Valentine’s Day Poem

Write a Valentine’s Day poem of no more than 20 lines about spending a Valentine’s Day all by yourself. The only rules are that it must rhyme and the final line of the poem must include the title of your favorite song.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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107 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Poem


    I’d like to say
    I think of you every day
    like the homework that was due
    couldn’t it have been you?

    your smile is perfect
    but the image is wrecked
    by the girl with the healed heart
    so we are apart.

    no one thinks of me now,
    just that desperate girl that can allow
    her heart to be broken
    I am yet unspoken.

    So alone I am
    trying not to give a dam
    but it’s hard
    I’m scarred.

    That flower you gave me in second grade?
    I put in my drawer and its stayed.
    but it is still as red as blood,
    why am I such a dud?

    My tale will probably go unsaid
    don’t worry my hearts already fled,
    the void
    is it wrong to feel loyed?

    stay forever
    I don’t care that you will never
    love me
    I will always be in tow
    How do I get up from this all time low?

  2. Melanie Goodwin

    Every year there’s this special day
    To most people it’s just a lovely sweet holiday
    When couples spend their times together
    And make pinky promises, how ‘us’ will be forever

    To me, things are totally different
    To me, Valentine’s more reminiscent
    About how we thought love was child’s play
    Gosh, how in a second things turned into gray

    He told me that ‘we’ should start
    In return I gave him a piece of my heart
    For months we held each others hands
    And then we split like some indie bands

    I may be wrong to end it on our anniversary
    But he’s totally wrong for making our relationship, oh so dreary
    That was what happened two years ago
    Now all I need is to let things flow

    I’ve decided that every fourteen of February
    I’ll sit at my room, not in mood of a love story
    Happy I’ll be with a delectable strawberry smoothie
    Viewing out the window and gazing beyond the sea

    (Beyond The Sea : Frank Sinatra)

  3. DrGruesome

    I see you everyday in the hall.
    Everyday, you’re shoved into a wall.

    No one knows your story,
    because at some parts it’s a bit… Gory.

    Me on the other hand,
    I know you like you know your favorite band.

    You don’t know who I am,
    Be happy you don’t, for I’m not all that, “Bam!”

    Your eyes are swallowing me.
    No, I’m serious, they’re pretty.

    You hate yourself and in all reality, I don’t know why.
    I think all you need is someone to smile and say, “Hi.”

    People think you’re some ‘demon’.
    But really, you’re just afraid to let people in.

    They refuse to get to know you. At will.
    And I think that’s why you pretend to be ill.

    You, lovely, are a beautiful piece of art.
    My question is, can you feel my heart?

    [Can You Feel My Heart – Bring Me The Horion]

  4. iamjscott

    I wait for the day I bump into you,
    the moment my heart heals from black and blue,
    the time when I’ll reach for you to pull me close,
    the day you’ll save me from a lust overdose.

    I pray you soon find me in this colorful sea,
    tirelessly bound with antiquity,
    where I long for a place our souls can be free,
    a place I might fade into you, and you into me.

    Until then, I’ll honor you with each and every breath,
    and brave this dark day, though it seems there’s nothing left,
    I’ll guard my loins, my love, for only you’ll be enough,
    how I long for the day you’ll say, “Got to give it up”

    (lol, I couldn’t creatively insert that song at all!)
    Got to Give it Up – Marvin Gaye

  5. tmcasler

    Roses already drooping, leaning slowly towards the ground
    My love already leaving, I pray he turns around
    Such a lovely evening, shattered, broken, gone
    Such an ugly feeling, alone awaiting dawn
    Left alone to wonder, “Where did I go wrong?”
    It wasn’t always like this; I use to be so strong
    Afraid of being abandoned, I built the walls up high
    But now it seems those walls, have made him say goodbye
    Simply couldn’t do it, meet his one request
    From the sound silence, he took a measured guess
    A pregnant pause where three words should have been
    Could only mean my walls had betrayed me once again
    Utterly alone, I fear I may have found
    Myself a victim to The Consequence of Sound

    (Consequence of Sound – Regina Spektor)

  6. nelleg

    Far off Valentine

    My friends all are glowing and sprite
    While I all I want is to start a fight

    Why must we have a day with this crap?
    Cards, flowers and sentimental sap

    What is that annoying noise I hear
    Then I realize that my phone’s ringing with cheer

    I pick up and the voice says to me
    “Happy Valentine’s my darling!”

    Tears fill my eyes and more
    How did he call me from a war?

    “I miss you so much dear
    I can’t believe it’s your voice that I hear.”

    He answers back in his sexy voice
    “Baby, I really had no choice.

    I couldn’t stand for you to be all alone
    I knew that I must phone.”

    He then tells me tune the radio to 97.3
    Then I hear our song Lean On Me.

  7. shaykwiat


    Chocolate, wine, and roses red
    Satin sheets upon my bed
    Romantic dim lit candle light
    Again, alone, on such a night.

    Laughter comes from all around
    Here I sit like such a clown
    I’ve almost gotten through this day
    Tomorrow I won’t know what to say.

    Lonely is as lonely does
    Though all around me smile and buzz
    I smile as well, but not my eyes
    I’ve known those lips, I’ve known those lies.

    Oh well, I know it’s just one day
    I suppose after all, I’ll be OK
    Because you know I have my pride
    I don’t need anyone by my side.

    So, wine and chocolate just for me
    I’ll find an interesting book to read
    I hate the sound of turtledoves
    I’m comfortable with this FROZEN LOVE.
    –by Shayla Kwiatkowski

  8. mamafacc

    Only you
    For this half century past
    With only you
    Could I have shared such love to last.

    Only you are the missing piece tonight.
    I pace a house of echoes, spurn our empty bed
    That crouches like a viper lurking in the dusk
    As the clock ticks across my eternity of dread.

    Across town I envision another woman’s hands.
    She strokes and soothes as I cannot
    Until this endless night inches toward the light
    On this hollow eve of your broken heart.

    Throughout this fabled night of love
    May it beat steady and keep you safe, my soul,
    I pray upon the legendary cupid’s dawn.
    Fate will return you to me intact, alert, and whole.

    Then when the healers’ gates creak wide
    And I can fly past your curtain wall
    Let me find safe behind your tubes and wires
    My most sought Valentine, “Only You,” of all.

  9. Novic

    Word on the road
    it’s valentine’s day
    why am i on my tod
    my waste bucket devoid of crushed gift wrapps
    so i guess no special gift for me
    might as well take naps
    while love birds make use of the key
    it’s twilight still my door bell is mute
    so special delivery
    my valentin’s day was kinda cute
    to many ‘t was a beautiful 14 febuary!
    *poetry is anything but my thing*

  10. ellejae

    Getting What I Settled For..

    My hair, my nails, I’m all dolled up
    Just for this special day
    Lookin’ good, smellin’ good
    as granny used to say

    It’s been so long since he’s been gone
    I barely keep my cool
    Time goes by, no call, no text
    I might be V-Day’s fool

    The last time that we embraced as one
    I held him oh so dear
    Caressed his face in my hand
    and begged him to stay near

    It’s 10pm, and way past six
    A playlist fav’ would help
    Back here again, he didn’t show
    I queued “Encourage Yourself”

  11. Mary

    Time to Play

    I sat there alone
    In a deep look away
    This disgusting Valentine’s Day

    The sun seemed brighter
    And the birds chirped
    They flew higher and higher
    At the top they perched

    Everyone was loved
    All but me
    A little boy passed and shoved
    Outside, I could see

    But I am not alone
    This very foul day
    Nails purple shone
    They’ve come to play

    Hand down my pants
    It’s always fun
    My arousing chants
    Help me feel Numb

  12. Jerri

    Alone this day,
    This Valentine’s Day;
    My lover, my love,
    Is so far away.

    I think back to the night
    When I was holding you tight ,
    When all was so right –
    On that hot August night

  13. ngayari

    Based on a true incident 😛

    It was Valentine’s Day
    But you were hours of flight away
    I was returning from work
    And the shops and streets were gay
    My phone jarred a sombre ring
    I thought it was a client from Wyoming
    I took the call, said hello … hello
    “Can you hear me?” I heard
    It sounded sweet and mellow
    “Is it you, Joy?” I chirped, a merry bird
    Silence on the other side I heard
    “Why, you don’t remember my voice?”
    It said, “In his name you still rejoice.”
    I am Sam, by the way
    And I just called to wish you
    Baby, a happy Valentine’s Day

  14. cathymcdowell

    Valentines day once again.
    Still I feel like a fat old hen.

    I used to be loved by a man.
    Now I eat corn, from a can.

    Life took it’s toll on me you see.
    It’s hard getting old, I can’t control my pee.

    Some bon bons would be nice.
    Instead, I’m lucky if I have some rice.

    Poetry is not my thing.
    I liked my life better when I wore a ring.

    My husband of years, left me for another.
    I was once his only lover.

    I kept some of his ties.
    Now I cry and listen to ‘Alibis’

    Alibis by Tracy Lawrence

  15. Womble

    It’s not my first Valentine’s Day alone
    Nor will it be my last
    Don’t mind spending it on my own
    I’m actually having a blast.

    A nice bottle of red
    And some mac and cheese
    No regret that I’m unwed
    Though I wouldn’t mind some birds and bees.

    Slippers on my feet
    And my pj’s are on
    And my Valentine’s Day treat
    Enjoying ‘Hits from the bong’.

    (Hits from the bong – Cypress Hill)

  16. G_Sharpe

    The day that most show their love,
    I sit alone in torment.
    The shadow of a broken heart,
    Sits as my adornment.

    I pretend it doesn’t matter,
    But that is not the truth.
    This is the detriment of my life,
    The curse of my youth.

    I have lost my valentine,
    My heart has roamed away.
    Where are you o’ love of mine?
    You must have gone astray.

    You are a wicked person,
    Let me count the ways.
    To leave me alone and standing here
    On this day of all days.

    Whether to love or hate this day,
    My thoughts within are torn.
    The one thing I have learned,
    Is every rose has its thorn.

  17. Monica Lewis

    Table for “One” by U2

    “You certainly are attached to a phrase you don’t recall,”
    he said flippantly, without a pause at all.
    Through the dirty window panes,fiercely shines the sun,
    we could say this relationship is a day closer to done.

    I put pork chops in the pan,
    slowly pour the wine,
    I’ve made a romantic dinner, and I claim it
    all as mine.
    I don’t want to split dessert,
    I take the last crumb from the plate.
    I’ve cooked, eaten and picked up,
    all that’s missing is the hate.

    Rhyming Valentine’s day couplets, are nestled in the past.
    I’m only “one” and happily, I exhale a breath at last.

  18. anotherpoet

    A Romantic Night with Clint Eastwood

    It’s almost midnight and Evelyn asks Dave to “Play
    Misty For Me” through a rotary phone on T.V.
    while I stare from my couch at Dave’s kind eyes
    (as kind as Clint Eastwood can manage)
    and wonder if he knows that record
    he placed under the needle
    comes with a woman who wields scissors
    and a personality.
    I think on this fine Thursday
    if it’s possible for me to feel otherwise
    that it’s better to know no one
    than to wake up and find a woman
    who hovers over me with a knife
    and says she loves me.
    The white knuckles, like teeth
    grinning on the hand that drives
    the blade through the air,
    would help me realize
    the only Guarantee in life
    is a life worth dying for.

  19. CharlieGirl77

    Reminders surround me
    Silly memories of you
    Not just today
    But every other day too

    I see women with roses
    Some get teddy bears
    Heart shaped boxes of sweets
    Today he shows her he cares

    You never forgot
    Not one single time
    To pick out a card
    And write a sweet line

    I miss you today
    As I do every other
    And I ask God, please, why
    Could you not take another?

    A cold winter day
    Turns to cold winter night
    And the “Weakness in Me”
    Aches strong to hold you tight

    1. arbed

      Everything Came Out Okay
      I’m laying here in bed
      With Valentine’s Day playing through my head
      There;s a needle stuck in my arm
      And voices all around
      Wheeled pushed through the double doors
      Blood pressure cuff placed way below my drawers
      Hope that blood pressure isn’t right
      I’m just feeling nervous I’ll be alright
      Its 220/110 hypertension feels the air
      White stuff jammed in my IV port
      Michael Jackson has nothing on me
      As I close my eyes
      Then wake up in another room
      Abdominal cramps and gas blowing boom boom
      Here’s apple juice for your delight
      Get dressed the doctor will see you soon
      My husband sits with me in silence
      To hear the final verdict
      Door opens wide then closes silent
      The man in white has arrived
      There’s one large hemorrhoid baring traffic
      The scope was stuck in your sigmoid colon
      Recommend increasing your diet to high fiber
      Water, probiotics, Align for good digestion to flow lighter
      With that I smiled and stood up proud
      Airways open and stomach growls
      Would have spent the day alone
      But driver took me to breakfast then made love to me at last at home

  20. swatchcat

    A league together as one,
    Striving to score the perfect run,
    Strikes are what we want,
    But one is better than one,
    Spares pickup the lost,
    The lanes they never cross,
    Balls thunder and pins crack,
    The team will always keep its pact.

    Daughter’s team at high school bowling championship,
    In WA,and winning,and just thought of this

  21. Karen

    Spending Valentine’s Day alone
    Is way, w-a-a-a-y too overblown

    Think of ways to nurture yourself and
    Don’t for a moment put you on a shelf

    Flowers, candy, and maybe a spa
    Or a hot bath with candles,
    Just lay back and say “Ahh”

    Maybe a relaxing manicure and pedicure
    Some wonderfully nurturing treats for sure

    How do I love me?
    Let me count the ways…
    Meanwhile, I’ll take Whitney’s advice in
    “One of those Days”.

  22. RyxxO

    I’ve never had a Valentine
    Never really called someone mine
    I tend to blink and before I know it the days gone by
    Not this year, because I’ve found my guy

    My guy is me
    Pampered I will be
    I’m going to treat myself to it all
    Today’s for me to feel proud and tall

    Chocolates, Fresh flowers, Wine and a beautifully made dinner
    My how good I am to me, I sure do feel like a winner
    Who better to treat than myself tonight
    Valentines day never felt so right

    I binge, I splurge, regrets I have none
    I know people say today is a day to feel closer to someone
    But I don’t need a hug, I don’t need a kiss
    Because I’ve never felt Closer Than This

    Closer Than This by St. Lucia

  23. nines

    Roses are red, and like every other year
    Valentine’s Day finds me nursing a beer.
    Cheeseburger in my hands, crass comedy on TV
    while all the little lovebirds sit swooning in a tree.
    Feet on the coffee table, sitting naked on the couch
    No need to look good when I can stay home and slouch
    Maybe someday I’ll meet someone and go out like I should
    But not this year, ‘cause I’m feelin’ way too damn good

  24. dabbins

    It was true that I was alone,
    Sad and brooding and drunk to the bone,
    Modest Mouse and other bands gave me my only comfort,
    I filled in the rest of the empty space with snack foods from the cupboard.
    I thought about my best friend spending the night with his gal,
    About his other friend who had a crush on him in So. Cal,
    I started to wonder why no one had a crush on me,
    I wondered so much, I had to eventually take a big pee.
    It was a Saturday, I should have have been out and about,
    Though there would be lines and plenty to be envious of no doubt,
    So I hunkered down and played on my computer,
    I played WoW for a time and let myself believe things were simpler.
    Ah, how my heart ached that Valentine’s Day,
    I was too shy to try to go out and have fun and play,
    The one true thing that was a real redeeming factor,
    Was how looping Ocean Breathes Salty made me think and brought on genuine laughter.


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