The Best Part About Writing Fiction Is …

Finish this sentence: The best part about writing fiction is …

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11 thoughts on “The Best Part About Writing Fiction Is …

  1. Fantic

    The best part about writing fiction is that I get to control everything even if it’s just for a moment.

    I get to chose what the character will or will not do, chose their personalities, if they like or dislike something, what they’ll go through, who they’ll be, what they’ll mean to someone, I get to plan out their futures even if it isn’t the greatest… it’s kind of like a rush of power and it’s a GREAT feeling, I just try not to let it go to my head….

  2. R.L. Page

    The best part about writing fiction is that for that moment, I get to play God. I create the world; I populate that world with living things and give them meaning. It gives me the chance to create situations and figure out how the characters would react to those situations based on the character traits that I provide them with. My words take on a mind of its own and I find that sometimes the outcome of what happens to certain characters doesn’t coincide with my original plan. I think that may be the best part actually… seeing where my imagination takes me:-)

  3. catbr

    The best part about writing fiction using your imagination to create something out of nothing. The very act of doing this can be exciting, sad, euphoric, mind boggling etc. It is an adventure even to the one making up the story if it is well done.

  4. RobertCordaro

    The best part of writing fiction is the one reading your story. You are the artist, the words are you palette, and the canvas is the mind of your reader.

  5. kirstenabrams

    The best part about writing fiction is that I can say anything and somehow have more power to stand behind my words than I would if I were speaking them — I don’t know why. I can totally change my perspective about ANYTHING and and let go of my fear.

  6. MadMiraLove

    The best part about writing fiction is turning the impossible into the possible, and making it believable. Being able to make people and make a person into a bestfriend, worst enemy or just an extra. it’s creating with your imagination.

  7. Kaitlyn

    The best part about writing fiction is being able to experience things you aren’t able to experience in your real life. When I write, I include enough of myself to where I feel as though it’s a part of who I am, and I try to make it convincing enough to feel that it really did happen. When I write fictional stories, I can go back into my past and change situations and pretend as though they turned out differently than they really did. It’s a good way to cure regret, and it’s a good way to expand your horizons without even leaving the computer.

  8. lgomley

    Being able to create characters I love and hate. I decide on their day, emotions, decisions they make, the consequences for their decisions. It is like giving birth. If I am angry, or upset, I can release whatever emotion I am feeling, at that time, into my story.


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