was crossing the street and saw someone running from the back of the building. So I went to the back where he was at and saw a little girl lying on the ground. She was semi-conscious, I made sure she was still breathing at that she had a heartbeat. But, I left my cell phone at home, so I had to get to a phone to call 911. So I was trying to find a way into the building. Just as I was getting to the phone, I heard the sirens and so I was running to the back of the building. As I was going to the back door and they threw me to the ground and I was shuffled off to the police car and put into the back seat. I was just trying to help the little girl. The cops just didn’t believe me.” I said.

    I finished it all without a word from my parents. My parents were more stunned than anything. Why wouldn’t they be, I looked them straight in the face when I was talking to them; they had already received the story from the cops and they were just trying to make sense of it. They had heard about the little girl, but didn’t know her condition or the situation of which she was found. There was no reason to believe that she was lying.

  9. junglecat

    My friends and I were walking past Bob’s service station on the way to Pandora’s to shoot some pool. I looked over and saw a big red dog in the office. The dog looked like it was in trouble, panting really hard. I started running over to the window to get a better look and the others followed me. We could see from the window that something was wrong. I spend 3 nights a week after school cleaning up at a vet’s office and from what I could see, the dog was ready to have pups, and was in trouble. I called the vet and left a message telling him what was going on and asking for help. We had been waiting about 10 minutes when the dog started yelping really loudly. We all loved dogs and wanted to help. I had seen the vet deliver pups before and I thought I could help.

    We went around back and found a window open just a crack. I pushed the window open and Joe got through it and opened the door for the rest of us. I didn’t see an alarm so I didn’t figure they had one. We all ran to where the dog was laying. Three puppies had already come out but another one was trying and looked stuck. Mom was yelping as if in terrible pain. I didn’t think. I got down on the floor to see what I could do. Mark was walking around the store and yelled, hey, there are some plastic gloves over here. He brought me the box. I slipped on the gloves, closed my eyes and went for it. Maybe 3-4 hours or maybe minutes later, I had a pup in my hand and the mom was no longer yelping.

    We found some rags in the back and covered up the pups. We didn’t want anyone to find them until mom had a chance to clean them up and nurse. We put stuff in front so they couldn’t be seen right away.

    We were on our way back out the window in the back when a cop car drove up. Before we knew it, 3 more cars had arrived and they had us in handcuffs. They didn’t ask what was going on, they called us punks and said we would do some time for this break-in. They shoved us all in the cars and took us in. After we got to the station we tried to tell them what was gong on but they said, they didn’t see any dog and pups and we were lying sacks.

    Our parents were called and well………….


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